It’s Dublin

The draw for next weekend’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-finals has just been made. We’ve been paired with Dublin.

Dates and times for next weekend’s last eight fixtures, which will all be played at Croke Park, are expected to be confirmed at some stage today.

Rob and I will be recording a bonus episode of the Mayo Football Podcast a short while later this morning, providing some instant reaction to this morning’s draw and that’ll be up on Patreon soon after.

UPDATE: This pod is now live and is available to listen to on Patreon here.

126 thoughts on “It’s Dublin

  1. Best draw for us, if we pick the right team
    They bring out the best of us, Dessie would prefer anyone else if hes honest, we’ll be underdogs, perfect.
    I think we’re on the Kerry Armagh side of the draw if we win

  2. Haha just knew it delighted though the game we need to bring the best out of us ha

  3. That’s great. As i hoped. Dubs haven’t had a tough game this year. Looking forward now to the semi final against Kerry

  4. Talk about a very open draw.
    Tyrone to dump Kerry out, and hopefully Mayo to end the Dubs.

    Sunday game please.

  5. Sure who else would it be
    It’ll be a good game. Bring it on…
    Maigheo Abu

  6. Good night Irene we will be cleaned at midfield again but we will raise our game I expect

  7. What a surprise. Last week we got what was seen as the most difficult draw and same again today. But in truth no draw was going to be easy. Dublin have operated out of Div 2 and with the exception of Roscommon have had no test in championship. I expect they will get one on Sunday Maigh Eo Abu

  8. Hon Mayo. There’s no easy way to win it all.
    Great win yesterday, what a beautiful summer’s morning we’ve had today and Galway beat.
    Big improvement needed again next week but we’re in a much better place than last Monday morning.

  9. Well now that’s a surprise …
    Too much Money involved for it not to be Dublin.
    Maigheo Abu.

  10. Tell me with a straight face these draws aren’t fixed

    Double header with Cork/Derry?

  11. The last raffle I was at ,the people who organised it actually won it,so it’s not unusual for that to happen.

  12. I dont like conspiracy theories but honest to God sometimes I wonder.
    This has been a good year.To be fair I think the one thing McStay said that was wrong early in is that the transition was done.
    I dont think it is really. That fullback line has very few championship starts.
    Midfield is an issue McCarthy and Fenton will fancy us.

  13. The right team ant the right time…what a week ahead! Mayo team will be chomping at the bit …

  14. There is absolutely no way we can agree to play it at the Dubs favored time of Sat evening.
    4pm Sunday or never 😀

  15. Dublin were lucky to beat Kildare in the Leinster championship and lucky to draw with Roscommon in group stage a week ago. In the league Clare,louth put it up to them and Derry beat them.

    Clearly not the Dublin of old but the main issue is that this is Mayo’s 3rd game in 14 days.

  16. Here we go again, definitely best draw for us they have only met 1 division 1 team and couldn’t beat them , best time to get them and wire into them hard

  17. Two old friends reuniting…Go on ya good thing!!!
    When do tickets go on general sale for this? I want to bring the family and just know they will be snapped up faster than a cat on a mouse.
    One of the kids has never been to croker and this would be a great intro to his supporting journey ahead.

  18. In a parallel universe Galway were a kick of the ball in two simultaneous games last week from drawing Monaghan in a quarter final. Talk about small margins

    That’s some opportunity for both Armagh (my obvious preferred draw for Mayo) and Monaghan. Hard to see how Cork can lift it again 3 weeks on the trot, I suspect Derry will sail through that more comfortably than many expect.

    Tyrone/Kerry will be talked up, but in reality Tyrone have huffed and puffed a lot all season and its hard to see Kerry messing up this time

    All known logic points to a Dublin win by a few points, but sure I’ve given up trying to predict anything Mayo-related. I think the 3 weeks on the trot is bound to be a factor though, but at least Dublin will bring the best out of Mayo. Its bound to work vice versa too though. Lost track of Dublin a bit after cantering the last two games, interesting to see how fit the squad is. Dessie has a few decisions to make, and I don’t think he’s aware of his best 15

    In this same parallel universe mentioned above, we might have been happy enough to draw Tyrone?

