In our hands, in your hands

Mayo team v Dublin March 2014

All calmed down now are we? All those frustrations that just had to be got out after the match last night safely flushed through the system? Good, because now it’s my turn for a rant.

It would have been nice to focus on the aftermath of the game – I recorded the re-run of it on TG4 earlier on and might even sit down in a bit to watch it again – and pick up on a few of the talking points but what’s been going on here over the last 24 hours means that I’ve more pressing fish to fry.

Before doing so, though, it seems that last night’s reffing has come under the spotlight, with James Horan providing a less than ringing endorsement of Cormac Reilly’s officiating. Indeed, one of the reasons I wouldn’t mind watching the game again is to have a good look at this because, from my vantage point over near the Hill in the Lower Cusack, I didn’t think we were all that hard done by in that department.

Sure, it seemed like it took an awful lot of fouling for us to get frees awarded to us at times and there were incidents, such as the way Aidan O’Shea got poleaxed in the first half and Diarmuid Connolly’s drag-down on Kevin McLoughlin that might have merited black card punishments, but I thought that overall we got a reasonably fair shake from the ref. Colm Boyle’s black card was absolutely correct, Cluxton’s red equally so (that was one I felt he might bottle but fair play to him he didn’t) and so too was his decision to disallow Jason Doherty’s goal for an illegal pick-up.

The other thing to note from last night’s match and the rest of the weekend’s action is that our ability to make the league semi-finals now rests squarely in our own hands. I don’t expect a Cluxton-less Dublin to get any change from their final away match of the year up in Omagh but even if they do, a win for us will qualify us for the semis. If Tyrone win, the Dubs are out and vice versa – all we have to worry about is our own match against already-qualified Derry.

That ‘in our own hands’ metaphor is relevant, too, for what I want to cover in the remainder of this post, which relates to the tsunami of comments, the vast majority of them negative, a too-large proportion of them nonsensical, which appeared on the site in the hours after last night’s match. The volume was unprecedented – by the time I put up the match report the 100 mark had been passed – but it’s the quality not the quantity I want to address here.

I get it that people were frustrated after last night’s match. I was apoplectic leaving Croke Park and had a good old rant on the walk home but an hour or so later I’d pretty much calmed down. It was a frustrating outcome, for sure, but it’s only March and we’re in a pretty good position after Round 6 of the League.

What I don’t get – and what I cannot accept – is that so many people seem to believe that it’s okay to come on here – and abuse the hospitality afforded to them – and spout all manner of crap in the immediate aftermath of the game. Such as calling a player ‘yellow’, saying that another player ‘wouldn’t make the Galway panel’, labelling another ‘an absolute disaster’, calling (sweet Mother of Jesus, this one I really found hard to believe) for an end to James Horan’s tenure.

There are a number of reasons why I established this site but numbered amongst them was never a yearning desire to give idiots a soap-box to unburden themselves of their frustrations in the brain-dead and hysterical way that so many did last night. In this social media-driven world we live in I know that everyone thinks they have the right to say what they want and when they want and that’s all fine but my message for those of this bent is that the place to do so isn’t here. If, for example, you really want to call for James Horan’s head you’ve all the entitlement in the world to bellow this message as loud as you want on Twitter or share your assessment on why this should happen with your wide circle of friends on Facebook. There is no entitlement for anyone to come on here spouting that kind of shite.

And before anyone starts caterwauling about no criticism being allowed on the site, just take a look at what has been written over the past 24 hours. As I’ve repeatedly said, the house rules allow for critiques of individual players, the team and management but these need to be of a specific nature and should not stray into lazy-minded trash-talking. Many comments posted in the last 24 hours were absolutely fine in this respect but, sadly, most got drowned out by the frenzied wailing of others.

From my perspective, this has now gone on long enough and I’ve allowed far too much latitude to people whom I can now see cannot be trusted to voice opinions in an adult way. Things are, as a result, going to have to change in relation to how the comments section operates.

For starters, I’m going to go back over all those comments made since the Dublin match (which will take me a while to do but I will do it) and delete every one that I consider to have breached the rules in any way. And everyone who has a comment deleted in this way will also as a consequence be turfed into comment moderation until such time as I’m satisfied that they can be trusted not to post anything moronic in the future. If you fall into this category, don’t blame me, blame yourself.

But I know this may not go far enough. One idea I’m thinking of is to force all comments into moderation after the Derry game. I’ll be travelling back to Dublin after that game and so it’d mean a number of hours where everything will be quarantined but maybe that’s no bad thing. Last night showed that too many people were willing to post comments quite literally without thinking about what they were saying. Maybe if those comments go nowhere – perhaps for a few hours, maybe forever – that might help matters. It would, of course, also penalise all those many posters (and there are plenty of them) who provide valuable, thoughtful analysis in the comments after games, which is why I’m not sure I want to go down this road. Desperate times do, however, call for desperate measures.

Inevitably, though, I’m forced back to having to consider whether or not this venture is worth continuing with at all. Should I reserve the comment facility for those whom I can trust will act sensibly? Should I turn it off altogether? Or, maybe, should I throw my hat at the whole damn thing? I really don’t know but what I do know is that another episode like last night’s will be one too many from my point of view. In other words, it’s in your hands what direction this whole initiative goes in from here.

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  1. Is it on the tg 4 website or do you know want to see it mayo lucky with draw, alsa can’t believe Kildare are relegated. What happened them

  2. Well said WJ,

    A bit embarrassing to be honest reading some of the comments last night.

    People calling for Horan’s head ffs.

    This blog is the best for info,analysis,local knowledge etc.I’ve have friends from Mayo all over the world who read this first and foremost when it comes to football.Its a great resource.If people want to be over the top or just idiots in general i’d suggest twitter,FB or Hoganstand.

    Keep up the good work WJ,it appreciated.

  3. I think people wanted this win so badly and got frustrated at the outcome when the win was there and emotions got the better of people. I think everyone on this site are pretty knowledgeable about football and dont like bar stool shite talk . Certainly i detest having to listen to lads talk shite when they are out with the mayo jersey just for show. I wouldn’t shut the site anyway WJ .

  4. I don’t think it’s on the TG4 Player as it’s Setanta content to begin with but TG4 might show it again over the next day or two so it’s worth keeping an eye on the schedules. Kildare getting relegated is no mystery – they lost five straight matches after beating us (and of course we should have beaten them too) which is why they’ve gone down.

  5. Fair play. You said exactly what I was thinking. Reading back through those comments clearly indicates that mayo fans have a real issue here and it is something each one of us needs to consider. Why are we so negative? It is almost like we are waiting for horan and the team to fail. What is wrong with people? Where is sense of entitlement coming from?

