Is this the new Mayo jersey?

It’s been known for some time that the current Mayo jersey (which I still consider the “new” one but which was in fact first unveiled back in November 2008) was going to be replaced for 2012 but there hasn’t – the lucrative Christmas market notwithstanding – been any word about when it’s likely to appear or what the new design will look like.

The answer to the first question remains elusive (though I think it’s fair to conclude that the option of hitting the 2011 Christmas market has now come and gone) but this grainy photo that was tweeted last night by AIDOXI may be the answer to the second.

It’s hard, I know, to draw any firm conclusions based on this picture (and one of the few things I can make out in it is that the jersey on display is labelled as an “option”, which suggests that it’s not the only possibility) but if this is the design we’ll be going with, it does look like it’ll be a fairly major departure from any of the more recent styles we’ve had.

I guess it’s best to reserve any firm conclusions on it until the new jersey is officially unveiled. It’s still unclear when this will be though you’d have to think it will happen before the ball is thrown in on our opening FBD match in the New Year. And this, as Maigheoforsam has been reminding all and sundry with his daily countdown to our clash with Leitrim in Ballyhaunis on January 8th (throw-in 2pm), is now only 21 sleeps away.

13 thoughts on “Is this the new Mayo jersey?

  1. Lads, a little bit of breaking news.. ElverySports will be making your new jersey/gear this year and O’Neills will be out of equation.

    They are in the process of taking all the Mayo GAA stock off the O’Neills website and even if you look closely at that jersey there you can see ‘ElverySports’ written where O’Neills should be.

    Plus the fact elements of that isn’t an O’Neills design.

  2. So in addition to sponsoring the county team Elverys will also pick up the O Neills sponsorship. Very good of them and to be commended.

  3. i think so Dean , i cant see any “elverys” made jersey having those three stripes.

    on the elverys site i cant see any example of thier own product, they just seem to sell other brands,

    this looks like a major departure if it is the case….

  4. A load of hot air about nothing. Any county that was serious, that actually respected its followers would have had a jersey ready for the Christmas market not playing silly games with a camera phone.

  5. thanks for that information lads, so we can presume they will go with a new brand name for GAA.. or perhaps just use the elverys name as it is well enough known in GAA circles

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