It’s Galway

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The Round 4 football qualifier draw has just been made and we’ve been paired with Galway. Should we get over this hurdle at the weekend, this means that we’re in Group 1 for the Super 8s, long with Kerry, Donegal and the winners of Clare and Meath.

So that’s the road now facing us but, of course, the only thing that matters for us is next weekend and our knockout meeting then with [NAME]. Details of the date and time of this match, and all the other Round 4 ties, will be confirmed by the GAA later on today.

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  1. We know as much about them as they know about us would have been nice to stay apart but away we go again. The Hyde??

  2. Galway were poor against Roscommon and are very beatable, but I think they will be up for this. Beating Mayo seems to be the height of their ambitions every year and I think they took their eye off the ball in the Connacht final because they thought they’d be playing us. I think they’ll see this game as an opportunity.

  3. Perfect.
    Time to get one over these. I expect a lot more injuries after this weekend!

  4. Not a perfect draw particularly due to injury situation.

    However we do have a chance. Sky will show it at 7 Saturday night in the Hyde.

    Very demanding now if we qualify coz it’s kerry away following week. Also huge hype for this game which ups the demands on the players.

    Big plus? Tyrone are in other side as are Cork.

    WJ – I think the site crashed for a few minutes after the draw was made.

  5. Is it true that the Hyde was not going to used for the replay if the Connacht Final had ended in a draw, because of work to be done to the place? If that’s the case, surely we won’t be playing there?

  6. Great draw for the neutral. But for our injuries and the squad we have at the moment is not great. If we get over Galway we’d have to hit for Killarney the following week.

  7. Disaster really. Im sure Galway would of like to have drawn Laois or Clare. This tie will re-ignite the Galway players after that deflating loss to Roscommon. I think its a step too far in our current injury crisis. However the winner has a good chance of making the semi final, a win against Donegal or Kerry coupled with a win over Clare/Meath is not impossible by any stretch.

  8. Was hoping to avoid them. Having said that we really need to put a stop to their hold on us. It’s gone far enough. Any kind of hag of a win is what we’re after now.

  9. And we are descent for the Kerry, Donegal group, when we beat Galway first game away to Kerry in the super 8’s. Good news is win the next two games and we are in a pole position.

  10. Strongest team and worst side of the super 8’s. While you need to be able to beat any team to win an all Ireland the draw isn’t helping us. That been said we shouldn’t be having this problem and should have beaten Roscommon

  11. The worst possible draw, we have no luck. Playing Galway with half a team.

  12. I think from the consensus on the blog last few days,
    we wont be winning the all ireland..

    So wouldn’t it be nice to beat galway on the way!
    Then go to kilarney and.. beat kilarney,
    then meath :-O

    Hang on a sec, thats 3 from 3!!
    beat donegal, beat tyrone :-O and beat dublin in final :-O

    surely we cannot can we…

  13. Last team I wanted but it is what it is now

    A division 1 team who made semi last year and have beaten us 5 in a row in competitive games, as opposed to 3 sides who played division 2 this year and nowhere super 8s last year (except cork but only because of their province)

    Just have to get on with it now though

  14. Great draw for neutrals, Rte have a football qualifier on Sun at 2, so we could be playing then…
    Look it’s what I wanted , tough game and if we are good enough so be it, if not , it’s a change for next year which a lot of people here will want.. I am happier to have a tough game rather than going into the 8s with a one point win over Laois.. A big week of chat and banter I’m sure..

  15. Going to be a long week waiting to hear a team update! I really wont know how to feel about our chances without knowing what players we have involved.

    There is certainly no love lost between the teams and I can see it being extremely physical to say the least. Lets hope there are no more injuries arising from the match! Fingers crossed we put those galway lads back in their box!

  16. Could have been better,but to win Sam you have to beat the best,can we look forward with confidence because it is soon enough to be deflated after a loss,so we will win and onwards and upwards for the rest of the season,up Mayo

  17. Honestly, if i was a conspiracy theorist i would would swear the powers that be are trying to keep 2 teams from every province in the Super 8s, because lets face it no leinster side outside of Dublin belongs there and no munster side outside of Kerry belongs there.

    2nd week in a row they have drawn the best 4 teams in the draw against each other (cavan, tyrone, galway, mayo)

    Cork will have to beat Limerick and Laois to reach super 8s this year, how is that fair? Armagh are much better than some of the teams that will be in super 8s

    Anyway, initial frustration aside, we are still in with a decent chance to beat Galway, not a happy camp at the minute by all accounts. Their injury situation is worse than ours and crucially Comer is likely going to be out.

  18. The word “disaster” is getting overused on this site. If we have notions of pushing on for as long as possible this year, we needed a step up again next weekend. If we win that, we go to Kerry the following weekend on another step up but to meet a team we beat twice already this year.
    Glass half full, folks!

  19. Mayo i feel will beat Galway next Saturday Galway are not as good as they were last year so this is an opportunity for Mayo to win against them
    Interesting draw this morning
    Come ON MAYO

  20. Will be very hard to compete in the middle against their big men. Clarke will have to go short.
    Can he do that successfully for 70 mins ..
    Hard to see how we can pull this one off if keegan and doherty are injured
    But you’d never know ..

  21. You know it’s a good draw when the Mayo GAA Blog is overwhelmed by the amount of traffic!

    This will be an extremely difficult game but win and not only do we set up ourselves up for the summer we finally turnover Galway and dump them out of the championship. If that’s not motivation enough for team and support alike then I don’t know what is.

  22. @JR westlife are in Croke Park so that rules out that venue for all of the matches.

    I think we get past galway as you said we beat kerry at home (no fear of Kerry), we beat clare /meath and then we draw with donegal! Should see us through

  23. Croke Park can’t be used

    A coin toss would be a waste of time for us
    Both venues would suit Galway !!!!!

    The Hyde please
    It has fine facilities :@

  24. The only team winning the AI is Dublin. I think we’ll be destroyed in the middle by Galway. They were cruising against the Ross, 5 points up and mentally switched off (bit like ourselves on Saturday) , im sure they have learned. With no Lee Keegan to mark Shane Walsh he’ll play absolute puck on us! F**k these draws, no luck at all.

  25. great draw , huge game with the super 8s up for grabs , galway coming off a loss and mayo coming off two wins , bring it on , also tyrone will not be in the group so thats extra incentive for galway and mayo to win the game.
    Up Mayo!