    WJ as regards the comments, may I suggest 1 warning for this over the top crazy stuff and a repeat offence should result in a ban from commenting – a permanent one. I dont see why you should have to spend your days moderating comments for people. If they want to act out then dont waste your time on them. Im sure you have plenty of things for doing besides.

  6. Good idea re the Derry game comments WJ -some comments last night reminded me of a monkey with a machine gun….all over the place!

  7. Personally i try and keep away from the site when we loose. I feel negatively myself after a loss and usually pissed off . So i dont want to see loads of negative comments . Cant handle it.

  8. Fair enough WJ. I can only imagine the challenge you have with trying to keep up with this while at the same time, having a job, kids, a life and some fun too!
    I’m not sure what the answer to it is…..cause ppl will from time to time, loose the cool and vent. In addition to Twitter and FB, you could recommend HS for folks who want to trash talk? But in the interim maybe putting all comments into moderation is the answer after the Derry game, at least you know things won’t go mad while your on yer way back!
    Whatever you decide to do, just know that this is such a wonderful place for the genuine Mayo supporters. Long may it continue.

  9. WJ, I was once told that God gave you 1 mouth and 2 ears and you should use them accordingly. Some people are just f***ing idiots and don’t know when to shut up and they are everywhere in life. I think we all know the idiots that are incapable of presenting their point of view, whatever it is, in an uninsulting manner. Blacklist the names of the abusive posters and be done with it. Let them fuck off to The Hogan Stand where their mindless anonymous posts might be appreciated. I purposely kept away from the rants because, although I was as disappointed as anyone, I cannot understand how some of those posters could possibly call themselves Mayo supporters. Carta dubh for the lot.

  10. Thanks, Maestro – I think something along those lines will be needed. I need to give it a bit more thought, in terms of where the proper balance is struck but last night’s emotional outpouring has left me wondering what exactly could work in this respect.

  11. Getting too worked up here, being indirectly called an idiot and not a true mayo supporter is something i wouldn’t take kindly to.

    its a great site and have enjoyed my time here though.

    self imposed ban for me,slan comrades.

  12. What made/ makes this site is it’s accessibility and good debate. Generally speaking , in fact in most cases whether I agree or disagree , I find what’s written comes from the heart.

    It’s the most accurate barometer of our feelings and emotions. To moderate it by a delay box or what ever would take away it’s spontaneous affect. I believe we need this voice, this forum and this blog. I also believe that aside from WJs eye, I find posters themselves can put the lunatic fringe ( myself included!) in their place.

    The country frowns on free speech . Mayo football will thrive with open debate . Whether that debate sometimes comes close to the knuckle then do be it once it is not liabelous . Sometimes things need saying and dome times managers , boards and players need to hear them. That it might not always come with a bunch of roses… Tough .

    Mayo people are amongst theist loyal and honest followers. Let them speak WJ, a bit of praise or criticism does no harm. I find that the troops will clean out the serial foulers and you possess the ultimate card…the red one.

  13. Last night in the Hogan Stand I witnessed a Mayo supporter being told in no uncertain manner to seriously moderate his language and obscenities . He was told this by another Mayo supporter a few seats away. He drew a round of applause from others close by.
    On the match felt we played Russian roulette football wise at the end.
    Keep the faith and continue the excellent work.

  14. Prob only need to watch comments more closely on the days we loose. So maybe just moderate all comments on those days. That will have opposition but the forum will have better discussion.

  15. WJ..Don’t let a few mindless idiots take away fromwhat is without a doubt the best site of any in Ireland .ITS a fair betthat many of them were at their first game since the allireland,.What got me wasthe calling for horans head .short memories somefolks

  16. Back on the horse lads. Great opportunity next weekend to give Derry (already through) a nice beating and build up some confidence heading into semis. Keep the faith 😉

  17. Mayomaningalway good idea “Prob only need to watch comments more closely on the days we loose”, there’ll be no need moderate any comments for the rest of the year so!!! 😉 😉

  18. WJ, can I have a lend of your hat indefinitely? Just need to make sure you don’t throw it anywhere!

    Blacklist is the way to go, and you know there are plenty here who would help you out if you ever needed.

  19. This site is a great asset for all Mayo supporters and I think the majority of people on here are on here because they are true Mayo supporters. You gotta keep the comments between the ditches cos if you don’t the ditches spread out to bogland and the whole thing gets swamped. This is safe site where opinions are respected. It’s so easy to be contreversial and within the bog of contreversy truth gets lost.

  20. Willie Joe,

    Great post, thank you for taking the time to set up and monitor this blog. i agree with Pebblemeller, there are quite a few idots on here who are spouting a fair amount shite, at the top of the list is calling for James Horans head, this is not the premier league, he has elevated mayo to a new level, has he done everything right, no. This discussion board would be a better one without those “supporters”.

    Thanks again, I hope the bloggers take a step back and realize all the effort that is put in by management and the players.

  21. Yeah that’s the thing, you probably have the most consistent team in Division 1, Derry against the most erratic team, Mayo. It’ll be very interesting to see how the game will go. I wonder will Derry rest some players with them being already through to the semis? If Dublin didn’t make it to the semis, we’d then be the most experienced team left in the competition, could we make that experience count, when it really matters, that would be the big question to be answered?

  22. Exactly Ciaran now your talking . Not much management will be needed from here on in WJ 🙂

  23. The age old 3 strikes and you’re out rule would not go a miss WJ. Only back on perusing the site myself this evening after a long drive home from the capital. Disappointed? Yes. Dismayed – Absolutely Not. We picked up another point on the road which leaves us right where we want to be at this time of year – playing a high stakes final round Div 1 league match in front of a home crowd against very tough opposition for a place in the semi’s. I would rather see us make stupid mistakes now at this time of the year if it means a wake up call for us to really get our shit together on the training ground in preparation for the championship.

  24. John – this is nothing to do with free speech or criticism, all of which is allowed and encouraged here. It’s abuse, pure and simple, that’s the problem and that I won’t allow.

  25. WJ, I think that you do a really great job here. Your so uptodate with all of the info that is provided, and you keep us all very well informed. I actually think a lot of what I read here is much better than some of the stuff that we hear from some of the so called experts, that we have to read and listen to in the national media. Fair play WJ, we’d be lost without this blog!

  26. Thanks Willie Joe for great post. I usually make post haste to this site after a match to go through all the comments. But last night I couldn’t take it – no consideration at all for all the effort put in by management and players over the last three years. For the majority of last night’s match, Mayo played magnificent football and made some delightful scores. Anyway, I think an easy victory last night might be the last thing we needed. The team might get over-confident the next time they met Dublin. I had to watch this one on Setanta and the commentators repeatedly said that these were the best two teams in the country and they had no hesitation in choosing Kevin McLoughlin as Man of the Match. The referee did let two blatant Dublin fouls go but generally he wasn’t too bad.

