It’s Friday, it’s competition time

Another day closer the big day and so, in conjunction with those good people in T-Rex Clothing, there’s another commemorative t-shirt to give away.

This time I’ve decided to tweak the format slightly to give everyone who enters a fairer shot at winning. So, instead of the prized garment going to the first correct entry received in my mail inbox, all correct entries received between now and 5pm this evening will go into the hat from which I’ll pull the day’s winner. I’ll then update this post to announce the winner.

Okay, here goes. Today’s question is:

Who was the captain of the last Mayo team that won the minor All-Ireland championship?

Entries, as usual, to Best of luck to all who enter.

8 thoughts on “It’s Friday, it’s competition time

  1. Can’t get my mind of the ball being passed by mayo lads near the end of the Dublin game to Dublin players. It’s worth looking at, I wonder does Horan and co go over a video of each game and highlight the simple stuff that could cost a game and more.
    Dublin hit the crossbar with a chance came from a wayward pass by a mayo player trying to do the impossible when he had 2/3 other simple options available.
    I know mistakes will happen, a good look at the Dublin game tells a huge amount about what Mayo are capable of doing and if they can settle the heads for a millisecond before giving a pass or shooting they will do well on Sunday week.
    The finishing in the last 15 minutes was poor, gibbons should be taking that point for himself, o Connor should be knocking it over and Doherty too. Conroy also, easy points to make it safe and instead going for glory.
    It’s easy from here to say this, I realize that, I really hope the players and management have a look at the simple errors made that day, it will separate the winners from runners up on Sunday week.
    UP MAYO!!!

  2. Section 305 and couldn’t be happier. It was strange to hold them in my hand and think: “In a week’s time, this could be my most prized possession”

  3. Albany, I think it’s a great way to start the weekend. I’m travelling up on the Sunday but Willie Joe think it’s worth highlighting to fans in the city.

    And that’s the bottom line cos Stone Cold says so.

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