I’m Your Man

That piece by Daniel Carey in the Mayo News about Johnno being put on the spot by the County Board executive about selection policies and team tactics and all the rest at that behind-closed-doors session last week is still jangling round inside my head like a song that I know I know but still can’t remember the title of.  Especially that bit where, despite his deployment of that old rebuilding canard and the “I made no promises when I took the job” routine, Johnno apparently “left none of the delegates in any doubt that he believes he is the best man to deliver an All-Ireland for Mayo”.  While you might think that none of that sounded in any way melodic, you’d be wrong – there’s a tune buried in there somewhere, I know there is.

I’ve got it.  The Master of Melancholy, the Godfather of Gloom, the Prophet of Despair declaring I’m Your Man?  Come on Lennie, you’re on:

6 thoughts on “I’m Your Man

  1. “I made no promises when i took the job ”

    “I am the best man to deliver an all-ireland for mayo ”

    sounds like he just made a promise right there though…

  2. Ampuzzled as to what members of the county board put johhno on the spot. Was it not two months ago that the same board cleared him to finish his third year and threw in a bonous year as well? Now to me it appears that it was back then that the relevant “on the spot” stuff should have taken place. However methinks that the real bosses of the Mayo team did the initial deal with Johnno and last weeks board meeting was letting the little people blow a bit of steam.

  3. I think the issue of Johnno’s term was actually dealt with a year ago, when he was given two years on top of the year that was then to come. The issue then came up again after the Meath defeat in August when Johnno complained that he’d been misquoted when it was reported that he’d said he’d be taking up the option to stay for another year. He clarified then that he’d be seeing out the remainder of his term, i.e. a further two years.

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