247 thoughts on “It’s Kerry

  1. Apart from getting Kerry, it means whoever wins that game plays Dublin or Cork. Definitely the hard side of the draw

  2. If Ryan back, Kerry undercooked and we pick our best team, we’ll have an outside chance. Very outside!

  3. The blog’s poll curse strikes again! For the third time in a row, the team you’ve voted the one we’d least like to get drawn against is the one we’ve been paired with.

  4. Handy draw for the Dubs and Derry.
    Armagh to prevail v Galway and Mayo to surprise all.

  5. Dublin would has been the worst draw for us,kerry less so.
    We owe them one,have a small bit of momentum, players back and are battle ready unlike Kerry who might be a bit undercooked.
    We’re complete underdogs aswell and will be totally written off……just the way we like it.
    I would give us a 30-35% chance but I have a feeling we’ll see a big performance. I’m excited for this one!

  6. On the slight out chance that this maybe and I pray I’m wrong that this maybe but hopefully not Lee Keegans last championship game for mayo I’d appeal to everyone to go to this game even if you do feel Kerry are to strong for us. I think we’ll win but I for 1 will take every opportunity presented to me between now and whenever Leeroy does gang up his boots to be there because by god we’ll be telling generations of upcoming supporters about him and they’ll wish they had the opportunity to have seen him in the flesh

  7. Delighted with that draw. If we are good enough we don’t care who the opposition are. It will be a different match to the league final – and remember it’s not long ago we fancied ourselves to play well in the final against them. Mullin to mark Clifford as well is a boost.

  8. Easier beat them now than in final, we know this team very well, and their league final win might just bite them in the ass, as we not what do do! If ROD starts with boland, we can bring them in last 15 min dogfight and only 1 winner then

  9. We bloody owe Kerry one, there should be no need to motivate our lads for this one. Expect lots of poor mouthing from Kerry over the next two weeks about how they have had ‘no test’ and it’s been a long time since they played a ‘competitive game’. We’ll be written off completely. A written off Mayo is a dangerous animal. Bad draw for Galway, Armagh have their tails up and will bring 30K supporters to Croke Park for this, the Orange bandwagon is on the march.

  10. Stop the lights. Brutal draw for us. At least a new team on the other side of the draw will make the final which will freshen things up.

  11. The tactics for this one will be massive, and obviously will be completely different match in terms of focus from our side (there must have been big training loads in the run up to the league final). Obviously one of the toughest draws, but still definitely a match we can have a good chance for.

  12. Driving by Quinn’s pub right now, we will have one more day out anyway v Kerry.

  13. Looks like beating Kerry followed by tough one against a rampant Cork before finally overcoming Clare in the final.

  14. Remember one thing lads. Tyrone ran Kerry into the ground. Kerry lads dropping left right and centre with cramp. Not one Tyrone man went down. It cost Peter Keane his job so we will see has Jack O’connor addressed this in 2 weeks cos Mayo are one of the fittest around.

  15. Perfect draw for a team that according to the post match reports oh here are on a crest of a roll !

  16. Not the draw i wanted apologies in advance for being negative but after the way they destroyed us in the league final id be happy if we are competitive and put on a good performance. Our half forwards would need to have the game of their lives to beat Kerry

  17. Mullen would be a terrible match up for Clifford , He relies too much on his pace to save him and Clifford wont track back so Mullen cant leave him. Need a defender on him that could care less about his own game and getting involved. we don’t have that in this team. Play a sweeper in front of him from one of our fast lads, cannot play AOS or COEN in sweeper role i feel

  18. Galway Armagh the clash of the round, I expect the winner will make the final – Derry (who should be well able to account for Clare) will have a free shot in that semi however.. either way, it’ll be a “new” team in a final which is refreshing

    Dublin will thump Cork and on form Kerry should win comfortably enough – there’s always the likelihood Mayo could bring something special though based on past experiences, but just can’t see it at the moment. Clifford won’t have forgotten the league final in a hurry either!!

    All in all, objectively I feel its a good draw, a clash between the two form sides outside of the top two, and Derry rewarded for winning a tough Ulster

  19. Worst draw possible. There is always a chance but i woild expect us to go out. Derry Armagh Galway will all fancy their chances of reaching AL final now.

  20. Never say never..and Clifford will know all about it this time compared to the league final.
    O’Hora is a nailed on starter anyway for this one to say hi to David again and see how he’s keeping.
    It’ll free Lee to centre half back and why can’t Mullins go to midfield or be a third midfielder.
    Mayo have one big game in them each and every season and we haven’t seen it yet.
    First big game in croke park in front of over 60k to go to extra time and penalties.
    Free aspirin and defibrillators at close hand for all those who may be in need.

  21. Seems impossible with our current performance level tbh . You’d imagine we will up the ante and give it a rattle but honestly it’s hard to see how we can stop such a dynamic unit at this time .

    Minors play Kerry too that weekend ?

  22. I think Derry might find Clare a difficult proposition. Could be a very novel semi final pair up on that side of the draw. Armagh v Galway very difficult to call.

  23. The Con Council should push for that game to be played in Limerick after the poor showing this weekend. We are no longer the soft money for the GAA. not only do supporters find it tough now but the teams are being effected.
    It won’t be I know, they’ll have us on with Galway and probably stick us on at 6 o clock on a Sunday coz the dubs well have to travel back from their away game on the Sun… Oh no wait..

  24. Yes Travelling Wilbury, 19 years since a team on that side of the draw made a final. 22 in Galway’s case, 29 in Derry’s – definitely refreshing

    If you were Galway you still would have bitten anyone’s hand off for this a few months ago – it shows the importance of winning your province, good to see them and Derry rewarded for that in a sense. I have a soft spot for Armagh though and their fans bring the best atmosphere in the country

    I think gun to head I’d still back Walsh, Comer and co. to sneak it – only just – I feel Galway have slightly more individual matchwinners, but it really could go either way

  25. Derry 1/8, Dublin 1/50 (!!! 😀 ) and Kerry 3/10

    Three non-events acc to Paddy Power anyway

    Galway and Armagh both bang evens. Could you fully discount penalties in that one?!

  26. It had to be Kerry! I’m delighted with the draw as I want to see what learnings James has gotten from our last encounter with Clifford. Same approach will end with same result. We cannot afford any passengers the next day and early substitutions if needed. A first half like the one against Kildare and we will be done for. Get Oisin out of the full back line and use him as an attacking sweeper. We need shooters like Boland as any half chance needs to be taken.

    Biggest concern: will Ryan start as we need a focal point in attack. Kerry will be full of themselves and want to blow us away a la league final. As usual we won’t have a clue what to expect from Mayo the next day and neither will Kerry.

  27. Well be on Sunday last game with Galway before us.

    There’s not a lot we can do just get on with it.

  28. Team id start
    R Hennelly
    L Keegan , o Hora , Hession
    Durcan , Brickenden, E Mclaughlin
    Mullin (Sweeper)

    AOS , M Ruane

    D O Connor , ROD
    COC , Jack Carney , James Carr

    First Subs in (early changes)
    F Boland -> Carr ( Tires usually in game but best when starting)
    Flynn -> AOS ( Kerry will bring on D Moran so Flynn can run him, AOS better to start game with as no pint bringing on if we behind as not attacking enough)
    M Moran -> J Carney ( If moran going well in Training , then move ROD up front )

    We should not need to Sub out defense with 7 defenders but losing Plunkett is a real miss when you look at our depth with Coen so out of form.
    Subs need to be done early so players should be told empty tank,
    O Hora get another crack at Clifford but sweeper system in place this time. Cannot be left isolated but we also need Kerry to cahse after mullin , keegan , hession etc so man marking role of clifford be a waste

  29. Play OShea as sweeper to cut out any high ball in.

    Mullin/Ruane/Flynn across the middle.

    Doherty and Loftus to make way





  30. This is good draw, stammering through matches and getting to finals and been beaten is pointless, if we are good enough we will beat them.
    Kerry level of fitness and pace was miles ahead if Mayo in league final, if we can keep clifford under wraps it will go along way to winning this game.
    Not easy but lesser teams have done it

  31. Galway will be well prepared for Armagh. Our poor display v Kildare and Ros losing to Clare will have, or certainly should have, given them a dose dose of reality. If anyone, it could be Armagh who take Galway a bit lightly. I’ve received 3 texts already this morning from Galway supporters (I live there!) saying they hope we beat Kerry – they are already planning for the Final and would all prefer the Dubs, Cork or Mayo.

    Anyway. It’s a terrible draw for us. You never know with Mayo. Like, it’s impossible to tell, but on recent form we have only little chance. Everything feels like it’s gone a bit stale under Horan. You could sense the frustration from him in the post-match interview last weekend – like the energy and buzz is gone. Let’s wait and see what happens…but I think Kerry have been waiting since last year to get back to Croker on championship day and I cannot see them being ‘cold’.

  32. It’s the worst draw possible for us in my opinion.

    I’m really struggling to make a case for us and that doesn’t sit right with me. It’s actually a great draw for Kerry as they wanted a big opponent before taking on Dublin in a semi.

    I really hope we can turn out one of our magical Croke Park displays. We’re capable but the gap to our current form line is fairly stark. Nothing for it but to keep the faith.

  33. Pullhard ,

    Are you for real ¬ did you watch him in the league final against Kerry , no one questions his ability but his lack of height was clearly exposed that day and would be again if he starts ,

  34. Tough draw but every team is beatable. Kerry rarely tested in 2022. We need a huge improvement. Team should be relishing this game. We’ll be written off by nearly everyone including Mayo supporters. Same people would be looking at the downside if it was Dublin or Derry. The pressure is all on Kerry but what have they done in championship football since 2014? Won’t be easy but we can beat Kerry.

  35. Dont think Mayo Galway and Clare combined would beat Kerry.Before you get incensed wait and see.I will happily apologise if Mayo hold them to 8 points.