  19. Nothing easy in that draw unfortunately. Our scoring rate will need to improve dramatically. Will need COC on the field for a longer spell. Carney’s position might be under threat. He played really well in the league but has really struggled in the championship. Maybe it’s the faster pace.

  20. They have to decide what day and time its on first Pullhard. Knowing their form it should be done by about 9pm tomorrow all going well

  21. New it would be dublin but they will bring out the best In mayo hope we get the job done

  22. Huge game, a championship that keeps on giving from here on. We just had a serious test yesterday that could really stand to us in the final mix. Dubs have serious experience if McCarthy and Mannion have the legs for 70. Dubs would not have wished for this draw and we’d have preferred the other 2 options as well. Another tight defensive game needed as the Dubs have been going for goals all year and frequently low on points side by their standards. Our shooting needs to improve from yesterday and some attacking tactics discussed when leading in Q4, Cillian and Eoghan Mac ran into trouble with the ball. We also need a kickout strategy for when opponents press high as we struggled to win breaking ball in Salthill especially when our guys fielding. If Eoghan Mac kept balance he could have a goal or 2 yesterday, one in 1st half when unsure whether to shoot for point or goal and in 2nd stumbling with head down. We can bring chaos too if there are flash points. In beating Dubs 2 years ago several of them lost discipline. Tell our lads to keep theirs.

  23. Mayo can take dublin . They had to bring back the old guard for a chance to try win Sam. I was shocked when they brought cluxton back as good as he was .

    We always play our best against the best and we will be underdogs to even better.. can hear all the jokes/slagging coming out of dubs already haha can’t wait for this one !

  24. I think it’s great that we will be nearing Dublin as if we want to win an all Ireland we will have to beat them and it’s good to play them they haven’t face a division one side bar Roscommon, but you have to wonder if the draw is rigged when mayo meat Dublin and Tyrone and Kerry meat each other. Cork have a serious change of getting into an all Ireland final

  25. Bring it on.
    Dubs are begging to be put out of their misery and aren’t battle hardened at all this year.
    I’d far sooner face dubs right now then derry.

    Fwiw I also think Tyrone are going to take out kerry, those canavan boys will run amok in croker

  26. Morning, very very disappointed after yesterday…
    Too many issues on our side but no excuses, I called it here at halftime when lots were losing their heads..
    Anyways best wishes next weekend, will be a tough one as the Dubs although not as strong as before will still be a tough nut to crack…

  27. Best time to get Dublin is now. Hopefully they will still be rusty ! We need to play a lot better than yesterday to win. I believe we can there is a huge room for improvement. Croke Park will suit us and the colour of those Blue Jerseys should pump Mayo Up. We go again.

  28. Tyrone are the team most likely to close down Clifford, I wouldn’t write them off. If Kerry win we’re kept apart whereas if Tyrone win, us or Dubs can get them.
    On fixture side we accommodated Galway hurlers so should make a strong case for Sunday.

  29. Dublin are not as strong as they were so this is the Time to catch them
    We did it 2 yrs ago and we can do it again
    Up Mayo

  30. It’s the best time to get them. We’ve never played them in a quarter. They had the easiest group so they are undercooked. We have a big chance jn this one.

  31. No easy draw there really. Probably not a bad time to get them. Match ups critical. Crowd will lift dubs but they have a few new faces in there too so you don’t know how they’ll do under the pressure of expectation either. This weekend was a big one for our new lads in that regard…

    Funny how the Dublin hurlers were sent on the road for their quarter final… Not a word about it…

  32. Couldn’t get over the half-time reaction Tuamstar. That breeze was absolutely farcical, every chance Mayo would keep Galway to only 3 or 4 points in the 2nd half.

    Very disappointing from a Mayo POV to have the lead reigned in so early in 2nd half, yet get over the line again by a single point. A good chance to really push on and win by 7 or 8 against a flagging Galway. a win is a win however, but Dublin won’t be nearly as ponderous in attack obviously

    This has maybe come a game early for Dublin however, but the turnaround is definitely a factor here. Might be too much to expect a classic though, not that the winner will care.

  33. Thanks Tuamstar we had great craic with the Galway crowd yesterday.Dublin is a grand draw for me heading into a third week on the road.Very tough but with a good recovery its possible.Has to be Sunday obviously.

