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  1. And probably Tyrone if we beat Donegal, with a final against Dublin or Kerry. Couldn’t get much tougher than that.

  2. Not my first or second choice, probably suits Donegal as they would have expected us in sf. Big difference from last year is McHugh’s injury and Lacey not yet at full pace. This will be a real test but won that we can win, and should mean a great atmosphere in Croker,

    I hope that it is on with Kerry V’s Cavan, if Monaghan / Tyrone then Mayo versus the rest in terms of noise!

    I would be confident of winning sf if we get there, could be the third year in a row that we could knock out reigning AI champs!

  3. Tis only when i heard the draw i started thinking this is really what we didn’t want, its a game too early, we needed a Cavan first after the non event Connacht championship.

    It will be exactly what the doctor ordered for Donegal and can see them prevailing, unfortunately.

  4. This is the game that will make this Mayo team. Win it and get our top players up to match fitness and then let’s see where that takes us.( Lose and it will take a lot to come back again next year but we won’t talk about that!.)
    As I said in a previous post it is tiredness v undercooked (freshness!). They no doubt will make an unpleasant slugfest out of it in an attempt to frustrate us. One thing is that they have only a week to recover AND plan for Mayo. Advantage us.

  5. I disagree completely.Donegal on the wrack third week in a row.Mayo fresh and preparing for Donegal all year.We will prevail and well I feel.they have injuries too.
    Simple as ..we are better than them. No easy route to all ireland.definitely think it will be kerry v Dublin, mayo v Tyrone in semi.
    Bring them on.

  6. This is a game that Mayo can and will win.That’s all i have to say on this matter.

  7. I hope you’re right John Griffin and i’m wrong . Donegal will expose our full back line once again and Murphy and co will rack up a few scores that will see them glide past a shell shocked Mayo.

    We will have better chance in the years ahead. Still a young side in the main.

  8. say my prayers for mayo to beat donegal and might need to light a few candles as well. ? can mayo beat donegal

  9. Lets do it!! And let’s get to Croke Pk…we were outnumbered last September!

  10. So after all the talk about who we might or might draw in the Quarters, well now we know. Is it a bridge to far, or are we ready to lay the ghost of last year, only time well tell.
    Personally I think we’re good enough but can we win, well that’s another matter altogether.

  11. Good time to get Donegal with Mc Hugh injured and Lacey and Gallagher not fully fit. It was the draw that Donegal did not want. We may as well find out how good we really are at this stage of the Championship rather than getting a soft draw against Cavan.
    The worst thing about the draw was Kerry getting Cavan. How poxy lucky are they?

  12. JJ says:

    This was meant for here:
    July 27, 2013 at 9:46 pm
    Let’s hope it not a case of ‘Be careful of what you wish for’………………Imo, I think it’s a great draw for us…….The Donnies will be on their 3rd game in as many weeks, they struggle to score. We need the test……….. We have the chance to make it 3 in a row twice this year, first Connacht Championships and second, to knock out the AI champs for the third year in a row……….and finally ,to finish what we should and could have done last September.
    The Donnies will not be as happy about this as we are and will worry that if we get ahead they could collapse and if so, could be the recipients of a thorough hiding……so the key is , no easy goals given early (they will try and test Rob) and get an early lead, make them chase the game (they don’t like that and especially against a team like Mayo, they will be prone to panic)……….Rattle |Jim (he is very touchy lately………maybe the ‘edge’ is gone) and we have the discipline to over ride the ‘sledging’ and rebound it.
    On another note, what a great game between Galway and Cork, a fabulous contrast to ‘puke football’, me heart was in me mouth as I was willing The Tribesmen over the line but Cork showed great resolve, belief and a confidence that the game was never beyond them ( ingredients that could and seem to be geared to a big Sepember)….nevertheless, Galway played some great football and if they could have converted their chances in the second half they should have won, a good for Connacht football nonetheless.
    Would I be right in thinking that if we win the quarter, we will meet the winners of Tyrone v Monaghan…………if so, then that,s something to aim for as I think we should beat either.
    MaighEo Abu.

  13. Well a lot of us got the draw we wanted, let’s see now if our optimism is well founded.
    Personally I think we’ll take them, but it’ll be some battle.
    The physical nature of this game means we can’t have any passengers. If players are injured then leave them out. We carried a few players through Connacht and nursed them back, but those opportunities are gone now. Whoever plays has to be at the top of his game.

    Hard luck to Galway, from listening to it on the radio it sounded some game. I have to admit I thought they’d be beaten out the gate, so fair play to them for putting it up to Cork. Cork yet again leave us with more questions than answers.

  14. I sometimes find myself in disagreement with you John Griffin but I am in total agreement with you on this…………….I think the Lads will relish this but not the Donnies………….They know how close it got last year and without a fully fit squad, theirs is a tough one………….our backs will be ready and if the forwards are on cue this could be a humiliation for Donegal .We can’t and wont lose this one…………………….. If we just get over the line, that wil do, we can save our peak till September

  15. Negativity v realism is often confused.

    Mayo have a chance of course but if you want the truth , i would not back Mayo to win. I would fancy Donegal to completely run riot with our fb line. Think about the match ups and explain to me where we have improved to justify predicting we can reverse the sept last result .

    We have experienced the most weak connacht championships in history, our league form was middlin at best and our semi loss to the Dubs was very unimpressive. We have no new players as such and our old guard in Dillon and Moran are looking not match fit. You can airbrush the obvious for the sake of some typical faux Mayo bravado. but it won’t matter a jot come next monday morning when the realisation kicks in that we’re out.