  36. I think quarter final is the time to get this Kerry team. They haven’t had a proper game in a long time so that gives ye a better chance – albeit you would have to fancy Kerry to win.
    From our point of view – while winning Connacht means avoiding Dublin or Kerry so gives a big advantage – the momentum Armagh have picked up in the qualifiers will be hard to stop. Huge game as I feel the winners will get to the AI final

  37. Kerry only beat us by a point , I think, on that cold and wet miserable night in Tralee only a few months ago. Have they improved that much in the interim? Have we regressed that much? Let’s not be without hope!

  38. Horan would need to come up with something special tactically . Play ultra defensive possibly ?

  39. Any chance the GAA will use some common sense for fixing this one with our Minors getting a run in Croker before the Senior game with another QF as the 3rd game? However knowing how they do things there the Minors will be at 12 and the Seniors at 4 to milk as much out of us as possible.

  40. Better to get them now than in the final. Might have a small chance if ROD is fit.

  41. I definitely think it should be in limerick with minors on before…we can bring big mick with us too…only this time if mick has to enter the field due to some controversial reasoning…let’s not let him go on alone this time. Seriously though, limerick can hold 40 to 50 thousand people…plenty bug enough.

  42. Mayonaze – I can tell you among my group of hardcore Galway fans there are none of us already preparing for the final. Most of my friends fear we will lose to Armagh

  43. Ah Mayonaze stop.. Your Galway buddies needless to say are just winding you up…
    Thats the worst possible draw for ourselves and same for Mayo, however if we both win then I’d fancy us both to meet in the final..
    Armagh are fit, physical and on a roll, I’d fear a few of our lads may go missing…
    Two cracking games to look forward to..

  44. The general feeling this morning from my Galway friends is they and us have drawn the short straw. However, both games are winnable IF tactics are right.

  45. Not the best draw we could have gotten, but we have to make do now.

    This is a big chance for James Horan to show if any of the “learnings” from the league final can be put into practice, namely: don’t leave David Clifford one-on-one with any of our backs; play a few forwards who can actually score; and we need to have a plan for when Kerry inevitably push up on our kickouts, i.e. we need to break even at midfield to have even a notional chance.

    Hope that ROD can recover in time, would be a big boost along with Jordan Flynn and maybe Kev McLoughlin to come back.

    The one bit of encouragement I would take from the Kildare game (which was gruesome watching for the most part) was that in the second half, we took four or five fine scores from acute angles out on the right. Kerry have tightened up a lot under Jacko and file a lot of men behind the ball, so we probably need to be a bit brave and select players who can do this again the next day.

  46. I know John, obviously Ohora will not be left on his own inside with Clifford. That’s madness…
    The management have going to have to think how to curtail him I.e double mark, sweeper,
    etc Mayo will need to have a brilliant start and maybe hope Clifford has to do a bit of running upfield himself.
    Listen in all fairness it’s highly unlikely we will beat them but if we set our stall out properly and hit the ground running by which I mean get 1-2 or 1-3 to no score up early then maybe but I’ll realistically be watching it from behind my seat, in the foetal position, rocking back and forth and sucking my thumb

  47. IMO it’s hard to see Galway beating that Armagh side given the momentum they have now, but the beauty of championship football is that it’s all on the day. Not many saw the Rossies losing to Clare, in fairness.

  48. The championship really starts here,its great to be in it,the next two weeks should be fun!

  49. To win this one we will need a massive lift from our forwards. We’ve been too reliant on our backs storming forward and poaching scores. The defence will have their hands full as it is. A solid defensive plan will need to be in place to contain the inevitable damage from Clifford et al. It’s doable but a huge ask. We will need the game of our lives and then have to do it all again two weeks after.

    It’s remote at this stage but we certainly won’t be heading undercooked into a final…

  50. Happy with that draw. Getting Kerry at the right time, we know from the NL final how not to play against them.
    It’s not the draw Kerry wanted, that’s for sure.
    Can we come up with a game plan to win it, that’s what our management team is for. But I’m not sure this management team can be ruthless enough to make the necessary changes and change tactics to suit, which makes this so interesting.
    One thing for certain if you see 13 or 14 of the same line up as the last day starting we’re in for a rough day!
    Time to take all our ‘learnings’ and go for it!

  51. I dont know where the optimism on ROD is coming from, he didnt feature for Belmullet at the weekend, yes of course I know would you risk a star IC player coming back from injury in a club match, you would if you thought he needed the match tehy would if he was fit, and Jordan got 60 minutes for club to help his comeback.

  52. @Tuamstar, two of them definitely aren’t trying to wind me up and hoping Mayo beat Kerry isn’t much of a wind up anyway? They all admitted Armagh will be a good game but Derry/Clare?? Whoever wins between G&A will be getting excited and will hope someone on the other side has taken out Kerry. Everyone on the easy side will be praying for Mayo to prevail…..or Cork!!!

  53. One of Hession/Mullen/Durcan needs to play at 12 to mark Gavin White. He initiates a lot of Kerry breaks and It has to be a speedster who marks him.

    Horan has to be brave with tactics here, being conservative will end in defeat

  54. Dirty draw for Galway. Armagh are real dark horses to win it if they were to beat Galway imo. They are gaining serious momentum. That could be the game of the round

    For us I wanted Derry but I am also happy enough with Kerry. I did not want the Dubs yet. Let’s hope those Clifford rumors are true 🙂

    On the venue…..why on earth would we be wanting Limerick,a Munster venue, after lambasting the county board for allowing the semi final replay to take place down there and we are still rightly sore over it. Now people want us to play Kerry there??????

    For what it is worth here is my preditcion.
    All games in Croker.
    2 triple headers.

    1pm Galway Derry U17
    3pm Derry Clare
    530pm Dublin Cork

    12pm Mayo Kerry U17
    2pm Galway Armagh
    430pm Mayo Kerry

    Something like that

  55. Yeah all the Galway fans I’ve spoken to are very apprehensive.. maybe even overly so – only a few weeks ago this is a scenario they all would have taken and ran – a route to a final that doesn’t have any of Dublin, Kerry, Mayo or Tyrone

    No chance of the players coming into this one over-confident anyway. They might be solely flying the Galway flag if the hurlers get ran next week

    Armagh will absolutely be happy to avoid Kerry and Dublin, yet Galway are a step up on what they’ve faced so far

    As I said, impossible to call. Only a few weeks ago Armagh were well beaten by Donegal – and had a patchy enough end to the league – so they’re absolutely not the finished article by any stretch, but momentum is such a big thing in sport

  56. It’s all going to plan, best time to catch Kerry and get past them and face Dublin who still won’t have had a serious test.

    It couldn’t have worked out much better actually as we know with certainty who our next two opponents will be.

    Had we been in Galway’s position the narrative by pessimists would have been “We’ll never beat Armagh” so people can’t have their cake and eat it.

    If the manager tries to play Kerry at there own game, then you can start booking your holidays now, it needs to be turned into the game from hell for Kerry.

    Beating Kerry is absolutely doable but thinking outside the box necessary.

  57. Terrible draw. Armagh were beaten twice by Donegal this year but got their revenge yesterday. Same with Galway against Roscommon in the connacht final. So here’s hoping!

  58. I was disappointed at first but now that the draw is made I’m optimistic. If we want to win this thing (which I presume is the reason these lads turn up every week!) we will have to play Kerry (or their conquerors) at some stage. We haven’t shown anything of ourselves at all so far this year and certainly Kerry haven’t been tested since they lost to Tyrone last year in the semi. Look it – We’re not naive, we need to sharpen up big time in front of the posts and we need huge energy and intensity the next day. Any long listless periods like Saturday and we might as well stay at home in Castlebar. We have the players to do it. We are cracked enough to do it – but have we the balls to go and do it?

  59. I think Galway will beat Armagh. Derry under Gallagher could actually be more awkward cos he’ll be more defensive. Armagh will try to out gun you and a shootout would suit Galway. It’s a super chance for them this year.

    My gut is that we’ll actually start well against Kerry but that they’ll reel us in 2nd half and then it’ll be tight. Cork always have confidence and will relish taking on the dubs. I wouldn’t be surprised of they make a decent game of it.

  60. This is a tough assignment.
    Kerry will be a little unsure because they haven’t played in a few weeks. The confidence levels won’t be the imagined sky high, though they’ll expect to win.
    We could therefore rattle them and test their confidence.
    At the very least we need ROD back. And Kevin McLoughlin.
    From seeing us up close, I felt we were more confident with the tactic of probing a mass defence around the ‘D’ the last day. We were much more comfortable on the ball in that scenario than previously.
    We have two weeks to prepare.
    We have Lee, Oisín, Enda, Eoghan Mc, Paddy, Jordan Flynn, DOC.
    We played them in the League Final and they showed their hand that day.
    They like to blow teams away – we shouldn’t let that psyche us out but should use the time to prepare.
    There’s always a chance. I’d like us to put in a decent performance – let’s aim for that.
    Truly perhaps, the ‘untested’ thing for them and the bit of momentum for us is the best thing in our favour to play with right now.

  61. Worst possible draw. Expect a low attendance, Kerry supporters won’t travel and we’ll fear the likely outcome and stay at home. Hopefully it will be played in Croke Park as this would suit the huge amount of Mayo’s living in Dublin.

  62. Kerry are not as good as they appeared in the League Final and we’re not as bad either. ( I genuinely think we had no interest in that game for some reason or other.) So it will be a lot closer than many people expect if Mayo can lift themselves out of the lethargy that seems to have afflicted them lately.
    Managing Clifford is very important and I’m not sure who should mark him. Keegan might be the man! He is smaller than Clifford and might struggle on the high ball but he has quietened some great players in the past.
    But we need Mullen out the field. He can cause any defence big problems with his ability to carry the ball at defenders. And Diarmuid to chf. He is needed in the middle where he is more involved in the game.

