Intermediate and Junior club Championships quarter-final review – Mayo Football Podcast 2022 E41

In the second of our club podcasts this week, Mike Finnerty and Edwin McGreal look back on last weekend’s Intermediate and Junior championship quarter-finals.

They discuss how Ballyhaunis, Bohola Moy Davitts, Hollymount/Carramore and Kilmeena all advanced to the semi-finals at Intermediate level and how Cill Chomáin, Islandeady, Killala and Shrule/Glencorrib made it to the last four at Junior level.  They also review the Intermediate relegation play-offs, which saw Kilmaine and Kiltane triumph over Lahardane and Ardnaree respectively. 

There’s also post-match audio from Anthony Jordan of Moy Davitts, who chats about his team’s win over Louisburgh. The lads finish up by picking out a few players who might have something to offer Mayo next season.

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39 thoughts on “Intermediate and Junior club Championships quarter-final review – Mayo Football Podcast 2022 E41

    You really have to admire Dempsey taking this role on and to improving his CV even further.He will learn alot from been in Division 2 playing the likes of Dublin, Kildare and Meath.Also the fact that the Limrick footballers will be training in the same environment as the Limerick hurlers, the best conditioned GAA team in the country has to be a plus.

  2. He got over the disappointment of missing out on the Mayo job fairly lively!! .
    Agree he will gain experience and hopefully bring it back to Knockmore and Mayo ..
    Backroom team will be interesting to see .
    I’d say the mileage allowance would be excellent from Limerick co board / JP McManus

  3. It’s a great move for Dempsey he fully deserves a crack at IC management. Hopefully it works out well for him. Limerick have great structures and a growing football team. No doubt Ray will pull together a good backroom team as he had put forward a very impressive one for the mayo gig. It seems the requirement to have managed a county team to get another county job doesn’t apply in limerick. Also interesting to see how it was kept so quiet for pretty much a month too.

  4. Good move both for Ray and for Limerick. It’ll be really interesting to see how he gets on and the best of luck to him. League matches against both Derry and the Dubs next spring could be insightful!

  5. RIP to Niall o ,shea corner back on the Mitchells 1978 team,a true gentleman died from malaria doing voluntary work in Africa.
    He was the youngest member of the Castlebar team and Tick Higgins was his marker
    When Tick got to his position Niall shook his hand and wished him well in the game
    Tick said he had a right dork here and he would have a blinder
    The first ball came in and Niall sprinted from behind him and gave him an elbow in the face and cleared the ball
    Niall was man of the match.
    Fair play to Tick Higgins for telling the tale, he added his biggest regret was not winning a county final.

  6. This will be a tough assignment for RAY. Limerick may have peaked last year. To improve on that may be difficult.
    Best of luck to him.

  7. Very difficult to evaluate performances at junior and intermediate level. The quality of passing and off the ball running to receive a pass is generally not of as high a standard as senior grade. When you take a good junior player and surround him with quality players you just never know. They certainly deserve opportunities outside of playing for club if they do put their hand up in the championship

  8. Who do ye think non county players is the best goalie defender midfielder and forward in the championship lower leagues as well that could be good enough for county

  9. Tough question to answer. Maybe semi finals will throw more light. Carney at midfield though this level is more difficult in a way for him. I was impressed with Slingerman, Kiltimagh goalie.

  10. Is the county final last weekend in October?
    I’m getting tired of supporters being an afterthought. There is no schedule published for the finals.

  11. Niall O Shea was a gentleman. A very accomplished and successful solicitor. I met him in a pub in Dublin many years ago and he was living in Belfast (studying at QUB I believe). He was telling me there was some ructions over the fact a local RUC Station flew the Union Jack just one day of the year-St Patrick’s Day. When he got back to Belfast he was going to go in and give the Chief Inspector a right earful-no more than Tick, I’d say the Chief Inspector didn’t know what he was dealing with-RIP

  12. Congratulations to Ray Dempsey. Great opportunity for him..really tough task tnough. Hard to see them staying up in division 2 or even winning a game tbh.

  13. Lahaman,I don’t agree with you,I live in Meath and they are terrible. O,Rourke will not improve them.They will fancy their chances against Clare and Louth.

  14. Lower Division 2 is a very poor standard, it wouldn’t take much for Limerick to go on a run of wins.

    They’re the 3rd best team in Munster aswell – and not far off Cork at all either

  15. @JR, they would probably need 4 or 5 points from those 3 games against Clare, Louth and Meath to stay up though. It would be a huge achievement to stay up and I think most will expect them to go straight down, which isn’t a bad spot for Dempsey. There’s really no great expectations for him in his first year.

    In some ways, it could be better for his reputation if they went straight down, on the basis that it was followed by a Divison 3 win/promotion the following year…

    All in all, I think it’s an fairly ideal first step into intercounty management. He has the chance of an upset or two at a level that would be considered more of a stepping stone than the likes of Andy with Leitrim or McConville with Wicklow.

  16. Agree Willie Joe, I think that Dempsey move to Limerick will be mutually beneficial. Could stand us in good stead next time round. He will be in a winning environment and one where money is apparently no object. A good training ground in other words. I wish him well.

