Injury to Matthew Ruane confirmed


Both the Connaught Telegraph (here) and the Irish Independent (here) have now confirmed the news that will have already filtered through to many of you this morning, which is that midfielder Matthew Ruane broke his collarbone in training yesterday evening.

No matter how you dress this up, it’s a massive, massive blow for us. First and foremost, of course, for Mattie himself who enjoyed a wonderful breakthrough League campaign this year and whose power and pace at midfield brought an exciting new dimension to our play. It’s a sickening setback for him, as it’s an injury which is likely to rule him out for the summer.

It’s also a hammer blow for us ahead of another daunting tilt at the qualifiers. Last year injuries to key players proved fatal to our hopes of making it through the backdoor and we can ill afford history repeating itself this summer. We’ll never be accused of too much good luck on that front, that’s for sure.

A certain starter for us in Páirc Esler, Mattie’s absence now creates a vacancy that needs filling. Diarmuid O’Connor is the obvious candidate, with a shift to the middle for him facilitating a rejig that could also see big brother Cillian making a much overdue return to the starting fifteen.

With Seamus O’Shea and Donal Vaughan also coming back into the reckoning, we’re not devoid of options in the middle of the park, though we’ve nobody who can provide the kind of spark that the Breaffy man gave to us in the sector this spring.

A less obvious candidate in this respect might possibly be Mikey Murray. It would certainly be a baptism of fire for the young Stephenites player to be pitched in at the deep end in Newry but needs must and all that. We simply have to roll with the punches and do what we can to put the strongest possible team on the pitch the next day.

Best wishes to Mattie on his recovery – here’s hoping he’s back to his dashing best as soon as possible.

145 thoughts on “Injury to Matthew Ruane confirmed

  1. Oh devasting news for Matty and the team. The find of the league and able to score. Shocking. What bloody next…..

  2. Massive massive loss. He quickly established himself as one of our best players. Feck it anyway.

  3. A big blow. Midfield is where we are most short of options. Diarmuid into mf and Fionn McDonagh hopefully to come back in at wing forward.. Treacy another option. Either way we need lads to put their hands up and push on from early season promise in the league.

  4. Huge blow, Matthew the find of the league, diarmuid to midfield, we have options in Cillian, C Treacy, F MDonagh and James Carr. We will stay positive.

  5. Devastating blow for Mattie himself personally and the team I wish him well and hopes he makes a full and speedy recovery. There’s no way to dress it up it’s a massive blow to our chances in the qualifiers. I wouldn’t go robbing Peter to Paul I’d leave Diarmiuid in the forwards and bring in Mikey Murray I know he’s never started for Mayo but he’s very highly rated in Ballina and I’d throw him in see how he gets on against Down anyway as Seamus and Donie are still not back

  6. Big blow for Matthew and Mayo but the nature of the sport is that this opens the door for another player I would like to make the case for James Mc Cormack he plays his club football at midfield he was the free taker for his club at U21 last year he is an overall athlete he is a good fielder can score and is comfortable on the ball

  7. Terrible for Mat.It would be worse if it happened during a game__at least now we can plan for it.

  8. Wishing him a speedy recovery poor lad. A blow for sure but we’ll have to just get on with it.

  9. Terrible news, so sorry for Matthew. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Hope there will be no more injuries. Now is the time to try out someone like Mike Murray.

  10. Really sad for Mattie, he had established his place as the go forward midfielder, with Aiden as the holder, a good combination. Best wishes to him and a full and speedy recovery.
    Don’t think I’d move Diarmuid, I’d go for Mikey Murray against Down and see how that works.
    Keep the faith.

  11. Gutted.

    Wish Mathew the best and feel so sorry for him.
    He was my no 1 rated find for quite a few years.

    The show must and will go on.

    Is young Murray good enough to give a shot too.?
    Diarmuid might have to move back to mf.

    We need to call on every bit of inspiration now to try and get us through next week.

    We need to put in a big performance for Mathew Ruane and we need to honour the memory of the great flying Doctor Padraig with as gutsy a performance as we have ever seen from our team.

    This is no time to fall apart.

    We must all band together now and face our foes as one.

  12. No, no, no. Awful news. Only consolation is not a career devastating injury like a knee. DOC to mf, only solution. No time to experiment, that time has passed. Survive and advance!

  13. i would leave Diarmuid in the forward line and bring in Mikey Murray against Down we need to experiment and if it doesnt work for Mikey switch him and Diarmuid

  14. Did you ever get a feeling that things just aren’t meant to be… well feck this but it feels like a kick in the solar plexus…
    BUT I know this will help focus minds and our men will give it everything. Imagine having a clean bill of health… we’d be a force to be reckoned with.
    Wishing Mattie quick healing and good health. Hope you will be back in action again as soon as possible. You actually made the difference this year and it felt like we had unearthed a gem when we found you. Still a few gems about Mayo. Get well soon. Mayo go deo…

  15. It’s a blow, but, there will be cover. Not quite what Matthew would have been but it might be a good challenge for Mikey Murray to step straight in or Fionn McDonagh to step in for Diarmuid if Diarmuid switches to midfield.
    Personally I would go with Mikey Murray as he’s a heavyweight midfielder. On a small pitch it’s good to keep our physicality up.

