Informal club for Mayo supporters in London

Patreon club member Tony got in touch the other day to ask me to spread the word about an informal club for Mayo supporters based in London, aimed at getting fans together over there to watch the county’s matches. As a former London-based exile myself, I’m very happy to oblige.

The plan is to meet at the Oxford Arms in Camden Town, where space has been booked for the dates of Mayo’s upcoming televised games. Run by Bohola native and friend of the podcast, Tom Maloney, the Oxford Arms has very strong Mayo connections. Some of you will recall that we held a live podcast event over there in the run-up to the 2017 All-Ireland final, a night which lived long in the memory for those of us at it.

The first gathering of this informal supporters group will take place this coming Sunday to coincide with our opening National League match, against Galway in Salthill. If you’re based in London and would like to watch the match live with like-minded people from the county then you could do a whole load worse than head to the Oxford Arms that day.

If anyone wants to get in contact with the group, they’ve set up an email account and you can mail them at

The best of luck to everyone involved in this very worthwhile initiative.

14 thoughts on “Informal club for Mayo supporters in London

  1. I was in the Oxford Arms a few times last year and it really is a home from home. It was lovely to turn a corner in the hustle and bustle of London and see a great big Mayo mural on the wall. It isn’t an easy pub to get out of once you get settled!
    I am based in the Midlands in the UK but the train is only a hour so I might round a few up and venture down for some of the games.
    A great initiative and for those in London who’ve not been yet its a 2 minute walk from Camden tube station

  2. Great idea. Maybe it will catch on in a few other parts of UK/SCOTLAND too. The ball is rolling.

  3. Willie Joe – will the commentary be in English in Camden Town? That would make it very attractive.

    To-date, after over 40 years attending matches, I have never heard a word of Irish spoke before, during or after a match – be it around the grounds, in the pubs or inside at the match. And I doubt if there is anyone out there who stood up in Croke Parke and ever roared ‘Fear maith, Cillain’. It’s just not done.

    The Irish commentary that is so prevalent on TV takes away from the enjoyment of the game for me. Who’s listening to it and enjoying it I wonder. Bad enough having to look at the lateral passing from side to side. The commentary only adds to the discomfort.

  4. It’s funny London eye, i actually find the TG4 commentary to be better. RTE starting to feel very cliched. Great initiative for those abroad.

  5. Great TG4 fan too. Sports coverage is excellent and gives the Irish language a live dimension.

  6. If it wasn’t for TG4 football and rugby coverage I would have forgotten how to listen/speak the language.
    It’s a brilliant service and also worth remembering that they were showing league games when no other station was interested.They helped make the product what it is today

  7. TG4 do serious work in promoting Gaelic games, I believe they are even starting to televise the national handball finals this year. If it were left up to RTÉ, there would probably be far less gaelic games on TV, or we’d have to pay extra to see it.

    If the Irish commentary bothers some people, I’d suggest just turning the audio off altogether.

  8. Id echo the sentiments of those praising tg4 , its been fantastic down the years . The only thing that bothers me about the language is that it makes me feel useles and ashamed that i dont have it .

  9. TG4 ..Top class have given Gaelic Game’s great coverage… You don’t need to know that much Gaelic to understand the commentary or the interviews. Probably done more for the Gaelic language than all the years learning it in schools. No teacher that was fluent in the language ever taught me.. mind you if you wanted youngsters to speak the language, not sure compulsory was the way to go… and definitely not Peig!

  10. I note lots of comments have strayed towards praising TG4. No doubting the channel broadcasts lots of games – and broadcasts the commentary in Irish. What I am saying is that I would prefer if the commentary was in English. Don’t mind who broadcasts as long as it is broadcast. As I have said, I have never heard a word of Irish ever spoken at a match so my hunch is that people, if given a choice, would prefer commentary in English also. I very much doubt if Kevin McStay, Padraic Joyce or any of the backroom staff will be issuing instructions in Irish to players on Sunday!.

    Don’t agree with Leantimes that you don’t need much Irish to understand the interviews. Reality is that you need to be ‘fluent’ in Irish to understand the interviews. The dialogue is emitted at 100 miles an hour so only the fluent have any chance of following what is being said, in my view.

  11. It’s an Irish language channel LondoneEye, so you can’t complain that they provide commentary as Gaeilge!

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