Injuries to Keith and Kevin confirmed

Keith in the long grass

Photo: Memories thru a lens (via Facebook)

The Mayo News reported a bit earlier on today (here) that the scans done on Keith Higgins and Kevin Keane have confirmed the injuries both of them sustained in last Sunday’s FBD match against Roscommon. As a result, both are facing a period on the sidelines.

In Keith’s case it’s not clear how long he’ll be out for. He’s suffered what’s been termed as “medial collateral damage” to his left knee and no likely return date has been given. We could, I suspect, be looking at an extended period out of action for last year’s skipper.

The news in relation to Kevin is a bit more definite. He has what’s been described as ‘a slight tear on his shoulder rotator cuff’ (which I have to say sounds bloody painful) and he’s expected to be out for 4-5 weeks. This means he’ll definitely be unavailable for the Cork and Dublin games but he might be back in time to face Donegal at the end of next month.

The long and the short of it, then, is that we’ll need to plan without both of these experienced players for the early part of the year. Such is life, I guess.

In other news, Maurice Deegan has been confirmed as the ref for the Cork game. In line with one of my New Year resolutions I’m refusing to get drawn into any pre-match complaints about match officials so I’ll say no more about this appointment. Control the controllables and all that.

46 thoughts on “Injuries to Keith and Kevin confirmed

  1. Hopefully the lads get back to full fitness before too long.I’m sure by 4 pm on the 31st you’ll have plenty of reason’s to break that one WJ!!

  2. Bad news for Mayo, especially in relation to Keith Higgins. Somebody said to me today, that this is the chance for O`Hora or some other unproven player to “ step in“, as if you were comparing like with like..Regardless of who replaces Higgins, it`s a bad blow for Mayo if it`s as bad an injury as we fear.
    When coupled with Cillian O`Connor`s situation, we head into the Spring with uncertainty hanging over us.
    That was one hell of a costly Roscommon game.

  3. The important word with Keith, I think, is medial (rather than cruciate) damage. Could miss a lot of the league but should be back for when it matters. There was a danger that it could have been a season ender.

  4. Both players should be back for the championship. Missing them will force us to experiment in the NL—not a bad prospect.

  5. You can’t replace Keith….akin to Liverpool replacing Gerrard or Man Utd replacing Scholes. It is a chance tho for someone else to stake a claim.

  6. Keith Higgins has to be replaced eventually in his 30s now. Lucky it wasn’t the dreaded ACL and he should be full fit in time for the championship. I can imagine when Kevin Keane returns he will be going all out to impress management in the hope to hold down a starting place on the championship team.

  7. Hopefully not, John, but I’ve kinda got so resigned to bad reffing at this stage that I’m taking it as an essential part of the GAA experience and so steer clear, where possible, of mentioning it at all.

  8. Hard to imagine the team without this dynamic pair who add so much character with their v different styles.Those scintillating forays of Keith up the field light up the game and we won’t forget that goal scored by Colm for its grit and determination.
    They both deserve a speedy recovery and we look forward to cheering them back on board.

  9. Did anyone see that o she’a is doing the AIB toughest trade ?

    Here’s hoping its in the off season !!

  10. The fact that Keith played on or tried to play on is positive. He will be back better than ever in plenty time for the championship.
    I forced myself last night to watch the two dublin games again. Perversely, I was encouraged by what I saw. I thought we were awful in the first game up until about the 60th minute. We made the most basic mistakes imaginable and didnt look like a winning team. Dublin should have beaten us out the gate and yet we were there at the end.
    By contrast I thought we were excellent in the second game ……until we fcuked up. We were composed and playing with fluency and confidence and were well on the way to winning until we conceded those two stupid goals.
    Looking forward to 2016 we won’t be far off the mark if we can stop doing stupid things like kicking the ball straight to opponents or kicking it into the goalies hands. The dubs aren’t that far ahead of us if at all!

  11. Of course I’ve just realized that Colms condition has not been clarified. What’s the news,if any,on that front?

  12. Our defending has been v poor particularly in the FB line & KH must take his share of the blame. I think he will play further out the field this year. Our main problems are CHB &CHF. Hard to blame our FB when he has no cover.

  13. Agree I would like to have seen Keith at Chb in the league problem position needs permanent solution for championship. Opportunity for O’ Hora & Kenny to stake a claim. Also Regan & Loftus in ff line & Kirby when available hopefully after March 17th. I feel we will have our strongest ever squad by the summer with plenty of competition for starting places & strong bench. Dublin bench helped push them over line in final.

  14. Sorry all …apologies! I was under the impression Colm was injured v Ros. So, this is good news!

  15. Over on Gaa board, there are Mayo posters stating that Keith Higgins hopes to training next week!! Surely not?

  16. Hope the injuries are not too bad and that we don’t lose any more, just shows that you can never cover all events, good piece by James Horan in the independent today

  17. I remember listening to that game on the radio, one of two times during our five in a row run in Connacht where I was honestly convinced we were beaten (the other time was with a few minutes to go on the meadow that was Hyde Park against Roscommon in 2014).

    I think Mike Finnerty was doing the mid west commentary and it was way below his usual standard because he was losing it a bit in disbelief at what was going on in front of him – it was torture listening to it on the radio, even the extra time was tough going with a stupid goal given away at one point before we finally sneaked away with the win.