  34. Ah the injuries caught up with ye Tuamstar, same for ourselves last year & in 2019. I expect PJ to stay on for another crack next year with a rejuvenated team .

  35. I hope they didn’t burn their fingers on those balls when they drew them from the pot.

    This one will go a ways to settling the debate on Rest for 3 weeks Versus 3 in a row.

  36. I wouldnt think logic points to a 2/3 point Dublin win Ciaran……
    Despite the fact that they have home advantage as always and Fenton and McCarthy will likely win midfield (we are not as good there as Roscommon) we should be well positioned to make a right scrap of this

  37. Dubs v Mayo
    Kerry v Tyrone
    Armagh v Monaghan
    Derry v Cork

    Mad how the most potentially lucrative draws keep happening week on week, either local derbies or big rivals clashing.

    Tough for us to take on the Dubs at seven days’ notice, but that’s on us. Hopefully we have a full deck to pick from.

  38. Why not take them on – we wont be overconfident and we wont be afraid. If anything we can boss them if we want to – they wont like that. Aiden knows Croker well. This time leave him inside in the square on the lovely turf – he will drive the Dublin FB line mad. He will disrupt them. He stood up again yesterday. Great assist for the goal especially. O’Hora may be back for the man to man stuff. Who marks Con?

  39. Rochy will be loving ths I reckon..
    Really don’t see logic having any bearing on this game..
    I think Dubs will have a love/ hate reaction to getting us..
    Loving the potential drama but hating the chaos that we bring..

  40. Great draw, straight away focuses the minds, Galway game boxed away. Lads back in training tomorrow and getting the tactics and match ups in order for Dublin. Need a big game around the middle, after dropping to the bench at the weekend you’d imagine Ruane will be looing for road in Croker.

  41. More I think about it its perfect time to get the dubs.

    They have to be completely undercooked after sleepwalking through a joke of a provincial championship and the weakest AI series group

    McCaffrey and Mannion have barely contributed as expected
    They are still playing lads like Basquel who never step up when it counts
    They must have tons of questions about themselves whereas we much closer to finding our best team after yday

  42. I’m worried about the recovery too. Too many supporters have been on the road for the past two weeks and will now have to go all the way to Dublin. You all really need to pace yourselves this week. I’m told that raw eggs and honey are good for the voice box…and plenty of water too. We need to be in fine voice and simply hold on for the ride. It’s sure to be a thrill.
    It’s the true test for this new look Dublin. bringing back the old guard may have been a very smart move for now but it really doesn’t inspire confidence in the young bucks who have slipped down the pecking order.
    I hope we play with passion and joy, it’s hard to beat a happy team!!
    Give it wellie Mayo.
    Easy on the negativity now lads and lassies…positive vibes only need apply!!
    Maigheo abu

  43. I think we are well able to beat Dublin and I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t.

    We’re only getting started.

  44. Mayo need a hugh improvement around the middle of field. No one catching clean ball and nobody picking up the breaking ball around the middle from kickouts etc. Breaking ball was always picked up by Mayo when Boyle and co were playing, we need to go back to that tigerish type of play.

  45. Mayo must not agree to a Saturday game.
    It will be interesting to see who gets the Referring job.

  46. Dublin maybe be creaking but they still have quality.Dublin swated louth a team we struggled too breakdown. The Dublin challenge is bigger than we think, that been said there form has been up and down, but they will love a packed stadium.Our midfield will need to improve significantly others we could be looking down the barrel of a double digit hammering.

  47. @Clare. All leave has been cancelled. You’re county needs you. Anyway Paris in the ”fall”’ is better craic.

  48. Great opportunity for Mayo.
    Let’s see if hard games week on week is better than handy ones every odd week.

    Dublin are the only team we could have drawn who don’t play a double sweeper.

    Would be concerned about midfield but matches in Croker are won by teams who can run and find space, not by big midfielders.
    Hope we actually get the chance to let high ball into O Shea in beside Cluxton.

