It really is the silly season

Well, when you see an utter non-story like this in today’s Indo, you can be sure it is.  Winter of discontent, my arse: Feeney says a few spiky things in his annual report and the journo’s attempt (two weeks later – what’s the hurry lads?) to get Mort to create some controversy arising from it backfires fairly spectacularly, with Conor making the explosive statement that “they are a good county board if the truth be told”. The idiot reporter didn’t even manage to include any reference to Noelle Horan’s riposte to Feeney in his (or her, the online version doesn’t confirm who wrote it) article.  Fit to print, eh?

2 thoughts on “It really is the silly season

  1. Agreed and if we examine the pile of trash a little closer we see the reporter prefaces his article with an opening sentence of “A winter of discontent for Mayo G.A.A..” BLAH, BLAH. There I was thinking that Cork had a winter of dicontent when all along it was ourselves! Actually the root of all this crap rests with the Mayo manager. Time for him to tell them all to shut up and we will do our talking on the pitch.

  2. I saw this story yesterday and thought ‘oh shite, what now?’ (the headline was that dramatic I thought it must be serious…). Then I read it and threw the paper in the bin. Is the Indo turning into the Sun? Sensationalist headlines. They’ll be punning next. “Mort caught short in 3-in-a-bed romp”.
    They obviously know that Mort is usually good for a quote and doesn’t hold back on his feelings. Thankfully he gave them nothing, and as you said, it was a complete non-story.

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