Injury stories start to reappear

Remember our injury crisis from the early part of this year? You might recall that goalie Kenneth O’Malley was one casualty, when he dislocated his thumb in the league match against the Dubs in early April. Well, he’s crocked again – so says this report in Hogan Stand – this time after coming off second-best in a collision with a trainee Guard while playing for UL against the Garda College. You’d think the Guards would wait till after their passing-out parade before dishing out the rough stuff but this lad must have been keen to get out of the Templemore classroom and put some theory into practice. It looks like he was taking notice in his beat-up-the-suspects class as O’Malley had to leave the match by ambulance after the altercation, though the report reassures us that he’s making a “steady recovery”.

Elsewhere, Hogan Stand is also reporting that Conor Mortimor is denying rumours about him transferring to Dublin club Oliver Plunketts. I should bloody well think so – if Mort switches to anyone up here it should be to our own St Vincent’s, where Pat Kelly and Brian Maloney would no doubt make him welcome. Not too sure about Mossie, though . . .

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