    Daire Newcombe v Ryan O Donoghue – Mayo
    Michael Fitzsimons – A O Shea – no advantage
    Eoin Murchan – Tommy Conroy – no Advantage
    Brian Howard – Jordan Flynn – no Advantage
    John Small, – Jack Carney – Dublin
    Lee Gannon; – Jason Doherty – no Advantage
    Brian Fenton – Matthew Ruane – Dublin
    James McCarthy; – Diarmuid O Connor – no Advantage
    Niall Scully, – Eoin McLoughlin – Mayo
    Sean Bugler, – Stephen Coen – Mayo
    Colm Basquel; – Sam Callinan – Mayo
    Paddy Small, – Jack Coyne – no advantage
    Con O’Callaghan, – David McBrien – Dublin
    Ciaran Kilkenny. – Paddy Durcan – no advantage

    Tom Lahiff – Cillian O Connor – Mayo
    Cian Murphy – James Carr – Mayo
    Paul Mannion – Padraig O Hora – no advantage
    Lorcan O’Dell – Donnacha McHugh – no advantage
    Jack McCaffrey – E Hession – no advantage

    Now that I have done that – it’s Mayo for me

  49. Great draw. What we wanted. Either good enough or not. Few changes for croke park. AOS really needs to step up to plate in Croke Park and put in a performance. Would keep flynn and DOC in midfield. Gonna be a great battle.

  50. If I was fixing the the draw I’d keep Dublin and Mayo apart. There were so few permutations it was highly likely we would be drawn against Dublin. Delighted with the draw and either Kerry or Tyrone gone.

  51. @2hops haha very funny laughed at that!

    If we do win though (no doubt we can take them)

    I’ll be driving the French crazy and they will think I’m a mad Irish woman haha!

    Tommy c needs to start again to!

    Should be a cracker …

  52. Pace, pace pace. If we keep our width, get our match ups right and run them at every opportunity, from every part of the pitch, we have a great chance. Paddy Andrews has said time and again, that if they tagged Mayo’s runners from deep, they knew they’d be able to outscore us in a shootout. If anything, we have more pace in our team now, than we did in our pomp. Do the Dubs have as much pace as we do? Do McCarthy, Fenton, Rock, Mannion & Kilkenny et al have the appetite to track like they used to? Time will tell but I think we have a great shot and am actually quite bullish about our chances in the wide open spaces of HQ. Having said that, I do think Tyrone will take Kerry in the other qf and we’ll struggle against them in a semi potentially, but that’s a conversation for another day hopefully. I’m going to enjoy this week and fingers crossed, we all get sorted for tickets, LETS GO!

  53. The problem at midfield yesterday was our inability to win breaking ball. This is the job of the half backs and half forwards. The Galway midfield caught little or no clean ball around midfield.
    Swarming around the breaking ball next Sunday has to be a priority

  54. If we beat Dublin, Mayo can only draw Derry if they beat Cork, the winner of Armagh/ Monaghan and Tyrone if they beat Kerry.As there is avoidance of repeat pairings

  55. Last Monday I was happy we drew Galway for the simple reason that we knew them so well and with the short turnaround it was one less thing to have to work on.. I actually think it’s the same with Dublin.. we are well used to playing them in Croke Park and Stephen Rochford brought us to our closest to beating them in a final in 2017.. it would have been way worse to draw Derry as we just don’t have the luxury of time to totally get up to speed on them. So bring it on… there will be no fear from our warriors and if we go down we’ll do it in style

  56. Now if there is any bit of luck on our side, there will be a decent referee. David Gough would be great!

  57. “Ciaran Kilkenny – paddy durcan = no advantage “

    Ahh here Paddy Durcan all day long

  58. Armagh v Monaghan at 1.45pm on Sunday and Mayo v Dublin after at 4pm? Has to be to facilitate the extra day for Mayo

  59. One week’s recovery is cutting things fine esp for guys like Diarmaid and Paddy who’ve clocked up the miles. But we have some very fresh guys also ready to be unleashed. btw an excellent takedown of Brolly’s bs about Mayo over the years in todays IT (by Paul Fitzpatrick).

  60. The perfect draw for us. Any sore bones, muscles or voices after yesterday will recover that bit faster. The sight of them blue jerseys has to get the adrenaline flowing. The 3 weeks in a row on the road isnt ideal but we are a much younger side than 4 years ago when the hard games caught up with us in the 2nd half against Dublin. The support was great yesterday in Salthill, let’s bring the same passion and noise to Croke Park next Sunday. As the old chant goes the Dubs only sing when their winning. Time to shut them up and out again. Can’t wait.

