It’s Galway

The draw for the All-Ireland SFC preliminary quarter-finals has just been made. We’ve been paired with Galway in the draw.

As second seeds in the draw, the Tribesmen have home advantage in this one so, subject to confirmation, we’re off to Pearse Stadium next weekend for what’s a backs-to-the-wall, winner-on-the-day Championship match. Dates, times and venues will be confirmed by the GAA later today but my understanding is that we’re likely to be playing on Sunday.

Rob and I are hopping on the podcast shortly and we’ll have a quick reaction pod, reflecting on the draw up on Patreon in a bit. I’ll also have the usual looking-ahead-to-our-next-opponent piece up on the blog at some point this evening.

244 thoughts on “It’s Galway

  1. Season will be decided next Sunday. At least we will have to rise to the challenge of Galway and better to see if we are good enough for a QF than another disappointing day in Croker.

  2. Galway will be happy they got us and we know how they will play us the blanket will be out is our summer over next weekend time will tell

  3. Straight into the Fire there. Only consolation is Sean Kelly might be out injured along with Comer and Walsh not firing. If we can’t get the blood up for this match we may enjoy the summer break. Looking forward to it already after yesterdays spectacle. Ref was very poor with frees, a soft penalty and missed red for the box on Jack Carney.
    Hopefully its Geogh in the middle the weekend.

  4. Both Management teams paying the price for underperforming yesterday…
    One of us will be gone next Sunday evening

  5. Really hope the game is on Sunday as we up in Dublin at Dermot Kennedy on Saturday wouldn’t mind selling the tickets but??

  6. Thats the price you pay – we all knew it would be Galway. They will eat us alive, and kick start start their tilt at sam by beating us. Managment deserve to be bet the way they over saw last quarter against Cork.

  7. Worst draw we could have hoped for. Massive test against Galway. Yesterday was our chance to have a weeks rest and prepare for a quarter final. Now it’s a battle against Galway and the winner could be going straight in against Kerry or Dublin the following weekend. It’s a big ask.

  8. Ya couldn’t make it up really it had to be Galway , if we can’t get up for this one well then we’re as well off out of the championship, it looks like comer is out injured according to Joyce and Kelly and mchugh are big doubts aswell so that probably makes it a 50/50 game , it’s shit or get off the pot time for all involved the league is a distant memory this is the only game that matters now

  9. Not good. For either team in some respects. There will be huge mental energy expended in the run up to this and for the winning team coming out of it to then have to turn around 6/7 days later to face a Quarter Final. Not too dissimilar to what happened to us after the league win, then facing roscommon the following weekend. Regardless of what anyone says, it’s very tough mentally to re-tune and focus that quickly. Yeah, you could argue that a win would re-energise a team. It might, but I still think it’s a very tough ask from a Mayo perspective to go to Salthill, win, and then travel to Croker the following weekend and win again. I’m just not seeing enough form in key players nopr proper structure in defence.

  10. Their midfield of Maher, mcdaid and Conroy with tierney hovering around the middle will wipe us in the air on the long lockout. So why bother pressing their kickout to force them long? Better concede their short kickout and set our own blanket further back

  11. Surely it’s time for Bob Tuohy to start. We need to have a reliable fielding target and he’s well capable of kicking a point or two.

  12. Very tough draw and only a week to fix multiple issues.Galway have injury problems but their general structure doesn’t need a sledgehammer taken to it.Huge test now for our management to see if they are willing to make the hard calls that are now necessary.i absolutely detest salthill as a venue but on a positive note our record up there in recent years is fairly decent

  13. Need to pick ourselves up fast.
    Need to see some of the “consistently competitive” qualities James Horan’s era gave us next Sunday.
    F#ck it Mayo, let’s give it a go!!
    Hon Mayo Forever.
    Beginning to feel optimistic!

  14. Liberal
    Your not really!! Its Galway do or die……..
    Everything that happened up to now is gone for a fixture like this…..
    Doesnt mean we win but its the right fixture for us now

  15. @JoeG
    100% spot on Bob is a tall quick rangey midfielder. He has genuine talent it’s great and all having players with a potential but in games like these you need good talented players which bob is

  16. Wont be going, a Saturday evening exit in Pearce Stadium, couldnt stomach it.Hard to see us winning.

  17. No real time to regroup here, but at least we are familiar with them so preparing might be a bit more straightforward.. they will be hurting from yesterday as well and possibly have a few more knocks than us. I say “possibly” because I wonder how much of yesterday was made up of both managers saving key personnel for knock-out. I would take a repeat of the crappy performance of the league final with the same result. Mayo generally play better against top opposition and that’s what will face us from here on in.

    Still gutted after yesterday and I’m sure there are some very sore bodies this morning, ROD in particular, but best of luck to the entire team and management.. I’m sure they have had an eye on preparing for knockout since the Kerry game but it backfired a bit and now we have an extra game..

    Unfortunately won’t make Salthill next weekend, but I’ve had some great days and evenings out so far in 2023 and hopefully I’ll have at least one more!

  18. Joyce will talk up the injuries for Galway this week and if I were him, I’d do the same. I remember the same man running onto the pitch in Pearse Stadium for Killererin v Salthill during the national anthem after he was supposedly injured. I’d be planning with the expectation that Comer and Kelly will both play.

    Also, remember, Mayo can only score from frees…..

  19. It’s after the manner of yesterday’s loss 1989. Impossible to see us going anywhere this year. Beaten badly by Cork and Ross, and should really have been beaten by Louth. They were unlucky not to get another play.

  20. All on the line. Last man standing versus the neighbours. A chance to potentially end the Joyce tenure in Galway. We have a decent record in Salthill and tons to prove. The only benefit from yesterday is that there doesn’t seem to be new injuries. With Cillian seemingly ready to return we will have no excuses.

  21. Really hoping for a Sunday game!Won’t be on RTE if it’s on Sunday but think we will get a bigger crowd on Sunday and will feel more do or die!!!

  22. I hope for very bad whether conditions Saturday evening considering Galway are favourites a dogfight might suit us

  23. Will it be played in Salthill on Saturday or Sunday.???
    I think it’s an ideal draw for us at this stage .
    Galway are a fine team but still wouldn’t rule out a win . Some serious team selections and positional options to be looked at .
    Proper knockout championship game ahead .
    What management and players learn from Cork defeat will be key

  24. Shit or leave the pot time.
    A positive that team will not have an overnight.
    Have all forgotten we beat them in the league final.
    Didn’t see their midfield dominant against Armagh.
    Galway , Mayo games take on a life of their own— all the pressure on Galway.

  25. We got what we deserved for two pathetic performances against Louth and Cork. I can’t see us beating them but I obviously hope I’m wrong.

    Galway hurlers playing Saturday so it may be on Sunday

  26. Yesterday is over and no need to worry about a qf in two weeks time either ,if ya can’t get your adrenaline pumping for this you’re not fit to call yourself a Mayo man . Yes they will be favs and our form is poor but this is a chance to knock Galway out of the championship in salthill . If we were any use as supporters there would be 20 thousand of us in salthill and make it electric .

    It’s in our DNA not to shy away from a battle with Galway , let’s not change that now ffs . Aido , the o connors , paddy and any more of the experienced lads will relish this , watch it unfold we will knock them off their perch .

  27. As I’ve said all year you can only take one game at a time with Mayo. I’m delighted with this draw as no better game to focus the minds. Form is a worry from the last 2 games but this one should g them up. I think Mayo can be much better than what they are playing its just consistency they need. Can they improve in a week – of course they can, we have lots of options. I’ll keep the faith – I see no point in dooming and glooming ! its a local derby bring it on !

  28. Even if we somehow pulled through this game, which I don’t think we will, we then have to go and play potentially a Kerry or Dublin who will have been rested. We’ve made a mess of it, really. Could have been in a really good position for a QF, but couldn’t defend a 6 point lead. Now in a very bad psychological place and physically have to ask a lot of ourselves.

  29. The most predictable draw of all time. All the pressure is on Galway, they’re still my favourites for the All Ireland. We are struggling, it’s hard to see us finding form in less thank a week. The warning signs were there from the Monaghan game onwards.

  30. Thoughts on this team if all fit for Galway
    1. Reape
    2. Coyne
    3. Mcbrien
    4. Poh
    5. sam callinan
    6. Durcan
    7. Sam Callinan
    8. Jack Carney/Bob Toughy
    9 Diarmuid
    10 Coen( sweeper)
    11. Tommy Conroy ( needs to play deeper to make darting runs)
    12. Jordan
    13 Ryan
    14. Cillian or Carr
    15. Aidan
    What do ye think cuz I think if coen played as an extra defender wed be hard dealt with and I think there’s no doubt Tommy needs to start now.

  31. Galway hurlers playing 6:15 on Saturday presuming the GAA wouldn’t put us and Galway on at 2 on Saturday,feel like we are worth a 4 o clock kickoff on a Sunday!

  32. Interesting to see will management put their hands up and admit to getting it wrong with certain players in certain positions.
    The worst thing we could do is limp out of the championship with a whimper.
    I think if James Mc Cormack is fit and going well he needs to be given the no.6 shirt…a bit unfair maybe to drop him in at the deep end but he certainly wouldn’t let a player waltz through without laying a glove on him.
    Of course Cillian has to come back in as does Bob. We need to try something different.

  33. Nothing like the sight of the maroon Jersey to get fellas going. Apart from. ’11 to say ’14 when we regularly wiped the floor with them, mayo galway games have almost always been tight cagey affairs. It’s really 50/50 game. If anything, playing away in salthill will suit mayo just fine. It’s time to start with our best, fast players like conroy n hession. Mirror their style of blanket, who cares if it a bore fest. Beating that lot is all that matters Mayo by 1 or 2.

