It’s a knockout

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The club Championships within the county move up a few gears this weekend, with the start of the knockout action at Senior, Intermediate and Junior levels. There are also a number of crunch relegation play-off games down for decision tomorrow and Sunday.

The county will be in the national spotlight tomorrow too, with two of the Moclair Cup quarter-final ties being broadcast live on RTÉ2. The other two are being streamed live by Mayo GAA TV, with the same service also covering two of the IFC quarter-finals this weekend.

Punters may not be able to get to MacHale Park or the other venues to see the weekend’s action for themselves but, between what’s being broadcast and streamed, there’s no shortage of coverage to to tune into. Cáirde Mhaigheo season ticket holders also have free access to all remaining matches in the club Championships within the county so that should boost further those viewing the games online.

If you want to get a feel for the weekend’s action in advance then you might want to check out the latest episode of the Mayo News football podcast. It’s available on all the usual podcast platforms, including SoundCloud – here.

Finally, just to confirm all of the weekend’s action in the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Championships, including details of what games are being covered by RTÉ and Mayo GAA TV.




24 thoughts on “It’s a knockout

  1. Right good game here between tubber and kmore, tubber on the ropes

    Impressed with gibbons on tubber, and orme and Darren McHale both outstanding for kmore. Brilliant finish by d McHale for the goal, never realised how pacy he is

    The club champo has been a tonic

  2. First game was very entertaining. Real change of the guard type stuff. Why did Dillon go off? It was never clarified.
    The second goal changed it. Kevin Mc, Peter Naughton, Orne, King and, of course, Darren McHale were excellent.
    Impressed with their goalie too – serious passes!
    It is funny though how one incident can change a game. Ballintubber were well on top just before that goal, but that essentially killed them off. Cillian was well Marshalled. Thought Plunkett did very well when he came in. He made a great run for Cillian’s half chance. Gibbons was brilliant in the first half but faded.
    Very open championship now – this year and the next few years. Ballintubber may be back but I think Dillon is getting older, as is Gibbons etc. Road may be longer.
    Westport, Knockmore, Ballina must really fancy their chances the next few years.
    Looking forward to this next match.

  3. Hard to believe that since the fifties only Castlebar twice & Garrymore once have completed a 3 in a row.

  4. If you haven’t already, turn on the TV. This second game is great stuff, hold on the heels of a cracking opener. Andy really is like a fine, vintage red wine at this stage!

  5. Harsh enough second yellow for Cian Hanley. I think my fellow clubman Liam Devenney has been a bit too whistle happy so far.

  6. Andys movement for the 1st goal a joy to watch.
    Incredible how he has always been able to find 5 yards off a defender with his movement despite not being the fastest

  7. Second game was very entertaining.
    Red card changed it all. I actually don’t think Cian can have too much to complain about. If you leave the shoulder in, or give a lad a dunt like what he did, you’re always likely to get a card. He should have known better. Shame as he was playing very well at the time, got on an ocean of ball.
    Conor O’Shea was very good throughout. Aidan was slow to start but showed his class in the second half. I had commented at half time that Matty didn’t look like an inter County midfielder but he really stepped it up in the second half. The more football he gets, the better he will get.
    Andy Moran was sensational in the first half but simply had too much to do in the second half. It looked like they doubled up on him after the red card. Right thing to do and it worked.
    I’m still undecided about Breaffy. Their defence is wide open at times but they are very fit and their big players stepped up when needed. Hard luck on Ballaghdereen, missing county players such as Drake, Hanley and a clearly struggling Akram proved a bridge too far. Even without the red card, they really died late on though.
    Looking forward to seeing Westport in action. Breaffy will fancy their chances from here on in (obviously!)
    P.S. Horan could do well bringing in Moran for the short season that it is……

  8. Pity Breaffy seem to have introduced diving into Mayo Gaa .. Same shite last week vs C/town ..
    Deserved their win but hope they dont win it out ..

  9. Ref changed the game don’t think either card justified. 2nd one perhaps but on the 1st Hanley was trying to play the ball and his foot rolled across the top of it. So while it was a free do not believe it was a card, and it completely turned the tide

  10. That was harsh on Cian Hanley. It definitely changed the game. Loss of David Drake was huge too. Tough to watch Ballagh Manager interview – poor guy. Conor O’Shea was good Really enjoyed the 1st game. The evening flew watching the matches!!

  11. Shame Cian Hanley got sent off. Destroyed the game. Can’t argue with decision. I wonder is it difficult for a player from Aussie rules to adjust to GAA. Both incidents probably would not be a problem in Aussie rules. He was having a great game so it was a real pity for the game. I fancy Knockmore. They are a well balanced side. Stars do not win club games it is about 15 good players.

  12. Well done to all 4 teams. Great advertisment for mayo football.
    Knockmore for me were the best of the 4 on show. Thoroughly deserved their win.
    The sending off might have saved Breaffy. Connor O’Shea was very good. Soloing in to tackles is really holding them back.
    Think I would have knockmore favourites now for the title.
    I think Rte should show Mayo club games every week.
    Great evenings entertainment.

  13. Really enjoyed those games tonight, club football has been a tonic. Conor O’Shea looked like a stand out tonight. Cian Hanley was harshly sent off as well, it’s a pity. However I would love to see Breaffy finally do it!

  14. @che – The 1st yellow for Hanley was absolutely correct. That kind of challenge can be a red card in soccer. With no shin pads in GAA there could have been a nasty injury resulting from it.

    On replay, the 2nd yellow was harsh. Very little contact but the intent was there so can’t blame the referee.

  15. Must say, I thought Hanley couldn’t have much complaint, which is not what RTE or the general population thinks! The first tackle was dangerous, he went in over the top of the ball and could have broken a leg the way he slid in. Unfortunate, yes, but definitely a yellow.
    The second card was definitely a yellow too. He hit the Breaffy player a belt and deserved it. Like, he didn’t do life long damage to him but if you hit a guy late, after the ball is gone, you’re running the risk of a card. Given that he was already on a yellow, he needed to be more cautious. I feel sorry for the chap but it’s hard to see how he can have too many complaints at the same time.

  16. Ballagh the best team of the final 8 IMO. Pity about Stephen, Sharoise, and Cian. A bridge too far without them but still a great side. They possess power and speed all over the field. Impressed with a young guy called McBrien looks like a teen with great potential and pace. They are a small rural club that always punch above their weight, and a leading example to all other clubs in Mayo. Sorry tonight we will not have the likes of Andy to brighten up the Autumn days ahead. Conor O’Shea very impressive this year. If he stays injury free he will don the Green and Red again.

  17. Conor o Shea one of the form players in the championship so far. Looks very fit and sharp. Kicked some super points today.
    Will surely have to be brought back into senior panel if there is a competition before the year finishes.

  18. In fairness to Hanley, I thought he’d an excellent start to the game. Kicked a nice point and it was a super left-handed fist pass to set up Andy for the goal.

  19. Have to agree there Horans brigade, the first one could have been a red with a fussier ref and he clearly went in to the Breaffy player after he had laid off the ball. It may have been rustiness as opposed to intent. Second was probably more black card territory but the result would have been the same.
    It did spoil the game as a contest but he can’t complain about that. He’ll learn from the experience. His hand pass to Andy for that goal was outstanding.
    Breaffy will need to improve if they want to lift the Moclair cup. Very sloppy defensively and a bit wayward and gave away the ball too easily in certain areas. That Dunne lad who wore number 19 was very lively when he came on.

    Knockmore were seriously impressive too I thought – great forwards.

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