  61. Yea watched the draw live, he said no repeat pairing for semi, so Kerry and Cork are out for us

  62. Summary of Reservoir Dubs thinking on us so far
    1) They are better in all lines bar defence
    2) They have much better midfield
    3) Reape will fold when pressure on kickouts
    4) They’re not sure they can cope with our pacy corner forwards
    5) They don’t like the O Connors but respect them as footballers
    6) They’re worried about free taking with Rock off form this year and think we might tactically foul all day and take our chances with their no 2 free taker.
    7) They think the extra week to their benefit and our running half backs might run out of steam being week 3 but also a bit worried they themselves could come in undercooked
    8) They’re worried about McBrien’s runs not having a sweeper and that he’s capable of doing similar to them.
    9) They want more game mins for Mannion and McCaffrey and need them for experience.
    10) They need a proper test so this is a good time to get one.
    Somewhat predictable if a bit arrogant on their superior midfield and goalie. I hope we prove them wrong on those 2 points. In the past we’ve matched both Loftus and Diarmaid on Fenton with reasonable success. Loftus tracked him well when marking and Diarmaid had parity for 55 or 60 mins in the most recent examples I can recall. I expect Ruane will play for us and hopefully keep McCarthy or Fenton honest with his running and tracking.
    True bar Louth and Kerry we’ve been struggling in midfield but it’s maybe more about systems and organisation, breaking ball etc. that needs working on. If it’s an open game Mattie and Tommy could absolutely make hay.

  63. cant see them having 3 West/South Ulster teams playing on the same day, traffic would be mental. Imagine they’ll have to have Kerry/Tyrone and Mayo/Dublin on Sunday, which is an unbelievable double header of football to be looking forward to. Paddy Power already has it up that way on the betting

  64. Concerns from yesterday’s game moving forward would be midfield and reapes kickouts when faced with a full on press .

    Hope it’s gough for this one , he’s the best of a bad lot .

  65. Kerry , 15k

    Tyrone 20k

    Mayo 20k

    Dublin 35k

    Can’t fit that many in. So if it’s that way tickets will be a scramble I’d be predicting.

  66. On kickouts, it was tough on Reape not having obvious targets for almost the whole 70 mins but Ruane was a very good outlet for one and was absolutely going mad when Reape couldn’t see or hear him. Reape needs to regain composure which I’ve every faith he can in the game analysis as for most games he’s been good or very good at deciding where to kick. I felt generally players were not finding clever short options and good runs for him, whether it’s credit to Galway there or we weren’t clever enough I’m not sure. McStay wasn’t panicking about this saying it can be just a knee or elbow on the ball can tip a kickout one team’s way but that they’ll definitely look at it. On the flip side are Dublin under Dessie as telepathic at finding runs for Cluxton or can we force him long? Reape also kicked a lot in 1st half to the side that didn’t swing over the sideline so his intuition probably correct there. I think some planning and hand signals for long kickouts are in order when no obvious target. In 2018 Kerry replay we used the doughnut tactic with Clarke (not a renowned kickout specialist) in goal and it worked very well, we won by 5. Our coaches did a good job on tightening defence yesterday but now need to add some margins on winning primary possession.
    Another decision I think we could have taken is let AOS take that 2nd half free way out on the right with the wind helping carry it over rather than Reape who had a very difficult angle for a right footer.

  67. The new format is certainly throwing up a few curveballs.
    There doesn’t seem to be much benefit for Dublin or Kerry winning their group after the draw this morning. Is it to simplistic to say that had we topped our group then it would have been us playing Tyrone instead of Kerry playing them?
    Anyway Dublin are certainly beatable and we should have no fear in playing them. McBrien on Con, Paddy on Kilkenny, O’Hora on Mannion. Coyne on Rock, Hession on Bugler, Callinan on Basquel, Diarmuid on James McCarthy and Ruane on Fenton. I’m not sure about McCaffrey but we would need to be wide awake if he came off the bench also.

    We beat Galway in the league final and yesterday and Kerry down in the Killarney without conceding a goal.
    If ever there was any proof that the house must be minded it is that. Goals change everything.

