Into the west

It’s the night before both our senior and minor teams take the field in their respective Connacht championship clashes at McHale Park and I’m back on home soil, ready for the short hop over to Castlebar tomorrow. But, hey, what happened to all that hot and steamy weather we had up in Dublin today? When we arrived here a little while back, it was to discover that it’s a good five or six degrees cooler than it was in the metropolis.  And bloody raining too.

Still, it could be worse. My small lad is down with me, having chosen to see and shout for Mayo in the flesh tomorrow rather than watch his precious Dubs on the box back at Chez WJ.  And there was me thinking I’d lost him for good – hope springs eternal and all that.  Now the trick is to keep him on board and a win over the Tribesmen tomorrow would be a very good start in this respect.

Best of luck to the two Mayo teams tomorrow – I’ll be back on here later on in the evening with reflections on the day’s action.

6 thoughts on “Into the west

  1. anyone have any idea where the game can be watched online? i’m out of the country and won’t be able to get to an irish bar

  2. It’s being shown live on RTE but as far as I know it won’t be streamed live outside the country so I doubt if you’ll be able to watch it live online. Midwest might be as good as it gets, I’m afraid.

  3. Safe journey to all travelling today, I think we will win it today , events in ruislip yesterday putting a new perspective on things

  4. just by chance i came across an old match programme yday frm mayo v ross semi 96 in the hyde ,there was interesting article in it about the state of connacht football and how it was the poor relation to the rest of the country. very similar to where we are at now. we all know conn teams contested the next 3 all-ire should have won them all! also mayo were going into that ross game off the back of a poor display in london , i remember the talk outside the dressing room after that game was of a new kid on the block one james nallen, interestingly james horan made his championship dayboo in that game aswell. i hope all this is a good omen and a different mayo emerges today than the version we have seen this past couple seasons. COME ON THE GREEN AND RED.

  5. After introducing Enda and Ray Moylette to the crowd to a standing ovation – I thought they might have gone for 3 in a row and introduced yourself Willie Joe –

  6. The graph is climbing slowly upwards – – after a brutal start all six forwards scored and the midfield partnership performed reasonably well but still there are a lot of questions to be answered. The latest London performance also reflects well for us – – – it is “Onwards and Upwards towards theHyde”

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