  26. In a way, this is the perfect tie for Galway. Not for us, as we now have to go full strength again. That is full strength, less Ruane, DOC, Keegan and potentially without JD, AOS.

    I would expect Caff & Plunkett to start and would like to see EOD, on the pitch second half. Need to start giving our back 6 a breather.

    Forwards look fresh enough, maybe Andy coming off the bench.

    Midfield is where the issue is. Our failure to get any foothold there against Armagh, put our defense & goalkeeper under serious pressure. Seamie has to get game time, but will be rusty, we will probably have to give Murray another go. Vaughan did well on the ball against Armagh, but won very little. If fit AOS, will be targeted again.

    If it was me and thank god it isn’t, but I would have Mc loughnlin sweeping and playing off AOS for kickouts. Also, and this would be very contentious, but Hennelly’s kickout could almost bypass the galway midfield and could maybe target Cillian & Fionn at Half forward.
    Of course, all this depends on how Galway set-up. If they concede the kick out great, but I think they have to target midfield.
    Bookies have us slight favorites, I don’t see it that way, but at the game gets closer, I normally get more positive.

  27. I agree with you Miss Mayo i love your positivity regarding beating Kerry Clare/Meath and drew with Donegal

  28. Probably the Best /Worst Draw James Horan/ Kevin Walsh could possibly get….Both team’s will be up for it— I’d say it will probably be in Dr Hyde Park, a place we have a very good record in…. The Mayo Public will be anxious to know any updates on the fitness of several Player’s, Galway people will be anxious to know about Damien Comer…. Could possibly have the Galway/Mayo Minor Match on as a curtain raiser before hand?

  29. Team for Galway
    1.David Clarke
    2.Brendan Harrison on Marrin Farragher
    3.Caolan Crowe on Damien Comer
    4.Chris Barrett
    5.Paddy Durcan on Shane Walsh if Lee is injured
    6.Colm Boyle
    7.Keith Higgins
    8.Aidan O’Shea
    9.Donal Vaughan/ Seamie O’Shea
    10.Fionn McDonagh
    11.Kevin McLoughlin
    12.Jason Doherty
    13.James Carr
    14.Cillian O’Connor
    15.Darren Coen

  30. Perfect, this is the one I was hoping for because
    – Horan can now dust down his Plan A
    – Galway were as flat as pancakes against Roscommon and no matches since then
    – Kevin Walsh is on his last legs as manager
    – We know Hyde Park really well and it’s a short journey for the team
    – Make no mistake about it, our lads will be fired up big time for this, maroon rag to a bull and all that.
    – Hopefully Keegan and Doherty will both be able to start.
    – Roll the dice and all the better if it’s on Sunday as it gives us another recovery day

  31. Perfect draw for us. WTF, posters afraid of Galway? If it was Cavan, posters would be talking of the Super 8s and how difficult it is for accommodation in Killarney at this time of year.

    Hyde would be ideal venue.

  32. The servers appeared to get a bit heated for a while there alright, Ultair! Yesterday, by the way, saw a new daily high for page views on the blog, topping 34k for the first time ever. Crazy days.

  33. God help me, I work and live in Galway and my OH is a Tribesman.

    Could be a good time to get Galway…? Coming off the back of a loss and not all rosy in the camp? With the attitude and spirit we showed on Sat, even with all the injuries, I can’t see why we can’t finally get them.

    Roll on the team being named… Up Mayo!

  34. If it was Cavan we wouldn’t be playing in Killarney as we would be in the other super 8 group. It has presented us with worst possible super 8 route
    Which is reason for some of the pessimism
    We can pretend to dress it up whatever way we want but it’s the worst draw
    Doesn’t mean we won’t win but it will prob come at a cost after another physical game and then we face into Kerry away

  35. Of course, injuries are a problem but it’s very encouraging to see the young guys stepping up to the plate, so I’m not too disheartened at all about our chances going forward. Galway will have done a lot of soul searching following the Roscommon defeat and no doubt wondering what is their best team, we, on the other hand, haven’t much choice but to go with the flow and trust the players to deliver on the day. The run of matches even though not pretty be times, could stand to us in the short term anyway and with some of the newbies growing in confidence this Galway match is there for the taking.

  36. Mayo dunphy..I wish I was as confident as you about our chances.. This game is 50/50 without question.

  37. It’s the injuries, full deck and I’d have np in saying we’d take the fookers. We need a miracle to win the midfield and that’s how it will be won

  38. Cillian hasn’t a notion of starting
    Andy prob back in and will be raring to go
    Hope loftus brings his free kicking boots !

  39. This is a good time to get the monkey off the back, they’re in as bad an injury situation as us and they looked a lost team in the Connacht final. Hoping Mikey gets another chance this week, game passed him by a little on Sat but a fine footballer

  40. I think the lads will be motivated for this one. We know them well and we owe them.
    Like your post Olive Kerrigan!
    If we can make and convert scoring chances that’ll take us a long way. Would also like to see some rotation/rest for our back three somewhere along the line. Go on Mayo!

  41. If the Connacht Council have brains minor game will be on before it, allow the young lads the experience. But it will be said that it’s impossible as this is not a Connacht Council fixture. Galway have been poor this year, likely to be Kevin Walsh’s last game so it’s hard to know how they’ll be on the day. Mayo are showing signs of fatigue, good opportunity for squad players on both sides to step up

  42. Good draw, beat them now and get that monkey of our back, for the league and particularly for the Connaught championship 2020.
    We have a lot of injuries but on the plus side Cillian is back and have a number of good players that have not featured in the qualifiers such as Carr and E O Donohue.
    My team would be
    Cillian O Connor

  43. I don’t understand this fear of Galway. They haven’t played well all year. The players have doubts about their Manager. The Madraí ár Sráideanna Gaillimh know it’s this managements last year. Mayo’s games against Down and Armagh are good preparation for the type of play Galway strive to deliver. I think Armagh are a better team than Galway right now. The risk I see is the injury problems and Mayo’s habit of making life difficult for themselves. If Mayo can get the intensity juices flowing in the game I would expect the Galway team to retreat into their defensive shell. Mayo need to attack the Galway full-back line which is lacking confidence at the moment. A combination of D.Coen, Carr, Moran, O’Connor and Regan could put this Galway shawl out of its misery!