  63. Think Mayo have a decent chance. Remember Kerry last year. They are not unbeatable. On us I think Armagh might underestimate us (sort of understandable with the momentum curve they are on). At the end of the day we went to Castlebar and won against a side who have been top tier for 11 years. Surely we won’t let the cauldron effect Armagh will bring to unnerve us if we were able to win away already against a top side. All to play for.

  64. So, Kerry is it? Let’s see what’s in the bag and give it a good rattle. They won’t fear us, they probably won’t even see us cause we are nothing in their eyes. It’s hard to blame them cause they have our measure, or do they? Time will tell.
    I am happy with this draw. If we ever meet Kerry it has to be now and Dublin have a gimme against Cork so they won’t really be tested before they meet us…
    Galway got a tough one. Armagh looked terrific yesterday though Donegal were nothing to write home about.
    May the best team win…and as always may it be a Mayo team.
    Maigheo abu

  65. Well. I think this is the draw for Mayo, now is the time to get Kerry, and try tell me the Mayo players some of the toughest, battle hardened warriors around don’t want revenge? For us Dubs it’s not great, expect us to beat Cork and still not know where we are at. Had been hoping for yourselves(bit of revenge) or Armagh because that train has to be stopped and sooner than later, think a large crowd in Croker was the time to get then as can see them growing with each game.. It’s all getting very real very quick. See yous in the semi’s

  66. Won’t be going to that, Can’t stomach that after National League Final. It’s been a bad luck year all round, but what do you expect when they didn’t take there chance last year

  67. All about the match ups,

    I would put Mullen on o Shea as would cause o Shea headaches,
    Would put Keegan on Clifford
    Play sweeper, drop coen, o hora in.
    Aido centre forward and Flynn in.
    Drop: Carr / doherty

  68. Great line Viper and well said… ‘it needs to be turned into the game from hell for Kerry’.

    This game has to be mixed up – running game plus defensive plus high square balls plus unpredictability plus everything else. Kerry could be a bit rusty after a layoff. They hammered us in the LF. They are serious hot favourites. Deep down they will think they can beat us. Just turn it in to a dogfight. The weather could also be a factor on the day.

    J Mc Guinness made a great but simple statement last Saturday during his Sky coverage of our match.

    I quote – ‘It is all about intensity’.

  69. No goals conceded is the absolute #1 priority in this match.
    would play horribly defensive for the first 25 and build into the game

  70. I was one of the 11,000 attendance at Croke Park on Saturday evening (official attendance from a Garda outside the Hogan stand) and he said it was like back in Covid times… when will the GAA use common sense and play this game as part of a double header with the minor semi final in Limerick…or give the minors their day in Croke Park on the same day as the senior games. With the cost of fuel, hotels etc in Dublin I honesty see many Mayo supporters having to make a choice between supporting both our teams on different days and venues which should not be the case…

  71. Since 2011 it’s usually when we’re completely written off, that we turn in our best performances

  72. If that draw is all going to plan I wouldn’t like to see a draw that wasn’t going to plan. Kerry by a mile was the worst draw.We can console ourselves by saying that we weren’t up for the league final or that we ran Kerry to a point in Tralee a few weeks before or that Clifford isn’t what he’s made out to be or that Kerry haven’t been tested and the QF is the time to get them etc. The fact is that not one of Mayos starting forwards on Saturday would get near their forward line. Even a fully fit Ryan might not start. The days when Kerry backs were a bit ropey are gone since the return of J O Connor and the ultra defensive Tally. As regards learnings from the League Final, we learned that we are well below Kerry. On the one hand our supporters wish us to play an expansive game but if we do that we are sitting ducks.We will probably have to go defensive which is against our natural inclination in the hope of keeping the score down. The only bit of light is that we have a bit of momentum and they haven’t played for 3 weeks.As well as that we will fight like dogs and our unpredictability could cause a major shock. Not a great draw for our neighbors either but they have a 50/50 chance and a similar chance in semi if they get there.

  73. I’m with Viper. Would hate to play Kerry any later in the Championship. Try as they may they won’t be able to help themselves taking us lightly after the League final hammering. Who knows they might be right..but Ireckon now is the time for us to you know what or get off the pot. No point crystal balling beyond this match as that’s all that matters for now.

  74. Why exactly are we pushing to play Kerry at a Munster venue they know so well after giving out about just that happening for nearly a decade now? I can’t understand this

  75. Let’s unleash the dogs of war, ow ow oooooooooow.
    Not going to overly analyse this game.
    If we win it will be a dogs of war win, Jordan Flynn is going to be chewing timber to defeat Jack Barry. That’s guaranteed.
    We need a few factors in our favour.
    Then we need to get stuck into them ravenous for the win.

  76. Anyone out there agree with me that the game should be played in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick as part of a double header with the Mayo Minors.Limerick or nowhere

  77. A lot of hope from posters this morning.

    Based on our form and league final, very hard to see us beating Kerry.

    My prediction would be very comfortable win for Kerry. 8 points plus.

    I think the improvement needed is too much.

  78. Why are people calling for the game to be played in a Munster venue that Kerry know well. It shouldn’t be played in a Munster or Connacht venue.

  79. Kerry, better to meet now than in an All-Ireland final. Mayo can win. Any team are beatable on a given day. What about the forgotten man Darren Coen? If fit, there are few better to bring on, he can take frees, score with both feet and is one of the few forwards who is prepared to to take a risk and score from distance.

  80. Kerry were supposed to beat Tyrone last year – they didn’t

    We were supposed to beat Tyrone last year – we didn’t

    This is definitely not an easy draw but this group of players consistently amaze us.

    I’m expecting Mayo to spring surprises and take this game right to the wire

  81. Hi Willie Joe. Mayo would have to play Kerry at some stage going forward so Now is the best time to get them. It won’t be easy but the League Final Video Tape should be reviewed numerous times this week to Come up with a plan. Playing a sweeper is a given especially to curb Clifford. He is their danger man but let’s not forget Geaney and Sean ó Shea. Our defence will have to be sealed in order to stop Kerry goals. Do this and we have a chance. Mayo need to stay in the game for as long as possible then spring our Scoring subs from the bench. Would Kevin Mc do a good sweeping job? I would put Durcan on Clifford and allow Mullen and Keegan to attack. Flynn in at Midfield from the start and Diarmuid has to play at 11. Carr at 14 and keep him there with Cillian and Rod (if fit) for breaking ball. Boland has to start for every chance has to be taken. Aido to be sprung with 15/20 to go and straight into the Full Forward line. Mix the game up with high direct ball into the Kerry Back line so how they like it. Keep the defence tight also and we have every chance. Kerry will be rusty. Now is the time to take them.

  82. @Mayojoe
    Speak for yourself,that’s a loser mentality,you’re so afraid of losing you won’t go to the game?
    Jesus wept.
    I think everyone accepts we’re up against it here and chances are we may not win.But fuck me if you can’t enjoy the thing and the build up and the chance we might take them then what’s the point?
    No team has put in the amount of crazy dramatic performances as Mayo in the last decade and usually against the odds and usually when written off,sound familiar?

  83. Well now… how about that.

    Personally I like a lot of Kerry fans wanted Armagh or Mayo.

    What’s the point if a soft draw were you learn nothing and meet a Dublin team bouncing off the ground.

    This is the draw we wanted and needed.

    It won’t be a repeat of the league final that’s for sure.

    I don’t think Horan will change his tactics as he never really has in the past.

    Mayo are generally not fast starters and that will suit us coming of a 4 week break.

  84. My first thoughts were I would’ve liked it to be a easier draw but on reflection I’m starting to look forward to the game. I think Kerry will go all out early on and try to put the game to bed in the first half Like they did in Killarney last time we played in championship surely mayo must be ready for this onslaught early on. I feel if we can manage to stay in touch and be within four or 5 points going into the last quarter it may very well create doubt in the minds of the Kerry players and from there we have a decent record of closing games out. It would be great if Ryan was back and with other players coming back from injury who knows we always produce a big display at least once every year. ?

  85. Why are people so keen for this match in Limerick. I said this in 2014 and I’m still saying it. Limerick was not a neutral venue for that game. It was like playing it in Salthill.

    Kerry have played there far more than we have.

  86. Those calling for the game to be played in Limerick are on a wind up I’d say, I mean, who in their right mind would want to play Kerry down there, did 2014 happen at all?

  87. Hardest draw, for us. But imagine Kerry, not exactly jumping up and down at meeting us. Would think they would have liked Clare, or even Armagh. Mayo should have superior match fitness, for this match.

  88. I’m always an optimist when it comes to Mayo. But the chances of beating Kerry, then Dublin before we even geting to a final is beyond all realms of optimism. We will go down swinging though. No doubt about that.

  89. JP, that made me smile.
    I have a feeling you’re on the ball.
    If we can get them unleashed – the boys from the Kingdom will try all to avoid that – that’s where we want to be.
    I forgot to add the Mayo supporters to our list of trump cards earlier.
    IF, IF, IF we can get to 62+ minutes reasonably within hitting distance on the clock, the Mayo support will holler and roar putting the eagla mór on the Kerry team and all bets are off then! : )

  90. Great to draw Kerry In QF, I predicted Kerry in poll. No hiding place now, Mayo will have a real go at Kerry, no point in holding back now, they have to equal Kerry in every position & keep the scoreboard ticking especially in the first half because in every game so far Mayo has had 20 minute spell of not scoring, ” can’t ” happen against Kerry.
    I feel Mayo will beat Kerry for sure if they keep with Kerry in first half & do their brilliant best in second half, so up Mayo & here’s hoping they win, it would be fantastic.

  91. Certainly wouldn’t rule Mayo out from winning. Seriously momentum after taking two division 1 teams out and Kerry haven’t had a competitive match since March.