  16. Ya heard the news late last night and got confirmed this morning. Terrible luck for Matthew himself and we wish him a speedy and full revovery. As for the Mayo senior football team if their season was heading for a pre-August ending – this just fast tracks that fate now. Tough to take but thats just the way it rolls sometimes.

  17. I wish Matthew a speedy and full recovery. What happened to all the natural midfielders we have on the panel, All I heard after the League final was Seamie is ready to come back, Tom Parson is almost ready for action, This new fellow Murray is the next best thing. Now they are bringing back Diarmuid to fill the gap. The only other natural midfielder Gibbons was shafted, so now its sticking plaster job. So now the chickens have come home to roost. Its going to be a tough weeks ahead providing we get that far.

  18. This is bad for sure. Realistically the replacement has to be found within the panel. Calling someone up from club football will not work in the long run if we get past Down.
    County players take 2 years to develop physically now so it’s just too big a leap.

  19. Disappointed for Mattie but he will be back fairly soon. It’s not the disaster some are making it out to be. Duirmuid is more than capable of filling the void and has shown that he can be devastating going forward. If McDonagh is available then we won’t be missing out on much next weekend. People need to get a grip a little, it’s far from a disaster so no need trying to spread unnecessary panic.

  20. Im not convinced it’s not a disaster , when you’re in the position we are in at present ,ya need things positive things to boost the team morale not the opposite direction . Instead of the find of the year getting an injury you’d want a miracle like Tom p returning , such wonderful things never seem to happen Mayo .

  21. D O’Connor,S O’Shea or maybe Vaughan are the possible replacements in midfield. I can’t see a rookie like Murray thrown into a key position in the team in a knock out do or die championship encounter. These A v B games seem to become more hard hitting and intense by the year. Wishing Matt a speedy recovery

  22. A quick and speedy recovery for Matthew Ruane. We need to stay positive. Diarmuid to midfield and one of the other new fellas to take his place – McDonagh perhaps or Treacy. Keep the faith all!

  23. Mikey Murray currently has already outfielder quite easily Donal Vaughan at club level. Just to understand that if we go with Donie as a direct replacement we are giving up aerial prowess.
    The replacement needs to be smart in balancing up aerial strength and our overall physicality.
    Donegal btw have been really aggressive in playing younger players in league and championship. The seven games in the league is not enough to develop game composure for fringe players.
    Aidan and Mikey Murray would win the game between them in my view. Down don’t have a midfield to compete with them.

  24. Mikey Murray was added to the panel yes. Just after the championship game against Castlebar.

  25. Steady steady all.
    We have players to fill the gap and its an opportunity for someone else.
    Matthew will be missed but thats why we have a panel.
    I dont buy into its not our year.
    Make it our year. Lets get thick.
    Can’t wait for next Sat.

  26. We were ready to head on at the beginning of the year without Mattie, before his displays made him a regular.
    For Mattie it is a disaster, for the team another challenge, and what better bunch to deal with it.
    Get well soon, Mattie. You’ll be back, hopefully soon.

  27. A broken collarbone is a 6 week injury back at the end of July and at the stage we will have given valuable game time to another option and learnt along the way – only assumption is that we are still in the competition at that stage. Remember there were 9 players injured for the roscommon game, all except one are available for next saturday, 8 of which I would have started. There was no outcry prior to the last game, we are in a much better position for the Down game than the Roscommon game. We tend to over do the negative and the position in Mayo.

  28. Yeah it’s bad news for Mayo and Matthew Ruane alright…. I have heard various reports on how long it takes to come back from a broken collar bone…..If, and it’s a big If, we make the Super Eight’s, I’m told that there is a possibility that we might see Mathew in action for the Green and Red…..Commeserations to the Galway Hurling team who have been defeated by Dublin and are now out of the race for Liam McCarthy… Being Red Hot favorites today didn’t matter as Dublin unexpected beat the Tribesmen in their own ground , Parnell Park…. Congratulations to Dublin who are still in the race, the Leinster Hurling Final will be between Wexford and Kilkenny, All four teams finished the Round Robin series on 5 point’s…. but Galway lose out on scoring difference…. I suppose it goes to show that the €457 being spent for coaching ,by the paid administration of the GAA on every redistered player in Dublin is bearing fruit, compared to the €100+ on every redistered Player in other counties…. But with the hounerable exception of Donegal, (and Kildare last year) no other county board seems to challenge the obsiously unfair status que as regards the privilege and given to Dublin, subsidized by the rest of the Country.. Now I know that Mayo County Board’ and Galway said that they backed the Donegal motion last Spring, as did others… and absolutely no County Board in Ireland, save Dublin took exception to the Donegal motion (Which really only challenged one aspect of unfairness in respect of Dublin) …It makes me wonder as to how the Donegal motion was lost at all….. something tells me that many people in the various ‘County Board’s are being disingenuous…. Croke Park, and their various client body’s attitude seems to be to the detrament of everybody else bar Dublin!

  29. Possible Team V Down

    Seven changes and have McLoughlin & Higgins as impact subs, much stronger team than V. Roscommon.

  30. Commiserations to Matthew Ruane and wishing him a speedy recovery. I’m sure he’ll come back even stronger when he gets through this. I think we’ll be ok for the Down game as a knock back like this can galvanize players to double their resolve in the face of such knock backs. However, the depth of our squad will be an issue as the loss of Matthew reduces our options especially if anyone else ships an injury. If we win (and keep winning) in the qualifiers there will be precious little recovery time between games which may catch up with us in the end. Commiserations too to Galway hurlers – they go out of the championship after only losing one game on scoring difference – cruel luck indeed.