  27. WJ i don’t envy your task in trying to moderate this site. I think the thread previous to this was the first time i seen bloggers calling other bloggers idiots which is a pity as it lowers the tone. Need all bloggers to show respect for players, management and other bloggers and play the ball not the man or woman !!. I wonder how similar well run blog’s control content, many probably have a team of moderator to spread the idiots

  28. Last comment should be to spread the las word idiot removed i was trying to delete it but hit the wrong key apologies.

  29. This is a wonderful site and you Willie Joe, a very busy man, are doing a great thankless job. It is a credit to you. It would really be a shame if it closed down. I am sure you will take the necessary steps to sort it out.This weekend was a bit exceptional as everyone expected a great win by half time and Bang!! So, being human, a little more steam than usual was let off, not an excuse by the way. Ronan McGarrity, on the TV, said we were going to wipe out Dublin in the second half, Now that was embarrassing.

    It is a crying shame that Sean Burke, one of the really good posters has decided to leave this site. The likes of him are needed here for balance. As well, a lot of others like him, me included, feel that we are being indirectly called idiots and not real Mayo supporters because at times it is necessary to see reality and call it as it is. We are being “negative” etc. etc. etc.

    There are “superior” posters on here who continually “rubbish” the comments and their posters and are allowed to do so. They use general terms. Just like Sean Burke people think, “am I included in that?” Take the comments of FW farther up, “just idiots in general”. that is an insulting comment of the the highest degree. Who are those idiots, am I included, is Sean Burke included?? There are others who regularly pass those kind of scoffing remarks at others who disagree with them.
    John Cuffe speaks about our feelings and emotions, and they were rubbished. Are we not to have feelings and emotions? I do admit we need to control them here. As Judge Judy says, “you are not Dr. Phil”!

  30. Sorry should read a team of moderators to spread the load. In addition there maybe some good freeware that will help automate the moderation.

  31. If I were you, Joe, I wouldn’t be parsing everything for inferences and hidden slights. Just stick by the rules, stick to the point and stop looking for trouble all the time.

  32. Most erratic team ???
    We have won 3 and drawn 1( away to the AI champs) of our last 4 games.
    I duuno, bring back the 70s or even 2010 and you would know total misery is then.
    A bit of perspective please.

  33. Willie joe, you are doing a great service to a lot of Mayo people all over the world so please don’t let knee jerk reaction to last night stop you.
    Some of what I’ve witnessed at Mayo games from Mayo “fans” would explain what went on here last night.
    Liam McHale getting f—Ed out of from the stands by an older fella in a Mayo jersey, Liam just looked over at him and didn’t acknowledge it but it had to hurt. Ciaran Mac being abused after missing a few frees in Charlestown in a league game, he stopped playing for Mayo for a spell after it. Watched Ballina Stephenites in the club final they won in a NYC bar, a bucko from Knockmore was cheering for Portlaois, it’s amazing how people get wound up and given a platform will use it to berate players.
    Even Mayos worst panel member is busting his ass training and not getting a run much of the time, he and his colleagues deserve respect for that, but unfortunately there’s a nasty element in society that we must live with and deal with.

    Mayo have issues with allowing massive scores against themselves but then rememeber that Dublin allowed 2 17 last night. No word about that anywhere.

    I think we will be ok, it’ll take a bit more organizing but it might work out that last night was a kick that was badly needed for some of the players and management. A win would have covered the faults that need fixing to land Sam in September.

  34. I cannot understand the the thinking of a the comments ‘re last night’s game. I watched. The game on t na g and on rte .the ref seemed to get most of the calls right and a few black cards could have been handed out to Mayo player. When have Mayo before James horan became manager
    become world beaters that a lot of blogger last night Thinks Mayo have all a God given right to beat the dubs in their back yard ? When it’s only March and And a lot of team places are been tried out for later in the year. Also a lot of the same blogger Called for James head after all Ireland final ‘re replacing our full forward I think last night shows some players freeze or are target for some games. Finally remember all these players and management are not paid professionals like soccer players. When any of the snide bloggers want to get out the comfort of their warm house and join these lads on wet and freezing nights on the training pitch 50 nights in the the winter to get us where we are today

  35. Ah what I meant was during games, going from playing some really outstanding football to then conceding some really sloppy scores, that’s what I meant by being erratic, mixing the really sublime with the sometimes ridiculous i.e. trying to run the clock down last night. You’d just love to see us been a bit more consistent. That’s all we are lacking really, to move onto the next level of winning some major silverware. In some ways we have never been closer to being the best team in the country, while in other ways we are just as far away as we have ever been.

  36. i nearly shat myself when i saw us trying to keep ball in our half of pitch 🙁

  37. A lot of heavy stuff going on here; jut a lovely and amusing incident to recall from last night; the leading in of Dublin school boys in a brave young mann fully dressed in the green and red and weildin a flag of the same colours; God spare him back in the classroom tomorrow.

  38. Yeah, what I was thinking was even if we were doing that on their 45 yard line. Like you see in rugby, phase after phase of possession, with an extra man, until the spare man is found in space to at last have a shot at the posts. Or else if you lose the ball up there at least someone can then pull their player down as Dublin did to us in last year’s final to allow the team to regroup and funnel back into defence.

  39. WJ first of all you are dead right to be pissed off but don’t even think of throwing the auld hat at it despite your obvious frustrations. This site is way too important to let a FEW posters who lost the run of themselves spoil it.
    Yes I was frustrated last night and so were the rest of the lads in the car on the way home. But I reckon not half as frustrated as the players themselves. When I docked up at home I had a quick look into the site before hitting the sac. I couldn’t believe the volume of posts already up many of them well OTT. I wonder how many of those posters were actually at the game. I sometimes wonder how many actually appreciate the total dedication of these lads. How many understand what it is like to have the arse ran off you up and down the hills of Beleek or some other such torture chamber. I wonder how many of them ever played on or managed a successful team! Because if they did they would know better.
    I don’t know what it is like to lose an all Ireland senior final let alone two or more. I can only admire the courage and dedication of those lads who have picked themselves up and gone at it again. Sure they frustrated the hell,out of us last night but surely we owe it to them to support their efforts.

    WJ…I would just pick out the utterly idiotic or insulting comments and ban their authors entirely. You have more for doing than weeding out blatant rubbish.
    And NO I am not against fair criticism or calling it as it is……….but in a way that does not utterly demean the players or management team. After all they are ours……..and they are armature players.