  17. On the ditch, not from what I have seen in Meath club football.
    Both Navan teams in trouble for a huge population
    Hope you are right for my adopted county.

  18. Yes O Rourke is smart enough to know the structues required to turn out a conveyor belt of talent. And resources should not be an issue. Time children from counties other than dublin can dream of winning an all ireland again

  19. @Mikey just reading it! Yet Mayo fans had to pay for the field by buying tiles. Beyond belief that they aren’t tapping into this kind of funding. Nexr thing there will be another fundraising drive for new training grounds. The Clubs handing over levies for the stadium debt and ongoing works needed on roof and lighting.

  20. Ultimately one needs strong senior and intermediate clubs to power the production line of the county senior team.
    That factor trumps anything in the line of underage academies, senior team centre of excellence and resources.
    I think Mayo are in a good place.
    If East and South can strengthen with Moy Davitts, Aghamore, Claremorris, Davitts and Ballinrobe it will raise the availability of well coached, seasoned players.
    Meath don’t have the strength of clubs to thrive I think.

  21. What a brilliant idea to raise funds.The amount they’ve raised in louth is around the same amount it took to build the stand and load Mayo clubs with debt for the next 50 years.
    There’s smart people in Mayo and we’re in a fairly unique position with the power,influence and money of the Mayo diaspora,surely one day the connection will be made by someone?
    You’d really have to admire the outside the box thinking that Louth have shown here.They don’t have the same connections I’m guessing with a wealthy Louth diaspora so went at it from another angle and will have their new stadium in 18 months,fair play to them.

  22. This is the same fund that Westport United also got their major funding from recently Why oh why cannot the Cairde fundraising committee, the Chairman, anyone do the same – Link in with the sitting Cabinet Minister (D Callerly), M Ring, A Dillon. Also I remember delegates couldn’t actually find out how much was still owed on the debt. That debt is whats holding Mayo football back..

  23. @Mayolass, if we wanted to build another terrible stand, we could probably dip into this fund… But it’s not there to help pay off debts, maintenance or laying surfaces.

  24. @Third Man – well perhaps the powers that be in McHale Park could soiurce funding for a Centre of Excellence (like other counties have) or even these new training fields that County Chairman said he will be launching a new fundraising plan for shortly. Surely in these times we are in, the repayments on the millions of debt could be looked at again or are clubs going to go to the wall paying for somewhere that needs constant repair…

  25. Agreed, if they’re going after a Centre of Excellence, funding from that pot would be the way to go.

  26. Next years provincial draws are being made around 4pm this Saturday, 2 quarter finals already confirmed, NY v Leitrim and London v Sligo, im guessing we’ d prefer Galway v Rossies in the other Quarter and us to play the winners of NY v Leitrim in a semi final

  27. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Excellence.
    Really encapsulates what we’re all about, doesn’t it?

  28. Something funny about that story. 37 foreign investors giving 400k each for Irish residency… Who wants to become an Irish citizen that badly? Where is the money coming from? Is it being checked at all?

  29. @Wide Ball, it’s not as if anyone believes that Ireland is a Tax Haven for Billionaires…no one could possibly believe that about a country where in 2022 Irish third level students are forced to live in tent’s,..

  30. Club Championship semi-final preview pod is now online for club members. This is the extended version of the pod, it’ll be available on all other podcast platforms, minus the clubhouse chat at the end, at some point tomorrow.

  31. Got to hand it to Louth GAA for thinking outside the box on this one. Mayo have some huge multi million euro home grown companies and brands along with many many very wealthy individuals worldwide along with a massive diaspora. I think I read four years ago Mayo GAA was the 4th largest sports brand in Ireland. The possibilities are there but are untapped.

    Instead we have our clubs levied for decades to come paying for a stand that was poorly designed and in a stadium that is currently unable to host night time games. A stadium that used to be able hold 38,000 but now due to health safety can only hold 24,000 max. Backwards. The mind boggles.

  32. @yew_tree..I’m sure McHale Park,Castlebar could hold more than 24K and would have held several thousand more for our knockout match v Donegal a few years ago had the organisation played a curtain raiser Match, as was in line with health and safety regulations, and there was a wonderful opportunity to do so because the Donegal women were due to play the Mayo women around the same time..As for the recent Galway match held in Castlebar, again about 24/25K attendance, I don’t recall the exact attendance and I don’t recall it been made public either…As it stands now as far as I am aware, even with the current over the top regulation’s re health and safety, holding a curtain raiser game before the big game would bring up the “allowed” attendance by a few thousand…The last big Connacht Final before redevelopment of McHale Park held an attendance North of 34K safely in 2006, and Mayo v Galway, Connor Mortimer scores a last minute winner from a difficult angle, close to the An Sportlann corner into the Bacon Factory End …The redeveloped Stadium should be able to host at least that amount…The biggest attendance of the new redevloped Stadium was just over 30K (with space for at least 4 or 5K more) and oddly enough didn’t involve Mayo at all.. Roscommon v Sligo in the 2010 Connacht Final!

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