Into battle again tomorrow


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Another big assignment faces the county’s footballers tomorrow, this time in the shape of a trip to St Tiernach’s Park in Clones to face Monaghan. Throw-in is at the later time of 2.30pm.

Tomorrow’s game is our fourth match in this year’s Division One campaign. With three losses from three so far this year it’s high time we got off the mark, otherwise relegation from the top division – already a clear and present danger – will surely take on a palpable air of certainty.

There’s nothing easy about the test facing the lads tomorrow either. Monaghan, the reigning Ulster champions, are no soft touch and they’ll be no easier to grapple with than Donegal were last time out. After their narrow loss to Dublin last weekend, the Farney lads be keen to add to the four points they’ve already got as they seek to lock down their Division One place for next year.

Notwithstanding this, though, I’d be pretty optimistic about our chances tomorrow. We were slightly unlucky not to have got something out of our last two matches and if our performance levels improve on last weekend, we’ll be hard beaten. Hopefully this time we’ll do enough to claim the points.

I’m not going to be at the match tomorrow and with other stuff on during the day I’ll only be able to keep in touch sporadically with what’s happening in Clones. Because of this, the match report I’ll be doing afterwards will be briefer than usual but it’ll be interesting and I’m sure informative to hear what the rest of you will have to say about the game.

Here’s to positive thoughts afterwards. Here’s to the first points of the campaign. Up Mayo!

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14 thoughts on “Into battle again tomorrow

  1. With Cork losing tonight, the Donegal and Kerry game is one to keep a close eye on tomorrow as well. If we can get a win and Kerry lose then ourselves, Cork and Kerry will be on two points. With us having two of our last three games at home, we would be in a strong position to stay up or even have an outside chance of making the semis. Cork and Kerry have to play each other in the last game as well. Its all to play for now!

  2. O stoney grey soil of Monaghan, give us the two points we crave, don’t fling a ditch on our vision, we need to get out of the relegation grave.

  3. And in that ditch I’ll stow my prayer
    The Loy will top it o’er
    Fair Farney will be my friend and foe
    The points will hang in sweet mayo.

  4. Im not as poetic as the previous two posters but I sincerely hope we prove tomorrow that we are better than indicated and that Ros are not as good as the points gained and lost so far.
    To stay up would be enough.

  5. First time post. A brilliant site WJ. Thanks for all your work.

    Is there anywhere to watch and or listen to the game?

  6. A memorable occasion in Clones. The prayers were answered this time.Well done all!

  7. Refereeing standards shocking in several games today. Was at Mayo match and saw part of Kerry v Donegal.Donegal filthy …largely unpunished.Keegan and O Shea cards ill judged as were some of the decisions.
    Great to see win at last.

  8. Well done Mayo, a hard earned win and fair play to mr hennelly,he is nailed on keeper because of those long range frees. Also a big congrats to the hurlers who beat down, there must be something good going on in that camp.

  9. Boylers turnover midway through the first half changed the tone. A savage shoulder that dispossessed Monaghan, the clenched fist after said it all.
    No more than last weekend, games like today will bring Regan, Loftus, Nally and Conor O’Shea on so much. Between Regan, Loftus and O’Shea they scored 1-3 from play, add the 2 frees and that’s 1-5 from our total of 2-11. Almost half our scores!! 2-11 away in Monaghan!!
    Doing it without Cillian and Aidan is a bonus but things are shaping nicely. This league campaign had to be about trying to unearth new scoring forwards, this was always going to mean a learning curve for the new forwards, inconsistencies in attack and patience. Excellent signs that things are coming together. Todays result, taking everything into account, is very impressive. Well done to all.

  10. Great win. On and upwards. Great too see all scores bar Robbies monsters from the forwards.

    Its been said that AOS should not be at ff as he is needed more out field to get on ball. I think also having him at ff makes it too easy to just launch high balls in than to create scores. The black card prob helped The forwards as they had to work to create and take there scores instead of looking for AOS all the time.

    There are times when a big targat man is required but come summer I cant see Rochford playing AOS at ff, it wasnt his style at Corifin and it doesnt suit this squad of players either.

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