  31. With the collar bone it all depends on the nature of the break. A simple fracture in the middle of the bone will not need surgery. However, the bone can shatter and require surgery to realign it. In any event it is a nasty injury for a footballer and takes a bit longer than the six weeks some are suggesting. From experience the hardest part is developing the strength, flexibility and confidence to catch a ball above the head.
    Wishing Matthew the best with his recovery.

  32. i too want to wish matthew a speedy recovery , this is a big blow for matthew himself for the team and also for us the fans.

  33. Such a shame for Matthew and a big loss to the team. Personally would like to see Mikey Murray get a shot but it’s probably unlikely he’ll start. Just thinking about the amount of injuries we’ve got in training so far this year and it’s massive.

    Seamie O’Shea
    Fionn McDonagh
    Donie Vaughan
    Diarmuid O’Connor
    James Carr (assuming he is injured)
    Matthew Ruane

    Don’t know if Horan is doing something different this campaign but the A v B games seem like a war zone.

  34. Good point wide ball. I don’t know what Horan is doing in training but he certainly isn’t working on our free taking or ‘shot selection’ if the Roscommon game is anything to go by

  35. Wide Ball, I heard the trial games at the very start of the year were savage. The ambulance made two trips to Castlebar A&E during one game alone! Basically, the old Brian Cody mantra of A v B and the ref throws away the whistle to let them at it. There was no quarter asked or given. You gave the belt, took it, and gave it back again. If anyone went down and didn’t get back up quickly they were told to gather their gear and head home.
    That’s the way it’s got to be. Senior intercounty football is no place for nice guys.

  36. A setback for sure but hopefully the management should have/will have planned for these scenarios. Completely disagree with bringing in a new face from club football for a knockout c’ship qlalifier game and also disagree with bringing Diarmuid back as he has played his best football for Mayo as a half forward. The management selected their c’ship squad from 34 players (League & FDB) and the non auto selection players are travelling/training hard twice a week with an objective of making the 1st 15 so it would be a massive blow to confidence and commitment if someone new was introduced. My selection waould be McCormack with Vaughan as backup because between them they’ve had 9 starts this year with Vaughan having 5 midfield starts.
    Wishing Mattie a speed recovery.

  37. The good news is that Mattie will make a full recovery. The good news is that the A v B games are tough The good news is that 14 of our top 15 players are available for selection next Saturday. No more negativity please. I expect we will win by a big margin next Saturday. Up mayo

  38. The reality is we have no like for like midfield back up on the decided to release Jason gibbons without giving him a proper chance…..chickens coming home to roost

  39. Going for surgery next week so it’s probably club championship at best before we see Matty back in competitive football again. Can’t see it being six weeks to return but maybe miracles can happen…

  40. Slightly off the topic – something has to be done to stop the cynical fouling by forwards when the opposition have the ball. All designed to slow down the play and give their team a chance to organise their defence. Ros were at it all the time against us. But most teams are at it and its killing any flow to a game. Watch it again today in CF

  41. Wishing Mattie a speedy recovery. A great chance for someone within the panel to stake a claim over the coming weeks. Injury happens in sport and some posters are only becoming aware of this during this weekend. We have lots of cover. Hope Mattie has a full recovery that is the only important point in this story. Usual suspects writing us off for this year at every opportunity, we must be doing something right me thinks.

  42. How the hell can running the AvB game like a “war zone” be a positive if it’s cost us one of our best friggin’ players? We’re one of the most physically robust teams in the country already, and if the approach is to promote this caveman stuff ahead of focussing on movement, breaking down massed defences and especially putting the the fkn ball over the bar, then we have more problems than I thought.

  43. @martin_london,im open to correction but pretty sure saying Donie has started mf 5 times for Mayo is way off the mark.

  44. Just read an article about clavicle injuries in elite athletes.It seems to suggest an average recovery time of between 65 and 75 days, with those who have surgery recovering slightly quicker so that’s looking at September if all goes well.

  45. @FW … No, I’m not way off the mark, like I said Donie lined out at MF 5 times this year and the games were:
    Galway (FDB)
    Roscommon (R1 League)
    Tyrone (R2 League)
    Dublin (R4 League)
    Galway (R5 League)

  46. I stand corrected! I was at all those games and only remember him starting at mf v Galway fbd.That says a lot about either my memory or Vaughan in midfield.

  47. For me it has to diarmuid moving to midfield now which is his best position.
    Fionn mcdonagh in at 12
    Would give cillian the nod over Doherty too

  48. Hard to know Supermac. You’ve lost Matthew and Jason then. You haven’t replaced their physicality and workrate with the two you added in. Billie Joe Padden who knows Down well states Down can’t cope with a Mayo team that selects division one physicality.
    Cillian is strong but Jason is a workhorse.

  49. llex sadly Gibbons has had 5/6 years of chances and is not up to the mark in the view of several managements. We have enough guys on the panel to slot in. But a quick end is more inevitable today than it was on Friday. Seems the enthusism of supporters is burst completely qnd there is little appetite or belief in a backdoor run

  50. Diarmuid O Connor would be my choice at midfield. For me he was lost out on the wing. He is big and mobile and good on the ball and will work his ass off for the 70 minutes.