  34. I think it was the best draw we could have got.
    We have a good record in Salthill.
    The other options Kildare and Donegal might be easier on paper.
    The complacency of this Mayo team means that only the Galway game would get them to focus properly after a defeat. Better to be playing in Salthill rather than Castlebar.

    Galway will play counter attacking football.
    Stick Durcan on Walsh (the way Durcan is playing a man marking job would suit him better), O Hora at CB, put E McLoughlin on McDaid and swap Carr for Conroy.

  35. Probably a good time to draw Galway. Comer,McHugh doubtful didn’t play yesterday due to hamstring injuries. Sean Kelly looks to be out and Shane Walsh form is poor. Time of draw that Mayo don’t need to lift themselves for either and shorter trip for the supporters.

  36. Not a great draw for either team. Whoever wins it will be hard to raise the effort for another battle in a weeks time.

    The sight of a maroon shirt to a Mayoman or a green and red one to Galwayman is enough to raise the temperature. I can see this becoming a real dog fight, its winner takes all, not least of which is bragging rights. I can also see tactics and plans going out the window when these two go head to head in such an important match. It’s a pity that one of us will be gone after the weekend. Mayo is my native county, Galway my adopted county, I have always supported them when Mayo isn’t involved.

    I better stay away from my local for the week as I won’t be able to keep track of all the twenties, tenners and pint I will have at stake come match time !

  37. New game, renewed focus.

    Have to be positive, yesterday was shambolic but we have a template, need to make tweaks.

    Up. Mayo.

  38. Just striking me now that we are back to where we would have been if we had beaten Roscommon in April, next game against Galway.. I didn’t think we would have beat them then following the league final.. I actually think we have a better chance now. Galway’s round robin wins were both against 14 men so we need to keep everyone on the field!

    For all their brilliance and most consistent team tag, Galway haven’t beaten us this year in 2 games.. I’d say PJ is sick right now!

  39. Let’s look at some of the positives:
    – More pressure on Galway as the home team.
    – A bigger and wider pitch where we do better on against them than in Castlebar.
    – They have some key injury/fitness issues. We will see Cillian on the bench and all reporting fir duty.
    – Our management know they have to get it right after two poor down to earth performances.
    – no motivation necessary for this one – just much more energy and work on directness like v Kerry.
    -Walsh is coaching Cork, not Galway next weekend.
    – We’ll travel early and in massive numbers to see a great win (or worst case scenario, our last game of the year in June after a right battle).

  40. Mayo for Sam,

    You have great faith in Sam Callinan in the half back line (he,he).

  41. @Mayo for Sam. You have Sam Callinan named playing in two positions on that team.

    It was better, yesterday’s performance happening yesterday than in two weeks time. There has to be a far better performance in this mayo team than what we witnessed yesterday.

  42. Was hoping for Galway.Just what we need a good challenge that will bring out the best in us. I’d love to know how “We all knew it was going to be Galway”

  43. Galway have not been going well aswell so this is a winnable match if we get things right incl. not picking a lad that has been clearly not good enough for championship inter county football over a number of years now.
    Win 4 matches and your AI champions.
    No team near Kerry of the 00s or Dublin of the 10s in the draw.
    This is a very winnable AI if we wake up and get our act together and be ruthless in team selection

  44. Referee unfortunately will play a big role n this . Was scandalous yesterday the way Ryan o d was targeted , how many friggin times was he walloped .

  45. This is backs to the wall stuff for McStay and his management team and some hard calls will now have to be made.
    Players he’s been loyal to all season might need a while on the bench and give some fresh legs a chance to prove themselves.
    If we’re going to lose let’s not have any regrets after the game…throw of the shackles and go at them with everything we’ve got – nothing to loose now…

  46. No we won’t be travelling in big numbers..I have noticed a big disconnect with fans and this team…people are sick of paying tip off prices too for tickets..

  47. Fairly predictable. All about psychology now. Not sure about ye on injuries but Comer taking mo part yesterday is worrying plus Sean Kelly on a protective boot after the match not a good sign unless precautionary.

  48. Away draw in Pearse Stadium is fine by me, our record there against Galway is good, better than our recent form in McHale park. Best to learn the lessons from yesterday and move on as quickly as possible. Yes we have put ourselves in a difficult position with a tough path back to Croke Park but one game at a time now. No better team to focus the minds than Galway. Like ourselves, Galway will be coming into this one off the back of a tough group stage in which they should have come out on top. We will give them some rattle, Up Mayo

  49. As Joe said it’s not the draw we wanted but it’s the draw we needed . Kelly most likely out. Comer not fit . We can do this

  50. Knew it would be Galway .

    At least only thing is we always up our game against Galway and being our A game .

    If we do manage to beat Galway we will have momentum back

  51. The Gaa giving us a 2 or 2:30 kickoff would be my last straw with them.We now cannot have a late Saturday game which would have been the ideal option because the hurling has already been fixed for Limerick i think at 6:15 or around then so the best the GAA could do would to be to play Donegal Tyrone late Saturday evening and save our game for Sunday maybe with Kildare Monaghan and play that at 2 and then us at 4 on GAA go as both Tailteann games are fixed for RTE then play Cork Roscommon early on Saturday.Think that’s the best option???

  52. Whatever day it is on it cannot be the same day as the Galway hurlers who are due to play Tipperary next weekend. I heard unofficially the hurling q/fs are on Sat but that not confirmed yet.

  53. I reckon Kelly will be fit judging by Joyce’s interaction with Kelly after he was subbed off yesterday. I’d say it’s an impact injury and something that would normally take a few minutes to run off but he had to be taken off as it was the dying minutes of the game and they couldn’t afford to have someone hobbling around in those last few minutes.

  54. Centre back and whole half back line is not working. You do need Coen as an extra defender as mentioned above. Disgraceful to have COC playing against Ballinrobe and not even on the Mayo 26. He was as likely to get injured in that game as much as against Cork. What did Callinan do to merit being dropped and then not being brought on when Paddy was struggling? Also we need to start our strongest team in all games. We need to start with Conroy, Hession, Callinan and COC and Reape needs to get the curly finger if he does not perform and bring in Tuohy. Also Eoghan McL needs to be brought on earlier. ROD and AOS needs to work on protecting the ball when in possession. ROD is especially fond of giving the ball back to the opposition. Frustrated rant over!

  55. It’s literally in the wind now trying to predict what will happen in this game is bloody pointless we must be the most consistently inconsistent team in the country we just don’t no will we turn up or not but at this stage if the management don’t suck it up and make changes that need changing we’re as well go out , if we circle the wagons get tuned in we have every chance but after that god nos but we seem to be best when backs are to the wall aaaah god help us

  56. This one should have everyone up for it. I’d pay little heed to Joyce and think Comer will play a part, it was a paperwork screw up that kept him an McHugh off the bench yesterday, they lined out with only 24. However I’m convinced Kelly will play no part and Galway management probably blew whatever chance he has by no hauling him off straight away. I doubt he’d get to a QF either the way he was hobbling, looked like an ankle sprain and a fairly bad one at that. That’s a huge blow for them as he’s probably doing more damage for them than Walsh or Comer. Walsh is only making cameos for whatever reason and if the rain comes it will affect his threat. I’d concur with Paddy marking him and McBrien on Comer whenever he takes the field. Galway will be a bit down too having blown their group topping position. This is a real game for fans and neutrals. Doomers stay home we don’t want ye there bringing things down for everyone. Do or die, the way to have it.

  57. Perhaps Callinan carrying a knock.
    Kelly for Galway is a great footballer but not a great FB.

  58. Dreamysleepy – If we beat Galway, we can’t draw Kerry in the quarter final. We can’t draw them again until the final.

  59. It’ll be some atmosphere in saltill that’s for sure might need a glass or two to steady the nerves haha

    Was nit surprised Armagh beat them Shane walsh is off form this year . But I’m glad its Galway and not the rossies at least this will be an entertaining match ha

  60. We got ourselves into a position to win the match. Penalty was really soft. We are not as good as I thought we were. Galway will probably beat us. But ya never know. An all Ireland is well beyond us though.

  61. Mayo GAA Mid-year review

    No playable county grounds (fail)
    U20’s beaten by sligo at home (fail)
    u17’s well beaten by monaghan /won connaught (c-)
    Seniors beaten at home by Ros , nearly lost to louth beaten by cork beat kerry away (d)
    Club football – no focus whatsoever m.walsh cup disaster few clubs fielding teams for it , league not much better with teams in lower division barely fielding teams , loads of lads heading off for summer no c-ship till August , September (major fail)
    Filling 2 full time positions (operation & finance manger) no idea where this process is (major failure)

    Major improvement required for 2nd half of year

  62. Absolutely best draw – keeping positive we should have the strongest panel available than we have had for a long time. Galway mood and mental state right now cannot be good as they also threw away a glorious oppurtunity yesterday plus they have a few injury doubts (Kelly would be a huge loss for them). There would be more pressure on us if it was McHale park so I take Salthill as another positive for us. A win here would give either team serious momentum. Also Mayo’s best games this year have been against teams they are familiar with and the worst againts those we were not familiar with. Someone menioned complacency above and it may have been a factor in the last 2 performances to. I hope the bear is well poked this week and we see a better Mayo the next day

    No need to talk of the week after for now – we know that its Armagh Derry or Dublin if we win thats it !.

  63. @amc
    Thats a great point.
    Beat Roscommon in April and next game Galway.
    There is nothing like a local derby to shake us up. You always think with us we need to be backs to the wall to produce our best. So here we are. Backs to the wall. Time to come out all guns blazing
    Am I right in saying Tyrone were a kick of a ball away from going out yesterday? If so, do you think for 1 minute they will be looking backwards? Not a chance. They will be thinking. Were still in it. Lets go and win the bloody thing.

