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The GAA released their 2017 Master Fixtures Schedule yesterday and, from this, Mayo GAA have today published the full list of fixtures involving the county for next year. This includes football and hurling, senior, junior and underage. The whole lot, in other words, and it’s all here.

I haven’t yet transcribed these fixtures across to the relevant page here on the site but I’ll do so at some point over the next while.  It’ll then be there as a handy reference point for the year’s action that lies ahead the other side of Christmas.

Some of you are already, no doubt, gearing up in earnest for other year of football; others are perhaps still working their way through mental rehab following the dashing of our dreams in early October. I’m still squarely in the latter category, I must confess – getting there but not with any great speed.

Still, seeing the list of all those 2017 fixtures – all those as yet uncontested contests – does help to focus the mind onto the future and away from what’s gone before. The past, as the saying goes, is a foreign country. What lies ahead for us is what counts now. Once we get over the Christmas.

11 thoughts on “Inter-county fixtures for 2017

  1. Great stuff.
    I’m over it. Season ticket renewed. Back on the horse.
    To borrow a line from the celebrating Chicago Cubs fans “some year, no more”. I’m putting it all on Green and Red for 2017.
    Bring it on!

  2. Can’t believe it 10 weeks or more to fbd league where time go how many evening matches do Mayo have in league

  3. Evening match’s,

    Monaghan (h) on 4th Feb

    Kerry (a) 0n 11th Feb

    Rosscommon (h) 0n 25th Feb

    Dublin (a) 0n 4th March.

    First 4 games are under lights (anyone fancy buying me a 600mm f/1.8 Nikkor for them!)

  4. I’ve been avoiding thinking about the fallout from October but did ratchet up again to stir the disquiet about Lee getting POTY.

    I’m moving abroad for work in January so I’m going to struggle to make games throughout the next year or two. I’ve only ever missed an odd game in London or New York so I’m struggling with the thought of not being there over the Summer.

  5. I bought a new shiny silver thermos flask and will have it filled to the gills with soup for the FBD and the League. Thankfully I’m over the worst of our replay defeat. It hurt but strangely didn’t hurt as much as when we were robbed in Limerick by Kerry. Anyway onwards and upwards we are blessed to have such a good team to follow make the most of it folks it won’t last forever

  6. I’m with you, WJ, still nowhere near over the loss, I have to say. Still bruised and drained from the year (which is ridiculous in fairness given the effort the actual players put in). The club games have been a breath of fresh air and I don’t want to think about 2017 intercounty just yet. Haven’t even renewed the season ticket and I know there are plenty more in the same boat. This one just really, really, really hit hard.

    Maybe I’m afraid of being completely bitter in 2017 – the win at all costs mentality is actually not very enjoyable, particularly when you don’t win 😉 I hope by January 8th the enthusiasm will have returned… I’m sure we won’t be long getting back in the saddle anyway. By mid-February the Citywest will be booked again for September …

  7. I’m over it , roll on next year.

    The truth is they broke me down in Limerick , they sent us to munster and then robbed us blind below. I would have put the ranch on us to beat Donegal that year.

    Everything since then right up to the Dub media targeting Lee Keegan before the final replay has just confirmed that we will only win it the hard way, there will be no soft all-ireland for us or for this team.

    If these lads are prepared to keep coming back to face into that shite then so am I.

    Ted Kennedy gets rolled out on these pages often and with good reason..

    “the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die”

  8. 100% agree with back door s and roger milla, 2014 was a total sickener, this year was more self inflicted. To beat Dublin you have beat everything that goes with them , the media, their influence on the ref, home advantage.
    That said we’re the only team capable of beating them. In these dark days the thoughts of playing Kerry in August is something to look forward to, the fact Donaghy is sticking around is great, some wrongs need putting right before taking on the dubs again.

  9. Any Dublin based fans interested in getting a bus to Tralee/Omagh then please feel free to email me at with your name and mobile number. I can add you then to a Whatsapp Group I’ve set up for organising buses to the away games.
    It would work out as €25 to Tralee and €20 to Omagh.
    The bus would come back the same night as the game in Tralee, which I understand may be a turn off for some, but potentially a deal clincher for others.

    I’d be looking to get some sort of flag to identify the bus by, so I was thinking of a Mayo flag with – ‘Lee Keegan Supporters Club’. I don’t think that would upset anyone!

    All jokes aside, I’m not running the buses to make a profit or anything like that, just looking to arrange travel for some Mayo fans from Dublin as I know there are loads of us.

    Willie Joe, I hope the comment doesn’t fall foul of any house rules (I did check before hand and couldn’t see anything that suggested it was).

    2017 is fast approaching.
    Maigh Eo abú.

  10. Cait, I’m afraid you look like missing most of the FBD. It’s only seven Sundays until we are back in action.

    On another issue, I’m astonished if Westport’s Fionn McDonagh is not on the Mayo U21 panel as somebody has said. If being Man of the Match in both County Final and Connacht Final is not good enough to earn a place I’m Lee Keegan in disguise. And that’s way beyond Hollywood’s best make up artists.

  11. sunday 8/1/2017 FBD League the start of a long season cant wait . couldent get a season ticket . But we are ready for a great year. Come on the GREEN AN RED OF MAYO.

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