  44. @Swallow Swoops… Agree with you there, as regards some rotation in our defense…Who have we?….. Ger Cafferkey, Eoin O’Donoghue, David Drake, (Donal Vaughan and Stephen Coen could be used in the defense or alternatively in Midfield) and possibly Kevin McLoughlin as a sweeper, or half back…. I think that they are the alternative’s !

  45. KM 79, point taken, but my point was that posters are veering between complacency if they sense a ‘soft’ Team, and fear if it’s anyone else.

  46. What is with people unhappy with the draw v galway . If we are good enough we have to step up. A good tough test is what mayo need, wanting easy games is crazy. With a few good players out, it’s a good chance for young players to impress . It would be a bonus to get to the super 8s. Lots of county’s would love to be in our position.

  47. I think the Hyde is a no go, am I right in saying after last years Connacht final the Gaa stated that no other big games would be played there unless the stadium was brought up to certain standards.

  48. Paddy power thinks we will win we are 5/6. Not that I will chance a weeks wages. I think we can do it and I look forward to seeing you all in killarney

  49. They never did the work that they were told to do so wouldn’t have been allowed a Connacht Final in Hyde. But my understanding is that that was only the terms laid down by the Connacht Council. Roscommon will play there in the Super 8s so cant be an issue

  50. I cant understand the negativity on this blog recently.Its certainly not the best draw as regards the super 8 route that presents itself if we do win.Aside from that its a great draw for us.Galway are demoralised and decimated with injury,not a harmonious camp and a dead man walking as manager.We owe them one big time and we’ll outnumber them 10/1 in the stands.This is going to be a great occasion and we’re going to win.

  51. Tough draw but trying to look at the positives here
    – Cillian’s back – Free-taking will be vital. The Galway shawl tends to generate plenty of frees
    – Coen and McDonagh have come in to form at the perfect time. Big additions to the squad.
    – We have momemtum – 2 tough games and 2 good wins dug out. (contrast with Galway’s lat game)
    – Comer cant be 100% – not sure of the latest but assume there is a chance he will play but may not be 100%
    – Despite injuries we have good options – Murray, Treacy, Caff, McCormack, Plunkett – these could all be guys to play a key role against Galway even if its off the bench –

  52. The only good thing about the draw…..
    I cannot actually think of anything good about it.

    I suppose we have a week to recover from Saturdays tough battle.

    More playing time for some of the newer lads so that is a very good thing.

    Working in Galway so the digs will be low, hard and frequent, for the full week.

    Last week we would have given anything to have gotten by Armagh so I suppose it’s time to grin and bear the draw.

    I’m not so sure Galway would have beaten Armagh. In fact I’m leaning towards Armagh would have sent Galway packing.

  53. It’s exciting though , 1999 the last time we played them in knockout game , oh boy what a day that was when we sent the all Ireland champions packing from Tuam

  54. Anywhere but Limerick it’s not too far from Galway and they Have a good road but it’s a long way from Carratigue Blacksod And Achill

  55. I would like us to beat Galway and make the super 8’s. Even a round 1 defeat wouldn’t be a disaster. As for coin toss, yes I’d be happy to play in either Castlebar or Salthill as in reality both teams will be well supported so home advantage irrelevant. So long as calm day in Salthill not windy I’d be happy there too.
    To beat Galway I think we’ll need Vaughan on the pitch for workrate and as backup man to Aido who got little support now for 2 weeks. Doesn’t need to win clean ball, just stop the Galway bucks winning clean. McLoughlin as the best mopper up in the team also needs to be out around there as attacking sweeper with hopefully Higgins as defensive sweeper wearing 6.
    On the negative side without Comer they became completely rudderless vs Ros. Even if Comer becomes available he’ll be rusty. Farragher has AI experience but low on experience at this level. For some reason Ian Burke was ineffective v Ros, let’s hope he repeats the dose. Silke who did a great job vs us in 2017 didn’t do that we’ll v Ros. Also if they play captain Gary O Donnell they’re minus a dynamic defender. Bradshaw’s discipline is iffy so we should run at him all day and see can he pick up a black. Other half back Daly is possible up and coming star but still lacks experience. That’s their weakest line. Dylan wall might play and Kieran Molloy I think is still injured who’s the closest they have to a Paddy Durcan. Cillian starting could give us a few % and he has such a competitive edge. Galway were my worst pick of the 4 being a div 1 team but let’s give it everything. Mayo good with backs to the wall.

  56. Clarke
    Mcloughlin (sweeper)
    Carr or Andy

    That’s how I’d start. Our defence is screaming out for a break. EOD has to play at sometime otherwise how on earth can he progress. Harry’s form has really dipped so change it up. Some faith needs to be put in Stephen Coen. His biggest flaw is pace. Other than that he’s a tight defender and very strong in the tackle and I felt his performances for us in the league in 2019 were good. Higgins needs a breather but what a guy to bring in if and when required.

    Bring Kevin back as a sweeper and roaving attacker.

  57. We are overdue a win over them – we have momentum and we are battle hardened. Galway may be well rested but they might also be a bit rusty so they mightnt be up to the intensity levels straight away. This might be the one draw that could lift mayo for one more push – a Cavan or a Meath might not have brought out the same competitive juices when the body is tiring. This will be tight but I think we’ll do it.

  58. For all the posters saying they can’t understand the fear of Galway it is probably the toughest draw we could have got. Galway mightn’t be in a good place but you can be damn sure they will raise their game for Mayo. We are carrying a lot of injuries and will be lucky to see the other side of this game without more. If we get through we then have another one week turnaround to playing Kerry in Killarney. Outside of Tyrone ending up in the same group as ourselves Kerry and Donegal it is about as bad a draw as we could have got. Someone mentioned easy games are no good to us…well I’d rather a so called easier option as opposed to playing Galway and Kerry with a one week turnaround with the injuries we are carrying.

  59. Of course the coin toss might be just a rumour but would prefer Portlaoise to Limerick if it was a choice. Maybe the counties could agree that venue. And why not Ennis either, can’t see us selling it out. Limerick has 50K+ capacity, bigger than needed.

  60. Ps I don’t see any point in pessimism. The players are in a field of dreams. We should be relishing the occasion. We’re getting our annual day out vs Galway after all. Worry about super 8s if we get there.