    Hon Mayo.

  64. That draw has cheered me up. Instead of focusing on our collapse against Cork the talk is all about Galway and from talking to anyone I know in Galway they are not happy at all to have drawn us. We are going into this one as underdogs which takes a little pressure off, we always rise our performance levels for Galway and we play better in Salthill. If I was a Mayo player I’d be licking my lips at this one – a chance to put one over on Galway big time in their own back yard and to bury the demons of yesterday’s loss. This game could really galvanise us in a way that a draw with none of the other counties could have done. Ok so Kildare would have been an easier draw but would we have a big crowd and be able to get up for that game in some sleepy venue in the midlands? Would we really feel we’re back on track if we beat them? There’ll be a big crowd with a great championship atmosphere on Sunday and what a shot in the arm it would give us to take down one of the big beasts. I say bring it on!

  65. I posted last pm that I would travel to Donegal or Kildare but not Salthill and was sure it would be the latter. I still maintain it’s the worst venue in the country for a big game but feck it I’ll be there. Team I’d like to see….
    D. O’Connor
    Go at them from the off and like Armagh in the second half yesterday leave a couple of men inside and put quick ball in to them. Then off to Croker the following weekend followed by a two week break before the semifinal.

  66. I’m kinda glad it’s Galway. We have played them often enough to know how to beat them. If we adopt the same tactics as yesterday, then it’s goodnight Eileen! Many posters blame the pitch, the Ref, the management or the lack of vocal support but the reality is often the fact that some of our players seem to go into freeze zone and trot along in the last few minutes of games like headless chickens as happened yesterday. I don’t like being critical of players but I was very disappointed with them yesterday.Our supporters were very vocal yesterday and in fact my watch alerted me on a few occasions that I was in a loud environment!!!

  67. If Dublin or Kerry were taking on Galway in a big pitch in Salthill without Comer and Kelly they would destroy them. If it’s true they are out we have no excuses.
    Even with one of them missing we should be favourites. Hopefully we make the 2 necessary changes in the half back line, stop passing from side to side, get a few balls in to Aido in the air and don’t be afraid to go for our shots and no shots into the goalies hands. I remember hearing a good coach once said if you can’t get a point get a wide as it will give time to reset for the kick out.

  68. If we win there’s a 50% chance of Derry or Armagh the following week when we’ll be in need of luck. Our big panel would be very useful then. We’re playing a Galway team with some problems.

  69. A good time to get a wounded Galway away from home, however, even if we win against Galway, I can’t see us consistently performing over the next 4 games to win an all-Ireland based 3 out of the 4 performances we have had in the championship to date.

  70. ‘this is a chance to knock Galway out of the championship in salthill . If we were any use as supporters there would be 20 thousand of us in salthill and make it electric .
    It’s in our DNA not to shy away from a battle with Galway , let’s not change that now ffs . Aido , the o connors , paddy and any more of the experienced lads will relish this , watch it unfold we will knock them off their perch’

    Love it Sean Burke, that’s the spirit man!
    Your piece should be read by as many as pos. To hell to with the doomsday men, the trolls, the jump on the band wagoners, the early leavers (plenty yesterday) etc etc etc
    This is the draw I wanted, and against the auld enemy, love it, bring it on..a few tweaks and we’re back on the horse again.
    Mayo til I die..

  71. I don’t or never have seen the point in moaning about who we play , at the end of the day if we are going to get to and win the final we have to beat them all

  72. Do people not understand that Comer was deemed fit enough to be a sub yesterday, a paper work issue which was clearly explained was the reason Galway only had a 24 instead of 26 match day panel.

    Comer will be lining out, and my bet is Kelly will be too. Aidan O’Shea was in a protctive boot in cafe rua on a Tuesday, and then played 70mins on a Sunday.

    Its easy to seek solace in thinking Comer and Kelly won’t start. But that won’t be the case, Galway will spin all types of injury rumours all week, as is the physcological game in GAA. Don’t buy it.

    I get the whole DNA thing, and im sure we will be up for it. But banging the dressing room door on the way out doesn’t cut it anymore. Especially when their is now serious doubts that Kevin is capable of changing glaringly obvious weakness’s in our play. Sam Callinan has the potential, speed, physique, and tacking ability to be our no.6 for the next 10 years………give him his chance.

    We have no defensive structure, so cannot see how we keep Galway out? We got seiriously lucky in the league final, we were wide open down the middle all day, like we have been all year. Can’t see how Galway don’t win this on current form.

  73. Joe G I’d agree with your team apart from Tuohy. The lad is a future star but in the physicality stakes Ruane is significantly stronger and this will be a dogfight. Yesterday was not a day for Ruane’s running game and he was below par generally but I think it foolish to drop the guy for such a big game. The only way I’d consider it is leaving Ruane off for 1st half banking on a 2nd half impact and having him fresher for the week after should we win and that’s high risk to take that decision.

  74. The Tall Tin cup semis are on Sunday and the Sam McGuire games on Saturday, venues/times tbc.
    I got this information from RTE Sport so……..

  75. @shuffly deck. I think teams from same group are kept apart in quarters? So would be a 67% chance

  76. A shocking performance yesterday by management especially.No idea or management of game.
    Galway is a 50/50 game.Stop the lateral merry go round and run at them.Leave some men up also and stop conceding needless frees.Tuohys day will come but it is not now.O Shea powerful but slow so keep him inside.
    This one can be won.

  77. Best Draw possible. Time to reflect on our demise in the space of a Month. Was at all 3 round Robins and can’t believe only 4 weeks ago I was as proud as punch with my chest bursting out through my Mayo Jersey walking the streets of Killarney. Two games later so frustrated as I believe we are better than Cork and Louth I appreciate we did get over the line against Louth at a struggle. So where did it all go wrong and can it be fixed in a week. I believe yes it can but we need to look at our tactics more seriously as yesterday we were Mayod by Cork. Yes Cork actually did a Mayo on us sat back and turned us óver continuously and counter attacked at pace with players running off the shoulder, does that remind you of anybody. So how and why is this happening. I’ll break it down.
    1.On a hot day yesterday we.came out of the dressing room 5 minutes earlier than Cork for a very extended warm up routine.
    2. 10 minutes of this warm up consisted of our players practising long range shots for points which is strange as someone is obviously telling them not to shoot from outside 2t yards an issue which we had no problem with in Killarney when quote we had a free shot at as it was a game we weren’t expected to win. I watched in awe yesterday from the town end of the Mackey Stand as Corks Full Back scored 2 points from play well out on the wing while when we had the Lions share of possession our forwards were afraid to shoot from anything further than what we’ll call the easy % zone.
    3. I was flabbergasted with how Cork let us win everyone of our kick outs with no pressure for the first 55 minutes of the game. For the same period our forwards were on a full press which sapped the energy out of them leaving Cork looking much the fitter side on the home stretch. I think it’s time we started to stagger the press to save some energy.
    4 Finally I think it’s time we start our best 15 with Hession, Eoin and T. Conroy starting and go back to what Mayo do best. Turnover in our own half and break at speed with players running off the shoulder again.
    We have no excuses now Cillian looks like he’ll make the bench next week and Galway may be missing 2 of their best players. They are not that invincible when they couldn’t put an Armagh team without Rhian Ó Néill yesterday. PJ never even gave a post match interview yesterday so I believe he’s in a worse place than we are.
    Mayo by 4 if our line realises we need a different approach

  78. Comer and Kelly will be playing.

    Dear fellow Mayo fans, please let’s not fall into the trap of minimising anything or saying ‘Ara’ or taking anything for granted. That doesn’t work out for us.

    But yes, let’s go redeem ourselves in this game and let’s tear into it. Let the Mayo attitude come back! You don’t mess with us!

  79. Bookies have us at 6/5 to beat Galway and 10 to 1 to win Sam. I also see that our game is on Sunday and the other 3 are on Saturday

  80. Boylesports website have us playing Galway in Salthill next Saturday at 1pm.
    I don’t know how much they know but they usually know it first.
    All games Saturday.
    Galway slight favourites.

  81. Have to frame this one as a huge opportunity, it’s a chance to knock out your biggest rival at home and turbo charge your season, could be a transformative season defining game if approached in the right way

    This game all hinges on Sean Kelly for me, after clifford he is the best player in the country for me. If he is injured then its advantage mayo, if he and comer start it’s advantage galway.

    Also cillian has to start now, this is serious big boy stuff now. Need a grizzled ruthless operator like him starting. It’s sh1t or bust

  82. 1pm is a bizaare time if a Saturday unless they planning to link it in with a galway hurlers double bill. I wouldn’t be able to make it at that hour of the day with training in Dublin on Saturday morning:-(

  83. Both teams are showing the signs of physical and mental wear and tear of a long season. Galway have been built up by the media all year – yet, they flatter to deceive.

    The ultimate goal for both teams was to win Sam. To achieve this is now nigh on impossible – unless management teams agree to pick straws to decide Sunday’s match.

    So, for that reason alone, I can’t see a big crowd turning up – 10,000 tops. Connaught football was dealt a hammer blow yesterday.

  84. The fairweather fans are making their presence felt! I like the idea of Tuohy for the high ball midfield.

  85. Margie you bet me to it , I don’t know about Kelly but you can guarantee comer will be lined out next weekend .

  86. Kelly too, Sean Burke. If I had to bet one way or the other, I’d bet he’d be on the field.

  87. Mayo v Galway
    Tyrone v Donegal

    Peculiar draw isn’t it.

    This will favour the Dubs and Kerry in quarters.

    I said to myself last night that surely those four teams would be kept apart.