    We are not far off but we are just shy of winning this type of game, its no shame on the panel of players they have done really well and if anything punched above their weight over the last couple of years through grit and determination.

  16. I sure James will have studied the Monaghan game and close off Murphy of space. Our backs will have to close of the space to cover our new goal keeper as Clarke was a good stop stopper . We will win

  17. I think your last sentence is the reason why we will prevail in this one Sean……..Grit and determination and a remarked improvement in skill…………no ‘faux’ there Sean just a true observation.

  18. This is the best possible draw for Mayo as it will focus the minds of our boys on the next match and nothing else which is exactly what we need. Win it & we have a winnable semi with Dublin/Kerry/Cork all lumped together on the other side.
    All we need to do is deny them a start on this occasion & keep tabs on Murphy & McFadden. This is going to be attritional. They are not going to score that much so I do believe it is the right match for us. A decent score for us should see us over the line.

  19. Well lots of people on here got the draw they wanted. I think its gunna be one hell of a game, whether we can come out on top im not sure. JH has to seiriously consider droppin AOS back infront of full back line for the first 10mins because they will bombard ger and co with high balls, he would give us great protection. i will be there shouting my lungs out supportin our great county…and if we do manage to knock them out we will win it out this year!

  20. Apparently they reverted to the 14 outfield players in their own half against Laois, we need to be prepared for tight spaces and being hit on the break. But, I am glad, mayo are well fresh to play a tough game and can win this one. I think Tyrone will scrape by Monaghan and I mean scrape, they are not at all a great side. Meath must be kicking themselves with those late wides. For mayo to win Sam, we have to beat donegal, Tyrone and likely dublin. Same as any other year, nothing soft, even Cavan are no pushover.

  21. @ JPM We’re on Sunday at 4pm. Kerry v Cavan is on before it at 2.

    The Dubs are on at 7pm on Saturday night, after Tyrone v Monaghan at 5.

  22. Mayo more than matched Donegal last year except for two goals.now murphy and mcfadden not as good this year .Mayo have been waiting for a year.ok lets not be overconfident but surely running riot against full back line unjustified.
    Anyway i know you are a true supporter and entitled to your opinion.dont be so worried though..i think we have reason for optimism .

  23. Hi All,
    Hope you don’t mind a Dubs opinion but having read the comments you should realise that you were the beaten finalists last year and in the semis beat the winners the year before….how much more proof do you people need. You are a very very good team. I hope we meet in September as the banter is always good but we both have a bit of work to do before then but to you all you have to believe it will happen………..best of luck!!

  24. @KM79 Because the draw was obviously fixed beforehand. At half-time in the Tyone match, myself and the missus outlined what the draw would be, and lo-and-behold, got it 100% right.

  25. Agree Joey, everyone wanted Cavan ( no disrespect to them) but we above all did’t need them as we wouldn’t know any more about ourselves after the quarters than we do now…………..if we are to win an AI we need to be the best and beat the best on the way…………we don’t want to steal it, we want to win it………… and we are 9 goals and 48pts (after 3) on that road so far, lets just add to the tally

  26. Lads, I’m on holidays in hamburg for this….disaster. Anyone know a bar over there I can watch it in? Think we will take them this year.

  27. Thanks Martin the Dub, if we were to contest the final, will have to be a great diplomat as ,I’ve a sister in law and a daughter in law from Dub country …………oh and the other half is Cork……………and they don’t know when you’ve the better of them.
    That said Galway, Cork , Meath, Dubs, Kerry, Ourselves and Tyrone are good for how football should be played……………long may it continue

  28. Lads, we are there are there abouts last couple of years .. We ARE already a Top level team .. We need a break or two like all the teams left to lift Sam .. Sin e .. Can’t wait !

  29. Great draw, man mark Murphy and McFadden (with the right guys this year) and after that play our own game. Easy peasy Japanesy.

    Anyone got two spare all Ireland final tickets?

  30. Think this is the perfect draw for Mayo.
    Donegal are not playing particularly well at the minute.
    I honestly would expect a Mayo victory in this one.
    Really looking forward to this game

  31. D-Day for Mayo. No more pissin about. Think mayo can win if theyre in the right frame of mind ie no fear, a healthy anger and want to tear off the dressing room doors to get at donegal. Not sure if alan dillon is the right man on sunday, as although a class mayo stalwart, he’s not the man needed for an absolute tear-up, which this is gonna be, and he looks still injured. If mayo play to their best and are patient they will beat donegal. COC the key man. Would love to know what condition conroy and A Moran are in, as they are badly needed. Neither looked right on sunday. Cafferkey, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle, McLoughlin, and the O se’s should f**king love this match-up. Believe, Mayo!

  32. This is the right draw for us at this time IMO. We should have the motivation for this one. I just hope we have the right game plan. We don’t need 6 forwards running around in circles while we go man to man at the back. We now have the experience of that failed tactic from our recent past. Monaghan showed the way just a couple of weeks ago. If I had a copy of the VCR I would send it to the mamagement team. Lets see them for what they are this time around.

  33. This is the game we needed. And we’re getting Donegal at the right time. If we can get over Donegal we’re in great shape going into the semis and will have a good hard game in stock. If we can’t we’re as we’ll off departing at this stage.

    There is no doubt in my mind we can win this one. And I think the players believe so too.

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