Into the dark

The clocks go back tomorrow night and, in doing so, the last vestiges of evening daylight go with them. Soon the grass won’t need cutting anymore and the long march to the shortest day of the year becomes more akin to a headlong dash, with each day that little bit shorter.

With all this darkness, there’ll be bugger all in the way of football action to talk about, although Croke Park is being lit up tomorrow night (fittingly, for the night that’s in it) for the interprovincial finals and then Ballina will attract some attention next month in the Connacht club championship. But the inter-county season is now well and truly over for the year and will remain in the deep freeze till January, when the FBD League finally gives us something to chew on once more.

That’s still over two months away so, no more than the lawn, this blog won’t need the same level of maintenance as it has done so far this year (though, admittedly, things have tailed off significantly since August). If time permits, I might try to fill the gap with some Winter-sitting-around-the-fire type of reminiscences about all those All-Irelands that slipped through our fingers since 1989. Sorta like the Five Sorrowful Mysteries, only more painful. And only if the mood on these long dark nights takes me . . .

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