  88. Margie – wasn’t the paperwork issue for replacing comer/McHugh with 2 of the standby players?

    Both were named to start so I don’t see how they could have been benched before throw in, but not allowed come on as subs?

    Don’t know what injuries they have so hard to know if they’ll play, but I expect Kelly to feature. Looked like an impact injury to me, which will be fine in a few days.

  89. The usual shadow boxing with injuries and availability over the next 5 days from both sides. If Comer and Kelly are not 100% fit and still line out, then the question is how effective they will be.
    Big test either way.
    Up Mayo.

  90. Galway requesting change to Sunday with Hurlers out. Be interesting see if HQ allow it with all talk of big day only for Tailteann.
    Preliminary QFs be GAAGO

  91. Mark my words Mayo will win this.
    Comer McHugh and Kelly won’t be fit for it.
    Galway without Comer and Kelly are a seriously weakened force.
    Walsh is playing shite to put it bluntly.
    I’ve watched a fair few Galway games this year and they haven’t really been playing well all season despite getting to the league final and winning Connacht.
    Neither team is in a good place though as they have to go straight into a quarter final the following week. Mayo will be hoping for Armagh I’d say if they get over this game. Galway would have to play Dublin or Kerry or Derry. They wouldn’t beat any of them the way they are going.

  92. It looked like Sean Kelly got raked down his achilles and if so won’t recover in time .baffling why Galway left him on.Not really sure what to make of Kelly.very unconventional full back in that he seems to spend most of the time up the field and has a very odd running style and doesn’t appear to be moving that fast but clearly must be.Amazing how the narrative on mayo and Galway has changed so much in a couple of days.I have been a bit baffled why so many pundits had Galway as all Ireland favourites with nothing in particular pointing to that being obvious.Mayo v Galway games are very often the toss of a coin but I think this game seems almost defining for the coming years.I have witnessed all the heartbreaks in all Ireland finals back to 1989 but yesterday seemed like we found a new way to lose a game that we hadn’t yet explored.Anyway with a few positional changes we could give this a right rattle.The next mayo team selection could be the most important one for many years

  93. Margie, did you see the Kelly injury on TV? I’d be shocked if he plays and they’d be seriously risking his chances of playing QF if he does.
    Comer yes will definitely make their 26 and could start. Impressive the way he makes huge impact in games despite nearly always carrying injury. However we have the right guy to mark him in McBrien. Comer can’t blow past him like he does to most defenders. Limiting him to 2/3 points is a good day’s work. Walsh will no doubt kick at least 1 wonder score but again keep him to 2 or 3 and we’re half way there. Galway also picking wrong team with Burke for Finnerty. I can live with Cooke, Tierney and McDaid picking off a few scores so long as all 3 don’t fire on the same day. Obviously Burke is in for “the system” but at the expense of scoring power. They prefer the Galway shawl to pure football and hopefully their conservatism comes to haunt them. Only last year Galway were struggling to finish out games blowing winning leads putting themselves in jeopardy, better this year in that dept but nothing to say they won’t have an off day. I observed yesterday the Galway corner backs were prone to giving away soft frees especially John McGrath … can’t see either of those 2 young bucks handling AOS at all. Pump it over the shawl early for marks. Also can’t see any score raiding defenders in the Galway team bar Kelly and McDaid (going back to 7) if Maher returns due to Kelly’s injury . Galway have a system but their backs are not very big. I expect some chaos the next day and that suits us. An area of weakness for Galway is running at Conroy who doesn’t have pace, isolate the guy as much as possible and run the legs off him.

  94. surely Galway footballers and hurlers cannot be expected to play at different venues on the same day! Our game has to be on Sunday

  95. Galway are not going well and neither are Mayo. Its surprising how much we have gone back but Silke and Molloys absence is now being felt. If Sean and Damien are out its going to be a hard match to win but on the otherhand Mayo are playing poorly too. I didnt want this match as the winners will be really up against it the following week in QF. Ive wrote off this year and will be very surprised if we get back to a final. Mulkerrins may be able to come back in and switch up the forwards and its in Pearce so we will go all out but after that its very hard to see either team in the final unfortunately.

  96. Kelly’s injury looked really bad if Gakway risk him then more fool them and a serious risk to players welfare if they allow him to play.

    Actually looking forward to this game. Since when did mayo ever make it easy for themselves always seem to have to go the hard way. This is a test we need though and mayo will be 100% up for this and put everything on the line for it . I think Tommy c should start for 1 and cillian o Connor.

  97. Bonus pod is up on Patreon – Rob and I are on it, providing initial reaction to this morning’s Championship draw. In-depth episode to come later tonight too, with Mike, Colm Boyle and Ed McGreal.

  98. GAA calendar app has updated on my phone and put Galway Mayo in at 4pm on Sunday

  99. Yes I’d agree with Tommy C starting although James Carr is a great man to get goals vs Galway, Tommy’s a handful and an early point would be a great boost too. With Cillian my guess is he’s no longer injured but needed a club game to get some match fitness in his legs. I’d expect him in the 26 this time but not to start, coming on when needed with Ryan going out to the 40 at that point. Sam Callinan I’m not so sure. Was it simply squad rotation as young players don’t have the same S&C built up over years or maybe just a niggle but good enough to let play club.

  100. Agree with posters saying pressing every kick out is pointless as we will be under pressure at MF… So what’s the alternative. Try something new at 6, and have a man behind him covering runners coming through. It seems to be working for other counties…? But who would play the role and should this not have been worked on all year like Galway did or kerry did last Yr in the league…

  101. @ Gizzmobobs let Galway concede home venue and play hurling and football games at the same venue.

  102. I’m not unhappy with that draw as Mayo often seem to struggle against what might appear to be more benign opposition. The real challenge here is now having to crack two tough counties two weekends in a row if we are to stay alive.

  103. Both teams got what they deserved really, beating Kerry yet failing to top the group is absolutely criminal, while Galway certainly took their eye off the ball a bit yesterday – I suspect Comer and McHugh start yesterday if that’s a knockout game so there was probably an element of playing the odds – but Tyrone’s surprise result threw a spanner in the works.

    Mayo’s performance was just so poor its very hard to see how things can lift in a week, but sport is funny, and Mayo seem to only truly perform when written off these days. Galway had been getting away with it a bit I felt and a loss was always on the cards in the group stage but to be fair it was more carelessness than anything that cost them yesterday, and they’re the better side than Mayo on current form, so should win.

    While the fixture will certainly be a great occasion, its hard to shake off the idea the loser will just be sent packing the week after. Galway are 67% likely to get Kerry or Dublin, while there’s no hope Mayo are putting two wins against two top teams back to back at present. Very disappointing weekend for Connacht

  104. Willie Joe, I think I need to hear Colm Boyle later. It’s like drinking a cup of herbal tea. It might settle the nerves.
    I bet Colm Boyle never thought he’d be compared to drinking a cup of herbal tea.
    This drawn has me agitated (haha).

  105. Some lads who would have dropped Jordan Flynn last week have Matthew Ruane pushed out this week.
    He must be performing in training and does slump from time to time in games, but our tactics against packed defence don’t suit him or most of our forwards.
    Need to be running straight at them with hungry runners on their shoulders- you get through to shoot or you get fouled and a scorable free. Energy and pace!!
    I do find it hard to defend Conor Loftus and his tackling frailties. He’s there to break forward but like Ruane, he’s not suited to the pussyf- footing around patient forward play.only works on an odd visit forward.
    Management has to give the licence to raid forward at pace! It will yield results. Also AOS living in their square making 10-15 yard runs and creating some mayhem, and if Kelly plays keep in back there.

  106. positives –
    Mayo always play their best ball when you least expect it.
    The players wont fear Galway, or playing in Salthill.
    We have options to change up the game plan and bring serious pace into the team that will challenge Galway and put their highly influential hf line on the backfoot.
    If Sean Kelly is out, he’s a huge loss to Galway – his influence on the game yesterday was immense. Had he stayed on the pitch, Galway would have won, imo.

    negatives –
    Galway look more comfortable and more composed with their game plan, despite yesterday’s defeat.
    If they get their blanket right, they’ve enough shooters to pick us off from distance and, on the counter.
    A number of Mayo players looked gassed yesterday, serious question marks over S&C, especially in final quarter.
    We’ve put ourselves in winning positions at the right times in the last two games, but poor game mgmt & unforced errors, have cost us dearly. Surrendering 5 and 6 point leads successively to division two teams, when the game is there to be closed out, is a troubling symptom to have developed for any team that has an ambition to go all the way.

    Overall, I think whoever wins, will struggle to get up to the pitch of it, against a rested team in a QF in Croker. Especially if the winning team ships a few injuries in what will likely be a highly attritional battle. Looking forward to it, a proper knock out game against the auld enemy, everything on the line. Sure isn’t that what its all about? Lets enjoy it for what it is, come what may.

  107. I have said it before, Leave The Bear in the Square. Aiden stayed around the square in the early league games especially Donegal game and destroyed them. Since then he himself or manegement have him moving all round the field and he hasnt been as effective. Leave him as near to goal as possible and let the ball into him, simple football.

  108. Hopefully Kelly and Comer are fully fit to play. May the best team win. I’d play Hession as sweeper from 10. Conroy more of impact sub imo
    More than anything we need to put an end to the codology at CHB or Galway will roast us.
    We are both coming back after defeats and we deserve each other.

  109. @Gizmobobs: If Galway request anything with regard to scheduling, we should repay the favour from the league final and turn it down, if asked, saying we’ll be in Pearse Stadium at the originally scheduled time. Take the attitude of the late Bill Shankly who once said that if he had his way, he wouldn’t even tell opponents the time of the kick off!