    Will be a determined Mayo after the league final performance no way will Clifford and Co be left one on one this time.

    Wasn’t going to easy if Mayo had won Connacht. Galway will get their fill against Armagh on a high.

    Derry should ease past Clare the Rossies will be kicking themselves with that draw today.

    Dublin v Cork a total mis match though let’s not forget two divsion 2 teams in action.

  92. This is just the beginning…another two weeks of anticipation and hope and dreams…and that’s just us, the lucky fans. I expect that our lads will be in the cocoon, zoned in and fully armed. They will be ready to burst out and show their true colours. We truly have nothing to lose. Don’t unsettle your minds with dark imaginings. Expect the very best and trust our warriors to deliver. Poor auld Pat Spillane cannot help smiling when he talks about Mayo, Colm O’ Rourke isn’t going to amaze us and back us for this game…already onto a winner there.
    Truly…there is nothing more exciting than the possibility of winning a game that you haven’t a hope of winning.
    Let Dublin and Cork and Armagh and Derry and Clare and whoever take care of their shit but we are on the roller coaster and by Christ I intend to enjoy the ride.
    Come on Mayo…scream and shout and let it all out…these are the days that it’s all about…oh yeahhhhhhh
    Maigheo ag eiri.
    Maigheo abu

  93. I can see the plan now. A double sweeper to clog up the space. Stephen Coen and Another. Tactical fouling out the field. Get them into a dogfight and pick them off on the break. Send Kerry down the sides with Eoghan matched up with Gavin White.
    Not everyones cup of tea but Aido at 14 with instructions to stay as close to the square as he can and for us to bombard them with the high ball. If we don’t have scoring forwards then best we have a non scoring forward to will need 2 defenders to mind him.
    I think if we try and play through Kerry we are in for a long day. Play over the top of them instead.

  94. The best possible way to win an All-Ireland
    Beat Kerry, Dublin and beat Galway in the final

    The worst possible way to lose an All-Ireland
    Beat Kerry and Dublin and lose to Galway in the final

    Anyways, we won’t have to worry about that….
    I fancy Armagh will take them! 😉

  95. Playing the semi-final replay in Limerick gave Kerry a boost, one of their players said as much in an interview. Travelling in the bus through their own back yard with all fans out to support them, just the thing to gee them up. After the 2014 debacle some of our fans now want to hand it to them on a plate. The mind boggles.

  96. I’m on a whatsapp group where I’m the only non yerra West Kerry – all bar one wanted Mayo or Armagh. The cautious outlier fears a repeat of what happened last year, with Tyrone. Hammered in the league, beaten when it mattered. I reminded him that Kerry really should have won that game, despite the fairly chaotic defensive system. I cant see them being caught in the same manner, back to back. Having said that, if we can contain Kerry and stay in touch going into the last 10, it’ll surely be squeaky bum time for these Kerry players. I think Mayo can go into this one with little or no pressure and it will all depend on how effective we can be with our defensive game plan. I get some hope from the fact that Kerry haven’t really been tested since Tyrone played them in Killarney at the end of March. Now you could argue that Cork was a test of sorts, but I see them being the weakest outfit left in the competition, so its probably a bit churlish to suggest that it was. Mayo have played Galway, Monaghan & Kildare in the interim, whilst also getting their asses handed to them by Kerry in the league final. Mayo are justifiably going to be significant underdogs but there’s serious pressure on Kerry and barely any expectation of Mayo doing anything really. Not a bad place to be, but time will tell, if there’s anything in what I’m saying!

  97. Not sure why all the talk of provincial venues.
    It’s pretty much already decided that the quarter finals this year are double headers on Saturday and Sunday in Croker.
    I heard through the grapevine two hours ago that it’s Galway-Armagh and Derry-Clare on Saturday with the Galway-Derry minor game the curtain raiser to those.
    Assume based on this that the Mayo minors will be the curtain raiser on Sunday too

  98. Have some people on here completely lost their marbles. Wanting the game in Limerick after 14. On Kerry’s back door, so would probably outnumber us. Very short memories.

  99. We’d more likely win in Limerick than in Croke Park.
    It’s a tight pitch and the Kerry forward line are much easier contained in a smaller pitch.
    Also Aidan OShea is more effective in Limerick than in Croke Park.

  100. I don’t know why people are calling for the game to go to Limerick. QF are always played in Croke Park. Its part of the agreement when you buy one of the GAA boxes or corporate tickets. Only moved in exceptional circumstances.

    As for Kerry having more experience of Limerick. Since the 2014 Semi Final replay Kerry haven’t played a championship game there. Mayo have played Galway there in a qualifier round in 2019 I think.

    Put the minors, Kerry V Mayo and Galway V Armagh on the Saturday and give people a chance to have the Sunday at home as opposed to arriving home at an ungodly hour on Sunday night with work on Monday morning. Minors at 2, Game 1 at 4 and Game 2 at 6.

    In reality Dublin will get the Sat night slot as Sky have the rights to that and it will have the biggest viewership.

    In reality it will be Clare v Derry on Sat followed by Dublin & Cork.

  101. Why were we complaining about it being a Munster venue and Kerry being used to playing and training on it in 2014 so ?
    It would be crazy

    And that’s leaving aside any capacity issues
    Kerry folk would travel that far …..

  102. I’m backing Clare to take Derry who are totally overrated. You heard it here first.

  103. Whats all the fuss about Bring on Kerry in Croke Park the real supporters know this is the draw we wanted and we have the measure of Kerry or anyone if we play to our full potential on the day. HON MAYO

  104. Posters still giving out about Limerick in 2014.

    Firstly it won’t be played there so it’s irrelevant but far too much was made out if it in the first place.

  105. I’ve made peace with that draw.
    Shit or get off the pot time, I’d sooner find out exactly where we stand by playing the favourites right now then stumble into a final playing badly and get pumped on the big day again.

    It’s the best possible time to get kerry, we seen how cold they were after munster championship against tyrone last year, tyrone were battle hardened and ran the legs off them. Similarly we have gotten over a few tricky games and momentum is huge.

    It’s going to take a massive improvement in performance though. Coen, AOS and Doherty had stinkers at the weekend and ruanes form has fallen off a cliff completely. We need all those finding form and a fit ROD

  106. I think we are going to get our revenge over Kerry in two weeks time for the league defeats.

    Kerry are a pretty decent team but haven’t really proved themselves in the championship with this group of players.

    ” We should be able to ” isn’t going to beat Mayo in two weeks time. They’ll find that out when the time comes.

    Everyone is going to look good in the team picture before the game, but not so good when a couple of jersies get torn.

    I can see us winning this one.

  107. The QFs will be in croker, but we will never forget 14 In limerick, the greatest match of all time, we will bring that one to the grave… thank god donaghy has retired, influence on Armagh this year is significant

  108. @liberal role. No chance. Clare pulled off a surprise win in the last round against a team who haven’t won a championship game in Croker since the 1980s.

  109. Team that played in League final, Byrne, Keegan, Coen, O’Hora, Plunkett, Mullins, Hession, Fylnn, Ruane, Loftus, O’Shea, Carney, Carr, Doherty, O’Donogue. So imagine both O’Connor come into team, and Hennelly starts. Eoghan Mcloughlin goes into team. Think we should not start AOS, not because of how he playing, but Kerry tore us apart but hard fast running, and don’t think good idea, starting Aiden around middle in this scenario. Would start 6 backs from last day, but march up so important to get correct. Flynn and Mattie midfield. Two O Connors, Carney, stick with Carr, i think Doherty starts, and Boland. Concern with Boland is he physical enough, as Kerry are physical. Aiden first sub,

  110. Toss a coin for Home or Away. ….Mayo supporters owe once again Croke Park,.. Dublin Price Gouging Hotels,. Tolls, Parking absolutely nothing for a 4th time this year?… Kerry supporter’s will not travel for this waiting for Dublin in the Semis… Will Mayo supporters travel!.. after the disaster of the League Final it’s not an easy sell for the GAA a repeat in Croke Park.. Cork should play Dublin in Pairc Ui Caomih, . surely they can’t say Pairc Ui Caomih isn’t big enough or good enough…Derry v Clare…. Castlebar would be a good option as well… Galway v Armagh.. Toss for Home or Away. or indeed Dr Hyde Park,… But toss a coin for Castlebar or Killarney for the integrity of the game. .. Either venue would sell out, 36K…(not sure about this, but there is a possibility of either our minor’s and Kerry’s, or/and or Women’s and Kerry’s meeting in the Championship) what a wonderful double header or even treble header Castlebar or Killarney would make…I do recall that, the last two times that Mayo played Kerry in the Championship outside of Croke Park, one was in Killarney and the other time was adjacent Kerry in Limerick..

  111. And what have Derry done recently Dave? Sure, they won a highly competitive Ulster, beating may i say an even more overrated Donegal. Roscommon have also won their province in recent times. So, with all that logic, I’m still backing Clare!

  112. Mayotillidie – Mullin didn’t play the league final. Brickendon started instead.

  113. Also in fairness to McHale, he making it hard to not select him. Coming on and nailing important point and linking up well with other forwards. But think great option from bench. We have to somehow be still in match, for 50-55 mins. If we can do that, fancy us to pull off shock. Remember league final over well before half time.

  114. Ah lads need to let Limerick rest, it happened eight years ago FFS. I got over it when we beat them in 2017. I do hope that HQ sees sense though, and puts on the minor and senior games in the same venue this time. But then this is the GAA, so who knows…

    To paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali, this Mayo team should be ready to play Kerry in a telephone booth!

  115. Kerry are rusty from nó serious match so far and long gap. This is the best time to play them we can’t ever be as poor as the 1st half Sat and if ROD comes back and with Kerry unfortunate player issues we have a real chance.