  61. 20k mayo 5k Galway , that’s what you’d be looking to accommodate . Can’t see them settling for a ground with less than 26-30k capacity

  62. What players are Galway missing because I’m hearing that they are nearly back to full strength?

  63. Not the draw I would have wanted. Galway are extremely inconsistent except when it comes to when they play us when they are always consistent as can be seen from their last 6 or 7 games against us. Will be interesting to see venue Wonder if there’s a possibility of a double header in Limerick. One thing this week is that we should not be demanding up dates from management in terms of the well being of Keegan Doherty etc saying that we have a RIGHT to know. We don’t have a right.Why would JH be giving out any information that would help Galway. He played a blinder last week. Co board statement didn’t mention Cillian. He made 4 changes from selected team. We won. Management s job is to play their cards close to their chest and prepare the team as well as possible. I am not surprised he was annoyed at the questioning of training techniques re Ruane and O Connor. Mayo picked up a serious amount of injuries on Saturday as was pointed out on Sunday Game. I expect lots of changes again and a seriously depleted squad for next week but its time enough for Galway to know about that when the ball is thrown in. Our job as supporters is to back the team vocally which in fairness most do but the amount of criticism aimed at certain players and management is a bit over the top in my opinion. For example the number of posters who said AOS should not be taking frees. I have watched him all year and last Saturday was the first time he kicked a free away(might be wrong but can’t remember any other) O and by the way it was his accurate free into Andy which set up our first goal. Anyway tough task ahead and if we win it gets a lot tougher. Up Mayo.

  64. People, please stop talking about Limerick, or Anywhere else other than a Connacht Venue for this fixture…. Utter Noncence…Dr Hyde Park is due to host it’s Home Match in the Super Eight’s the following week in any case….If it can do that, which obsiously it most certainly can…It can host Galway and Mayo… unless the powers that be in Galway and Mayo decided to toss for home venue .. I don’t think that is an option… If the Hyde can’t host it, neither could Pearce Stadium… The Hyde is at least as good if not better than the Salthill Venue, if you take parking and access to the roads into account….If it’s a big Stadium that you need… Mchale Park is the only option…. over 18,700 were there on Saturday evening last, with the capisity to hold almost the same amount of people more..It was a bigger attendance than the Connacht Final between Galway and Roscommon, and Pearce Stadium looked pretty full….It has to be the Hyde!

  65. That’s probably the toughest draw we could have gotten, we’re as well to get it out of the way and see how we do. For Galway they probably see it as the second toughest given they were 7 points up against Tyrone in the League before thankfully they had a full systems meltdown and lost by 7, which was how we ended up getting to the League final.
    We’re very much operating on a makeshift midfield, Galway will target AOS in midfield (if he can play as some are suggesting he was in a leg brace after the game on Saturday night).
    At the risk of triggering a load of folks, the obvious thing for any team to do is to push up and target Clarkes kickouts. It always amazes me how it’s an outfield player that gets the criticism from some if there’s an issue with Clarke’s kickouts. Yes he’s a great shot stopper and yes he commands the square but I wouldn’t be surprised if Horan opts for Hennelly but that is likely to break the internet if it happens.
    As regards our performance against Armagh, we looked a bit clueless at times and they were quite physical. The short kickout became a necessity given the inability to kick long effectively, but it really was suicide stuff and we laboured getting the ball up the field and were turned over too many times. That and the number of unforced errors/interceptions we gave away was criminal. We’ve gone from having the most effective midfield in the League this year and best back 6 in the country over the last few years to a makeshift arrangement in the Centre and a creaky, under-performing backline. About the only thing I can see improvement in is our forward lines who were much improved in terms of accuracy in the second half despite getting little by way of opportunity. Stuff to work on but I’m not sure the personnel are there to improve all the issues we have sufficiently for Galway or even if we are successful there, to make a fist of it in the Super 8’s.

    As regards Armagh, they were probably the most physical of sides we were going to encounter and it certainly looked to have been a bruising encounter. The did squander a few opportunities but we were also way too loose in our marking and very nearly let them back into the game and I didn’t fancy our chances had they run us to extra time. Deegan did have a bit of a shocker but I don’t see how there was any favoritism towards us overall as seems to be alleged in various parts.
    They were probably unfortunate with the amount of added time given, but 4 minutes were called and 5 minutes were played. The Extra time thing is not something that would have been unique to that game on Saturday and we’ve seen the team we encounter next become experts at taking their good old time about things when they have any slight score advantage. Also I’m not sure where McGeeney gets off criticizing the Deegan for his performance, given his comment on Cormac Reilly in Limerick in 2014 was that he didn’t see any issues with that and that Reilly was “letting the game flow”. I don’t think he liked how the game flowed on Saturday night too much.

    As for Galway – my own preference would be to have the game either in Tullamore or the Hyde – somewhere thats a similar distance for both teams to travel. I think it would be crazy to send people to Limerick or Ennis, but then this is the GAA who’s ability to find the least suitable solution to some things is quite spectacular at times.

  66. Mayo are actually in better shape injuries wise than galway at the minute.
    Hopefully cillian fit to start, think we may need him for the full thing.

    Galway at the end of the road with Kevin Walsh, Malachy O’Rourke is waiting by the phone

  67. Game for the blood pressure its a 50/50 usually but Mayo must be concerned given their injuries but Galways form is poor but I see us raising our game for Mayo and it being a niggly tough affair. A game for Comer to wreck havoc and Molloy to run hard at that defence. Dont be surprised at the Galway team starting. Gaillimh Abu.

  68. And another thing while I am at it… If by some GUBU (Gross Unbelievable Bizzare Unprecedented, something Charlie Haughey said once upon a time.) ..The CCCC decided that this fixture should not be held in Connacht…If Mayo were ever to play Galway in a Connacht Final again…It could only be played in Castlebar or outside of Connacht if you were to be consistent…. Pearce Stadium is a very small Venue with terrible, parking and traffic problems and could not possibly ever hope to host another Connacht Final… And that’s a fact!

  69. Duggan, Conroy, O’Currain, Flynn, maybe Molloy (although came on the last day) and probably Comer as a sub is my brief summation from what ive seen online, mainly hoganstand

  70. No more kicking the Can down the road, Mayo to go out with very positive attitude & play to their very best , whatever team is fielded, go for it & win, no f**ki acting in the backs.