  40. On the match….phew! I watched it again on TG4. We played some very good football at times and made some awful mistakes. I thought Harrison last night did ok and might have been left on the field. Certainly, Alan Brogan got a run on him a few times but he’s not the first to suffer that indignity at the hands of Brogan (including Keith Higgins of all people a few years ago). I thought Harrison saved our bacon on a couple of occasions and he certainly has pace.
    The only real solution to Dublins pace and ball carrying ability is to crowd the defence a la Donegal and turn them back on the 45m line. The way they run and take the pass at speed is nearly impossible to defend without a blanket system ugly and all as it might be. We need to start with that next Sunday and keep Derry goal less for the game. That would be progress. Otherwise if we meet the dubs again they will hammer in another three goals or more. In that respect last night may have been a blessing in disguise.

  41. I hope you don’t throw in the towel, while I seldom post I really enjoy reading the opinions and analysis of people far more knowledgeable than myself. This is a great resource for mayo fans and your hard work is appreciated.

  42. Dissapointed at last nights result but was more shocked at the reaction for people to call for horans head some of the reaction on the players it makes me sick yes when horan took over where we’re we not in a good place these player and panel have been brilliant and have given us great days I think as a group of supporters some of us last night threw the toys out of the pram and as I work overseas and follow mayo gaa this site has been excellent willie joe you have done a great job I hope people respect the rules of this site I know last night was bit roller coster but a lot teams in our province would still love to been in the position were in at the minute it just bout time we get there but calling on players heads isn’t nice they have a life outside of football to and give the county great enjoyment and should be respected yes they can be criticized but in a respectful manner

  43. I missed out on all the drama here till getting home from the big smoke this evening & getting kids off to bed & see Dragons Den- so the voyeur in me must make me see how daft it got!

    I’d hope for the Blog & Willie Joe to continue – while a bit of balance is refreshing there’s a limit & the reference to 1 mouth & 2 ears sums it all up

    I get as het up as anyone during the games & I’d hope its only the refs & opposition who feel the wrath of my tongue & lungs.I WOULD ECHO JAMES HORAN FROM LAST SEPTEMBER HOW HE WISHES PEOPLE MADE MORE NOISE (at the final or any game) THAN THEY DID CRITICISING!

    The amount who don’t wear the colours & don’t chant or cheer match days still sickens me – it’s all we can do in solidarity with the squads dedication.

  44. Very nature post David, but I hope you’ve softened on Freezer being dropped for being off form. A lot of people regret the decision to sub him in the AIF and some people say his bubble has burst this weekend – what a load of crap!

    Give him, Doc and Mikey Sweeney + Feeney much more game tine and Mayo will reap the rewards! The alternatives is more patchwork or same old – same-old.

    Those lads along with Cillian, Kevin Mc, and Andy will steer us to Sam. There’s a couple more – Adam Gallagher and Barry Moran that can also push for forward places and great cover.

    Just get Keith back in the backs and Chris in contention, and the seek a leek brigade can feck off home!

  45. The reaction to Saturday nights match was ridiculous. Moving on and been said already reaching the semi final is in Mayo’s own hands. Derry have already qualified and will probably rest players while the dubs are unlikely to win in Omagh. The four semi finalists could be Tyrone,Derry,Cork,Mayo TBH its the best chance that Mayo have of winning the league for years.

  46. Well, I won’t say I have softened my attitude because I don’t think I have one, if freezer is off form on a particular day he has to be taken off, likewise Cillian oconnor and Kevin mc and the rest.

  47. Sean there was heaps of them after the game, from people who post regularly on the site too. I was disgusted the way Horans great work over the last few years was being dismissed so unfairly on this site over the weekend. Agree 1000% with everything WJ said.

  48. Hi WJ, I keep away for 1-2 days after a disappointing result so that I don’t say anything in the heat of the moment. Some people cannot do this obviously. In that instance why not make each one of us self-moderate before a comment gets posted. Then if its clear someone went out of their way to talk shite you can then take appropriate actions as you see fit. Putting in the stopgap of saying yes/no to breaking house rules may well prevent the poster actually hitting send on something thats actually just off the wall anger/frustration. I know you’d rather us all be adult about it but from reading your post we can’t be trusted always! Either way PLEASE don’t throw your hat at it.

  49. Didn’t comment too much after the game, which is probably just as well. Still stinging and coming into the office this morning wasn’t much fun. But the only people who should be looking back at this stage are players and management – for us the focus should be on a win next Sunday. As has been said above, our fate is in our hands now, and personally I’d love to see us meeting the Dubs again in the next few weeks (though I’m not sure my heart would take it …)

  50. Sean, read into my comment what you will. I did not call you an idiot or not a true supporter. Read my comment again, “presenting their point of view, whatever it is, in an uninsulting manner” before passing judgement.
    Everybody is entitled to an opinion and this site is a great forum for expressing that opinion. Whether it is Horan to go! Horan to stay! Mayo are shite! Mayo are great! The debate here is lively and informative and I find it interesting to see other peoples views on the topics, whatever it is. It is an opinion but if that opinion cannot be expressed without being insulting and abusive to the players/management well then it is not worth typing it out.

  51. the way i see it is this , people just need to know what is allowed and what is not , i dont think willie joe is trying to stifle debate

    now correct me if i am wrong WJ

    Joe O’bloggs is shite, he is a disgrace to the parish of kilmullock and wouldnt get on the waterford (football) panel – BAD

    Joe O’Bloggs was poor/shite today, he lost his man a fair few times , was poor in possesion and I thought the same in the waterford match as well, i think he should be dropped and mickey mcsmith should get his place – GOOD

    it woudl be better if we lost no posters on here imo but that fellas learned to play by the house rules, head on over to hogan stand lads and get the rant out but then come back to us for the bit of analysis , it would be no fun if everyone thought the same , thats for sure .

    some brilliant posters on here , many whose opinions I differ with on many occasions , i can still enjoy their stuff though.

  52. Agree entirely. Could not agree more with you.
    especially the following…When any of the snide bloggers want to get out the comfort of their warm house and join these lads on wet and freezing nights on the training pitch 50 nights in the the winter to get us where we are today!

  53. Now that lad had “balls”. Fair play to him too as he milked every moment of it.

  54. Let’s take a step back and look at the league to date for us.
    We would have gladly taken a point in Kildare against a team that has since been relegated and only beat us by a 1-in-a-million shot from 50 yards! However, we are disgusted that we only drew with the All Ireland champions in the own back yard!
    We played for 50 mins against the only unbeaten team in Div 1 and destroyed them, the late Cork goals were nothing more than the sting of a dying wasp.