  51. Diarmuid O’Connor has the workrate to play midfield. Makes room for Fionn McDonagh to come in. I would try Fionn at chf has he is two footed player.
    The big change we need is style of play. Slow build up endless crossfield passing, plays in to the hands of opposition. The only chances we create comes from releasing one of our half backs and scoring a point.
    We need to take the game to Down at times by accurate foot passing and quick movement of ball. Coen a good target man. Otherwise I can’t see where the goal chances are going to come from.

  52. No point blaming tough A v B games. Anyone could pick up an injury in a kick about or even in a warm up. If there wasn’t tough A v B games there would also be whinging . Really sorry for Matthew and it is a terrible blow. Can’t say I know much about M Murray but I would be surprised if he was thrown in. Diarmaid was super at mid field v Kildare last year. Hope Cillian and the other lads are making good progress. We have been unlucky with injuries in the last few years but can’t make excuses and have to plough on.

  53. For Matthew, there’s recovery plus match fitness.
    If played in this year’s championship, you can be sure other teams will dish out hefty shoulder tackles
    We have to move on.
    The Down game is huge for the Horan management, we need to bury that soft core touch in the way we finish off opposition

  54. Ger Bohan, If Jason Gibbons got all the starting times that other midfielders got he may have been better than what we have. As I stated before some players would not play in the League but they were guaranteed a start when championship came around. I will not say anymore just to add he would be a big bonus for us right now if he was left on panel.

  55. Diarmuid is an excellent middle sector player. He can Influence a game heavily there which he cannot do at 11 or 12(crazy that any manager would have him hugging the sideline).

    Himself and Aido at midfield is a powerful combo.

    We will win next weekend.

    If you’re on the fence about travelling then I’d urge you to go. C’mon Mayo! There’s been heaps negativity the last 3 weeks between the ros performance, rumours about players, poor underage results and injuries …snd much of it warranted but it’s time to get a bit of fight back into us. Time to clench the fist! Let’s get going again.

  56. Another loss to Galway In the juniors can’t blame Henley or Horan or the “tight confines” of MacHale Park or its just the June we’ll be better in Croke Park in August once we peak for that one but there’s something drastically gone wrong in Mayo football

  57. Not looking to much into today’s loss against Galway that Mayo team was along way away from the best team it could have put out, only one forward on the bench no players from Belmullet Ballyhaunis Ballinrobe Burrishoole The Neale Mayo Gaels says it all. No disrespect to the players who did turn out but think it is time this format was put to bed as the interest is not there it seems. Would like to see it become a U23 or U25 competition or open to all non senior panel players. Funny to see Michael McGarry Eastern Gaels playing today when he wasn’t part of our U20’s development match day panels thus far.
    Great pity about Matthew Ruane opens the door for someone else Mikey Murray might be the answer big call to throw him in but big rewards too. Feel we need more cover even on our bench for the midfield positions. Hope Seamus o Shea or Vaughan are ready to go, match fitness may be an issue.

  58. Fearbolg, so what do you think an opposition marker is going to do? Stand off and admire your wonderful skills and movement? No. He’s going to do whatever it takes to get the better of you. If a player has not been prepared for that type of challenge through training and A v B games then he’s going to get destroyed in a game. Players have to be used to performing at speed and under intense pressure, otherwise they will be useless out on the field in real game time.
    Whether you like it or not, and I’m not saying O do or I don’t, if you can’t deal with that type of physicality then stay at U14’s.

  59. Watching this Connacht final depressing. Both of these teams very bearable.

  60. Shocking that we lost to this roscommon team. Doesn’t do much for the optimism

  61. Galway look pretty decent. 10 pts is good shooting in those conditions. I think Galway will pull away. Roscommon can’t counter like Galway can.

  62. Galway well able to take their scores from distance and no silly mistakes or lack of cover in the backs. That’s the difference between Mayo and Galway. Without Cillian we have nobody even close to Shane Walsh when it comes to free-taking

  63. Some more really worrying news coming through. Let’s just hope there’s nothing to it.

  64. Our style 3 weeks ago was pretty putrid too and tactically stupid (and that’s being diplomatic).

  65. 45 that is a completely pointless post. Rumours are persona non grata here so why bother?

  66. Did not forsee Galway imploding in such a fashion. 1-08 to 0-02 says it all. Beating Mayo and Galway in the same campaign is not to be sneezed at. Congrats Ros.

    Mayo v Galway in Round 4??!

  67. You can be pretty sure Galway thought they had that won at HT. Double scores and with a strong wind behind them for 2nd half!! It’s as unforgivable as our semi performance. You gotta say though, the rossies deserved it in that 2nd half.

  68. Still love Roscommon !! Was actually shouting for Galway .. All their booing Galway’s wides and kickouts , diving , pretending to be injured reaffirmed my love for them and their supporters ..
    The deserved their win as like against Mayo , they wanted it more ..

  69. A great second half performance by Ros, still think they are very beatable and still annoyed that we didn’t take them to contest that final

  70. Well done to the Rossies, Cunningham has proven to be a very shrewd manager, Galway lacked leaders but Roscommon really got stuck in, delighted that they won, and I am sure that they will do much better than last year in the Super 8’s

  71. Think that finally puts to bed any notion that the league means anything….
    so those going on about how we are playing a division 3 team next weekend forget about that, its irrelevant

  72. Galway got battered in the second half , I can’t people are not noticing the levels of intensity ros are bringing this year in championship . Could reach semi posssibly a final , I’m amazed at their progress in strength and conditioning . Who have they working with them on this ?