  116. Wide ball, you correct. Forgot that. But that 5 changes, which should improve team.

  117. I’m backing the Banner as well. A Croke Park win under their belt already is worth something, Derry will have to take a tour first. Clare will fancy themselves against Galway too…

  118. Some atmosphere in Limerick that day. Would have been an outstanding occasion had we won. Great post Conor W

  119. Well it is what it is and this game is totally unanalysable we’ll all be here for two weeks saying what will happen or won’t happen but nobody can really say , realistically on form at the moment Kerry are firm favourites but ifs and buts but if it’s a pig of a day wet slippery and we bring that huge intensity and make a proper dog of a game out of it it’ll be closer than we think, if people think the league final reflects where both teams are now it’s not as I said we’ll definitely go in hope but we’ll need everything to go out way for us to do it

  120. Just been on the Kerry GAA forum..one poster has came out with the line that ‘Mayo supporters are the most one eyed muppets going and that Mayo GAA Blog makes for hilarious reading’… Not typical of what you expect from the normally diplomatic Kerry fan’s!

  121. Anyone who thinks we should play this game in Limerick needs to check themselves into the County Home for a few nights.
    That idea would be up there with some of the worst takes I’ve ever read on this blog since it was started back in 2007 or whenever it was

  122. I was a little deflated when I saw the draw first thing this morning but I am slowly coming around to the idea that we are meeting Kerry at the ideal time.
    We are brewing nicely and have 2 hard fought wins over Div 1 opposition whereas Kerry are coming off a saunter through the Munster Championship against much weaker opposition.
    Our fitness levels are the best in the country and we have finished strongly in all our matches to date in the championship, Kerry are untested in that regard.
    As has been said above there are big changes to the Mayo side from the League final and throw in ROD to hopefully be back for us will be a major boost.
    This Kerry team really struggle when the chips are down and they need to put the shoulder to the wheel so we need to stay in the game and make sure its in the melting pot with 10-15 mins to go.

  123. @Leantimes. And Kerry are going for how many in a row this year ?

    Same as ourselves.

    We usually only have the one eye open when we are looking down along the barrel of the rifle, as Kerry will find out in two weeks time.

  124. Cillian who wasn’t fit came on in the league final with a few minutes left when the game was over,Jordan broke his ankle that day,Oisin and Eoghan McLaughlin dropped out the morning of the game,Paddy and Diarmuid didn’t play either.

    This is a completely different Mayo team.

    I don’t think anybody talking about this game being played in limerick can be taken seriously,the same lads were calling for a boycott of the last game,there’s always a few lulas.

  125. @Leantimes: Yeah, I saw that comment. It’s not the first time someone on a rival county blog has disparaged us and it won’t be the last either. There are also a few wild comments on here every now and again 😉

    There are a lot of people out there in cyberspace who throw cheap shots at us to distract from their own failures; it is what it is. And often it’s from counties a lot less garlanded than Kerry, make of that what you will.

    Personally, I’d rather that people are honest rather than the plámás stuff we usually hear when we play Kerry. Let Spillane and co. slate us all they like and hopefully it adds a bit of juice to our fellas’ steps.

  126. Great draw, Mayo by whatever margin they wish, I would settle for 3 or 4 points.
    None of this inferiority-complex sweeper nonsense, which is only inviting the opposition in waves. Man-marking is the new way, providing we match pace and physique with that of direct opponents.
    Its the man-marking match-ups we got wrong last time out – player-intent and popularity is no replacement for pace and physique.
    I could be wrong about all this but what the heck, its only a game – a game that deserves us showcasing the type of football we are capable of – not some alien concept designed to manipulate expectations and undermine long-held beliefs and all to satisfy egos.
    Up Mayo.

  127. If NUIG students could hold David Clifford scoreless from play in Sigerson Cup final, why on earth couldn’t senior inter county players do likewise? Maybe they should study the video of that match and learn! Anyway, I agree with those who say that now is the best time to meet Kerry and not in the final. The League final is immaterial. Our players were in the middle of very heavy training. I don’t know how Pat Spillane can so confidently say that Kerry and Dublin are miles ahead of everyone else

  128. Big difference between winter football and summer time in Croke Park, in fairness! If we can restrict D. Clifford to four or five points, we’ll be doing well.

  129. I have a feeling we are going to find out how good our bad forwards are in this game.
    Hint: good.
    I’ve been thinking that this argument about our poor forwards doesn’t hold much water and you can’t use stats to prove it.
    Defensive set-ups have squeezed them in the last couple of games. And jeepers, wouldn’t I love them to do some damage?
    For me, having a bit of a scary forward in there is valuable in itself because it holds the attention of the backs and prevents them getting too independent – ROD for obvious reasons, but also James Carr is intimidating and needs minding, Aidan at FF for a spell couldn’t be ignored and Jack Carney brings a bit of a threat due to his height and direct attitude.

  130. Armagh vs Galway will be fascinating, two teams who are absolutely bouncing right now. I’ll give a hesitant nod to Galway as I’ve fancied them for a while now as the dark horses for Sam. Perfect balance between defence and attack, the mixture that wins All Irelands. If they do beat Armagh it will be well deserved. I was very impressed by Armagh yesterday.

  131. We obviously have a super recent record in quarter finals at Croke Park winning eight and drawing one since 2011. One of these was Super 8 against Meath but our last quarter final defeat at Croke Park was Meath in 09. Our only other two quarter final defeats at Croke Park were Cork in 02 and Kerry in 05. We beat Laois after replay in 06 and Tyrone in 04, in a mixed first decade, at this stage which implemented with the back door in 01.

  132. Best possible draw for both counties I’m my opinion but the outcome could hinge preparation and attitude on both sides. Kerry have had absolutely no real test since the league and as we all know championship is a different animal so we will be at the most vulnerable stage when we meet ye. Mayo have the loss to Galway out of their system and have two hard championship battles in their locker for their next outing against us.

    Before ye start saying I’m talking “Yerba” I’m not, think back to last years All Ireland final and the way Mayo failed to fire a meaningful shot apart Keegan and one or two others ye were flat on the day. I said it many times that if Kerry had beaten Tyrone in that semi Mayo would have brought fire and thunder to the final and if Kerry had won it would have been by two or three points. Mayo were tattooed by Kerry in the league final as jack had our lads hopping off the ground going into that game by bigging up Mayo as jack doesn’t like losing any final and he needed a bit of silverware after his “Little finger” like manoeuvring to re secure the throne.

    Mayo or Kerry will benefit hugely by winning this game and I was praying that we got either yourselves or Armagh in the draw. For us to meet Clare and go into a semifinal without a meaningful test for the second year on the trot would mean we would fall in the second last hurdle again. Horan will have no issue having the mayo heads in the right space, ye will be written off by all the wise men of the size 5 residing outside of the Kingdom and all the cute hoores within will be telling Mayo ghost stories to those of us within the walls. Mayo will prepare for this game with grinding teeth and flaring nostrils and they will do so with absolutely no expectation on their shoulders. They have scores to settle and wrongs to right in their minds and have the perfect storm in the run up to this clash.

    Mayo bring huge energy and chaos when they are totally focused and they will relish this pressure free encounter. Kerry struggled to shake off a poor Cork team in cork a few weeks back and it was their conditioning that opened up that lead in the last quarter, for a while I feared a flukey cork goal that would have breathed new life into them. Kerry’s lack of a hard championship game was clear for all to see. Limerick gave us no test in the final and now we head into the breech to face a well tested division one side for the first time this championship. I genuinely expect a great game and I expect both teams to be well supported. I see many on here saying that the game should not be played in limerick as Kerry are very used to playing there. I have followed Kerry many a long year and I have visited the Gaelic Grounds on very few occasions. The last time we played there was 2014 I think and it was many a long year before that since we played there. From Tralee it’s about an hour and fifty minutes to the stadium, from South Kerry it’s more that a three hour journey North Kerry is closer but it’s still over an hour to get to the stadium. With the cost of fuel and the accommodation in dublin this seems to be a no brainier for me as most players on both sides have never played a senior game at the venue and it is advantageous to neither side. I would say they could almost double the attendance from both sets of supporters and have the minors on before the main event.

    I think Kerry will win the game but it will be no push over and if a player is sent off or a big player picks up an injury then it could be a different ball game, good luck to all and Cíarraí Abú

  133. On Saturday we only started playing and scoring freely after Aidan departed just as happened last year v the Dubs. I’m not saying Aidan played badly but it is quite a coincidence

  134. On the strictly business of an upcoming Knockout Championship game re Mayo v Kerry is this. ..I believe Mayo have shown serious vulnerability with the high ball coming into the full back line, neither of, these otherwise excellent player’s, Keegan, Mullen, O’Hora, or Hession are the tallest. I would consider starting AOS to protect around the D, because it’s a known go to ploy for Jack O Connor, to try Bombs ‘high and often early…If we get exploited, don’t get exploited for a goal. ..I just can’t for the life of me see, Mayo setting up one on one in defense like the League Final. And we won’t have Michael Plunket to play sweeper. I don’t think Aiden would have the pace to play as an Orthodox Full Back on any of the Kerry front 3, (all of the current Kerry front 3 are far faster than Kieran Donaghy, ala Stephen Rochford plan 5 year’s ago)but I do think he could protect around the D… Now I don’t believe Aiden can last the 70+ minutes either, but I think it’s where we need to start.. With some tweaking,it might release Mrrs Mullen and Keegan further forward where they can hurt Kerry more often!

  135. Key to stopping Clifford is restricting supply. Once he gets the ball it’s almost too late. So the match ups on Sean O’Shea and the other Clifford are probably more important. Get those 2 chasing back towards their own goal as much as possible has to be the goal.

    I think that was the big issue in the league final. No Durcan, Mullin or Eoghan McLaughlin meant the Kerry half forwards could just focus on attacking.

  136. vaaldam – The gap was already reduced to 3 when Aidan was on the pitch so that’s a bit simplistic. A bigger turning point was probably McHale coming on for Carr when we were 5 or 6 down.

