In with the new

Well, 2008 is here and the holidays are over and work is rearing its ugly head once more and all those resolutions which sounded so good with all that beer in the bloodstream the other night are now already starting to look somewhat, er, challenging. Welcome back, real life, in other words.

But, it IS a new year and, in the spirit of fecking out all that old stuff and replacing it with something more in tune with the shiny new year, it’s time to unveil what has hitherto been my little secret project. (Mine and Gerry’s, aka Tommy Joe, that is. None of what I’m about to reveal would have been possible without his technical wizardry).

Yes, folks, Green and Red 2.0 is about to be launched, with the blog moving to a new domain (, with a different look and feel but also containing all that old bile you’ve read and loved over the course of 2007. It’s still only in beta, mind, and the builders haven’t stopped dumping their shite around the place but, work permitting, I’m hoping to be out of the old place and completely moved in over there in a few days.

The main advantage of the move is that I wanted to have separate pages for results, fixtures and the like and I also wanted to have readily-accessible archive pages, which (warning: New Year’s Resolution about to approach) I could then backfill back to the year dot. Blogger doesn’t allow me to do this and so we have to part. It’s nothing to do with you, Bloggie love, it’s me. No really, it is.

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