It looks like Liam O’Malley is out as well

Liam O'Malley_Our injury list ahead of Saturday’s Connacht semi-final with Roscommon appears to be lengthening – according to this report in the Mayo News, Liam O’Malley will be joining David Clarke and Tom Cunniffe on the blue seats up in the new stand at McHale Park the next evening.  He did some damage to his ankle ligaments during training last Thursday and the report says that Johnno rates him as “40/60” to be fit for the match.  That’s him gone, I reckon, and Mike Finnerty is probably correct in surmising that this will mean a recall to the first fifteen, most likely straight into the corner, for Keith Higgins.

It also says in that same piece that BJ, Tom Parsons and Trevor all have minor injury worries of some sort but all three are expected to be okay on the day.   Mike says that the team will be announced after training tomorrow night and, if it is, I should have the details up here soon after.

There’s little else in terms of hard news to report, I’m afraid.  The Mayo News does have an in-depth interview by Mike Finnerty with Johnno, which is grand as it goes but, as you’d expect, Johnno is giving absolutely nothing away in terms of the team or tactics for Saturday.  If that doesn’t rock your boat, then the match thread on is bubbling away with speculation about the team, as well as some pointed comments about those seats at McHale Park (the text of that interview with Johnno has also been pasted up there as well, I see).  And, of course, my fellow Mayo GAA blogger TIALTNGO is poking some good-natured fun at the Rossies.  Only four days to go now …

6 thoughts on “It looks like Liam O’Malley is out as well

  1. I dont think TIALTNGO is poking fun at the Roscommon crowd, I agree 100% with his view of them, I would go further but as this is a well mannered site I will refrain. Ignorant and hateful is as far as I will go. After England was knocked out of some European tournament about four years ago, a Sky reporter asked a spectator his opinion on the way out of the ground. The spectator replied that he wasnt sad that England were eliminated, him being Irish etc. The Sky man was taken aback, bearing in mind how they supported Jacks Army and all that bull years earlier. “Would you consider cheering for England under any circumstances?” continued the man from Sky. “No way” replied the son of Erin (probably a Man U fan). The Sky man tried once more. “Surely there is some team you would cheer for England against”. The son of Erin thought, then he uttered those immortal words, “If they were playing against Roscommon I would shout for England” . At that the perplexed Sky man said “over to you in the studio”

  2. why should liam o malley start before k. higgins in any case,one of the best defenders in the country vs slightly better than average club player… loyalty for playing in the league?? A 19 year old scored two goals in the first half in letterkenny on his debut against liamy ‘tries hard’. bullsh.t sums up what mayo management is about.After what cormac bane(all star standard setter) did to him in salthill two years ago he should never see a mayo jersey again.. Aparantly the corner forwars are going to be barry and andy moran, well if either of them are corner forwards im francie bellew. Come on johnno i know you read this actually very good blog.

  3. In fairness to LOM, 1951 (and I’ve been critical of him here in my time), he’s been one of our most consistent performers so far this year and I think that had he not got injured he would have been a definite starter on Saturday. There’s no question but that this would have been on merit too.

    As regards the other selections, I think we only have to wait until tonight to see what the starting line-up will be.

    In terms of the Rossies, OTR, I can’t agree that their supporters are anything like that. Admittedly, I’ve missed more Roscommon games than I’ve been to over the last twenty years, but I’ve never encountered anything of this kind of outlook from them. We’ve more than a few thick supporters of our own (those that throw spoons at players, for example) to be taking the high ground on this one, I reckon.

  4. 1951. Really think you are been harsh on Liam OMalley
    Undoubtly one of our best defenders this year. Watch him on
    The pitch. He’s a thorn in any forwards side. He must be on the
    Senior panal 5 or 6 years now. Surely there is something
    Positive about that. It will be interesting to see line out. The Rossies will give us a decent game

  5. O’Malley Has pace strength and buckets of courage a trait lacking in some of his comrades. Its very easy to poke holes in an individual performance on a day when the Whole ship is listing badly ie pierce stadium 07 and letterkenney 09 1st half. You could single out 15 men on either day who should never see the mayo jersey again now that would be A fun way to manage !! Its good to have the class of K Higgins for cover. He has some tough hurling games behind him so should be physically sharp.

    On the subject of Fans behavior I’m not sure any articles on said subject however they are meant will cause any thing but increased hostility in our brand new stadium so please a show of respect on Saturday. Up mayo !! Come on Ros !!

  6. I’m with you there, Albany (on both counts): after all, I’m hoping my Roscommon mother will have some dinner for me before throw-in on Saturday so the less Rossie-bating that’s on here, the better!

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