    Aidan didn’t have a good game of course and it’s hard to argue for his inclusion ahead of Flynn the next day.

  137. @Swallow Swoops, get you but it’s a team game so it won’t be the forwards that will beat Kerry, we all know that, but that doesn’t mean the team won’t.

    Look Kerry are a great team and have a top class manager and have the best player in the country and it’s generally accepted that they have a better forward unit than us.

    That’s the first thing that must be acknowledged and anything other than that is frankly delusional.

    We are not Kerry, we do not have the football culture Kerry have and even if we were to try and start to replicate that from 2023 onwards starting from the cradle it would take about 400 years to reach that level and there won’t be too many of us still around to see that.

    Having said all that, could be beat them in a one off game, absolutely.

  138. This has the potential to be very ugly. Whatever about Kerry being undercooked – they’re a better unit with better individuals than us at this time. Our half forward line isn’t functioning and we are struggling to get scores even against inferior opposition. Can see our front 6 getting eaten alive.

  139. Yes Wide Ball, there is a good deal of pace in them three lads there. If Swanny gets the job of marking The Golden Child it would be fairer to give him some support-he was left isolated against him.

  140. Hard to make a case for Mayo to win this.Horan will go man to man in Defence and with that setup it’s hard to see Kerry not scoring something like 1-18/2-18. There is no way we will match that score,bar e.g an early sending off for Kerry. Let’s not forget that first 35 mins against Kildare. Had that been Kerry we would have been 10/12 down at half time.ROD coming back would be a nice boost but does not improve our defence.

  141. I think Mayo would do well not to over compensate for nullifying David Clifford. Most likely Geaney, Stephen O’Brien and Sean O’Shea will be starting as well each who can score heavily if allowed. Horan may play a sweeper. The only issue with this is that it will allow Kerry the +1 freeing Morley up as the Kerry sweeper. Which will make it harder Mayo to run through the Kerry defence.

    The alternative is to go man to man. In which case it will be a battle of the middle 8’s and which inside forwards can do the most damage from the ball they get.

  142. Yes, Viper, agreed, it will definitely have to be a full team effort with everyone switched on.

    Dreamy, yes, it does have the potential to be ugly. None of us wants to see that. Let’s hope the two weeks and time to plan can curb that. That’s my hope at a minimum.

  143. Excited about this. A proper test a tough test and one to get the best out of the lads
    Ohora/Geaney Mullin/Clifford Hession/Paudie
    ………….::……AOS sweeper
    Paddy ……..Keegan…..Eoin Mac
    ………………..Mattie …. Jordan
    ………………Carney ……Cillian

    Only ones I’m unsure of doing a job in that way is AOS and Carney deserves his start but Darren Mchale would be a better option in many ways.
    AOS or Coen sweeping match’s them aerially but will depend on us keeping tight.

    Let out halfback attack like feck and put them on back foot.
    Our Center field is better than theirs.
    Halforwards functioned well in second half and if can do better than that then they will come out on top

    Big game in Cillian and he will battle with Tom o Sullivan. Ya big game needed from Carney and he can deliver he’s a threat aerially and physical beast so put them under pressure with Loftus ranging passes
    If and big if we don’t let them in early for a goal I think we will grind them down and win

  144. Agreed Mike. That first half against Kildare was one of the worst halves of football I’ve ever seen from a Mayo team and the fact that we dug out the win seems to be putting a totally undeserved shine on the thing. Kildare should have been home and hosed by halftime, and if we’re that lacking in ideas and creativity against Kerry, they will absolutely put the boot into us in a way that Kildare and even Monaghan were unable to do.

    Horan won’t play a sweeper, so it probably will end up being a man to man job, which will turn it into a game for forwards. Unfortunately Kerry’s forwards are miles ahead of ours.

  145. Ah this is a Croker game and it needs to be for us. I was at the game on Saturday. We played for 16 minutes and still won. Management need to be as cold as Jim Gavin when handing out jerseys or we are gone. Before I make an ass out of myself I watched the mayo Dublin match of last august and got a man with no GAA background but a background in other sports areas to tell me where he saw the problems. They ended when one man went off – same again Saturday. Great servant or no great servant we either are a charity or a team who want to win. Sometimes things move on without us – a fact of life. If Horan is not ruthless in the next game then I cannot see us getting any different result that what everyone expects.

  146. Hit Kerry for about 2.06 before they get chance to wipe the sleep from their eyes….and then hang on for dear life,for the next 50/60 minutes.

  147. Nothing better than beating the 2 big Guns in Croker.
    I hope it will be there.
    Mayo need a few plans but on would be release Mullin in a free role to cause carnage.
    Its a once off knockout game, Mayo need to do whatever it takes.

  148. It’s fair and reasonable Proud Mayo Supporter.
    Don’t think statically or otherwise anyone can truly argue with that.
    The difference Flynn made was unreal. He moved ball fast, took frees the minute he got ball in hand.
    That’s what we need to do.
    We have the energy and skills in Center field of Flynn and Matty with work rate and line breakers in Diarmuid, Fergal and Conor. Just need their best of best performances. Support from halfback line and put Kerry on back foot.
    They are defensively improved due to the man on the line but haven’t been sternly tested yet.
    That keepers still a dodge too and he’s lockouts can be got at.
    Holding Clifford and Geaney, running O Shea Paudie and O Brien backwards is the key.
    Put them on Blackfoot cancel the easy ball inside to Geaney and Clifford

  149. Ya I really believe so Mayonaze.
    Isn’t Matty an All Star and was on top form last year. He’s not got bad overnight just he’s had to do extra running I feel which with dropping a man back we should lessen his work load.

    Jordan Flynn’s a fine player and superior distribution to Jack Barry.
    We got better of them midfield wise in Tralee and will again in Crocker remember all injuries we had for the final

  150. Darren O’Sullivan saying it should be a double header with Cork/Dublin and other Kerry posters thinking there or Limerick. I say they can feck off. Croke Park or maybe the Hyde. We were shafted once before in Limerick so we must refuse that venue utterly. No way should Mayo fans be the ones to have to bend over because Kerry folk don’t like travelling. In these times with hotel prices and fuel costs Dublin isn’t an attactive venue but at least it’s a trip for both sets of fans.

  151. Mattie needs to find his mojo again , he’s been well below his own standard for a few games now .

  152. @Gamechanger10, Brilliant post! Really well written. I was laughing out loud, Jack doing his “Little Finger” moves to secure the throne… Brilliant and so true. 🙂

  153. Proud Mayo supporter…..” got a man with no GAA background but a background in other sports areas to tell me where he saw the problems. They ended when one man went off “….that is the finest nonsense i have ever read here. So you ask this genius who knows nothing about GAA and he came back that all the problems stem from Aiden. What utter, utter, nonsense. Sorry Willie Joe if this is out of order but give me strenght…

  154. Talking to Kerry guys they are more excired about Brosnan than any other player in the side.They expect him to explode in Croke Park this year

  155. Well if you’re going to play Kerry the quarters is probably the best time. They will be off a 4 week break with no real tough game played at all so far. They look flying fit this year though so I wouldn’t expect them to fade like Kildare did in the last 10 minutes.

    Galway v Armagh is a real 50/50 game although I expect most pundits to tip Armagh as they seem to have all the momentum now. From memory Galway traditionally do well against Ulster teams though apart from Tyrone on occasion. They usually beat the rest.

    Other two should be relatively straightforward. Clare should put up a decent fight against Derry though.

  156. Hello

    I guess that I am ln the mlnority in favouring the Kerry draw and chose them in our poll.

    Partly, because I want Mayo to beat Kerry. The last thing I would do is pick a team. I don’t think the League Final was a good reflection of where Mayo are at. But it will highlight just where we need to improve. Also the game in Tralee is another guide.

    Once again have no hesitation in leaving that to the team and management. They sure are better qualified than I am.

    In any event they will give it their best.. Everyone has praise for Lee Keegan and Andy. They have a brilliant attitude to life. In fact what strikes me about the Mayo players for years now is their good nature. Maybe we get disappointed because they did not goal or were out of position etc and lash out in
    May God bless them all.

    Ciarán 2.

  157. I sense that the poor attendance on Saturday has the CCCC debating alternatives as Kerry fans are poor travellers at the best of times. Surely a double header with the Dublin match and the minor beforehand would see a good Croker crowd

  158. @Paddyjoejohntom….The CCCC are in Croke Park spitting out the Dummy… … What a different story to counting out the money?….. When the people voted with their feet just to stay at home…. rather than go to the Credit union to take out a loan…The should have bought a map, to take a look at Ireland’s shape, … And as Joe McDonagh sang ‘let Croke Park quake’.. For it’s a long long way, and it gets further by the day, from Clare and every fecking where to there!

  159. If the CCCC wanted to move the game to increase attendance the only venues that could hold the expected crowd for Kerry and Mayo would be Limerick or Thurles I would say or Pairc Ui Caoimh. All in Munster so I couldnt see it being a runner. What is tuam stadium like?

  160. So much has to click miraculously into place in two weeks time for us yet I’d never write us off .When I’m reminded about how threadbare our team was for League Final with no Mullin, Durcan and Mc Laughlin that the glimmers of hope start to appear.
    Would love to see Mullin moved .His goal on Saturday was pure class.

  161. When is Mattie Ruane going to get a bit more scrutiny?
    His fall from grace since the semi final last year has been spectacular.
    The guy was looking at the FOTY award before last years final but he’s had a nightmare since then.
    Now it’s gotten to the point that I’d argue that Flynn deserves to possibly take his place on the team the next day. If you watch the last minute of the game last week again the decision to solo across his own goal at a pedestrian pace with Kildare lads all converging on him was kamikaze stuff and could easily have turned very ugly with a dispossession.
    There was similar instances against Monaghan actually late in the game.
    Is he carrying an injury or something? It looks like he’s completely lost all his pace and explosiveness and now between himself and AOS we gave two of our slowest players in the middle of the park. Not ideal.