  73. East Cork Exile – I said the same thing here before we played Roscommon. The league is totally irrelevant once championship starts.

    Anyway looks like we have more contraversy to look forward to…Mayo GAA the never ending soap opera

  74. Great performance by Roscommon and a really gutsy win. Well done Ros. I’m delighted for you.
    It’s funny reading comments earlier in the game on this page. Ppl so quick to write off Ros, great forward play by Galway, putrid football…but the passion and enthusiasm shown by Roscommon and their supporters was a joy to behold.
    Any team can win any game. You need the talent and skills. You need a bit of luck and you need heart and bloody determination. I feel like our zest in Mayo is jaded. I wish I was wrong but I see us like this Ros team, about 10 years ago. Can we rediscover the fun enthusiasm and self belief… time will tell. Maybe it’ll take a Mayo Galway qualifier to wake one of us up.
    Congrats Ros. Still love my Mayo.

  75. Just proves there is no cup handed out at half time. Some posters wondering how bad we must have been to lose to Ros based on half time score. I think Roscommon deserve enormous credit. Came to Castle bar and beat Mayo, went to Salthilll and beat the holders. Fantastic achievement. And if we thought Mayo were poor v Ross then I would love to see the Galway equivalent of this blog. Galway were absolutely shocking in the second half. Now I know they only scored one point in second half v Mayo in 1999 Connacht final but today was so much worse. With the talent at their disposal they were dire. How much did they miss Comer. He would have given them leadership plus an outlet in the full forward line.

  76. Mayo and Galway are not playing well with Walsh a disaster manager at this stage and the jury out on Horan. Mayo and Galway caught by long-term injuries but the problems are deeper than that im afraid. Mayo terrible shot selection as standard and Galway ponderous toothless attack leave both vunerable in every game. I think one of them could make the Super8 but its really hard to see either getting to a final never mind winning it.

  77. The Galway management has failed badly this past few years, they somehow cannot gel the players together, some very good individuals but as a team fairly poor.
    Ros look like a tough side but will be beaten as the Summer goes on, simple plan, get the ball to Murtagh or Cox on the left wing, many scores came from this position, the Dubs or Kerry will beat them easily later this year.
    Mayo supporters should not forget our run in 2017, defeated by Galway, played poorly in 3 qualifier games and then awoke for the Ros replay.
    Mayo will beat Down, Mayo will improve and I am convinced will easily beat Galway or Ros layer this year, guys don’t become bad players after one game.

  78. That Roscommon team could build a head of steam in the Super 8s. Wouldn’t rule them out of anything.
    The terrible play from Galway really solidifies why they need new management. Rochford for Galway anyone? Stranger things have happened

  79. 45 – as Ultair has already pointed out, that’s a completely pointless post. Why bother putting something like that up? If something is reported in the media, it can be mentioned here. If it hasn’t been it can’t. It’s that simple and obliquely alluding to something which may or may not become public it as pointless as it is stupid.

    I’m getting really – and I mean – really hacked off with people continually doing this. It’s a complete abuse of the comment facility and it’s going to have to stop. Fair warning time – next up to do this is barred from commenting here again.

  80. Right, I’m really losing it with you lot this evening. Next one to parrot that Rochford for Galway line again is for the high road as well.

  81. I wouldn’t agree that the league means nothing it’s uselful for blooding new players and getting match fit and sharpness. We have good footballers in Mayo but ourselves and Kildare will never be feared because teams know we don’t really hurt other teams on the scoreboard or kill the game off as we should. Ok there are exceptions but generally we should be scoring more. Saturday can’t come fast enough talk of injuries and rumours would do your head in. Finally well done Roscommon they deserved their win and hope they
    Enjoy their celebrations Cunningham is an excellent manager he’s shrewd and well able to make changes and good luck to Rochford if he goes to Galway he’s a decent lad and deserves success

  82. I cannot believe just how bad Galway were in that second half.
    Kevin Walsh is holding them back in my opinion. Totally clueless tactically. Don’t see them doing anything in the qualifiers either going by the nature of that performance. No attacking game plan whatsoever

    On the other side of things. Some of Roscommons diving timewasting is very cynical. Unfortunately you need a bit of that these days tho. Keegan is the only one of our players who seems to have grasped that

  83. Sean Burke, the man in charge of strength, conditioning and fitness with Roscommon is Noel Flynn from Kildare. His father is from Ros.

    Roscommon would be some team if they had a midfield. They seem to operate without one.

  84. Congratulations to Roscommon. Enjoy your celebrations.

    What a dismal 24 hours for Galway.

    Out of the hurling last night and thought a lesson by Roscommon in the 2nd half today.

    Now it’s our time !

    6 days and the clock is counting DOWN !

  85. Of course the league matters. The last non Division 1 team to beat us in championship was Longford in 2010. Mayo losing to Down would be a major upset. Teams find their level in the league and to give Down the same respect as we would Dublin, Kerry, Tyrone etc. is a bit silly if you ask me. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be deadly serious about the game but then the team don’t need me or anyone else to remind them!