    As regards team selection, there are a number of starting players who are out of form and have been for some time. IMO this is the time to be brave.

    For starters, take Conor Loftus out of centre-back, he has not been performing and if anyone thinks he has the instincts of a defender, have a look at the phase of play that led to Cork’s penalty yesterday. An auld fashioned back would have taken man and ball outside the parallelogram and cough up a point rather than a goal.

    Our entire half-backline is an issue, Paddy D has also been very out of sorts while Donnacha McHugh looked tentative yesterday. Would we get more out of Eoghan McLoughlin and Enda Hession?

    James Carr is often up and down form-wise and has been poor the last few games. Is there a case for putting Cillian in there? Or Tommy Conroy, who has been good off the bench IMO and must be close to full fitness by now?

    Matty Ruane is also very out of form, although this is a more difficult problem for us to fix, given how specialist a position midfielder is.

    There are also a few minor things which can be fixed easily, like Aido not taking line balls, and Colm Reape going longer with the kickouts when we’re a point up late in the game.

    I think we need to be a bit more aggressive, we lost out in the physical stakes to Cork yesterday, and if it happens again against a pepped-up Galway, we won’t be in the championship much longer.

  110. Midfield is a major worry going into this.
    Cooke and Maher have been huge additions to their Midfield options with conroy and Madrid floating around there too.

    Diarmuid/jordan/ruane and Carney all excellent players in their own rights but they are all the same player essentially, ie athletic box to box guys who aren’t great on fielding or winning primary ball.

    Ruane is a mystery. Theres no in-between with him, he is either completely unplayable and contending for motm or he is utterly wretched.

    Think Sunday was the poorest I ever seen Durcan play but given he wiped out Tierney in the league final I expect he will resume that role again

    Be interesting to see who would pick up AoS with Kelly out, mulkerrins on paper seems to be the only one with the physical attributes but he hasn’t kicked a ball in anger in over 18mths

  111. @Wideball, jesus you could be right, I thought it was Comer that could not be added. Either way he’ll be fine for the weekend.

    @Shufflydeck, I saw it last night, to me it looked impact and could even have been a dead leg. No training will be done, so e good physio and hea y strapping and Kelly will be good to go I bet.

    No point us worring about Galways line up, they will be formidable as always. Its our own selection we need to worry about. For me, Loftus, Carney Carr, and McHugh need to be on the bench.

    Tommy, Enda, Sam and Eoghan from the start please.

  112. thanks Swallow Swoops and your most welcome.

    @culmore – agreed. Look no further than his drop of the shoulder yesterday in the first half, had Aido managed to put that away we’d all be lauding it now. He has a serious skill level at close quarters that needs to be primarily utilised closer to goal.

  113. Galway are consistent but don’t agree they are in particularly good form. Struggled past Tyrone and Westmeath even with an extra man. Armagh game was just a continuation of that. They looked bang average in the league final too.

    The game is there for us to win and get back on track, no excuses.

  114. Galway fan here, worst draw possible for both teams imo but I’d suspect Comer and McHugh to play some part. Kelly was holding his ankle when the clash happened, I’d be fearful as he is comfortably our best player.

    Regardless of whatever team comes out on top next Sunday (thats the talk) will have a big ask to lift their game for a week later in the AIQF.

  115. @michaelincork: Sure they’re two different sets of supporters, it won’t impact them too much. Galway hurlers always played their league games in Athenry and Ballinasloe til relatively recently, footballers played in Tuam. You won’t find many people from Milltown or Corofin travelling to watch the hurlers, or many from Portumna or Craughwell following the footballers.

    There’s a few lads in my club from East Galway who aren’t even sure of many of the football rules, how many steps are allowed and so on. Gone are the days of the dual player at senior inter-county level too.

    So I wouldn’t worry about their supporters at all, although it seems that our game will get the prime slot on Sunday anyway.

  116. One thing is for sure nobody will be taking the group stages for granted next year.

    There was an awful lot of loose talk floating around during the past week about it making no difference where you came in the group and lack of jeapordy etc, you wonder if that kind of soft talk leaked into the likes of galway, mayo and roscommon and they are now paying a stiff price for their complacency

    It looks like an extremely precarious route for any of those teams that have designs on AI now.
    Whereas teams like armagh and derry can put the feet up and feel very good about life now for a few weeks while their players recover

    What price a penalty shootout next week? Could you imagine the tension?

  117. Supermac
    Don’t even go there. There would need to a serious amount of defibrillators on standby should that come to pass.

  118. Lol lets face it ahnow. Its going to penalties, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Probably for the best I’m going to be marooned in Dublin for it, I couldn’t handle that level of tension.

    Was rewatching again last night for my sins and I still can’t figure out who, if anyone, was picking up sherlock. 1-05 he clipped over in the last quater with nobody within yards of him. Also Ruairi deane at 11 ran amok all day running down the heart of mayo defence

  119. Galway and Mayo management fucked up yesterday. Now the road to Croker is harder for both teams. Trying to play three hard matches in three weekends is some ask. Whatever team wins next weekend will find it hard to progress

  120. I would be amazed if it is Sunday – It would be in direct competition with the Tailteann Cup and my impression is the GAA do not want to put Sam Maguire up against Tailteann Cup as it has the potential to overshadow it and hense it would feel devalued.
    I wonder would they shift the hurling to Sunday and play football Saturday evening ?

  121. Down for Sunday at 2pm on paddypower with all other games listed for Saturday so Sunday at 2pm looks likely.
    This looks alot like 2019 where we struggled then pulled out a big performance against Donegal in last game of super 8s only to run out of steam against a fresh strong opponent (dublin) 6-7days later. Too many things not going right. I’d fancy Galway by a few points as they are due to win one of these straight KO dogfights against us.

  122. ACTUALLY FEELING A BIT MORE OPTIMISTIC NOW! Best Draw we could get for the preliminary. Mayo will be up for this one. Its knockout now that game v Cork is history and hopefully we will LEARN. Nothing like being dumped out of the Championship to Focus the mind. I expect Changes to CHB, MF and 2 Changes to forward Line. Cillain and Tommy MUST start if Fit. DOC into CHB, FLYNN TO MF.along with Mattie. need a big game from the three of them. form a Diamond around the Middle and attack at pace. no more of this slow lethargic build up. pop the Ball over the Blanket to Aido and cause havoc. if Cillian and Tommy and Ryan are buzzing around Aido then we can win. We need Support out Next sunday. Lets Roar on the Lads, Lets roar on Mayo.

  123. The back of me head still feels tender after watching that belt on the back of jack Carneys head ..???

  124. @Wayne Scales: If they bounced a pre-arranged hurling fixture for a football game that has only just come to pass, the reaction would be explosive. I can almost hear Donal Óg fulminating down in Cork now…

  125. @Muckle I think the players would prefer games week in week out rather than training.
    Games quick and fast will suit Dublin with no travel.
    All games should be played on Saturday as originally scheduled

  126. “It means nothing to me”

    Don’t think it would be fair on Galway to have the footballers and hurlers play two knockout matches on the same day at different venues. I know many Galway people who support both codes. Having said that, it would be a nice gesture on mayo’s part to agree to a double header but why should we ? We need to take every opportunity we can to rock them. So hopefully the two games are on the same day at different venues. After all, all is fair in love and war !

  127. Mayo need backs to the wall games all the time it seems..they thrive on a bit of jeopardy. It’ll be a much better performance this weekend coming but they are probably best put out of their misery sooner rather than later. Management need to make at least 5 major changes to starting line up and show that they are ruthless.

  128. @It Means Nothing to Me – fair point. i guess we will just leave it to the GAA brainstrust!

  129. God if we lose this game there could be war. Galway hopefully down a few big names might give us the edge. If management get this wrong and don’t make serious adjustments from Cork then it genuinely will knock so much belief out of players and fans. Only 1 year into a 4 year term. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that

  130. Kelly will be an enormous loss, hard to see how he’ll make it, and they’ll surely want to have a replacement lined up early in the week. Sean Fitzgerald? or rejig elsewhere and have Hernon playing in the full back line if needs be? John Maher was probably their best player against Mayo in the league final, so he could easily start with McDaid moving back to the wing. Incredibly Galway could be without 4 starters from the starting backline in the final last year

    I’d be shocked if Comer didn’t start, but I expect Joyce will play coy all week on it, with him maybe not even named to start.

    It would be typical of Shane Walsh to catch fire all of a sudden, he has to be due a big game somewhere. Comer has traditionally been a far bigger threat to us though, and Cooke is definitely coming strongly into form

    After making the league final its a huge anti-climax for either team to then not even make a championship quarter, and I expect the winner to go out the week after.

  131. I thought it was a bit lame from Rochy yesterday in interview to say that he didn’t know what went wrong psychologically as he’s not qualified in sports psychology! I mean, come on. That’s a real cop out if ever I heard it and it screams of Mayo management not taking responsibility. All the best managers were highly tuned in to their players, ie Cyril Farrell, Jim Gavin, Mickey Harte, Loughnane etc etc etc.

    There’ll be an uprising if serious changes in personnel and attitude aren’t made next week. I truly wonder if they’ve a clue what they’re at right now. Hearing comments like that from Rochy is concerning.

  132. The real championship starts v Galway.
    A pity it has come in a preliminary qualifier.
    Time for everyone to pull together and be counted.
    My guess is that the Dubs will await the winner in the quarter final.
    It’s set up nicely for a Kerry v Dublin final unless another team or two can beat them both.

    They are favourites for a reason.

  133. Can someone remind me of the PJ quote when Mayo requested the league final to be played a day earlier.

  134. The congested calendar was always liable to throw up clashes when there are weekends with both hurling and football scheduled, Galway lost their last match in each code, so this could have been avoided from their perspective.