  162. If ya ring croke park (I’m told)they’ll tell ya mayo are on the Sunday , as afar as I can make out it’s just a matter of who we are been double headerd with .

  163. While delighted for Lee and Robbie making the football team of the week I’m struggling to find a reason for Robbie’s inclusion. While he did nothing wrong he pretty much had nothing to do and didn’t even register on the Mayo Blog motm poll. Who picks these totw line-ups ?

  164. @Kerry blowin..why not Clones?…Do you not think that Mayo fan’s have been asked to travel trough the county of their opponent and continue on further once too Often…Tuam would be fantastic altogether, … Fantastic iconic road the Sawdoctors sang about the N17 , or it’s upgraded bigger brother the M17… take your pick of either… And T. ..U…A…M is the fastest town in Ireland… really ye would be no time at all driving from Kerry..Tuam is a long long way from North Mayo..it’s at least as fair as Limerick.. And comfortably holds, Used to hold over 30K, and I used to love her once as well..The Sawdoctors can provide the warm-up music… Great Idea, fair play, we’ll all settle on Tuam!

  165. I would think there is a better chance of getting two 60k plus attendances if mayo and armagh games are on one day and dublin and derry games on the other day. Have SKY got dibs on one of the days?? And if so can they lay claim to the juiciest encounter?

  166. Grainne Uaile you refernenced Clifford kept scoreless from play in Sigerson final. NUIG manager that day was Mauerice Sheridan, the same Maurice who was given dogs abuse here and elsewhere for how defensively he set up our U20 team. We cant have it both ways. I feel it will be difficult for us to perfect a defensive system for Kerry in just 2 weeks though kildare did manage to partly do that against us. I expect JH and co will opt to play the Mayo way – go for it . Have my doubts whether we would win regardless of how we set up. Systems are important but players win games and I think kerry are a bit superior to us in the players department at the moment. Still youd never know. With Mayo anything is possible.

  167. @Kerry_Blowin: Tuam Stadium is a non-runner for competitive fixtures (other than the FBD League) due to health and safety considerations, which seem to have gone absolutely crazy in Ireland in the last decade or so. Same reason the capacity of MacHale Park has been substantially downgraded in recent years.

    Mad when you think of all the games held in Castlebar over the years with very few, if any safety incidents (the worst I can think of was the time it held a qualifier in 2003 and the county board painted the seating in the stand too close to the game, resulting in spectators getting it streaked across their backsides).

  168. Surely if the game is part of the senior double header in Croke Park along with the minor they will have Kerry and Mayo seniors as the first senior game. Wouldnt b beyond the CCCC to play the minors and then have another game between the senior game. Would help Croke Park look a lot fuller for the TV cameras.

  169. Outside of the boot – I totally agree. Tactically we are very weak and I am told that if we have a plan B then people don’t commit to plan A. Kerry unfortunately are a lot more than just Clifford (and I am in no way insulting the man as you have to admire his talent|) and we keep falling into that trap. If we really want an all ireland now is the time to step up and make the changes needed. No opponent is unbeatable if you believe in yourself and that battle starts in the head. This game will be a turning point for us – make no mistake but it will define the future of Mayo football and where we are at

  170. The GAA have shot themselves in the foot again,Kerry people won’t travel and even if lots of Mayo people do we won’t have enough to build an atmosphere which is what a game like this needs

  171. Asked my buddy from Sneem was he going to the match. Got this back. “If the minors are on at half twelve I will have to leave home around 6 AM or half past. And by the time I get our of Dublin it will be probably midnight before I am home. School the next morning as well. 100 on Diesel before I buy the tickets the four tickets. Not a hope. Be cheaper go to Spain! “

  172. Sunday evening…at 4pm, no under 17 game…it seems they really don’t give a second thought to how or where people are travelling from and too…best of luck to our lads.
    Hard luck GAA…you are losing ground, big time.
    Maigheo go deo.

  173. Armagh are on a mission to turn Croker orange in a fortnight and fair play to them. Yes I was against playing qualifier matches in Croker but I’ve a great hope the Mayo supporters will pack out Croker in 2 weeks for our quarter final. Throw off the shackles and create a cauldron of noise. 16th man job. We will need something beyond special to get over the line.

  174. @It means nothing to me…The attendance at McHale Park for the 2006 Connacht Final was over 34K..the only All Seated Gaelic Ground in Ireland.. since then McHale Park had been upgraded, and it’s Capacity should have increased if anything. .We should question everything we are told by those on high (many in the GAA) as regards the capacity of McHale Park… Around 2004.. Croke Park was finally finished and I know the dates .. Croke Park with it’s considerable standing only terrace had remained the same, less than 83K…The attendance at Connacht Final in the refurbished McHale Park of 2010 between Roscommon and Sligo was north of 32K, with easily a few thousand spaces for more… Mayo’s McHale Park is the best and only Seated Gaelic Stadium in the whole country for holding a seated crowd of over 36K today…If health and safety deem it to be less, than that like it believe it was 25K for the Donegal match a few years ago..30% less than it’s true capacity, Croke Park with it’s several thousand standing room only terrace, needs to adhere to the same standards and be reduced to about 55-60K… One of the reasons given for the 25K capacity for the Donegal match was the lack of a ‘curtain raiser’…The organisers of the Match having missed a glorious opportunity to have the Donegal Women play Mayo women in the championship who were due to meet around the same time anyway… That’s also the reason why the Women of Galway and Mayo played in Limerick before the men, to increase the capacity for the Match…as it happened, but not to the same extent as Saturdays dismal crowd,the crowd that actually turned up in Limerick for the Match was less than the capacity of, Pearce.. Stadium,Dr Hyde Park or McHale Park all much more logical Venue’s for the occasion… Now once again, the Mayo and Kerry minor’s are drawn against each other so such a double header could be played in McHale Park with 36K seated patrons!

  175. @mayo02
    Unfair comment on Kerry not travelling it’s our biggest game of the year .. and the dislike Kerry have for Mayo will make supporters turn up .. and must say say ironic calling Kerry supporters out after we saw the crowd ye had against Kildare .. for supposedly the “best supporters “ in the country ye didn’t travel

  176. We won’t bring 12k to the game , people are in cuckoo land . Armagh will sell around 40k tickets

  177. Not sure if you’re being serious or not Leantimes! Funny stuff anyway

    There’s far more chance of the concrete benches being taken out completely at this point than over 30k ever being allowed in to sit on them mainly. Wasn’t most of the talk that they were going to be taken out from behind the goals for H&S reasons? I think a terrace overall adds more to atmosphere. I’d keep them (while obviously upgrading them a bit) along the sideline

  178. Oh yeah, I agree with you on the scepticism. As a Mitchels man, I used to work the games in MacHale Park for years as a volunteer, the nearest thing to a health and safety issue was a tailback after the final whistle.

    I see that HQ have fixed the Mayo v. Kerry game for 4pm on Sunday, 26 June. I honestly think they’re taking the Michael out of us in an outrageous fashion at this point (no word on the minors yet), to have the two furthermost counties on last thing on a Sunday.

    I was scoffed at by a few on here for suggesting a boycott of the Kildare match for similar reasons, but maybe if we’re all good boys and girls and do and say nothing, the GAA will do the right thing of their own volition? Because that’s worked very well before /s.

  179. Mayo support is shockingly fickle but this day was always coming with the Horan era bandwagon , im all for bandwagons , it’s inevitable when you’re going well but there is no doubt about it they soon get off the ship when it’s not steering the same course . But don’t worry I hope they’re back for our semi v Dublin ??

  180. Seán Burke, I’m not a betting man. However, if there was a game I’d throw the house on, it’s this one. We won’t get within an asses roar of Kerry.

  181. The back end Sunday slot only really suits if you’re watching on the TV. Got back well after 1am for the league final and the minor and senior match would have been a great double, but won’t be able to make it this time. For the fans that will be driving cross country on Sun evening with families it’s really hard going, especially if you were in HQ for the Kildare match. Real shame

  182. Quarter finals are always croke park,
    Don’t understand people here, a double header with Galway playing should be enjoyed.
    Don’t go if you don’t want . Just the whining here is
    Sure have the game in beakan so, even then some people wouldn’t be pleased.

  183. Absolutely gutted. Just can’t see a way past kerry with the current form of our forwards and our injuries. I would have fancied our chances against the dubs more. Even with mayo’s history of pulling off amazing c’ship victories, how realistic is it to expect the dire form of our forwards to transform that dramatically in 2 weeks? Apologies for negativity, but if mayo kept it to a 5 point margin, I’d be happy enough. Leeroy and oisin can’t beat them on their own.

  184. @Stephenite.. could you please give any reason whatsoever for taking out the concrete benches?..The huge empty terrace or huge empty swathes of Croke Park didn’t do anything for the Atmosphere last Saturday..It’s people that make Atmosphere, and if you lose the people, you lose the game. The CCCC should hang their collective head’s in shame.

  185. While I can see the logic of people saying we wont get close to Kerry.
    1. They have better forwards/ both individual and as a unit
    2. I would have hoped our midfield would have kicked on after beating Dublin in League, but with Jordon back from injury and Mattie form taking a nose dive, I think it advantage Kerry here as well. But not impossible for us to turn this tide.
    3. While I think our back are better as individual, Kerry seem happier with playing the sweeper and attaching with numbers
    4. We have a better goalie

    However, if we are to beat them, couple of thing need to go our way.
    a. Have to make match sharpness count. While we feeling our way thru qualifiers, these match should have brought us on. Remember last 20mins of Kildare match does give some hope, we getting it together.
    b. Need some cover in front of full back line,
    c. Could Mattie find form in two weeks, it unlikely but crucial to our chances.
    d. ROD has to start, and hope he shows no rustiness from time off injuried
    e. Don’t start Aiden, he would much more usefully to bring on. Kerry have serious speed and athletics players, Aiden would not be able to live with them. Bring him on later in game, when hopefully it there to be won.