    At half time, I spoke to a man in the lower Cusack and we both agreed that given our position, we should push on and win the game by 5 or 6 points. We didn’t and I am as disappointed as anyone but I think it pays to let the blood settle before engaging with the keyboard. When we conceeded the 2 goals we were without Boyle and Cafferkey in the defense, maybe they would have made a difference?
    This time last year we were going into our final league game staring relegation in the face. In fact, until Cillians amazing sideline balls we were gone!! Now we have the prospect of going into a game knowing that if we win we make the semi-finals.
    Year on year that’s progress.

  55. Your worked example is absolutely correct, Roger. As I keep saying, criticism – up to and including the harsh variety – is allowed, providing it’s done in the right way and doesn’t stray into abusive, demeaning personal stuff. It needs to be constructive and specific and providing it is then it’s perfectly okay. Formulating this type of critique takes a bit more effort, of course, but as I’ve said in the post, if people just want to blow off some old crap then there are other places to do it. The standard expected when commenting here is a bit higher than that.

  56. Now that’s perspective for you.

    It also just shows just how high our expectations have become, but I imagine the lads themselves have a very high level of expectation this year.

    Anyone know the state of play with the lads who went off? Are there any injury concerns, I wonder?

  57. I believe we’re now at stage 5, its an unfortunate fact of forums and message boards that they all go through a life cycle, outlined below by someone with a better turn of phrase than me.
    As WJ has already said its in the hands of the members now, but history of these things would suggest that only moderation of posts will prevent it from destruction and moderation is way too much to ask of the creator of the site. You could try appointing some lieutenants WJ to do that moderating for you, but that’s not foolproof either.
    You’re providing a great service, but unfortunately this is just the way these things tend to go over time.
    Some message board packages also only allow things like reply posting privileges after a certain number of posts, OR under a certain number of posts the comment is held for moderation. After that, when the user is trusted, it gets posted automatically. Still alot of fecken hassle whatever way you look at it.

    1. Declaration of Enthusiasm – Subscribers introduce themselves and
    gush over how wonderful it is to have encountered kindred spirits.

    2. Origin of Evangelism – Participants moan about how the forum
    consists of far too few members and brainstorming ensues to initiate
    recruitment strategies.

    3. Expansion of Community – An ever increasing number of interested
    parties subscribe and contribute to the forum. Lengthy threads
    develop (some more relevant than others).

    4. Emergence of Camaraderie – Information and advice is exchanged
    (some empirically founded … some just anecdotal nonsense).
    Friendships are forged. Members rib one another, but all in good
    fun. New subscribers are welcomed and newbies. Both newcomers and
    veterans alike are receptive to asking questions, providing answers,
    and sharing experiences.

    5. Genesis of Disenchantment – The volume of postings increases
    dramatically. Not all threads are of interest to all participants.
    Members pitch a bitch about signal-to-noise ratio, off-topic threads,
    me too posts, abuse,forged and spoofed identities, inappropriate comments, forwarding of private
    emails, and other violations of internet forum netiquette. Member #1
    threatens to unsubscribe if things don’t change for the better.
    Member #2 aligns himself with Member #1. Member #3 disagrees with
    both Members #1 and #2. Member #4 suggests that Members #1, #2, and
    #3 should lighten up. Flame wars erupt and adversaries emerge.
    Bandwidth is sacrificed as an abundance of postings proliferate in an
    effort to resolve differences and restore some semblance of order.
    During this particular phase, many a delete key gets more than its
    share of abuse and filtering and killfiles are implemented.

    6. Stagnation of Growth – The purists castigate members who ask an old
    question or respond humorously to a serious post. Newcomers are
    rebuffed and discouraged. SPAM posts, trolls and stalkers dominate
    the forum. Traffic volume subsides considerably and is generally
    confined to minor topics. Many relevant issues are communicated via
    private emails. Some members turn in their membership cards in a huff
    and the remaining members continue to participate in phases #4 and/or
    #5 above.

    7. Salvation from Destruction – or not. Sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t. Depends on what the members do.

  58. That lad was brilliant!!!! He should definitely geta pair of tickets to the next All Ireland we compete in for that!! 🙂

  59. Dublin bottled it!

    You keep coming back and score a goal in injury time; you are presented with a sitter to seal the deal. Wide. Now if a Mayo lad did that.

    Bloggers need to look at the rerun of this match – urgently! It’s on Setanta tonight at 8pm (and again on 3rd April by the way).

    So much was happening, I couldn’t even take the scores down, because I just had to keep my eyes glued to the action.

    Mayo, on reflection!, got an awful lot right in this game:

    – We had Dublin on the rack, and dominated all through, even when Dublin had 15

    – We played a great zonal game that nullified Dublin’s tactics, even and especially when Cluxton was on (was I delighted that Mr so called clean got his come uppance?)

    – Our midfield was immense. Michael Dara who? Cian what’s his name?

    – O’Shea was also immense (as was Gibbons), but he seems a particular target for attention. Watch the rerun and see how effective he was; sure he made some sloppy mistakes and Liam McHale is right here, he uses up too much energy taking tackles.

    – Dublin on Saturday showed why they are champions and why they will be very hard to dislodge. We can learn from them; indeed if some of the runs had been a fraction better timed we would have had 4 goals. Dublin were really slick and clinical – and oozed confidence.

    – Even the defence kept Dublin at bay for a long time. But reinforcements are needed there. After the match, I called for Higgins to to back to LFB. After the rerun, I saw what an awful lot of good work he did. Timing again could have made his contribution really on the button.

    – Lastly, why do we want to get everything right – in March?

  60. Well anyone that is calling for horan’s head after that game, I would consider not worth listening to on this subject. If you were one of these then as far as Im concerned it applies to you. The reality is anyone calling for horans head after that game, simply must have been carrying a gripe against him going into it, that is the reality. He beat gavin up a stick in that game, outfoxed his middle third manouver, stopped cluxton’s kickouts, to the point where the guy lashed out in frustration only halfway into the game. Gavin got schooled, so how can people want the manager removed? The reality is they are just being unreasonable because they are still holding onto events from last september, but the fact that they cant get over that and be objective is thier problem, not mine, not willie joes and not mayos.