  86. Ultair
    Disagree totally, a team does not differentiate
    what level of respect it gives to one team over the
    other that leads to complacency
    Let’s be positive, onwards and upwards to Newry

  87. Observer 2, who has he worked with previously? They are seriously tough , they backed out of nothing against both us and Galway and they put the fear of god into a few of the Galway players in second half , it was very noticeable on TV I thought and it’s why Cooke was withdrawn I think , his arse fell from under him after the Daly confrontation. Interesting edge ros have developed this year . Still have to prove their worth at the next level but I would not be one bit surprised if they did that .

    I know it’s just impulsive reaction to one game but on their two games so far , if you were to add an AOS type player to that team ,they would be a really serious outfit .

  88. WJ you think mentioning that guy and the Galway job is bad, I met a man on the way out of the game today and he wants Rockford put in charge. With Johnny Glynn commuting from New York the last thing the Galway County Board need is a Private Investigator from LA coming over 3 nights a week

  89. Just in from that horror show.. Firstly well done to Roscommon, totally deserved, We were a shambles in the second half, and that’s just on the sideline!
    The one thing I took away after was this weekend for us from a football side of things has been good.. Yes you heard me right! Our minors going for 5 in a row, PJ and Divilly winning the John Kerins cup by hammering both Kerry and Dublin at u 20 level, and Kevin Walsh finally running out of time with the seniors.
    He was clueless on the sideline when the Rossies got on top and bringing on Molloy, Farragher at 70 mins needless to say was a disgrace.
    We will regroup but the future will be better come next Jan.. So are we in round 4 ? And is Mayo Down rd 3?

  90. Is there to be no end to the injury horror story? A broken collar bone certainly means and end to his intercounty season. Hope he is back for the club championship but that will probably be touch and go too.

  91. You can pay too much respect to teams as well though PMc. We should be winning this game without much fuss. Get an early lead, build on it and don’t look back. Easier said than done but it should be the objective, you can do that without being complacent.

  92. Congrats to Roscommon and commiserations to Galway. I really expected Galway to be more streetwise and have their homework done but hats off to Roscommon – they were excellent 2nd half. It looks like Mayo and Galway were so preoccupied with meeting each other that Roscommon slipped in and stole the show! There are obvious weaknesses in both teams and I couldn’t help thinking of what might have been if we were only a slight bit more clinical against them a few weeks ago.

  93. Looking at that game today it shows how unsure of themselves Galway were when the pressure gauge started to rise. When you carry the favorite tag in a provincial final against an old rival it’s almost an anchor. Mayo, Galway and Ross are so close that the results should almost be judges by broken or chipped teeth when the final whistle sounds.

    Next Saturday evening we head to the bad lands to have a tilt with our old enemy, we should wipe the floor with them as they are w a division 3 team but we won’t as they are going to play out of their skins. They have nothing to lose, we are the focus of their football hate and they have a win over Dublin and Galway in prep games to bolster their belief, big scalps but it’s not championship. We could tattoo them but we could be caught and drop into the tank on Saturday evening.

    Today was a perfect frame of what can go wrong in a championship game, if Galway got a tap over free or created a score early in in the second half they would probably would have kicked on and won the game but with every passing minute the impossible became almost possible and from thence the frightening reality. Imagine 8.30am next Monday morning if ye are pulled out of the bowl against Galway…. I’d say the whole country would rub their hands with glee.

    I hope we beat cork and make the super 8’s, to splash into that tank would be very dangerous place right now for a team like Kerry who will bring out the best in everyone but themselves

  94. It’s fine talking about Ros having no midfielders. We, Mayo, have. But the last time I checked, games are decided by the scores on the scoreboard. As in Castlebar, the Rossies showed that they are a long way ahead of us in the art of kicking the ball between the posts. They can also get goals when needed. Such similarities between their goal against us and the one they so badly needed today. Cathal Cregg the architect in both cases. We have a bigger task ahead of us in Newry than most realise. The furore generated this week by the “7.00pm” issue reminds one of last year’s “Newbridge” issue. One hopes that results don’t fall into similar categories. Championship football is all about whatever happened in the Roscommon dressing room today between 4.39 pm an 4.50 pm. Many football followers around the country see us as the county who will always find new ways to lose games we should win. Roscommon showed the very opposite trait today.
    Finally, a word for today’s referee, Barry Cassidy who ( in this correspondents opinion) put in a fine shift. He bravely resisted the temptation to award a hometown penalty. During the course of the 81 minutes we felt he made only one poor call when he awarded a free against Roscommon defender, David Murray, who got ball rather than man around the ten minute mark and was hardly adjudicated against

  95. Tuamstar Is that not amazing. As long as Galway beat a Mayo side ye had no problem with KW as manager. If Galway had beaten Mayo in the semi this year ye would have been quite happy with KW as ye have been for 4 years now. Galway people had no problem with the puke football he introduced.No problem winning 9 out of 12 games where the opposition had been introduced to 14 players. no problem scoring about a dozen scores or less on many occasions. No problem with the lame performances against Dublin in the semi or Kerry, and Tipp in the quarter finals. But just because Roscommon can do what KW has been doing now you got a problem with that.

  96. Tuamstar Your U20 team has won nothing yet. The competition starts soon and the Kearns cup is a development squad competition. I would’nt be putting any money on a side we watched in Castlbar on Friday evening last in round 4 of the round robin. These are 16 year old kids dropped off by their parents and collected afterwards and having a kick about down in Castlebar with their mates. Mayo were poor enough and Galway were not much better. A bit fitter and stronger that is all. If I wanted to be honest for a moment I would not be able to get a good team out of both sides.