    Longer Kerry in championship the harder it will be to beat them, so if may the best opportunity to beat them, but we will need some luck/ a lot of heart/ and some player finding form. Guy like Jack Carney, beginning to show glimpses of what required. Unlucky not to score more against Kildare. Carr caused them problem during league final, so need to take this as another opportunity to do same. League final ROD, had one of his poorer games, need to right these wrong’s.

  186. Grain of Rice – Ruane’s form has been poor since last year’s final and I do think that final has had something to do with the continued poor form. He had an absolute shocker that day and essentially played himself out of the running for footballer of the year – I think there was some psychological damage done that day as it really seems like he’s been totally off since. I don’t know what can be done about that when we don’t even employ a sports psychologist. This team has a lot of baggage, even the younger players now do, and yet we still don’t have a professional to help them get in the right headspace.

  187. Hi willy joe long time reader met you in Castlebar at kerry game b4 lockdown I can’t believe our time has come comment at 10 19 it should be took down i don’t think any County fan would like that said to happen to any team

  188. I’m in two minds, I have a good deal for a week in the Sun starting 25th June, or will I wait a week so I can see Mayo knock the shite out of Kerry in the perfect ambush ?

  189. A bit harsh on Mattie Ruane lads. He was very good in all the league games, including vs Kerry in Tralee. Quiet enough in the league final but okay compared to others on the team. Teams are targeting him for attention because he’s such a threat.

    Dreamysleepy – fairly sure I read there is a sports psychologist with the panel this year.

  190. Gamechanger very fair comments as always may the best team win obviously I hope that is Mayo,proud Mayo supporter what do you think that Andy Murray should do to get back to winning ways,or perhaps you could advise Man Utd how to get back to the top,if you are going to listen to someone who doesn’t know anything about the GAA ,you should have no problem giving advice to other sports

  191. I can’t understand fellas from Kerry coming on here and commenting, go back and comment on yer own forum and don’t be worrying about us here. I find it especially funny the comment from dod2102 criticising our support when Kerry are the worst supporters in the land. I can assure you the dislike Mayo have for Kerry will also make our supporters turn up, and you can be damn sure we’ll outnumber the Kerry support by at least 2:1

  192. On the road again – Kerry fans are more than welcome to contribute here. It should be possible for supporters to have a reasonable debate about the forthcoming game without any rancour.

  193. I have no problem with genuine supporters coming here to have a genuine debate about the game, but I’m not in favour of Kerry fans coming on a Mayo GAA forum and criticising our supporters

  194. Wide Ball – I don’t think anything I said was unfair. He hasn’t been remotely as influential this hear as he was last year and it’s not just because he’s getting extra attention (and that’s something he and the team should have been prepared for honestly). His decision making, pace, shooting, passing have all dipped since last year. It’s quite noticeable and it’s a major reason why we have been struggling to dominate games this year.

    I believe he’s a terrific player and would love to see a return to form for him as I believe he has the ability to change a game. When he’s in control in midfield, he takes some stopping. But I do think that final last year has taken a toll.

  195. On the road again – I have a problem with people taking it upon themselves to tell others where to go when they comment here.

  196. What Mattie struggles with is physicality. He’s not particularly strong in his first few steps. He does tend to get turned back out of contact or bottled up.
    I’d move him to wing forward.
    Have a midfield of Jordan and Oisin.

  197. Saying Mattie’s form has been poor since the All Ireland final is unfair, unless you’re ignoring the 6 league games he played, and played well in. Had a few bad wides vs Galway admittedly and was quiet enough the last 2 weekends.

    However I expect the quarter final will be a more open game which should suit him better than moving the ball laterally when up against a blanket defense.

  198. Galway got the draw we didn’t like but the draw we need. It is a huge game and we will go in as underdogs with pundits due to Armagh’s wins over Tyrone and Donegal who were both poor this year. It will be a shoot out no doubt and one I am quite hopeful that we will prevail but the A game is needed from Walsh,Kelly, Comer, Finnerty, Tierney, Conroy and Daly. I think on form to date it’s a tough draw for Mayo and one to consider the shawl to half time. Smother Kerry and attempt to run them in last 15 minutes. I think if Mayo are still there with 10 minutes left Kerry may wobble but getting to that position won’t be easy.

  199. The championship has been poor overall and let’s behonest this is a heavy weight contest that gets the juices flowing.

    Truth is we don’t know where Kerry are at present given how abject Munster was.

    Mayo tend to start slow and that will help is as it’ll take Kerry time to settle after 4 week break.

    As much as Pat Spillane drives ye mad he is 100% correct regarding Mayos achiles heal.

    A lack of scoring forwards may prove decisive.

  200. One point I’ll make on Kerry is that we won’t be found wanting for fitness or conditioning.

  201. Bit of a strange one this morning…I was hoping for Derry but as one or two on here have pointed out maybe we are better on the harder side of the draw if there are ambitions to win it as opposed to just getting to the final.

    I feel Kerry will have too much but I do have a feeling there is a big performance coming from Mayo..We nearly always get one at some point in the Championship and if we are going to see one it better be next otherwise there won’t be another day.

    If Mayo do manage to get a win, Iam going to watch Pat Spillane on the Sunday game on repeat until I tire of watching it which may take days.

    This draw does set it up for my worst nightmare..that being us beating Kerry and Dublin and losing an AI final to Galway…if that comes to pass I hope there is a helpline set up for us Mayo supporters!

  202. Walter I promise you this if your worst nightmare and my greatest dream is realised I will man that helpline for a few months for free to talk Mayo lads through their pain. ?

  203. @chesneycat, that helpline manned by Galway lads would add a whole new scary layer to that particular nightmare!

  204. Anyone know what the current injury situation is?
    Any hope of having Donoghue, plunkett or Fionn McDonagh togged out

  205. Hope we both win Walter, a step closer to the finish line. Ye need ROD still 2 weeks to get him back. We need cool heads in defence, ye in attack. Kerry and Armagh can be beaten, indeed any team can be beaten on a given day. Roll on the match I hope to be there.

  206. Been a while since I posted, probably since the defeat to Tyrone actually which I still haven’t got over especially given how poor they turned out to be. A lot of positivity in the comments today and fair play to men & women for that but I can’t see where the scores will come from to beat Kerry regardless of how well match ups work, how improved Mayo are etc. Kerry will still put up a good tally and I suspect have been waiting for a proper game for awhile. We, I fear, don’t possess the talent up front to beat Kerry & no tactics or effort will chance that either unfortunately

  207. Dod2102, Kerry would only to have the same level of support as us. As far as I am concerned Kerry fans are up there as the supporter base that I dislike the most.

  208. I agree Chesneychet – ‘I think on form to date it’s a tough draw for Mayo and one to consider the shawl up to half time. Smother Kerry and attempt to run them in last 15 minutes’.

    Every team knows our tactics by this stage. Lock it up and put the shawl up for at least the first half and longer if necessary. Put 13 men back into our half. This would surprise Kerry and combined with ferocious tackling and tight attention could very well rattle them. This has all been done to ourselves and usually successfully (Donegal 2012 and Galway 2022 for example). Make Kerrys life unbearable and frustrating. If you rattle their heads they may go on the back foot.

    Leave a permanent big man and a sidekick on the Kerry keeper. Score on the break and with potential long range frees. We have the man for that. The shawl would especially save energy for a massive second half burst by our speedsters. We could pulverise them at 100% tempo in the later stages of the game and still be able to run a 100 metre sprint at the final whistle.

    The purists may say you cannot do this type of thing. I do believe if we go from the start with our usual game Kerry will know from the throw in exactly what will happen. Jack O’Connor is as wily as you will ever get and will have his men ready.

    What I am saying is not rocket science and is not pretty but who cares if it works. I just do not see our game of lateral play and running into backs of any use against this Kerry team and more specifically this Kerry manager. The military guys always talk about the element of surprise. We have to surprise these guys or it could be early curtains. I sure hope management will take a risk.

    Well done to WJ – a great blog with great contributions and good craic at times.

  209. Absolutely right Unstoppable – Limerick is the worst venue for Mayo, esp vs Kerry., but vs any team. Croke Park suits our style, not the cramped ill-fortune we suffered in 2014 and subsequently in. Limerick

  210. Kerryman in Mayo, back down to my beloved home again for the summer and amongst my own.
    I just want to wish both teams the best next summer, hopefully it will be a very clean game. It will definitely have a great atmosphere, especially with the green ‘n red and orange. As for Galway and us, we’re both probably the poorest travellers in the country going to games. We just don’t travel, has always been that way, and will always be that way.
    As I have reiterated on my own forum down here, I’m extremely fearful for next Sunday’s game, I’ve said this straight out, many posters not taking any heed at all.
    Mayo are now a dangerously wounded animal since the League Final, you wanted to win that, but you were down a few players. There is a point to prove in relation to Mayo, you have yet to play your big game of the year, this could be it. So in short, I would be very concerned of a backlash. I think there’s an ambush coming down the tracks here.
    Yes, we’ve had a good season so far, but many Kerry supporters do not trust this Kerry team at all, I don’t, as I have reiterated so many times in the past, they are the weakest Kerry team we’ve had since 1996. Nobody down here listens to me on this. Will they after next Sunday? I doubt it. Until this Kerry team wins an All-Ireland, nobody will trust them.
    I could go into tactics, but I’m not that stupid in going to say that here, or any other place.

    Wishing you Willie Joe and all in Mayo, safe travelling to the game next Sunday, and may it be a great sporting contest, naturally, I’ll be hoping for my crowd to conclude to evening with a hard fought win.

    Mind yourselves.

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