  61. Can both ourselves and Dublin still qualify? I thought it’d be one or the other in all likelihood.

    Just off top of my head now Tyrone have 9pts is it? Derry must have the same? I think both only lost 1 and drew with each other. So they’d be both through. Cork then would have 8 but don’t they’ve an impressive GD? Must be surely more impressive than ours, we’ve shipped a shedload of scores. So perhaps we both could in theory but it’s hard to see Cork slipping up v Kerry imo, and even if they lose GD would surely see them through unless Dun and ourselves annihilate the Ulster teams? Correct me if I’m wrong

    Either way I’d definitely rather the Dubs gone myself I think. While it’d be nice get a chance at revenge I think we have a better chance winning it without them still around and with lads gradually coming back for them

  62. I came out of omagh in February, if I were told we would have 7 points including a draw with the dubs, and still one game left I’d be very happy. It’s the league and we are in a very good place. Last Saturday nite was the nite to make the mistakes against the dubs. My sight is now on the Hyde, with due respect to New York the rossies will be a big test.

  63. The table is here, Ciaran. Tyrone drew twice (yesterday and against Derry) so they have 8 points. Cork have nine, as have Derry so they’re both through. If we win, we’re through regardless of how the game in Omagh goes and if we win Dublin need to beat Tyrone to get through too. A draw or a win for Tyrone gets them through.

  64. Just reading your “In our hands, in your hands” piece now WJ. I agree with every word – I for one am most grateful that this site exists and for the way you manage it.

    As for the team, If Derry are beaten next weekend, I think that we have the best chance of a League victory for years. Sure, there are some problems to be rectified. But this team looks like it is still developing and at this stage, having beaten Cork, Kerry, and Dublin (almost), we are certainly real contenders for September. Whether that win arrives is now down to getting the little things right as we will certainly turn up on the day.

  65. Obviously Saturday was an extreme situation.. The way the game was lost meant that people were going to vent their frustrations on here. Whilst some may have gone over the top, the vast majority were in my opinion justified..

    For example I would criticise Seamie O’Shea greatly for the last passage of play.. not for losing the ball in the tackle..That’s a mistake which any player can make..However what I found was egregious was his failure to haul Connolly down in the immediate aftermath..If he does that, he receives his black card but Dublin can’t take a quick free and effectively it’s game over..Any other Division 1 teams, except Kildare, would have hauled him down out the field and taken the card..
    If one of our most experienced players failed to grasp this it makes me worried that lessons are not being learnt..

    As for people saying look where we are in comparison to years gone by..well it’s niave to say the least..History has shown that to retain an all ireland is extremely difficult and if you take out Dublin I think at the moment we’re comfortably the best team in Ireland at the moment..Our window to win Sam will not last forever..This year is our time

    As I heard Saturday night we are the Jimmy White of Gaelic football at the moment..Wonderfully entertaining..bags of talent..But with an aura of weakness surrounding us

  66. Willie Joe, how about allowing no posts whatsoever, anywhere, after a match, until your full report is up, be it 7, 8, or 9 o’clock. Everyone would have had the tea and biscuits and calm could reign. Just a thought.

  67. Are the league semis definitely fixed for Croke Park?? Or do the top 2 teams have home advantage? I came across this on a forum I was browsing at last night. I wouldn’t rather hit to Croker than Páirc Uí Chaoimh/Celtic Park to be honest!

    Keep up the good work WJ, and if I ever overstep the mark, well don’t hesitate to tell me to pull my horns in.

  68. Willie Joe, TheMaestro here,

    ” The reality is anyone calling for horans head after that game, simply must have been carrying a gripe against him going into it, that is the reality.” “The reality is they are just being unreasonable because they are still holding onto events from last september, but the fact that they cant get over that and be objective is thier problem, not mine,”
    Very personal to many and making unfounded assumptions about other’s opinions and comments. It is very difficult to keep to the rule and not reply, which I am doing here.

  69. I agree Errisbeo that Saturday was an extreme situation but what I don’t agree with is when you say that this “meant that people were going to vent their frustrations on here”. This site isn’t some kind of responsibility-free zone that acts as a safety valve for people who want to blow off steam – the pub or Facebook is the place for people to do this. What went on here on Saturday night was quite simply an abuse of the hospitality being afforded to them – not by the majority but by an overly vocal and almost hysterical minority. As a result I’m now looking at beefing up the comments policy to make sure this doesn’t happen again and which will have consequences for those who refuse to see sense in this regard. And we didn’t lose the game, by the way, even if it felt like it at the time!

  70. Joe Mc – your constant appeals for cards for others is becoming really tiresome at this stage. Just make sure your comments stick by the rules and leave the rest to me.

  71. I’ve been thinking about “in our hands, in your hands”.. now I’m not IT savy and this could be more trouble than its worth but it just an idea as a long term solution.. Its unfair WJ that you should have to shoulder the burden of supervision week in week out and maybe this aspect of the site could be delegated.. Could this site be operated like a football game.. We the bloggers are the players and at the start of the season we vote 15 – 20 referees (you cant vote for yourself and canvassing will be penalised).. Each referee has limited external access to the site and supervises commentary for one leauge/fbd week, a championship week and an off season week in the year (a rota would be set up and you can accept or decline the role).. The referee can give a warning by putting your name in the book (1st warning), issue a yellow card (final warning), issue a black card for a listed number of indiscretions or combination of indiscretions and a straight red for particularly nasty infringements (there should be no engagement with the players, just straight application of the rules)(the cards would be visible at the bottom right corner of the blog). For black and red card offences the blog is sent to a stand alone site (the CCCC). There could be a link from this site allowing the offending party the opportunity of one mail to request and prove why they should be allowed back play again. Again the referees would have access to this site and each have a vote (majority rules and referees decision is final)..Not all referee’s are consistent (as we know all to well) but the above system would allow for a fair hearing. This would probably require end of the season reconstruction of the site but it would put our behaviour back into our own hands.. make us more aware of the rules and help encourage further engagement on this great resource of all things Mayo Football. Like I say, its just a thought and if anything can be gleaned from the suggestions to help keep this whole thing going and take some of the pressure off, I would be glad.

  72. Joe Mc. Your use of the phrase ‘personal’ is liberal to say the least. I gave a reasoned response to my take on why people would have a certain type of opinion, I indicated why that would be the case and why is isnt really accurate or objective. That is a fair response. If you can prove it wrong then by all means do your best at it, but I expect similarly logic points as to why my points are inaccurate, as well as a reasonable alternative, all of which backed up with accurate facts. That is reasoned and fair debate.

    For instance, can you tell me why a manager who just got a whole lot of things right against the all ireland champions and had them on the rack, would lose his job for doing so?

  73. Thanks for that Willie Joe no idea what’s wrong with me I thought Tyrone beat Cork yesterday for whatever reason!

    A Mayo Dublin final could be in the making for sure!