  68. Reape did not crack on kickouts in 1st half, the 2 over the side line were just very slightly off, wind took them, Flynn (the target) was on sideline.. we should have won more in the air, all our big men were too aggressive in air and kept. Batting the ball down of clattering in giving frees, we didn’t have anyone scooping the loose ball, we need a a better strategy in croker and we will simply because wind not factor and wider pitch… the experience in reaped gut is in valuable as I’m sure he felt it yesterday

  69. Happy to get Dublin, as I really wanted to avoid Derry.

    Kerry – Tyrone is scary. The winner of that will be hard beat, would have preferred if neither of them two had the chance to gain that momentum

  70. At least the Dubs won’t have the majority of support at Croker with 3 other teams there, Kerry support won’t travel in big numbers.

  71. I would put Sam Callinan on Con, he did another superb man marking job on Shane Walsh which has gone under the radar again.

  72. @Sean Burke
    After we lost to Cork I was beginning to think that there might have been something sinister in the ‘Mayo for Sam horse’ being declared a non runner at Fairyhouse the evening before. The mind began playing tricks!
    Anyway we are still alive and live to fight another day. I wonder how the horse is getting on. He would have a spring in his step surely after yesterday.
    Am I right in saying that you laid out a few punts on Galway to win the AI outright? If you did then hows the wallet this morning!! If you didn’t then ignore me as it must have been somebody else on here.

  73. For Dublin three things we need to do:
    1. Really get our team pace right for 76 mins of white heat action. This is both a provide and protect measure. If we can really nail this, Dublin are finally old in a few jerseys with a lot of mileage and seasons on the legs.
    2. Really nail our attacking plan off of target man Aidan.
    3. Really nail the match ups on Fenton, Con, Kilkenny and Costello for 75 mins. If that requires late fresh subs, so be it. Those match ups should mainly focus on containing those four players most of the time. I don’t believe in rotating match ups against am experienced attacking team like Dublin.
    If you rotating they will use that by attacking mismatches.
    David McBrien on Con
    Padraig OHora on Kilkenny
    Paddy Durcan on Costello
    Diarmuid O’Connor on Fenton? Diarmuid focusing more on contain?

  74. Surely it would be a better idea playing armagh monaghan late on sat night because they will bring a crowd, can’t see Kerry or Tyrone bringing that big of a crowd for a sat night kickoff especially the kingdom.Why not play them before us?And make the drive to dublin worth it?

  75. As long as we are fully recovered from yesterday’s exertions, it’s a good draw. Durcans decision to play against wind in first half was a master stroke. I agree with a previous poster re breaking ball, we just didn’t win enough.
    Impossible to know how good Dublin are. We are into a rythym of playing wide and creating space inside. Keeping Con O Callaghan quite is key. Coen for Kilkenny would be a good match up. Give Durcan scope to break up a wing, very valuable contribution on scoreboard yesterday

  76. A great time to meet the Dubs,much better than the final,I enjoyed the game yesterday and I was impressed by E McL blocking the ball on the line,I have always said that our goalies over the last few years got far too much criticism for goals,when our full back like should have given them protection,I also saw Hession sweeping up loose ball around the full back line in the league,so I believe that we have a much better defence system in place,if Galway won I would be supporting them for the rest of the year

  77. I thought we competed well enough on the breaking ball yesterday. We had the numbers about but Galway picked up more than we did. Mcstay said last night it would be something he would look back at. We were idle or or just out manouvered. On another day I think we pick up more than we did. Maher and Cooke are very good in that area to be fair.

  78. Dublin destroy most teams with their athleticism and pace which manifest in umpteen overlaps and invariably scores, its no place for lumbering, albeit good footballers. So Kevin McStay’s 1st consideration is pace. Thankfully we are adequately served in that respect but have them on; from the get-go. As the opposition begins to tire in the closing 15/20 minutes and pace tends to be less crucial, might be a time to draw upon the bench.
    While COC is not the fastest around he is such a proven finisher, worker and leader, he has to start. It appears we need more fielding-power and mobility around the middle – that, in tandem with man-to-man marking on the Dubs kicks-out implies Tuohy or/and Carney in the middle.
    Good luck with that.