  97. PJ.. sorry, how in earth have you any clue what I or the majority of supporters feel?
    Nobody has ever been happy how we play, look the system works against poor teams, but when we play good teams like Roscommon and Dublin we are found out.. He has had 5 years, brought us from 2013 hammering s and Div 2 football, to Div 1. He is not the man to take Galway forward. Do you think we were happy when Tipp beat us, or when Ros beat us 2 years ago, he has survived because he has brought us on, but unfortunately for him, he is about to run out of time.. And remember when teams are reduced to 14 players for striking, elbowing etc that’s hardly Galways fault..

  98. Well done to the Rossies today. That was some comeback. First team to make the Super 8’s A small county with limited resources to call on, you have always punched above your weight. Roscommon is a great footballing county and always has been. Many fine footballers on view there today. When they get into the groove they are a match for anyone. They left the Nestor cup behind them last year. If that had not happened they would be celebrating their 3 in a row tonight and the drive for 4 in a row would start tomorrow morning. Galway 1 point from play in 46 minutes of Championship football and all those marquee forwards (not)

  99. Tuamstar – ye beat Kerry by 2 points in the u20 competition with the teams level after 56 minutes – hardly a “hammering”.

  100. Tuamstar First of all I have the hight of respect for you as a Galway supporter. You have always carried your flag with you on this blog and fair play to you for that. Galway have 87 clubs and seemingly unlimited resources and Millionaires backing. From a Mayo man can I ask what your county was at in Div 2 in the first place. Galway is the third largest GAA county in Ireland with the 4th largest population. When KW was appointed everyone in Galway knew what they were buying into and the problems are only being aired this summer

  101. Speaking of u20, I think our management’s credentials will really be tested this season. A connacht title would be a very good achievement given the disastrous run of years we’ve had at minor.

    With minor now u17, it means u20 is a far, far more accurate measurement of what’s coming through.

  102. But hammered Dublin I meant.. and beat Jack o Connors Kerry full of 5 in a row minors by 2 points .

  103. PJ.. When Galway won in 98 and 01 our county boards decided completely to down tools on underage work, it was only in 06/ 07 when they realised our biggest issue was lack of youth coming through. Loughgeorge was built and work started but we paid heavily at senior level from 08 until 15. Crazy descions continued with Joe kernan been brought in etc We were at our worst then, we were lucky we weren’t relegated to div 3 in 2014, surging on a head to head win over Armagh. So anything after that would be a bonus.. Enter Kevin Walsh.. He got us up to Div 1, won a Connacht, he brought a defensive style because we were and still are defensively suspect, but it can only get you so far..
    There is massive and I mean massive talent coming through, so now the Galway public will want a change..
    Kevin after this year has run his race..

  104. Gamecghanger 10 A very good analysis of today’s match. Everyone thought Galway would kick on. They had most of their players back and they wanted the 2 in a row badly. Very surprised to see Farragher and McDaid introduced so late in the game.
    I am a bit surprised to hear you say that Cork could beat Kerry next weekend. While I am neutral on this one I can not remember Cork giving you a game for a while. Kerry have a different tempo to their game than Cork and that is very hard to live with.

  105. At Mayonaze U20 team played Knockmore today. Was fast lively game. Knockmore got call last night for game as Mayo had been let down elsewhere short notice. CB from kilmaine was fairly solid. Think finished about 2.11 to 1.12 Mayo. Knockmore had about 11 players 21 or under and 4 current minors. Was good work out

  106. Sport seems very insignificant after weekend events in Westport. May Valerie rest in peace and consolation to all her family….

  107. PJMcManus,
    You weren’t at the Clare game I see !!, O Donoghue is out of the mix against cork and I can smell a hint of revenge in the air from across the border. We may have too much for them but there will be many more occupied seats than initially expected as a result of recent rumour and Chinese whispers.
    There are many rossies kicking themselves tonight for not making that journey I’m sure, this is championship after all.

    If Galway get an early shower I think Walsh is a goner and that very thing could condemn ye to the also rand as Galway have serious players with serious forwards if they were properly managed with attacking coaching. I know I can’t say Jehovah but ,,,,,,,,

  108. I agree Gamechanger, I’m living in Galway most my life and keep close on things here. They really got their act in order underage within clubs, not necessarily schools, and this has been reflected by their dominance underage in Connacht. Galway, are also tapping into their major population advantage. Massive numbers of kids playing Gaelic football in Salthill/Kcarra, Claregalway, moycullen and oranmore. Add this in with the more traditional north Galway clubs and you have a major conveyor belt. It’s a bit concerning.

    New management at senior is inevitable I think. I just hope they get one of their own and not tap into Mayo again in order to achieve success.

  109. That’s very true Lahanman at the end of the day it’s onky a game and we shouldn’t get too carried away. May Valerie Rest In Peace condolences to her family

  110. As supporters we have the mental fragility of a neurotic meth addict. The new bogeyman is Rochford to Galway. Take care would we worry about the things we can control and focus on next weekend. Roscommon deserved winners today and while we are rightly hard on our lads when we lose, a 9 point turn around and abject downing of tools by the players is not something I would blame on a manager.