  71. Good draw i feel as Galway are in poor form and probably missing more players than Mayo. Common sense that this game will be in Hyde park or toss for home advantage. Game played in limerick would be nonsense.

  72. God it’s Galway… beautiful county. It’s not an easy draw but I just imagine me playing for Mayo, young man fit and rearing to go. I’d love this chance to get out there and give it all for my beloved Mayo. I’m sure ever man, dog monkey and any other creature you like in Mayo will be chomping at the bit for this one. July has burst through the door and kicked the stool from under me. Time to get up and play ball. So I injuries happen. We seem to have a magnetic pull on them but sure we still have a panel of men who must be thriving on something. It’s a rollercoaster….scares the shite outta ya but you just have to get up and do it again. Let’s get up and do it together. Let’s not talk fear and injury and anxiety. Let’s not think beyond this next game and give it everything. It’s great to be alive, great to have a game against Galway, great to have an opportunity to change the pattern, great to see young blood coming into our team, great to see JH cranky, great to see Cillian back and it’s great to be from Mayo. Have no fear. Believe and never give up cause we’re living the dream. Come on Mayo. Let’s dance…big Mayo hug everyone….aaaaaaahhhhhhh yes!!

  73. This is a game I cannot call. Galway are not playing well this year. A lot of the players not buying into KW’s ultra defensive system. Although Mayo have injury worries there is still a togetherness about the panel. I feel there should be 2 double headers in Croker Sat & Sun.

    14:00 Meath v Clare
    16:00 Galway v Mayo

    14:00 Cork v Laois
    16:00 Cavan v Tyrone

  74. Sorry lads but is westlife in croker this weekend not an absolute joke. Its like the games are an inconvenience to the GAA. Its July Croke Park should not be holding concerts.

  75. Man of Aran, Westlife are playing in Croke Park this weekend and as Dublin aren’t in round 4 of the qualifiers there’s no need for the GAA to move Westlife to another venue like Limerick.
    There will be no games there this weekend.

  76. Well bollocks anyways, worst draw possible. Going to be v physical, discipline will be huge, can’t afford any red cards if we get to Super 8s. I’d pretty much start the exact team Mayonaze has listed above except I’d throw Treacy/Boland in for Doherty. Vaughan will 100% start for his physicality alone, if Comer is fit I’d throw Coen on him, he’d stick to him like glue. Harrison isn’t a full back, needs to be moved back into the corner. V concerned by Paddy Durkan’s form, he got roasted on Saturday and hasn’t been great this year TBH. Gonna be some athmosphere on Saturday, we really really need to win this one.

  77. Not entirely happy with that draw and Mayo folk I have spoken to ditto. Untrue to say height of our ambition is to beat ye guys. That is a total rose tinted view. Maybe in 2015/2016 ish but not now. Problem is KW has not moved on in terms of style with a full press so as well documented we are not getting maximum benefit from our talented squad. Look I would have preferred Clare or Laois no more than ye preferring Cavan or Meath but it is what it is.

  78. AxelM….Fantastic, hit the nail on the head there!
    We are living the dream …long may it last!

  79. The only definite injuries are Duggan, Comer and Conroy.
    I would expect comer and Conroy to be named on the bench.
    There has been major upheaval here since the Rossie defeat, the team needs changing and I would hope he will go for it by starting Mc Daid, Farragher and Molloy with Power to come back in goal. Farragher has been in stunning form here in local championship for Corofin scoring 3 4 from play last week. He got 1 min against Roscommon, a disgrace!
    If Lavelle starts in goal our goose will be cooked, Comer has played 10 mins of ball in a year.. so again if you see him on the field this weekend its desperate times..

  80. pick the biggest most physical team available to start and lay down a marker.
    Would play SOS for the first 25 if he’s fit then bring Vaughan in. Carr in the FF line with Coen. SCoen Sweeping. Cillian at center forward.anyone hiting AOS late needs to be sorted by the rest of the team

  81. Chesneychet – I get your point re Croke Park but there is no way a Mayo Galway qualifier should be played in Croke Park and ask fans and players to make the trek up there

  82. No qualifier should be in a half empty Croke Park anyways. It has always been ridiculous

  83. We didn’t mention Caolan Crowe – he’s still got to be a good option in the back line. I won’t forget that good performance in Ballybofey last year. We need players for rotation and we have them.

    For all roles, I’m not 100% sure. Could Paddy Durcan do a man marking role like Lee if needed? Higgins is pacy too – Higgins on Shane Walsh? (Sorry guys, I’m definitely not an expert but just looking at options : ) )

  84. Stpehenite –
    Molloy isn’t injured.
    Flynn isn’t injured
    F. O’Curraoin is back,
    Comer is at same stage as Cillian – he actually played for his club last week

  85. Was it just me or were others perplexed by the withdrawal of Andy Moran on Saturday evening – notwithstanding the contribution of KMcL thereafter – he had been fouled for a scored free, set up the goal with a deft foot pass and had got on the ball more than most at that stage? I also thought he looked slightly confused himself coming ashore. No reason he and KMcL couldn’t be on the pitch at the same time.

    Looking forward to the this one from the neutral perspective for sure. I’m not sure Kevin Walsh is capable of learning the error of his ways at this stage – doesn’t mean Galway can’t grind out a result but i think his abstinence on the galway system he has fostered gives Mayo a better chance.

    The game has evolved to the point now where teams has finally figured out how to crack the blanket and I’m delighted to see it is being achieved by kicking rather than handpassing….whether it is the long high passes that unlocked Galway in connacht final or even Dublin the odd time in the league and championship last year or the short accurate 10-20-30 passes to inside forwards. The type of passes Moran picked out mcdonagh for the goal or the balls Armagh was finding Jamie Clarke with….handpassing will take to edge of the blanket but rarely past and it very rarely will be the key to opening things up….it may come back into play after the sharp passes with the boot inside but you are rarely going to engineer it from handpasses alone and that is something to celebrate in this years championship i think.

  86. it will surely be in the Hyde, why is venue even up for debate?

