Injury to Barry Moran confirmed

barrymoran_The Mayo News have now confirmed that rumour about Barry Moran being injured but, as I mentioned yesterday, the injury isn’t as serious as was being intimated on the Hogan Stand jungle drums.  The big man broke one of his fingers in training on Tuesday night (they don’t say which one) and, as a result, he’s rated as doubtful for the quarter-final.

I wouldn’t have thought that a broken finger would necessarily prevent a player from lining out in a championship match – after all, Aidan O’Shea played in the All-Ireland minor final and replay last September with a broken thumb – but I’m not the finger doctor so it’s best to leave that one to them.   There’s still a week and a bit to go yet ’till we take the field at Croker so fingers crossed (pardon the pun) he’ll be okay for Sunday week.

17 thoughts on “Injury to Barry Moran confirmed

  1. Let’s see how he progresses , you would presume he can strap it up and take painkillers if need be on the day.

    Any thoughts on who will win between Meath and Limerick ? I have a feeling it will be Limerick but would prefer a cut at Meath.

  2. Hard to know about Limerick/Meath – the poll on the site here is currently running 56:44 in favour of Meath and Paddy Power have them at 8/15. Still, Meath needed to score four goals in the final 15 minutes in their qualifier tie with Limerick last year to bring the margin of defeat down to respectable proportions (they were 4-11 to 0-3 down in that game at one stage) so it’s not as if Limerick are going to be scared of them or anything.

    I missed the Munster final and so haven’t seen Limerick play at all this year but I was at the Dubs-Meath match, where, in truth, neither side looked all that hot.

  3. I think it’ll be Meath (more out of hope than expecation to be fair…). They need to avenge that hammering they took last year to Limerick.

    Limerick looked good alright against Cork, but I think that had a lot to do with Cork complacency and missing 2 of their best backs on the day.
    But Limerick do possess one of the best midfielders in the country in John Galvin, as well as a few decent forwards, so it’s hard to say.
    Either way, I’m looking forward to watching the game Saturday and trying to analyse our future opponents. As we keep saying, it’s good to actually be in this position this year.
    Obviousy I do hope it’s Meath, ’96 is still very fresh in my memory. We have a few ghosts to exorcise this summer, lets hope we get to exorcise them all by the end of September

  4. Whats with all this gagging for Meath – that was a long time ago and no one to blame but ourselves, let’s move on and take whoever comes our way. If we wanted revenge for the finals we lost, we’d be stuck in a lot of mire for aeons to come!

  5. This isn’t just about 1996 to me!
    I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Meath (due to family) and a lot of the people I’ve met have a lot of disdain for Mayo.
    A lot of it is obviously good natured but there are some people who genuinely dislike us. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been stuck in a pub in Enfield or Kilcock or wherever, listening to the spiel about Mayo people settling in Meath, taking their land/jobs etc etc. As I said, a lot of it is good natured, but there are some Meath people that would like nothing better than to give us Mayo boys a good beating (in the sporting sense of course…).
    So us playing (and hopefully beating) Meath is more of a personal crusade of redemption and self-gratification for me!

  6. Agree with Summer Supporter on the meath issue, I reckon it will be Limerick we face anyway, particularly if they play meath with the intensity they played with in the Munster final.

    On a completely different matter – Is there anything substantial to the rumors of Ciaran Mac back at training with Mayo ? Castlebar is buzzing with rumors of his return.

    Is this typical Mayo supporters loosing the run of themselves ?

    by the way WJ myself and my fellow Mayo supporter friends have dubbed this particular phenomenon as “stupamism”, do you reckon it could catch on ?

  7. As I said, I haven’t seen Limerick play this year but they must be okay to run Cork so close. I’d say they might do it alright.

    I think the origin of the latest “Mac is back” rumour came from some throwaway remark John Maughan made on the radio last weekend but I didn’t hear this myself so I’m not sure if this is correct. As to the rumour itself, it’s more than a little fanciful: stupamism sounds like a fairly apt description for it.

  8. wj not too sure about that, im told from a usually reliable source that a meeting took place ,not sure what happened at it tho, maybe the mac wanted to know how johnno keeps his hair so thick

  9. did anyone else hear the rumour that ger cafferkey has signed a 2 year contract with st kilda AFL. Would be a big lose to mayo if true.

  10. I’m loath to do anything to fuel this one, Mayo Mick, but I see that the Mayo News Twitter feed is quoting Johnno as saying that it’s all bullshit (my choice of words, not his). We might hear some more, I guess, arising from the press night they had in Castlebar this evening.

  11. Any Meath person I have run into finds it hard to hide how much they despise us ( in a footballing sense) as well , which is pretty harsh seeing as they done us!

  12. I think the Meath lads do have a problem with Mayo people on a few fronts – there are integration issues that have little to do with football!
    I would love to sock it to them too but Limerick have performed better overall this year I think.
    Also, all Meath supporters know that the cat and his mother wanted Mayo to win in 96 and they spoiled the party, then there was the famous row that everyone also knew was a preplanned event and they reckon we can’t take our beating without moaning about it.
    There is also the fact that some of them are just plain Neanderthal!

  13. As i said on a previous thread , meath , kerry , cork is my preferred route to sam this year. if we win we wont care if its limerick , dubs or tyrone though.. no point in us getting worked up quite yet about meath though , WJ how long since we met limerick in the championship?

  14. Recently enough, Roger – we met them in Round 3 of the qualifiers in 2003, where we beat them by 0-13 to 1-9 at Hyde Park. Of the team that day, only David Heaney, James Nallen and the two Morts are still around. Limerick last won Munster in 1896 and we didn’t win our first Connacht title until 1901 so that 2003 clash has to have been our only championship meeting to date.

  15. Q; If a long condom goes on a long prick and a short condom goes on a short prick, what goes on a thick prick?
    A; A Meath jersey.

  16. Mayo.Mick – Being a St.kilda man myself, i think it is impossible for any contracts to be signed mid AFL season, so i doubt this is true, unless it was a verbal agreement, but that wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s (not) written on – Sounds Doubtful !!

    As for Pearce Hanley, It seems Eriad’s prediction of an injury in his first match for the year has come true – Hamstring injury – Out this week.

  17. hope mayo win sunday week but that mayo back line is not great think they need to bring jimmy in for experience

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