  79. Think would the Gaa fix Armagh v Monaghan for Clones, while Mayo v Dublin just the one game for Sunday?

  80. Delighted with the win yesterday and Dublin a good draw for us. We should again have full deck to pick from. Couple of things from yesterday, it was some result considering we lost so many kick outs and midfield. I dont want to be to critical of Reape but i think the changes to the team really effected his options Ruane / Loftus usually get on a serious amount of primary ball. We didnt seem to have a short kick out option at all yesterday – he did a lot of repeat and rinse with his kick out shots. Need a much better performance here the next day. Defensively excellent in the 2nd half but thought we were wide open in the first – we left Galway a lot of open space. I was expecting Aiden to stay up front in the 2nd half with that wind but it only hapened occasionally. Sam and McBrien are some additions.#

    As someone above said the draw overall is wonderfull really – 2 of Mayo, Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone gone next week ! plus when we do beat Dublin we cannot meet Kerry until a final and that’s if they make it. I think Tyrone will beat them (not going on form but on history). Can see 3 Ulster teams in the semi’s

  81. The lunatic I am I’d be bringing Kevin McLoughlin and Cillian on in the first half on 25 mins.
    I don’t see Kevin as being out of legs, I mean he’s starting from a higher ceiling from his peak years athleticism wise. He’s also a slim, wiry build.
    I’d be asking Aidan to give us 50 minutes and then swap with James Carr.
    Pace and talent. No point having lots of pace on the field and none left to close the game.
    No point starting all the talented top 10 football intelligence players and none left to finish.
    I see the likes of Kevin, Aidan and Cillian as being critical to guiding the attack.

  82. TC definetly starts the next day – he looks flying fit and seriously dangerous. I’d also start Carr. I have some mental pictures of these 2 lads running the Dublin defence ragged

  83. It’s all about picking up the loose ball, no point being around it.. Paul galvin won most loose ball as he anticipated the break, we need 1 going up and another anticipating the spill… anyway it won’t be as big a factor the next day as I expect more cleaner fetches (smiley)

  84. I would expect the Derry-Cork game on Sunday with us.
    GAA will want to spread the crowd out evenly over the two days and Derry-Cork will draw smaller support than Kerry-Tyrone

  85. We won 7 of our kickouts from 20. Galway won 14 from 16. We missed Ruane. In first half Reape went short to Coen who fumbled it, ended up fouling opponent and Galway scoring.
    It’s an area that can be rectified for Sunday…
    Winning breaking ball is not all luck, it’s technique too..

  86. I hope Cillian stays fit, his point yesterday was majestic. I mean to come on as a sub after coming back from injury and to have the confidence to take that shot on and nail it in such a high-stakes game is admirable. When he came on against Roscommon he scored one with his right from a similar angle but from the other side of the pitch against a very strong wind. Anyway, hope he makes another cameo appearance at the weekend and has a similar impact on the game. I’m sure he will.

  87. I think the wind was a crucial factor yesterday in Reape’s kickouts during the first half. He couldn’t get it away too far long and Galway were closing up the space on front of him.
    He was pressurised again in the second half when the score narrowed between the sides. What was the problem then? I’m not sure.
    I would think he is a precision kicker and he has distance. I used not to worry about him finding his target.

  88. I see have it up that the Cork-Derry and Mayo-Dublin games are on the Sunday. 4pm Prime Time spot for us you’d imagine

  89. @seanburke. You came to my mind yesterday when I looked around and realised how outnumbered we were especially where i was. It was the 1st time in ages i nearly felt intimated not being used of being outnumbered. Amazing how quick support dries up.

  90. Our instant reaction pod, in which Rob and I chat about this morning’s draw and salivate a little about yesterday’s win, is now up on Patreon. In-depth Mayo/Galway review show, with Mike, Colm Keys and Colm Boyle, will be recorded later on.

  91. Think when people watch game back they will realise how poor the kick out options for Reape were in most cases.
    There seemed be no kick out strategy, or runners.

  92. Some draws this morning, Mayo dublin and Kerry Tyrone are the pick of the weekend and should be belters of games. Now is the time to meet the dubs as they are untested and have played no real team of note other than Roscommon who should have beaten them on the day. The dubs will be favourites by most but I give Mayo a real shot in this one because consecutive games brings great sharpness and fluidity to a team. I know that the dubs will need little to focus their efforts now that they got the draw that they least wanted in what is almost their first serious championship game this year.