    Ive made a vow to myself not to second guess any of the injury speculation for either side for the next week, ‘its not good for the soul’ as JH would say, if all the inury rumours were to be believed then we would be watching a Mayo reserves v Galway reserves game on saturday

    @Eyesontheball was Durcan picking up stefan Campbell on Saturday? I thought Campbell was the best player on the pitch along with D Coen

  87. @Cantini i think JH made the right call with the Andy substitution, thats the kind of ruthlessness we need to see more of from him.
    Andys man was bombing forward at all times and Andy wasnt going with him, Kevin is way more dynamic and was also able to hurt them from deep. It was probably the winning of the game for us

    No room for sentiment, it was the right call

  88. supermac – i think with the benefit of hindsight you can say KMcL coming on was the winning of the game – but you could also say well starting him would have made even more sense in that context….i’d be very surprised if Andy is ever selected anymore with the expectation that he has chasing defenders back into his own half….I would also be very surprised – without the benefit of hindsight – if there was many in the crowd thought he was someone that needed to come off given what he was doing on the ball….but history is written by the victors and all that….

  89. Heard Comer played for Annaghdown v Tuam Stars last week in Club Champ and was kept fairly quite.Martin Farragher and Ian Burke are the two to worry about if they start together, but hopefully Kevin Walsh is still too stupid to play Farragher ,he scored 3-4 from play for Corofin last week.

  90. Turnip Head, how do you know that? Have hear the opposite about flynn and o’currain went off in the first half the last day so hard see how hes back? Comer played the last few mins of club, doubt he can play but wont complain. Would agree on molloy if he came on in the connacht final

  91. The qualifiers are always strange . Yes , Mayo are hit by injury BUT it is a chance for more of the younger players to shine . James Horan must have faith on more oysters the younger players & he has some very good young lads on the panel . Galway are not great & Kevin Walsh looks like a man who has come to the End of the Road. Mayo will win next weekend IFI Big Aidan & Paddy Durcan take the Game to Galway & not give those stupid passes they gave in the last 15 minutes of the Armagh Game . Mayo Remind me of Kerry in 2009 . We will welcome you to Killarney on Sunday week .

  92. @Supermac he was for a fair chunk of the first half anyways and was fairly on the back foot, Campbell is a super player to be fair, was impressed by the Armagh forwards

  93. Man of arran.Sky showing two games on Saturday 5pm and 7 pm. The two matches they’ll show in my opinion will be Mayo/Galway and Meath/Clare as the winners are going into the same group in the super 8’s. Rte showing a quailfer on sunday.

  94. Not confident at all about this game. I’ve been at most of our games this year (including a number of challenge games since the league finished) and we are just playing so poorly even in the challenge games.
    Really think this team has gone stale under the current management.
    I derive no pleasure in saying that because Kevin has done a lot with the team up to now and made us competitive again. But reading between the lines and picking up the vibes around the place all is not well in that camp.

    Sean Burke – I wouldn’t be so sure about the midfield battle. Our 4 established midfielders are Flynn, O’Curraoin, Duggan and Conroy. Duggan is definitely out, Conroy is just on the road back from serious injury and didn’t make the 26 for the Connacht final. Both Flynn and O’Curraoin carried injuries into that game – I honestly don’t know what their fitness is like now.
    Neither would have started if we had any backup at all but the only other lad that can play there is Cein D’Arcy and he is not up to scratch unfortunately.
    I actually can’t believe KW has not called in some midfielders as cover to the squad – Michael Day captain of the Galway juniors is in flying form but even with an injury crisis around the middle we plod with the same bodies.

  95. I would love to see the all of the Galway border men feature in this and bringing war to Galway. I would have Boyler as Captain been from Davitts, Crowe from Garrymore to pick up Comer, hes well able for him as Harrison does not suit the full back role or marking target men, and Conor Diskin from Claremorris to bring more strength and pace to the forwards as I thought Conor Loftus and Ciaran Treacy struggled with Armaghs physicality the last day,Diskin was a handful for Liam Silke in the Fbd.We need to bring a controlled agression to this game,the only reason we have lost Galway in the last 2 years is because we had had a man sent off in both games Keith Higgins in 2017 and Diarmuid O’Connor in 2018.

  96. Flynn was carrying an injury in the provincial final. FO’C hamstring. Not sure if he will be fully fit. Duggan definitely out. Conroy bit further down the road than Comer. Comer played 10 mins in a club championship match last Fri week. Very rusty. On your side apart from Ruane and O’Connor any news on Keegan. Did not see the Armagh game but read he hobbled off.

  97. TH – Comer will not be starting the next day. Not a chance.
    He has played 10 mins football since the AI semi final last year.
    Might be thrown on for the last ten maybe but he’s miles off the pace.

  98. I hope to God the game is in Hyde park it makes no sense to drag Mayo supporters down to Limerick and Thurles especially if we win we have to go to Kerry the following weekend. Obviously that’s a big IF we win but we have to have that possibility in our minds too

  99. team i would pick if everyone available





    SOS (first 20-25) then Vaughan



  100. @jr.. turn off that Radio…once upon a time in America, an Orson Wells radio production ‘The War of the World’s’ had the population panicking because they believed that ‘Mars was invading Earth’… Limerick would be just as outrageous!

  101. @Tuamstar….. don’t be silly….John Prenty is on the CCCC, it just couldn’t possibly happen!

  102. I think we will have an amazing team if we can slug the next couple of games out. It forces new growth and gives the old dogs a bit of a break. White knuckle ride though

  103. Oh sorry Roger Milla did I hit a nerve! Nothing wrong with the 3 players I mentioned!

  104. MayoDunphy if you keep predicting defeat for us before every game, which you have, consistently, since before the Down game, you’re sure to be right at some stage. If you can’t find a bit of positivity from somewhere will you spare us the dire predictions. Try believing we might actually win. It would make a change from what I’m reading from the bunch of doom merchants on here.

  105. This blog is going to be nuts all week…prepare yourselves for never before seen posters trying to wind ye up. Hopefully its in the Hyde!

  106. Hi Haunis Exile how are you it looks like Limerick judging by the info coming through here presently
    Limerick You are a Lady
    We will be dancing The Galway Girl
    in Moonlight in Mayo
    Singing The Green Red Of Mayo
    and the Boys From The County Mayo

  107. @Fearbolg, Well its working so far isn’t it!?!?, I’ll keep posting as I see fit thanks, well entitled to my opinion, as you are your’s. I’ve never come on here hammering the team after a loss etc, quite the opposite!.If your that bothered by my posts just scroll on don’t read them, its not rocket science.