  111. I’m just glad that Mayo didn’t put in that second half shift…. Congratulations to Roscommon, beat both Mayo and Galway in their own back yard, Very deserving Connacht Champions, should really have stayed in Div One as well..Who knows, we might actually get a go at Galway yet in the Hyde if we win our next two match’s, for the honor of deciding as to who is the second best team in Connacht…. But that’s all pure speculation. Not that I am Counting any Chickens, next Saturday….. Let’s not be complacent, being favorites hasn’t done it for either the Galway Hurling team or the Galway footballers, and didn’t help us versus the Rossies either…. Time to learn our lessons!

  112. Wise words Liam and I’d add they lost their bottle imho, if our bucks did that we would be the laughing stock of the aul internetz.

  113. @Liam… not that really I am too bothered either way about the Galway performance…. but I taught that Galway definitely lacked Energy in the second half…. One of the most energetic Player’s in Ireland is Corafin’s Kieran Molloy, can’t understand why it took until so near the final whistle’ before he was brought on….If Molloy was a Mayo man, I’d being going ballistic if he wasn’t a starter….

  114. Best not to count those chickens either, Leantimes, not least given that if – and it is very much if – we’re still standing after Newry, we’d then have to get through a Round 3 qualifier tie, maybe against the likes of Tyrone or Monaghan, before we could even think about the possibility of drawing Galway in Round 4.

  115. @Willie Joe….As for Championship 2019, We haven’t got any Eggs, never mind Chicken’s to count just yet ! !

  116. Eggs aren’t all their cracked up to be.

    It was explained to me one time which came first, the Chicken or the egg but I forget which it was.

  117. Kieran Molloy was an injury risk just back from a popped shoulder.
    Peter Cooke was only just back from injury and had got through a lot of work hence why he had to come off.

  118. I think it was the egg.

    I could be wrong, but I think them winged dinasour creatures used to lay eggs and I think the bird evolved from these creatures.

    I have two thinks in that statement so take your eggs with a grain of salt.

  119. Liam. I completely agree with you. I simply cant understand why a possible future marriage between Galway and Stephen Rochford should be of any concern to us or even appear on this forum. That’s our neighbour’s business and I’d say it’s bad manners quite apart from being a waste of time and energy to be concerning ourselves with it. I’m delighted to see that Willie Joe, in referring to our possible victory in Newry, has introduced a small word with enormous consequences. That word is IF. We are, as I’ve said before, the third best team in Connacht at this point in time. This was not the case in the last seven years as we followed our dream team. Hopefully it won’t be so as 2019 unfolds. But our sense of self and our sense of entitlement has got us nowhere near the bottom step of the Hogan Stand. Rather it has blinded us and rendered many of us incapable of acknowledging raw truths. To remain in the championship we must beat Down in Newry. Turning up next Saturday with our Mayo4Sam mentality will cut no mustard.

  120. Gizmobobs – Did Aidan Orme play in that challenge game? And if so, for which team?

  121. Wide ball no he didn’t play he’s hitting books doing LC. Not sure if hes got run out with Mayo yet. He was only brought in recently but game I’ve been to didn’t feature

  122. Gamechanger10 do you think if you kept your first team choice goalkeeper would ye have won.? I hate bring this up as henelly I am sure is a great guy as lavelle is for galway. But teams need to stop trying to be Cluxton or the best goalie at kickouts. A goalkeeper is there for one reason only and that is a presence in the goal that effects oppositions. David clarke would put the fear of god in the all star forwards of dublin never mind any other team. A goalie is there to protect goal he doesnt have to be a guy thay can take 45’s he just has to do his job. Like galways shane walsh took short frees cos he knew he couldn’t make distance on free so just have a runner. In the mayo v rossie game about 10min+ wasted on goalies coming up to take 45’s instead of forward going short to keep game from slowing down

  123. I’d play Murray or James McCormack in there myself.
    Even though Murray has Ariel ability and has the physical advantage, I think McCormack who has impressed a lot in the league should be used as he plays his club football in the middle, is a comfortable ball carrier and can shoot.

    In the full back position I don’t want to go with Harrison after the rosscomon game so I would be thinking Coen or Vaughan

  124. AndyD, those clavicle (collar bone) fractures take between 4 and 8 weeks to heal, depending on the fractures severity. If it’s a compound or more complicated break and needs surgery, obviously healing takes longer. At best Mattie won’t be allowed contact sports until late July/early August, and may not play until at least 2 months from now. It’s tough on the lad, but here’s hoping for a smooth and quick recovery for him.

  125. WJ, you mentioned this fellow MIkey Murray from the Stephenites.
    Lots of folks are now talking him up./ there any scouting report on him, from someone who has watched him play a few games?

    Btw, wishing Mattie a speedy recovery.

  126. It would be risky bringing Murray straight in,a few minutes at the end of a match at most.There is a huge difference between club & county–just look at the Galway goalies kickouts yesterday compared to the AICF.

  127. @ Mister Mayor,
    Mikey Murray has been in the squad since the start of the year. Was injured for most of the league and only back since before the 1st round of the club championship where he was the stand out player on show in their draw with Castlebar. A midfielder, I’d like to see him get some game time in the middle of the field in Pairc Esler.
    Maybe not start but who knows?

  128. Thanks Willie Mac. Have you seen him play? Whats his height/build? is he mobile or a plant in CF?

  129. now who is going to replace diarmuid oconnor at midfield seeing that he is out for the rest of season

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