    If there’s one positive from it it’s that the players who went over five years ago will make sure there is no complacency from anyone on the Mayo side this time around.

  18. For those interested in continuing this particular trip down memory lane, the piece I did on that London match in 2011 on the blog is here. I wasn’t exactly holding back in it and those of you who commented weren’t either! My, haven’t we come on a long, long journey since then?

  19. WJ So that is what you are like when you are a bit pissed. Really enjoyed the ref to JOM. iI have to say I really enjoyed it, It is a great way to appreciate every kick of the ball and every game since. Boy did they answer their critics that year. In a very short time the McDonalds, Bradys and Nallens had been replaced by supermen in a Mayo jersey.

  20. Read your ‘piece’ on London game from 2011 Willie Joe. Look at the subs that rescued us!! Pure class! This game was important in that the subs became permanent fixtures and have brought us on an incredible journey since!!!!

  21. It also goes to show the growth of the website WJ, with only 53 comments. If we play like that against London this year, how many comments would there be? 1000?!

  22. That’s true, Digits – it’s reflected in the site traffic too. The hit count on the day of that game in 2011 was 2,700 with 2,500 the day after. Last Sunday (the day of the Roscommon FBD game) the hit count was over 11,000.

  23. Would you not consider setting up an an app for this blog Wj ?

    I was a fan of hogan stand , but the majority of Mayo supporters use this site now

    I guess it’s a credit to you

  24. It’s not something I’m planning to do, Mayo 51, mainly due to time constraints and the effort involved in developing an app (which would need to run on both Android and iOS devices) but also I’m not sure what benefit it would serve. I have, though, optimised the site for viewing on mobiles and that’s probably all I’d plan to do in that direction, at least for now.

  25. Shocking conditions in Sligo for Mayo/ Dong game. A draw. 1-7 each. Had to admire both sides but esp our fellas. Ahead with min to go and bloomer by our goalie was res for flute of a goal.
    Akram.Ruane CF. Irwin. Duffy HB. Cunniffe stood out . Some wonderful ball retension in backs….feckin freezing!!

  26. A lot of the regular posters from back 2011 no longer posting. I suppose it’s to be expected and no reflection on the blog. Fantastic personal achievement for yourself wj (keep her lit).I’m looking forward to this year’s league and championship. I’m expecting big performances from m Sweeney p durkan e Reagan c loftis k Kane and maybe Alan freeman if given enough opportunity. I known alot will disagree re alan but I just think his substitutions in the 2013 final was bazaar and set him back . He should be well ahead of alot in strength and condidionin.

  27. Agree with McH’s point about Freeman, I think when he’s on his day he can destroy anyone. In the ’13 final he caught at least two balls “above his head” before he got subbed, also scored a tidy point in drawn game last year (should’ve been brought on earlier imo).

    Jesus i had a good laugh reading WJ’s post from that London game, the o’mahony comments are comedy gold!! I think i only joined this blog in ’12. hopefully Rochford has a smoother champo debut against the Tans, and, hopefully he can get us that one step further in September…and for the record, i think we will do it this year.

  28. Not convinced at all Alan Freeman would be worth his place . Far too many times he has quite clearly pulled out of 50/50 balls including one of them two balls in AIF in 13 that his admirers often refer to if you look at it objectively and closely you’ll see.

  29. AOS hand passed a ball in front of freeman with Philly McMahon closing in , freeman imo didn’t give 100% commitment to the fight for the ball in this passage of play which was when we were level going into injury time . People will say I’m being harsh on the lad but if you want to pretend he is not worried about the hit coming in , fine but you’re fooling yourself.

  30. Freeman is strong on the ball but like most others not to level of Colm Boyle off the ball. But in his defence he is no less afraid of a hit than many other big reputation first teamers.
    When on the ball he has great drive n movement. He doesn’t run in blinkered straight lines. Freeman should shave his head and do a few fist pumps now n then. A lot of the soft reputation is visual perception.

  31. Look I hope the man goes out and shoots the lights out , I’m just of the opinion he can back out from time to time more than others and at crucial times .

  32. In the 2013 AIF he had the Dublin fullback line nervie and running round like heedless chickens. Some of the ball that came into him for them 13minutes mins or so was good quality (something that’s been sadly lacking in our play). Had we persisted with him that day , who knows!?

  33. Of course who knows, I like A Freeman but he has had many chances so I hope he steps up, I certainly am not critical with taking him off in final,it is up to him , go out and prove you are entitled to your place

  34. I had a good line of sight on him that day and he hadn’t put a foot wrong. He really looked like our biggest threat IMHO.

  35. So had I,I am not going to criticise anyone , because they are doing the hard yards in the autumn and winter so they do their best . hope he steps up to the plate this year

  36. Dont think that is fair on Freeman at all.
    In my view he is full hearted and has style.He is not tigerish but many great players are not.

  37. In AIF 2013 I’m fairly sure Alan Freeman was was on for 27 mins. Not 13 mins. Anyone able to verify this?

  38. i know we dont want to talk too much about the past. But that 2013 final was givin away by hoorendous defending. The first 1-2 dublin scored was handed to them. It was in the backline changes were needed.Not taking off freeman. only for him we would not have been in the final. He came of age against tyrone when coc went off injured and really stepped up to the plate. Never really got right run in the team since. Hope he is back for cork because we need him.

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