    The Tailtean games deserve their day in the sun and if the GAA are even remotely serious about the competition they need to give it the necessary spotlight on Sunday

  135. Exactly what we deserve! Yesterday was the lowest point in a long time as a mayo fan.

    I said before we have a cohort of fans who are delusional and for the birds. We are nowhere near an All Ireland. After the Louth performance I was weary of Cork and rightly so. We should have been further behind at half time and to not push on when 6 points up in excusable. We nearly blew the league final too only for the keeper. We have no defence esp down middle and teams open us up. How many goal chances have we allowed teams to create this year? Yesterday showed we had No leaders on the pitch…our captain should have been taken off and then at the end instead of being on the edge of the square to win a penalty or create chaos at goalmouth to try sneak a draw and top the group AOS goes out to take a free! We had 2 or 3 who performed that’s it and the rest threw in the towel when the going got tough!

    We have a management team consisting of 2 guys who have been there before and cannot still figure out how to break a blanket defence down…its the same shit every year with us. All the management team should be held accountable and as a fan id love to know how much they have got in expenses over the years! And then off the pitch the actual pitch is a joke. We are becoming a laughing stock. Celebrating prematurely vs Kerry in a game that was worth fuck all!

    It could be all over next week unless we actually come up with a game plan that involves a scoring strategy unlike 3 of the 4 games we played this year in championship! Galway will sit back and wait for us to run into the tackle and get suffocated by a blanket!

  136. If the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result then some of the comments are in the same league.suddenly everyone now realises that Conor Loftus isn’t a centre back and that Matt ruane isn’t a fielder of the ball and we will ping balls into Aidan o Shea and cause havoc against Galway.great all our problems are solved.I don’t claim to be an expert in any way but the first two issues have been obvious for some time and have been targeted by the opposition and why would we suddenly start pinging balls into o Shea when in most games we try everything but attempting a kick pass into the edge of the square.This game has to the potential to become a bitter auld dogfight if the reaction after the league final is anything to go by .I hope we have something left to give but morale cannot be very good after yesterday

  137. @SeaninGalway: When you say “people who support both codes”, do you mean people who go to the NHL, NFL, championship games in hurling and football? Or people who watch both on the tv? IMO arrangements could be made to look after the former but not the latter.

    These issues crop up all the time. I remember we asked to bring the bring the league final forward to give us a little bit of extra time to prepare for the Roscommon game, and Galway said no. That was their right at the time, but the boot might be on the other foot now.

    Whatever time it throws in at, I’d hope a big Mayo crowd will travel.

  138. Mayo should ignore every request from Galway to facilitate them. If Galway supporters would rather support the hurlers, thats their problem. Its not as if the Galway football supporters appear too bothered anyway, by the small attendance in Carrick yesterday and Mullingar a few weeks ago.

    I’m grasping at straws a little, but I’d say the pressure on Galway will be immense, they will be hot favorites, home advantage, etc. And their management team will be finished if they lose, definite P45 for Joyce. A home draw in Castlebar for this match would not have helped us.

  139. Any chance of a double header in Limerick next Saturday. Football on before the hurling. Would be great for Galway supporters.!!

  140. I agree with you PK maybe thats the problem appointing guys that were there before and won f all. Rochford came close but won nothing and McStay was a selector with Anthony Egan in 95 when we were relegated to division 3 and beat out the gate below in Tuam by 10 points in the Connacht Championship. Strange how the supporters can see where our problems lie but our management cannot

  141. @it means nothing to me – I mean people who travel. But I fully agree with you (as I said), why should we facilitate them.

  142. Important that Aiden does not wander. Kelly is the man that will be marking him. If he does not wander Kelly will stay at home. Kelly is in my opinion Galways engine. If he is actually injured then that could be a big psychological blow for Galway. The Galway goalkeeper has been shown to be under pressure with the high ball. Aiden in on top of the two of them will unsettle the backline.

    I dont think this is rocket science. Long range attempts – feed off the big man in the square – target Galway keeper – tighten up CHB and mark their key forwards out of the game. Galway will also be pissed off after not getting to QF. Forget about across the field back and forth stuff. They will be expected by all to win. If we can rattle them they may get frustrated as the game moves on. Armagh would have upset their momentum and may have got into their heads.

    This is serious stuff and management have now to front up and make the right decisions. This is a Connacht derby final without a back door. We can beat Galway – everyone knows that down through the decades. This is an opportunity to be pure ruthless all the way down to refusing to agree on any date changes if requested unless suitable to ourselves. At this stage we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Worry about QF later.

  143. Suxpointsuo. . What about our own Management team? 150 minutes of championship football. Aos and carr inside. Not one high ball in to test the full back line in both matches. Dropped boland who could score from distance. . Massive similarity between us and donegal s style of football for the last 3 years. I wonder why.

  144. According to Irish Examiner one or two matches will be played on Sunday,I can bet we will be one.

  145. Just saw there with Boylesports, Dubs and Kerry at 2s, Galway 9/1 and Mayo,Tyrone and Armagh all 10/1.

  146. Craggy – I agree 100%. Granted PJ might come under pressure in Galway but no denying that he’s built on from Kevin Walsh and has back to back Connaught titles and a AI final appearance to his name. Before he took over no one would have expected that.

    Our management team keep telling us how they have a combined 70+ years experience. If we lose to Galway on Sunday we will have 100% regressed since Horan left. This so called dream team better start working their magic. No cut in attack no shape in defence against 2 Div 2 teams

  147. @CraggyBoglands. I see your point and agree with your analysis of the failings, but our management team is in its first year, and in all fairness if we got rid of them, what next? I think any management team needs 2, perhaps 3 years so I’d let the current team have it.

  148. Look I was fuming yesterday and got soaked down there too.
    However we can beat the blanket defence we have proven that the old narrative that we struggle with that is BS. Every team does which is why teams set up like that in the first place. It like we have no marquis forwards despite having the all time leading championship scorer….say something often enough and people just start saying it back to you!!
    What we have is a defensive problem which comes from having a good player in the wrong position………and there seems now to be acknowledgement of this even on here finally. We have the tools to fix that.
    We also have a midfield issue which is harder to fix entirely and Bob Touhy at 19 is not the answer.
    Still though we can win this one.
    Last year we were looking forward to having Cillian, ROD, Tommy Conroy and D McBrien and AOS fit together… we have them on Sunday when we need them.
    Remember Cillian scored 2-6 on Saturday for his club (am I correct) and TC scored 1-1 off the bench yesterday…….
    Those are the facts……now we might well lose in Salthill but its not a foregone conclusion.
    However we need to figure out how to hold a lead…….we are all sick of this softheaded shite at this stage

  149. Not sure we can blame managermet team for yesterday, even after the penalty we should have seen the game out, just totally lost the plot.
    Was hopeing to get Kildare, think we will see a better Mayo team for this one and it will have to be, Galway are beatable and away game not that much of an issue with support we bring

  150. When cork got within 2pts one of our lads should have gone down to kill the momentum or done something to disrupt their waves of pressure.

  151. I think we should accept our lot and slip out this weekend. Take the league victory and ending Kerrys home record as highs from the season. That team looks spent for this season got their planning all wrong by the looks of it. struggling with division 2 opposition, while Kerry and Dublin are hitting their stride just at the right time. Is a narrow victory over Galway worth it, to end up in an 2019 style obliteration the week afters against Kerry or Dublin?

  152. Some great comments on here.
    Agree with Liberal role in the tie about Rochford.
    I worked with a Laois selector and he told me the first thing Micko did was get rid of the psychologists.
    I have been banging on about the mess in Donegal last year and we are the same this year.

  153. As an 80 year old and on yesterday’s performance I have decided not to look at any more of Mayo’s matches. They build one up expecting good things only to let you down with a bang and do so consistently
    Peed-off Mayoman

  154. It might take some people a few years to understand what I’m on about with Rochford. Nothing personal but I just Don’t rate his philosophy. They couldn’t wait to see the back of him in donegal. Mcstay needs to take control. Too many cooks in this so called dream team management. So many involved. Could not just one of them see the damage sherlock was doing when he came in. Try carney at full like horan used to do. Try something for god sake. Bringing in Kevin mcgloughlin with 3 minutes last. A very experienced man. What was that about. Leaving mchugh on for so long. . Not moving matty to half forward. No high ball in. So on so on. Get a grip Kevin mcstay and stop listening to the negative possession seletor who embarrassed us with his interview

  155. PK I agree with alot of what you say but the game in Kerry was worth 2 points not fuck all.
    There are no better options than the management team we have that I can think of.
    We can beat a blanket defence we did yesterday and against Louth and Galway in league final and they drew in Castlebar what we cant do is hold a lead and defend down the middle…..that has to be fixed and yes management have to take the responsibility for the strategy in the first place but we have the players to at least get that right.
    By the way some posters on here 1985 in particular was drawing attention to the issue with Conor at 6 for the last 5 weeks and no one really gave it much steam

  156. If I’m honest both teams had disastrous results yesterday. Topping the group was all but achieved and would have made a monumental difference if only for the next few weeks.
    In saying that there are not going to be easy games from now on either way so you potentially win next weekend, draw Derry or Armagh and get to a semi.
    It looks completely set up for a Dublin Kerry final from here but there is always a spanner in the worx!!!!

  157. Crikey I thought I can be negative but that’s some defeatist attitude above from David .

  158. If we win next week we cannot be drawn against Kerry in the quarters. Our confidence is shattered from what I witnessed yesterday. No confidence to trust our kick passing. No confidence to take on outside or medium range shots (apart from Jordan who ploughed a lone forrow yesterday). No confidence to break the first tackler instead run headlong into a defender, stop, turn back and either hold on too long or lose possession. Too many players passing the buck and waiting for someone else to make something happen. Jordan was the only player to stand up yesterday. I agree with WJ and other supporters that there needs to be wholesale changes made for next week, otherwise its another summer on the piss in America for the lads.