    First things first, a win next Sunday now to ensure we make the semis first. Three league semis in a row and so far three champ semis in a row too – some achievement (if of course it transpires). It further highlights just how wonderful a job James has done

  74. The venues for the football semi-finals are listed on the GAA’s website as TBC but the practice in recent years is for both semis and finals to be played at Croker, which contrasts greatly with the hurling. As part of my one-man campaign to get the Dubs on the road more often I think their semi should be fixed for, say, Limerick (or maybe Pearse Stadium as it’s nearly all terracing and they seem to like standing up) and the final for somewhere like Killarney.

  75. Willie Joe, I think putting all comments into quarantine for following the Cork match wouldn’t be right in my opinion. We can all understand your reasons for feeling it necessary to do so, but maybe you should give us sinners another chance.

    Anybody worth their salt who, having read your strongly worded and well placed comments above would be foolish in the extreme to ignore them. It’s a superb Blog enjoyed by everyone and so well run by your good self, it would be a sad day, were it to vanish from our screens. On way or another, keep up the good work, you’re loved and appreciated much more than you might think…….

  76. Thanks Mayo McHale – I’m not now planning to go down the quarantine route for the Derry game, as this would unfairly penalise the many because of the actions of the few. Instead I’m going to beef up the comments policy a bit before then and crack down harder (with time bans – I’m thinking a minimum of two weeks) on those who transgress.

  77. That is fair enough WJ..and it is in your right to beef up the comments policy..I think it would be a mistake..

    Some people were calling for Horan out on Saturday night which I presume you are referring to as part “hysterical minority”..Now I think Horan is the best manager out there, as do you and the vast majority of Mayo supporter…However it would be wrong to say that Horan has no question marks surrounding him with the tactics and substitutions on big days being key among them.These questions arose again following Saturday nights game..As Oisin McConville said about the Armagh team of the early 00’s, they were competing for 4-5 years before they won Sam..And whilst the management team they had were excellent and brought them so far, it took Joe Kernan in his first year to get them over the line..

    If a person wants to argue this point I don’t believe they should be censored

  78. That’s fine and if anyone came on with a coherently argued comment laying out the case why this should happen, there wouldn’t be any problem (even if most people, myself included, might think that a tad OTT). The least I’d expect, though, is that a case would have to be presented in support of any such argument. Coming on right after the game with a bald claim that JH has taken us as far as he can and should go is a different matter, though, and it’s exactly this type of knee-jerk stupidity I have a problem with and intend to deal with. This has nothing to do with censorship and more to do with stopping people from cat-calling and forcing them to back up what they have to say. Most people won’t be impacted by what I have in mind but those who comment without pausing to think first will.

  79. Keep going wj, I put my remarks on last night, so all I will say we have a good chance and go very close, if we dont make it , it wont be jhs fault

  80. Why should people who can analyse a game in a measured way and not let emotion take over be punished by not being able to post because of the few that cant?

    A lot of people made some over the top claims on this site in the past few days, I think everyone is in agreement there. How many have come back and said they were wrong though?

  81. Well said WJ. I refused to comment on the site after some of the shite that was posted saturday night. People need a reality check, look at where we are..second best team in the country imo, two all-ireland finals in a row, and yet people are calling for James Horans head??? I really hope he doesnt read this blog. Yeah we fucked it away saturday night, but its not the end of the world, i still beileve we’ll win the league, that was the best dublin team to start all year an we had them, one turnover by a player not long into the action cost us. But better to do it now rather than september when we face the Dubs again, FACT.

  82. WJ & fellow bloggers, I would like to clarify a comment I made on Saturday night. My comment was to the effect that IMO James H has now maxed out with this panel of players, I think this has been taken as a criticism when in fact it was meant as a compliment. JH is in my opinion giving his maximum, getting the maximum for every player on the panel and from his backup team. All we as supporters can expect is to have our team and management giving their all and the Mayo team and management are doing that for the past 2.5 years.

    Sometime the maximum may not be good enough and we loose games, there is no shame in that. We may find that our maximum this year is less than 3 or 4 other teams but time will tell on that.

    In my opinion I don’t believe there is any manager inside or outside of Mayo that could do a better job than James H is currently doing.

    I want to set the record straight from my perspective I never ever called for James Horan to go and I regret if one of my comments on Saturday night may have led anyone to believe this. I have to the best of my knowledge never levelled personal criticism at any player, management team or fellow bloggers since I started posting on this site nearly 2 years ago and I intent to continue in a respectful way if not red carded !!.

    In future when making any general statement I will provide more of my reasoning although I do like to keep my posts short. I did email WJ earlier today to apologise as it was not my intention to break any house rules. Sorry about the long post !.

  83. Well said Juan. I too read the other topics before reading this and thought this is worse than the forum Hogan Stand. The Hogan Stand itself was full of some unsavoury characters on Saturday night – all of them wearing red and green. People complaining about a few young lads having a bit of craic on the hill needs to look closer to home first. I was embarrased by some of the comments I heard. Some of the stuff on this site was embarrasing also. People will walk.

  84. Caff and Harrison were both replaced because they were sick. As far as I know semis not in HQ but team finishing first & second will have home advantage. Would love another crack at the Dubs, especially in Castlebar!

  85. I didn’t get to the match Saturday night but watched it on Setanta. I agree that there was a lot of emotional talk on this site after the match much of it unwarranted but, you know, I often see this sort of thing on Twitter and FB especially late at night!
    I think this forum is excellent and especially it’s great to read when you are away from home and maybe not the same access to going or watching the matches. Perhaps we can enlist some more trusted moderators to deal with OTT, unfair comments that are uploaded in future. After all, I think these guys, players and management are a great bunch altogether, the commitment they show every time they play is terrific. Constructive criticism and interesting insights to different facets of our play are welcome and that is why I visit the sight after every game.
    As for the game itself, we had a mixed bag in terms of performance. I think Mayo played some of the best football I’ve ever seen them play before in Croke Park. We did panic a little in the last seven minutes and deciding to keep ball in our own half late on was not the wisest move. Our forwards caused the Dublin defence problems every time we went forward in the second half and we should have continued to do so but we were very tired at that stage despite having the extra man. We were missing Caff and Boyler at that stage so we were threading a fine line there. But there were a lot of good performances out there on the night including Kevin Mc, Jason, Cillian Aidan, Lee and Mikey to mention a few. I thought the ref was ok but could have given Mayo more frees in the second half when they were being pulled to the ground quite frequently. It was only when a player was fouled twice or three times in possession that he relented and gave them the free. Dublin tackle aggressively every time and its time we did the same, none of this coralling and shepherding out of danger business. In 2012 especially when there is so much space to offload to a colleague. Mayo were the best team at dispossessing the player with the ball by targeting the ball aggressively but fairly. I think we need to bring this to the fore again after watching the other night.
    I still think we can beat Derry though they are very good right now but they have qualified already. And you never know how it might go after that. We are still one of the top teams in the country and have been for the past number of years. A bit of fine tuning is all it might take to get us over the line.
    Hon Mayo!