  108. To those more pessimistic posters – we’re hardly a plum draw for Galway. We’re going to have to take them on and so we should damn well embrace it.

    What a great challenge for the likes of young McDonagh or Treacy. An opportunity to endear yourself to the Mayo hordes forever.

    No doubt we’re carrying a few wounded but that’s sport. We can sometimes laud ourselves a bit too much in terms of our support for the lads – this weekend another opportunity to back that up.

    The welcome our lads receive onto the pitch this weekend should be nothing short of guttural.

  109. @Roger Milla
    Given the make up of the backroom I’d be surprised if anyone from North Mayo is dropped.

  110. I can’t go do this one due to hols but surely Hyde or Portlaoise would be better and give both counties minors a big day out. Not one for complaining & but really feel the Erris and Achill contingent being treated unfairly if Limerick.

  111. There will probably be just over 20000 at the game if nearby but good bit less if it’s Limerick defeating the purpose of moving it there. Salthill or Castlebar would get 20k from these counties and Hyde 18, Limerick 15 or less. Making a big day for minors would add 3 to 4K to the crowd.

  112. Word here looks like 7pm on saturday night! Another pain for mayo fans traveling. Not everyone can stay overnight in these locations for either family or financial reasons. Beings a Mayo fan is expensive !

    This is the start of a long couple of days waiting!

  113. Well, I am absolutely delighted with this draw. All I have been living for since last summer is to have another crack at Galway and obviously, to do it in the Connacht Final would have been the better scenario; however this will suffice.

    Yes, we are suffering with injuries. Yes, our performances have been fairly shaky. But I don’t remember it being smooth sailing to September in 2016 or 2017 either and we made it.

    We’ve lost a few key players and midfield is a big concern but we are doing well at the front, and Galway are weakest at the back. Expect blankets aplenty.

    We should not be lacking in motivation for this one and I fully expect our lads to show up with fire in their bellies this time. The timid, reticent approach we have displayed towards Galway in recent years has been almost more galling than the results against them.

    This for me is our 2019 All-Ireland. Anything more for me than reaching the Super 8s in Horan’s first year back would be a bonus. Can not wait for the weekend.

    The game should be in Connacht; therefore I expect the GAA will probably put it on in Clones at 9pm. Hard to see past Limerick on Sat evening but 2pm on Sunday in the Hyde would do just fine too.

    Bring it on.

  114. The Connaught Telegraph have it as 7pm in Limerick so I reckon that’s confirmed.

  115. I think the Hyde would safely cope with the crowd at this, because as we all know, Galway supporters are not renowned for travelling to support their team

  116. Brillant AnneMarie, that’s exactly my view also, This is the game we planned for all year!! Bring it on!! Pity about the injuries but we can win this!

  117. Roger… There was no shafting.. Croke Park gave the option of a toss… Galway agreed. Mayo refused… James Horan prob did not want a 50 per cent chance of playing in a windswept Salthill…..

  118. What the Hell is wrong with the Hyde??. They’ve a a fine pitch, their’ll be no more than 20k at it anyway?.

  119. The old enemy again. As per Anne Marie’s post I want us to tear into Galway from word go. They are going to be hurting, so a fast start from us could be the final nail. Our defending needs to improve though, we can’t be as lax against Galway or we are going out plain and simple. We simply have to win this game, the hoodoo they seem to have us needs to be broken

  120. The road down to Limerick is pretty much motorway from claremorris down. You bypass tuam and all other towns inbetween. It’s not a difficult journey and I’d hope all Mayo supporters will go to this one.

    And really get behind the team. The numbers in Newry were good but I don’t recall us being loud. Don’t just attend it. Make an extra effort to be louder and BRING A FLAG!!

  121. Lads we honestly need to shut the fuck up moaning about venue decisions, and referee choices for that matter. We’re the biggest cash cow in football outside of Dublin, the GAA don’t want us out.

    We’re not being shafted here, Croker and the Hyde not available so Limerick is the obvious choice in the west. It’s closer than Dublin no matter where you are in Mayo and it’s only closer to Galway to an extent that it makes no odds. No provincial bias either. We’re well used to playing there, if anything it’s a venue that gives us an advantage having been there 3 times in the last 5 years.

  122. Great stuff Anne Marie!

    I think we all have our worries about this team but the constant nag of negativity of some posters would grind anyone down.
    Hyde Park is a run down kip and probably too small as there are health and safety capacity restrictions.
    Looks like its Limerick at 7pm on sat. No complaints on that one and we have a 2 from 2 qualifier record there.
    Bring it on!

  123. Anne marie , Agree wholeheartedly with everything you say.
    Bring it onn. Even if we Just make super 8 and beat Galway next week it’ll be my all Ireland too.
    This will the biggest strategic test for JH and we have to put our trust in him now.
    Think we should all go low key into rest of week and keep the cool.
    I believe in the spirit of Padraic Carney this year.
    Rest in peace Padraic, stay with us and we’ll fly with you.

  124. If that 7pm Limerick were true… It follows surely that Roscommon could not possibly Host either Tyrone or Cavan a week later in Dr Hyde Park, … Which they undoubtedly will… and probably sell the place out as well. . The Hyde is the second best venue in Connacht! Easily can accommodate over 20K

  125. I don’t give a toss where we play them. I’d play them in their shit hole in Salthill for all I care. I’ve been waiting for this game all year but, arrogance and complacency on both our parts, mean it’s a qualifier and not a Connaught Final where we meet.
    Now, put a strong, fair, balanced ref like Lane or Gough in the middle, then, stand back and let the dog see the rabbit!
    I couldn’t give a shite if we didn’t win another game all year but this is the one I want to win.

  126. @Mayo Mark , the Hyde can easily accommodate more than 18K which it was resticted to last year for the Connacht Final… because the powers that be wanted last year Connacht Final in Pearce Stadium, Castlebar was restricted to 30K for the Galway Clash last year, but approx 5 or 6 thousand empty space’s as a result in Castlebar…We hear plenty of bullshit for those on high when they want a particular result… sure Mayo and Kildare fan’s were apparently going to be fighting in the Streets of Newbridge last year..

  127. As I said, Galway the perfect draw, and Limerick ( if it is), the perfect venue. Size of pitch suits us and 7pm, well 7pm in Castlebar was no picnic for Armagh.