  159. @David yeah it’s pretty defeatist attitude as sean Burke said!

    Our guys certainly won’t go down easily without giving it one hell of a shot at the weekend as I said we always up our game v galway . It’s actually the best draw we could have gotten I think anyway..

    Actually feeling a bit better after finding out it was Galway..wasn’t a shock horror though typical ha.

  160. @it means nothing to me for the league final I recall what PJ said at the time is that we will be there at the scheduled time of the 4pm on the Sunday. He said it was not his position to agree to a rescheduling as Galway were not informed of one. Of course it is your right to do exactly the same thing this weekend.

    @six points up I was in Carrick yesterday and believe it or not the support was very equal. The much vaunted Armagh support was no bigger than ours. Yes the crowd was small (I think I heard 8k over the PA and with it being on TV did not help I guess). However out of respect for those dual fans it would be very unfair to have both Galway senior teams involved in serious knockout championship action on the same day. And decent GAA person should see that. It is not as if these matches come around every week.

  161. Atonement Day coming up – time for Mayo to make reparation. Hope we get Gough, or at least someone competent as ref – Paul Faloon (Down) was a disaster yesterday. Gaelic Football is dying as a spectacle, and with a 4th division ref in charge of key games, who penalises the men in possession, then the demise is hastened further. But our naivete and inexperience showed also – a bit of street smarts a la Keegan and Boyle was badly missed?
    Maigh Eo Abu.

  162. Armagh didn’t read the script yesterday, neither did Kildare or West Meath. We are still well in this championship and has already been alluded to Maigheo normally thrive under knockout pressure. I thought the ref yesterday had a very negative effect on the game and was disappointed we didn’t match Corks physicality, even though it bordered on blatant fouling. I wonder will the punch to Carney be punished by the CCC. I think an extra game is no harm considering the way we are playing and if we go out, at least do so with some Pride. I fancy Maigheo to get over the line V Gaillimh (might take penalties though!!) . Gwan Maigheo.

  163. @Clare one hell of a fight? Where was the fight yestetday whete was it against Louth? Kerry hammered Louth by 28 points

  164. I got a yellow card on this site last Jan (and rightly so, my comment was too personalized about a player). Anyhow everyone on here knows the position that isn’t working and a good few have said it from day 1.

    Yesterday was a throwback to the Longford loss in my opinion, the nature of the defeat was one of the worst.

    Not a single player showed for Reape towards the end. Cork new this from the last day v Louth, once that penalty went in there was only going to be one result.

    As for the lads on the sideline, nothing further to add than what has already been said here just to say that how can nearly all Mayo supporters see where the faults are but the management can’t?

    Personal and positional changes needed the next day or we are dust I’m afraid, the thing is I don’t see the management making changes, that would be an admission on their side that they have gotten things way way wrong this year.

  165. Àll four games will be on Saturday they won’t be pitching these games against the tailteann matches on Sunday or are the GAA in HQ total fools.

  166. Yesterday was a strange one. It felt as if there was some politics going on the camp that was affecting the team. Cannot put my finger on it but these things do happen. Just a thought.

  167. @JR. I agree with you that the best training for football is to play football. The problem with highly competitive matches is that physiologically it is too draining. The glycogen levels become too depleted and cannot be replaced quickly enough. That is often the reason a team seems flat after too much exertion the previous week. It happened to Mayo in the past when the team was flat after a hard match the week before.

  168. There is being realistic and being negative.For the most part yesterdays display was to put it mildly fairly shocking and the last 15 minutes were the worst from a mayo team in over 10 years.yesterday was the opportunity to reach quarter final and have two weeks to prepare at our ease and we didn’t put up one hell of a fight whatever that means .But having said all that we are still in the championship and if the management now show a bit of bravery then all is not lost.The path to an all Ireland is now extremely difficult but we can still beat Galway but tactical and personnel changes are would scarcely see what happened in the last 15 minutes yesterday go on in an under 14 game

  169. The Gaa calendar app updated my phone calendar earlier;
    Galway v Mayo: Preliminary Quarter-Final, GAA Football All-Ireland Championship (Details TBC)
    Sunday, 25 June?16:00 – 17:45

  170. Now I believe we will beat Galway. Its what Mayo do. Could not understand some supporters writing Cork off .
    Cork went very very near beating Kerry in Round 2. Kerry got the penalty and Cork also got a black card. Tight margins . We should have protected the 6 point lead but over the last 20 years we have a bad habit of letting teams back into games. Having said that the penalty was harsh and to a lesser extent the yellow instead of a red for the Cork Number 3 but sometimes a Team going down to 14 can spur them on

    Paudie O Shea once said that the Kerry supporters were animals but we may not be far behind them. Win a big game and the discussion is who we can meet in the Final . Loose one and Management, players are all useless and of course Panel Players who have had little or no game time to date should all be on the team

  171. Cork should have taken us out in 2017. Derry almost did in the same year. Kildare dumped us out in 2018. We have sailed close to the wind too many times and completely capitulated yesterday. The form since the league has been very bad (Kerry being the exception).

    Common denominator of all the above was Rochy was involved. And in 2017 we went to put in some of our finest ever displays after coming through some real scares. Perhaps management were looking too far ahead and got complacent. Which in itself is inexcusable.

    But maybe there was method to all this. Problem is, we have cocked it up rightly after yesterday and it could be too late to rectify

  172. @1985 as I said ..just trying to not be all doom and gloom doesn’t get you anywhere yes it was a bad day yesterday as we all know but its over with all we can do is hope for better at the weekend .

    If we’re good enough to beat Galway we will if not no point in going any further .

  173. The lack of fight and street smarts when Mayo went 6 up was alarming and demoralizing. How Mayo did not slow it down or pack up the defence a bit more even after the penalty beggars belief. They also looked out on their feet which doesn’t bode well for Galway game.
    I am not optimistic however they will surely be right up for this one and it is an ideal draw in that sense but looks like the end of the road for Mayo the following week in a QF if they surprise us and win. They would be up against a team with 2 weeks rest and preparation against a team who just went to hell and back to beat Galway. (Same applies to Galway if they beat us, think it is the end of the road for them).

    Team I would start if all fit or close:
    Callinan McBrien O’Hora
    Hession (Sweeper)
    McLaughlin Durcan Coen
    DOC Ruane
    Flynn Carney Conroy
    ROD O’Shea COC

  174. I am aware Clare that you like to be positive but there has to be realism involved.As I said I still think we could beat Galway but ignoring what happened yesterday doesn’t solve it and I agree if we don’t beat Galway there is no point going any further because we wont be

  175. Looking forward to Saturday……I wouldn’t be too comfy if I was a Galway man…..

  176. @1985 I am not saying yesterday wasn’t awful it was even I can admit that. I agree there has to be changes made is well and subs brought on sooner .

    Not sure why Sam calinan was dropped was he injured or? I think we missed him a lot yesterday.

    I think paddy normally has a better game but that’s the 1st time he’s started after the injury he got so I’m thinking it’s down to that .

    I do think we can beat Galway but end of the day doesn’t matter the opposition if we’re good enough to beat them we will if not so be it end of.

  177. Agree Martyk ye have it in the bag..
    I’d say Mayo will reproduce the hammering ye gave Kerry..

  178. Folks, we were only six up for about 30 seconds in reality, yesterday.

    And it was a cringfest against Kerry last year for about the last 20 minutes of the second half. They scored and we couldn’t.
    Same against Kildare last year in the Championship.
    That’s THE SAME thing as what happened yesterday, pretty much.
    Common denominator – blanket defences, no Mayo competent *shooting from outside the blanket*.
    We didn’t become a bad team overnight or due to McStay. Teams are using the blanket against us and we don’t have an answer to it yet.
    That said, what Jordan Flynn did yesterday is my answer to it. Bang.

  179. That’s a great team mayoaremagic88 – 16 players, we should go close with that !

  180. Hasn’t work only started in tuam last week ? Anyway I’d expect in the region of 15 k possibly even 20k for this one

  181. That’s not correct, Swallow Swoops. We beat the Louth blanket but then coughed up a very cheap 1-1 very late when at last they decided to come out and play and we were six points up against the blanket yesterday. It was old-fashioned throwing caution to the wind by Cork – and a complete failure on our part to mark Sherlock – that beat us yesterday not the blanket defence.

  182. @Tuamstar – a one point win away to the all ireland favorites would do just fine for us

  183. @JKEL88 yeah that would be just grand ha

    @Tuamstar sure ye are the favourites by a good bit in many people minds for this one :p haha

  184. Can people please get over Galway people must think they are the best in Ireland they also got beat yesterday if we fear any team we shouldn’t be playing we should worry about us and our problems every one knows what they are Kevin and Co should have been working on something after the louth game I think management over looked cork because of teams who beat them I also taught we would win by 4 or 5

  185. Quite right willie joe. Failure by management to curb sherlock s influence. I believe. We have the players but are they allowed to play or are they playing to a negative system

  186. Our offence dried up at the end to be fair also WJ. Our defence collapsed and not marking Sherlock unforgivable but we failed to keep the scoreboard ticking over also

  187. Craggy,Stephen Rochford was three years with Donegal,they certainly showed more patience than we are giving out management team,on yesterday’s game until ten minutes from the e d we more than held our own,against Louth it was the last two minutes,not much evidence that we were wide open or that our midfield malfunctioned,I think that Stephen must have really beaten you in some .atch

  188. For sure, Our time has come. That’s on us, though, it wasn’t any blanket defence issue that caused that.

    I’m not sure I’d pin a failure to mark Sherlock on management, Craggy! The players on the pitch had to do that and while I get what you’re saying about instructions, the free rein he was given was an on-field failure.