  86. This is a fantastic site and for exiles like myself it keeps us informed on the most important news from home (apart from our families of course), how our beloved Mayo football team is doing.
    As myself, many rely on pay tv to get to watch GAA and when ‘The Green and Red’ are to be on the featured schedule at the weekend, then Monday to Saturday/Sunday becomes a countdown but throughout the year we are blessed to have WJ,s Mayo GAA Blog.
    There are no comparisons, well run, intelligent and insightful contributors lend to and create great debate and it would be criminal if the few that choose to throw a tantrum should put the future of the site in jeopardy.
    WJ, what would be the standing, legal or otherwise of contributors becoming contributors in a paid up fee membership, an annual nominal fee with the proceeds going to help the sport at some level in the county or subsidised benefits for ‘members'(may have opened a can of worms there but it has been on my mind for some time and now is as good a time as any to put it forward as I thin k it would automatically eradicate the spouting highjackers.
    Thanks again for the site, it’s as much a staple as dinner.
    MaighEo agus WJ’s Mayo GAA Blog Abu Abu.

  87. Willie Joe you are of course correct on all fronts, i know for myself the emotion was unreal,and all perspective was lost, Mayo to the back bone and heart bursts with pride when our men take the field and breaks for THEM for the losses, but that was then, onto McHale on Sunday and like you WJ i think we CAN win it but whatever happens we are in full support and will be there cheering them on Maigheo Abú

  88. Interesting piece on the RTE website on Saturdays game today…probably says what most mayo fans were feeling I.e mayo were the ones who lost the point and the psychological impact of the game. Anyway I still think we should be aiming to win the league but a few changes needed for derry game. What do people think ahead of the derry game?

  89. 1st off. I was in Croke park Saturday night. Section 308 lower cusack stand with my wife & 6 year old son.
    We travelled up from Galway & travelled home again after the game.
    We are from Mayo originally & we love going to Mayo games when we can.
    My 6 year old is football mad.

    The game I saw on Saturday evening was absolutely brilliant.
    I could not get over the Speed this game was played at from start to finish.
    The pace was unreal from both teams.
    Dublin are frightening when running at pace & any team in the country will have a job dealing with their forward line.
    Mayo were excellent at times & not so good at other times.
    But it’s only March yet & not May, June, July or even August yet & dare I say it even September, here’s hoping we will get there !
    Mayo have amassed more points in the League at round 6 stage than they have at any stage in the last 3/4 years.

    Last year it was 6 points
    The year before it was 5 if I’m correct.
    We have now 7 points & maybe nine by the time Sunday comes against Derry & a league semi final possibly.

    We made some bad decisions on the pitch particularly in the last few minutes when we tried to play keep ball down the wrong end of the pitch & lost possession.

    At times we gave away possession during the course of the game carelessly & gifted Dublin some easy scores as a result.

    The extra man we gained didn’t really work in our favour. We didn’t take advantage of it at all really & that tends to happen to teams at times whether it be soccer or Gaelic.

    We blew a 6 point lead as we know but at the end of it all we didn’t loose the game. That is very important.

    I think if we had won the game by 6 or 7 points would we be any better off at this stage of the day.

    I think we would be leading ourselves into a false sense of security thinking everything was rosey in the Garden & reaching an All-Ireland final again was definitely on the cards again because we beat Dublin.

    Yes old frailties showed up again towards the end of the game but remember a good few of these players started back later this year into training & the few changes made in the second half probably disrupted our flow.

    It can probably be argued that Dublin have a stronger bench than nearly all teams in the country at the moment & it swung the last quarter in their favour.

    Only last year we were beaten twice in the League by Dublin.

    As I say at the end we still hung on for the draw & it’s only March as I said earlier.

    We have beaten Kerry who are improving again, we beat Cork & drew with Dublin.

    4 years ago we lost to Longford in Pearse park Longford & got knocked out of the qualifiers.

    We may well not win the All-Ireland this year & I will be very disappointed if & when we go out of the championship.

    But getting totally negative about last Saturday night sickens me when I looked at all the comments I read on this blog the following day.

    James Horan should go etc etc. absolute crazy stuff.

    Look at Andy Moran & all the serious Injury’s that lad has had to overcome to try & get back to where he is now.
    I can tell you the signs are clearly there the old Andy Moran is coming back.

    He reminded me a bit of Stephen Gerard the last night watching to set up plays & boss the game & take control at certain times.
    Kevin Mcloughlin who is a fine footballer is rediscovering his 2012 form again.
    Jason Gibbons can make a big impact at this level.
    My 1st time to see him in action & he played really well.
    The only real criticism I have the last night is start Keith Higgins at corner back & leave him there as it’s his best position.

    As I say their were mistakes & Mayo need to stop leaking so many goals.
    It’s something no doubt they will work on.

    Their is work to be done to get it right & they will try their best.
    These guy’s train so hard & put their lives on hold to dedicate to the cause which is Mayo football.
    They give us & have given us so many great day’s out over the past 3 years.

    It could all end this year & we might not see All-Ireland semi finals or Finals for years to come again.

    So let’s enjoy it.

    My 6 year old loved it & it’s the reason why he kicks the ball outside every evening every opportunity he gets because he looks up to these players whether it’s Galway or Mayo who play.

    Who knows maybe this will be our year.

    But one thing I do know is it’s not fair to go over board & personalise things based on last Saturday night’s game.
    If the team is good enough & they get a bit of luck along the way they won’t be far away & if they don’t land the big one well so be it because some day it will happen.

  90. Agreed that the Dubs should be on the road, but Killarney is a kip (wooden seats, no leg room) – no matches there please :p

  91. In my honest opinion this is the best forum for Mayo GAA on the entire internet (the world maybe, the local boozer doesn’t even match up :-p ) but in fairness it’s not just down to the trojan work done by WJ but by the well-informed people who give up their time, however small to contribute their thoughts to the site and really make it a community worth being a part of. I would hate to see the comments section curtailed or gotten rid of, by all means cast out the abuse and muppetry to HS or Twitter where it belongs but we live in the times of social media now and the game has been raised for web sites who want to carve out a decent following for themselves and a having a lively informed following is a must. I wouldn’t like this site to go back to the days when big Mayo matches would just garner a handful of responses (go into the results archive for examples), this site has resulted in me losing plenty of work hours on a Monday morning and long may it continue!

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