    Cillian o Connor probably won’t start given his lack of match sharpness but he will bring huge pressure on the dublin defence not to foul in his scoring radius as he’s a real sniper with the dead ball, this will suit the pacy Mayo attack to break through an extra vigilant dublin defence trying to avoid giveaway frees.

    I would imagine this Kerry team are still smarting from the Tyrone covid trickery two years ago and I feel that as a result they will bring their A game to Croker next weekend. I would caution against exposing Clifford to the likes of Morgan with high hanging balls into the square as he’s no angel when he comes out to clear his lines, now I wouldn’t criticise so quickly if he was wearing a Kerry jersey to be honest. Tyrone haven’t finished that many games this year where the opposition haven’t lost men to black and red cards so the Kerry players will have to be ready for plenty of the black arts that come with Tyrone football.

    Anyway good luck to both teams next weekend, if the dubs prevail it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the games going forward but if Tyrone beat us I’d be rightly p’d off as I’d rather lose to any other team seven days a week and twice on Sunday than them. I’d have something stuck in my tooth until next year’s championship comes around again but perhaps that’s just me……

    Good luck and safe traveling to all (from the west) who journey next weekend

  93. Mind the House, I thought we were shocking on the breaking ball yesterday. One could criticise Reape’s kicks, but we got our hands on most of them, and then handed them to Galway, who gratefully accepted and went flying off towards goal.

    In fact most of Galway’s scores came from our fumbles and turnovers. That’s good in a way, shows we have plenty to work on and fix. One thing to note – between the Cork and Galway games, no player is safe; no one will be assuming they are the number one pick.

  94. Tyrone have a dismal chship record since 2021 (2 wins, 1 draw (v Div 3 team), 4 losses). People getting way too giddy about their chances based on a match 2 years ago. I’d expect Kerry will beat them comfortably enough

  95. I don’t think Kerry will be Tyrone comfortably, it will be a squeaker of a win, if they win at all. Tyrone have had their number over the last two decades and they have built up a head of steam in the last few weeks.

    We should know that they are very difficult to stop in that form. The Kingdom know it too.

  96. I agree SouthMayoExile…we won very little breaking ball at midfield in Salthill and this is a very important aspect of the game. We really do need to focus on this because we were lucky yesterday not to be severly punished for conceding so much possession. Its probably more important than trying to win clean catches. It takes an exceptional player to consistently win high catches from the kick out. Its easy enough to break the ball even from a great fielder.

  97. Our forwards will press cluxton

    Dublins forwards will press Reape

    There’ll be a lot of kickouts going long so we need fielders and a plan to win breaking ball around the middle third

  98. Our time has come, you don’t always need fielders. Nothing like a plan for breaking the ball to a particular location for a runner… We seem hung up on fielders but all you want is the ball. I was never much good at reading a game but I think we could really do something like this. It’d probable easier to fist the ball instead of fetching it.
    Am I nuts??

  99. I don’t think your nuts Mo-direach. Mayo relied on that tactic for years with Mcloughlin, Doherty, Boyle etc. cleaning up breaking ball around the middle third
    and that was when we had our strongest midfield of Seamus and Tom parsons (both good fielders). We need to make that middle third a warzone on Sunday as my point was a lot of kickouts Will go long due to high press of both forward units on opposition kickouts

  100. saw that Anyup. Why did no one feel the need to go after the Cork player who punched Carney on the top of the head, in full view of the ref, linesman and camera in Limerick last week? There’s no conclusive evidence that ROD made any contact with Kelly, disappointed Boyler didn’t tell Joe to do one, though I suppose he handled it fairly well. Anyway, if the CCCC do want to pursue, any solicitor with half an iota will make a mockery of it

  101. Sick of the whole witch hunt on social media for Ryan it was totally unintentional . No action will be taken against Ryan and if it is well shame on them . Typical Galway moaning about something after the game pretty immature to go after Ryan the way they are tbh not all Galway fans now but a lot of them !

    As I said this will only inspire Ryan & co to come bouncing at the Dubs!!

    Anyway really looking forward to the Dubs we always play our best against them ( nearly always ha ) : )

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