It’s Down

The quarter-final draw has just been held and we’ve drawn Down, narrowly missing the Kerrymen in the process. The Mourne lads were pulled out of the hat to face Donegal but this pairing was verboten under the draw – as they’d already met in the Ulster final – and so they were paired with us thus paving the way for what’s sure to be a fascinating Donegal/Kerry pairing. The Dubs will, no doubt, be happy with the prospect of facing Laois while Kildare look like they’ve got another chapter of their hard luck story to look forward to having pulled Cork.

It will, of course, be our first ever meeting with Down in the championship, though we played them as recently as March this year in the league, where they beat us with five points to spare.

10 thoughts on “It’s Down

  1. Happy enough with that if we clear Down and the Dubs clear Laois it’s perfect underdog territory all the way to the final! Having said that it’s still all about our performance right now and timing it right if we scrape past down I’d be happy with that

  2. We should have taken Down in the League, we have our chance now and the Team should do it, Yes get over the Mournemen, and bring on the Dubs. We have an excellent record against the Dubs in recent years, and we should not fear them at all. To me it looks like these 4 Teams for the Semis, Mayo, Kerry, Dublin and Cork. That gentlemen and Ladies is where we should be at the table.

  3. We have a chance against any of the four qualifiers left, that includes Kerry. From now on we need to believe.

  4. Watch Mayo bring home Sam live in 3D – – beating Down, then Dublin and finally Donegal.

  5. Couldn’t be happier with the draw. That said it’ll be a tough task. Is it certain we would play the winners of Dublin vs Laois.

  6. Good chance of reaching another All Ireland final however would have to fancy the All Ireland winner to come from the other side of the draw.

  7. I think when you arrive at the buisness end of the
    championship it shouldnt matter who you play .
    so its all about our attitude now . Down will
    Im sure be happy enough with the draw as well
    and will be quietly confident .

  8. It’s 100% certain that mayo/down play Dublin/Laois in semi. Relieved we avoided Kerry but lets not get carried away. Down will be delighted too remember. Donegal Kerry should sort the men from the boys

  9. Here we go again talking about Dublin…Have we
    not learned anything over the years??
    I believe we should be confident about beating Down,
    but we haven’t beaten them yet so lets not have our
    imagination do somersaults and concentrate on the
    job in hand.Forget about Dublin/Laois until it becomes valid

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