It’s Kerry first up for us in next year’s league campaign

As mentioned earlier in the comments, the fixtures for the 2013 National Football League were announced earlier on today and we’re set to open our league campaign in early February with a tasty home match against Kerry. This will be Eamon Fitzmaurice’s first real competitive outing as Kerry bainisteoir so there’ll no doubt be a fair bit of media attention on him going into this match and our lads are sure to be well focused themselves on making a positive start to the year too so we could be in for a cracking opener to the 2013 NFL campaign.

The good news in relation to the upcoming league season is that four out of our seven matches are at home (it’s rare enough that the match scheduling ogre accords us this privilege) but the not-so-good aspect is how the self-same ogre has put together the fixtures. In an ideal world, the fixtures should alternate between home and away matches but our list provides for two home ones (Kerry and then Tyrone), followed by two away ones (Dublin and Down), then another two home ones (Kildare and Donegal) with an away trip (to Cork) bringing up the rear. That looks a bit daft to me.

As Mayo Mick pointed out in the comments a bit earlier, the Dublin, Down and Kildare matches are all scheduled for Saturdays and so, one assumes, will be held under lights. Of this three, only the Kildare one will take place at McHale Park which means that this is likely to be the only home fixture out of the four that we’ll be playing under lights. If that is the case (and I know these things depend on TV rights and all that) then it’s probably a missed opportunity, given the larger attendance that usually turns up to nighttime matches.

The fixtures haven’t apparently been signed off yet by the CCCC so they are, in theory at least, still subject to change. Going on past experience, however, I’d say you’re safe to be pencilling them into your iPad now.

The full list is as follows:

Round 1 (3/2/2013): Mayo v Kerry
Round 2 (10/2/2013): Mayo v Tyrone
Round 3 (2/3/2013): Dublin v Mayo
Round 4 (9/3/2013): Down v Mayo
Round 5 (16/3/2013): Mayo v Kildare
Round 6 (24/3/2013): Mayo v Donegal
Round 7 (7/4/2013): Cork v Mayo.

9 thoughts on “It’s Kerry first up for us in next year’s league campaign

  1. A fair bit of travelling to be done again next year! Gives us something to look forward to. If I remember correctly, every other year the fixture list was published (subject to change) they went ahead with the dates first published. I’d say the “under lights” match’s will be televised between RTE and Setanta, and they will have their schedule’s already set.

  2. I’m looking forward to this already, February will be here before we know it.
    When james is asked for his comment on the league…he should reply “we plan on winning it, there’s no team that will stop us doing that”

  3. Only one I see myself missing is the away game to Down. Warm up with a few FBD games first – providing we are still in it followed by a challenge or two.

  4. Going to miss the Down and Kildare game. Not too miffed about them to be honest. Really looking forward to the Kerry, Dublin and Cork matches.

  5. I’m looking forward to all of them – especially the Donegal match. Is there any fast-forward on the auld calendar and skip the miserable months of winter!
    Think of it lads – we’re not too worried about our team anymore – we are actually looking forward to watching them play the best around (and possibly beating the crap out of them). Now theres a welcome change for Mayo and as the bauld Christy Moore might say ‘and sure isnt it grand!”

  6. Will probably get kicked out of the FBD so our first competitive game will be Kerry at home? 7 points from 7 games was enough to reach the semi final this year and if we win our 4 home games then we can book another Croker trip.

    I’d fancy Kerry,Cork,Dublin and ourselves to reach the last four.

  7. Division 1 sure looks the part this year, and with all the top teams lined up, it makes for some mouth watering contests. Following this years Championship there will be a lot of scores to settle and this should give a real edge to the League. Which ever Count comes out on top will definitely have earned their stripes. Mayo should be there or there about’s….can’t wait !!!

  8. I wonder myself will Mayo care as much about the league next year?
    It served a good purpose this year for competitive games as we weren’t playing until June and then not a serious game until July with the Sligo match. However, seeing as we have an early bout with Galway next year, I wonder if James will use it more for blooding players rather than winning it outright? It wouldn’t surprise if he did. After all, next year will not be a successful year if we win the League and nothing else.
    Just a thought!

  9. we should plan on winnign it…although, he will need to trial a couple of players in 3 or 4 positions (up front) other wise, we’re set. This is no longer a rebuilding effort lads…its showtime..

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