  128. I have a wedding on Sat, so this game will need to be moved to the Sunday.

  129. Is Limerick not the same size as Mc Hale park.
    I might be mistaken though.

  130. According to Wikipedia the Gaelic grounds pitch is the same dimensions as MacHale Park. Surely that’s not right?

  131. I have heard a different account of why Hyde Park is not ”’available ”, but as I can’t back it up with official confirmation, I have to obey WJ’s house rules.
    Was nothing to do with H&S

  132. I’m not going to moan about the venue have booked a hotel in Limerick and will empty the lungs again that’s all you can do

  133. Didn’t we lose a qualifier to Galway in the Hyde in 2001?. Ah look, it is what it is now, Limerick a great venue. Nice dry weather would be a plus.

  134. Ya Id take Galway prefer playing them to Cork .
    Time to rewrite this run they have had over us .

    Galways goalie is terrible and we must expoilt his poor kickouts .
    fullback line is tight but dont like highball.
    Halfbacks are very combatitive and physcial .
    Centerfield is decent but Donie and Aido should win this one .
    Forwards are all sharp but again if Comer desnt start I think we can contain the rest of them .

    Harrison*Ian Burke__ODonoghue*Cummins
    ___Vaughan*Ocurrain___O Shea*Flynn

    Key to our success would be Loftus pulling Bradshaw out of the middle and exposing him for pace .
    If he can get on ball in wide positions Bradshaw wont want to go wide that should open the middle channell for Vauaghan and Aidan to run into .
    Likewise Traceys pace should cause Gary O Donnell alot of problems .
    you can be sure Bradshaw and O Donnell would prefer battling and dogging diarmuid and Jason Doh than twisting and turning trying to keep with Loftus and tracey . I hope these two lads really come of age as the stage is set for them.

    I think a running game will beat Galway with mixture of accurate passes into Coen and Cillian .
    I would expect Coen and Cillian to get plenty of attention so again McLoughlin should be looking to profit from that .

    It all setup for a hell of a game . I think we will do it we have Andy, Carr to make contributions from bench and also this is game that should suit Regan .
    He got dogs abuse when he missed them kicks v Galway in salthill 2-3 years ago so I am sure thats in his mind .

    Comer/Cillian both not at full fitness but it will be one or the others contribution that will swing it .

  135. MayoGAA twitter confirmed its 7pm in Limerick on Saturday, and live on Sky Sports.

  136. Mayo dunphy we lost the 2001 qualifier in the Hyde to the maroon and white alright but it was maroon and white of Westmeath a game we should have won too

  137. Sound, Limerick it is.
    No need for anymore talk about venues etc, let’s just get out there and fucking beat Galway.
    It’s an understatement to say we owe them one, so let’s dump them out of the championship.

  138. Connacht telegraph reporting. AOS has right foot in a cast. Seriousness of injury not known. Keegan out of Galway match. According to the CT.

  139. The below is an extract from the Connacht Telegraph. FFS
    THE injury jinx that has hit the Mayo midfield sector hard this year has struck again.

    It has been confirmed that Aidan O’Shea’s right foot is in a cast following last Saturday’s win over Armagh in the All-Ireland SFC qualifiers.

    It places some doubt over his participation in next Saturday’s showdown against Galway in the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick.

    Sources have revealed the injury may not be as serious as first thought and that the cast was mainly put on his foot as a precautionary measure.

    However, the injury will be monitored closely over the coming days and all Mayo supporters are hoping he makes a swift recovery, such has been his outstanding form this season.

    Manager James Horan has alread ylost Matthew Ruane and Diarmuind O’Connor through injury while Seamus O’Shea is still working on his return to full fitness after an injury lay-off.

    Lee Keegan is definitely out of the Galway encounter due to an ankle injury.

    Jason Doherty and Brendan Harrison also came off injured against Armagh.

    However, it is felt both injuries are not too serious and they could both feature against the Tribesmen.

  140. I honestly think this weekend is Mayo’s time to end Galway’s successful run against us. Do or die stuff, which this group thrives on. Come on Mayo!!!

  141. O’Shea was in that cast after the game – he’ll play, I have no doubt about it.

  142. Joe – I have no doubt he will. What we need is him at full tilt and not carrying any niggles. That’s what I’m worried about him cause we have a huge reliance on him now.

  143. O’Shea has been absolutely immense for us the last two years and our goose would be cooked if he’s out. He is literally the one player we can’t do without.

  144. “Re size of pitch: Gaelic Grounds exact same size as MacHale Park. So any sort of “Pitch suits us” stuff straight out the window. Might feel bigger in Limerick but the pitch is the exact same dimensions.
    Full list here thanks to the great League Tables Twitter account: ”

    That table is incorrect. The field in Limerick is almost 144 meters long.

  145. Cmon Mayo this is finally the time to put Galway to the sword. No stupid red cards, no waiting for Galway to regroup and can we please take on their full back line in this match. If we do we’ll hammer them.

  146. We won’t hammer them lol but I agree re their full back line , they are not at all great . They can be got at but how are we going to gather enough ball with all the engines and dirty ball winners we have out through injury. That is my worry.

    For the love of gawd dry up about the venue and get yourself down there , this is our all Ireland final treat it as one , there would be 100k self proclaimed fanatics looking for tickets for a final , makes me sick the way some go on . Of course there are some who can’t make it through reasons of their own but the sheer shite that some gaa fans spout , I often think how do thousands of supporters of the likes of Stockport county travel every second week hundreds of miles to watch their team . You know why cause a lot of gaa supporters it’s a faux dedication , only when it suits them . Same ones who turn up on all Ireland day and having a laugh about losing after , no real emotion at all. Should be 30k mayo there by right and make it fookin cunt for crist sake . Player love it

  147. Jaysus lads ye have lowered the sights if a round 4 qualifier against us is yer All Ireland. All the talk about the dodgy Galway defense is a bit glass houses isnt it given we will be running straight at ye on Saturday. Mayo shot selection has improved in last two matches though. The boost of playing Mayo will ensure Galway brings A game. Its exciting even thinking about it. Id love to see Walsh,Burke and Farragher start and go for goals from the get go.

  148. One thing in our favour is bar Cummins who mightn’t be picked Galway don’t really have goal scorers. Their most consistent goal man was Sice who’s gone. Farragher might have the knack but again mightn’t be picked. Mayo have quite a few goal merchants.

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