  189. Swallow swoops you cant say we have no answer to the blanket defence and then say Jordan Flynn had the answer. We had the work done then collasped in our own defence.
    Contary to common belife perhaps the way to beat Mayo is not with blanket defence but rather run at them go straight down the middle a bang in goals…….
    It could get like that in Salthill if we dont block the center.
    Galway are well capable of putting 10 points on us on Sunday…make no mistake

  190. At least Padraig Joyce wont be able to credibly talk about Mayo getting soft frees after Limerick yesterday. I hope we win and dont pick up any injuries. Galway on the evidence so far this year would seem to have the advantage at winning primary possession at midfield. I suppose theres as much chance of Galway giving Mayo an easy game as Mayo giving Galway an easy game. It could actually be a blessing in disguise if (and its a big IF) the victors dont pick up any injuries. The phony war is over, hope for a better ref than yesterday in LImerick..The Ref for the league final was very good in fairness.

  191. Willie Joe brings up a good point.
    We get in a position where we have beaten the blanket and then we concede scores heavily.
    We do struggle to put up a decent score against blankets.
    But we fail consistently on one specific thing “Don’t concede a goal”.
    We can’t solve a problem if half point to several different partial problems.
    If the goal doesn’t happen we keep them at arms length. We can use the clock to panic them, not us.
    BTW it did look like we were fairly heavy going on the warm up. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The work on the warmup is not existing in a vacuum separate to the work in the match.
    Soccer teams just tip around as a warmup.

  192. The GAA are treating supporters abominably this year and today is just the latest episode. Is it any wonder attendances are on the slide? They’re losing the room rapidly with this carry-on.

  193. The problem Corick Bridge is that we have turned into Donegal under Rochford. Slow, ponderous and ultimately losing. 3 brutal low scoring performances in our last outings. Roscommon, Louth and now Cork.

  194. This is just what the doctor ordered.

    Galway are no great shakes. I actually think they are overrated.

    They have a dodgy goalkeeper, half of their defence are rookies. Kelly took a heavy knock yesterday,

    Conroy is hitting 35 and is well passed his prime, Comer is in and out injured

    Walsh is completely off form at the moment, finnerty can’t get an momentum as he is continually dropped

    This is the exact game we need to get our championship properly up and running

  195. Holy Crap!! Just remembered who was our MOTM for league final.
    We’ll want to tighten things up in front of Reape big time before the next day.
    Colm played a starring role in league final, but we rode our luck that day also.
    I wouldn’t expect Galway to butcher as many chances again.
    Its 10 years since we hammered them in Pearse stadium, they’re still hurting from that,
    there will be no quarter given or asked for.

  196. Yes Willie Joe and we should throw caution to the wind and stop this over and back the field and get the ball in quickly with foot passing and a few high balls in also. Too many afraid they will give the ball away. Of course our defence will be open if they all run up the field. Good kick passing will keep the defence in place. Anyone that can’t win 50/50 ball should be watching from the stand. Brian Cody philosophy and he didn’t do too badly.

  197. Right lads it’s clearly time to give Galway a good auld bashing before Sunday.a dodgy goalkeeper,no defence,an old man playing in midfield and off form and injured forwards.we have enough problems with our own team at the minute without insulting the opposition.Galway lost by a point in a game they could easily have won and will be extremely difficult to beat in salthill

  198. Willie Joe and all, yes, we couldn’t deal with Sherlock yesterday.
    Against Louth, we had the game pretty much won by having a five point lead with 90 seconds to go. Conceding 4 points still allowed us to win the game, which is the aim late on.
    It was a sin yesterday to allow that goal chance for Cork straight after our goal. That turned the game. After that we were three points up. I think there were ten minutes of normal time left.
    What do you do then?
    Do you protect your lead or do you aim to score?
    We find it hard to score against these teams.
    And our opponents get scores more easily against us.
    Perhaps you are saying that we were better off defending strongly for those ten to fifteen minutes rather than investing energy trying to score ourselves. I’m not fond of protecting a lead as a way to win. I prefer to score. We’ve seen it work against us before.
    I notice our style of play often leaves gaps at the back.
    I’m not sure how we can ignore the logic of the blanket on the way things played out on the field at the end of the game. What was going through players’ heads? What was at stake in the things they did or decisions they made?

  199. Really disappointed after yesterday, I think it’s worse Mayo performance since 2010, Longford, our form line has been poor since league final with exception of Kerry game. Also blanket defences is not our problem, up by 5 v Louth, 6 yesterday. Problems are in midfield, and defence, players switching off and not tracking guys, this is shocking at this level. I always try to analyse games calmly, but I’m still really annoyed today, no point putting in months and months of hard work, complete dedication to the Mayo “cause” and produce that yesterday! Sorry, not acceptable. Please Mayo Senior Team, do yourselves justice and bring complete controlled aggression to Salthill, don’t be bullied, we were yesterday. Sorry Willie Joe about the rant, you run a great forum here!

  200. Though, I must defer to you, Willie Joe and others. You were at the game and I wasn’t.
    You would think Cork had to come out to play when chasing a lead and that would leave gaps for us to run into or score.
    I wonder why that did not happen.

  201. I think we lost all composure, Swallow Swoops, at least that’s what it looked like. Failing to reset after the goal was, as you’ve already said yourself, the key thing and looking back on it later the attempted defending was ridiculously poor. We should have erected a screen on the ’45 and kept them out there but they cut right through us, as they’d done repeatedly all day. Then when the lead was whittled down we panicked and simply collapsed. Only one team was playing for the last 7/8 minutes, it was so painful to watch.

    Agreed, Michael in Cork – the LGFA game is on at the same time on Sunday. It’s only today that they finally confirmed the venue for that one as the Athletic Grounds. Little wonder the LGA players are up on arms with the way they’re being treated.

  202. The West is best,I don’t believe that we played like that the two years he was in charge,remember that he won an all Ireland as a player and manager,Corafin certainly played an entertaining game,perhaps he had better players,as I said earlier our problems came after we brought on our subs

  203. Train booked ,last night I didn’t think I’d be anywhere this type of anticipation level today but I honestly am really looking forward to it , when did we last play Galway in a real knockout in Connacht where supporters were allowed to attend , it’s hardly 99 in tuam ?

  204. Do any other team sports do such long and strenuous warm ups before big games especially considering the temperatures and humidity levels at the moment? Not saying we are right or wrong but just interested to know.

  205. Thanks, Willie Joe. I appreciate that insight.

    Sean Burke, you are mad being that excited already and I say that as a compliment. We are a crazy bunch – after the lows of yesterday we’ve found a new go to us. Hope we have fun over the coming week.

  206. I didnt watch the game back but did subbing 3 backs for 3 attacking backs upset the balance of the defence. We lost a lot of shape and composure as a result. I also think we need Coen on for the end of a game so maybe he doesnt start the next day. Would be nice to have Plunkett as an option but i’m not sure what the story is with him injury wise. Still think we have a decent panel and this could be the game we unleash COC, TC and ROD together. I’d move Jordan to midfield and Mattie to half forward or rotate them as needed…

  207. Perhaps aido will have to spend more time around the middle than on the edge of the square , I don’t think they will opt to go short kick out even if we let them

  208. @Joe G., I’m of the anecdotal view these strenuous warm ups are a hangover from out of date thinking.
    My observation of top soccer teams is that the warmup is extremely light. You see GAA teams warming up and guys are blowing hard, repeated 3/4 pace sprints, handpass drills, tackling drills. Total time a full ten mins of fair repeated moving. Look at us just before throw in, we are blowing for breath. When did you ever see a soccer team blowing for breath just before throw in?
    There’s any amount of paid SnC bullshitters will say this is all necessary. But, I mean a ‘paid’ role is hardly going to say it’s not necessary.

  209. Galway’s paperwork SNAFU yesterday appears to have gone under the radar. Damien Comer and Dylan McHugh were both named to start but neither were fit. It seems that Galway failed to lodge medical notes on time in relation to both of them, which, had they done so, would have allowed them to replace Comer and McHugh in the match-day 26. This failure meant they had to go with just 24 players for the game instead. Odd that there’s very little mention of this screw-up, all the more so as they were beaten. I can only imagine if that were us yesterday what the reaction here and elsewhere would have been.

  210. @JP. I was thinking pretty much along those lines as I’ve never seen that sort of energy used up by soccer, rugby union or rugby league teams.

  211. Leantimes I thought we were cleaned out in midfield by Armagh yesterday every long kickout seemed to be won by them. Lets see the injury situation before drawing conclusions but all joking aside if we are missing Kelly, Comer we will be badly weakened and I think we are playing very slowly with lads looking tired but that could just be a false impression. Salthill gives Galway an advantage alright but do we agree that both teams appear incredibly to have gone out of form at just the wrong time.

  212. Management will have to plan carefully for this one.
    Galway and Mayo will both surely lift it for this game.
    Do Mayo run out of gas in games in the last 10 or 15 minutes?
    Galway very ordinary v Armagh yesterday, it wasn’t a very out and out defensive game from both teams.
    Mayo may have peaked too soon this year in winning the league.
    A few changes in personnel and positions needed to freshen things up.

  213. I hope they get the shit kicked out of them. They don’t deserve anything after that final loss to Tyrone I have no faith left, and going by the crowds at game I’m not the only one

  214. It was a long day lol.

    COC was meant to be down as a sub.

    Think that’s 15 now 😛

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