277 thoughts on “It’s Kildare

  1. Like I said yesterday we would be sent to croker. Double header on Saturday wait and you see.
    Anyways we owe them one.

  2. That draw is a fix. Two weeks running the big teams have been drawn against each other…the match will be in Croker with the Ulster game. Allows GAA to give value to premium and corporate box ticket holders.

  3. Jeez Willie Joe your on the ball as usual. You don’t hang around. Good draw. Not the toughest in the pot but won’t be easy either. A win by no means guaranteed but if we play well we’ll win.

  4. Roscommon v Clare
    Cork v limerick
    Donegal v Armagh

    Kildare is the best possible draw especially if it’s in croker

  5. Hmmmm…tasty. Interesting games. No reason why we can’t win this one but it’s no gimme either. Happy Monday y’all. Maigheo abú

  6. @toetohand.cork v limerick roscommon v Clare. Donegal v armagh. They made it easy for the conspiracy theorists by not having a camera on the bowl when the teams are picked out.

  7. Suppose it will have to be played somewhere like Dr Hyde in Roscommon or Tullamore can’t see it being in Croke Park i don’t think a lot of people from Mayo will go to Croke Park if i’m being honest I know it’s do or die but we have nearly a fully fit team back it would be nearly better in one of the above venues because its between both county’s and the atmosphere would be electric

  8. Thanks all.. some great line ups there.. should be a great weekend of football ahead of us

  9. I would of liked Donegal more because now i feel the players won’t be as focused as they would of been for a big game and i think if we don’t play our best and we have to we could go out to kildare

  10. It’s it great 2 of the lesser counties like Roscommon, clare, limerick or Cork will make it to the quarters…lol

  11. Kildare had a poor game against Dublin but are better than that showing. Could be our Waterloo. Again.

  12. Keep Jimmy Hyland quiet and its a chance to banish a few ghosts in Croke Park and get a win

  13. To be honest Kildare will be a good test. Scoring 1-15 against the Dubs isn’t shabby. Having as near a full team as possible is important but Colm O’Rourke to tip Kildare is a must.

  14. With our form, it’s impossible to say how it’ll go. We had a few passengers in the forwards last weekend so I’d be worried, but not surprised, if the same team starts.

    And I’ll repeat, play Diarmuid at 11 and let him free in the middle sector. In soccer terms he is a top ‘box to box’ player. He can tackle, he can create, he can score.

  15. Hopefully will be played in the Hyde, will be an open game as Kildare know no other way.
    I hope it is not a double header in CP, would be a better atmosphere in a smaller ground, could have 3 connacht counties in QF.

  16. This will be a win, comfortably beat them in the league & that was during our bad run

  17. A good draw for us in that its not a gimme and we’ll need a performance to win.Glen Ryan was in Castlebar in sat,I wonder will he set up differently than in the league when they thought they had better forwards so tried to beat Mayo in a shoot out,that didn’t work out well for them.
    I hope they try to play a blanket,they’re not used to it under Ryan and we should pick that apart in Croke Park.We owe them one too.

  18. Not the best draw and not the worst. We face the best set of forwards frrom any of the teams but at least Kildare will play football and no blanket defence for us to navigate. Hopefully game in The Hyde. Mixed fortunes for our neighbours Ross will be happy enough with Clare but a rotten draw for Sligo. Tailteann cup games to be played in Croker and on rte

  19. I wonder about Croker. With the sky high Dublin hotel prices, not to mention fuel costs, is bringing Teams to Dublin an option – when you don’t have to. Apart from our draw, they’re local derbies; Rossies and Clare are as near to Galway as some parts of their own counties.

  20. I would be surprised if any team wants to draw Mayo. While we moan and groan about one thing or another the rest of the country sees a dog that has travelled this road many times.

    We might not have won it out but we have stopped many others from getting a chance.

    Maigheo abú

  21. Sky have 2 games on Saturday. So I would think a double header with Donegal game

  22. Does anyone know if Kildare are carrying any injury’s ? Are we likely to face up against a similar team that we did in the league ?

  23. Kildare ffs
    Not sure I’ll be able to go depending on where that is. I fear it will be Croker which will rule me out due to personal commitments next weekend

    Assuming Mayo and Roscommon both win then galway can only get Limerick/cork or Armagh/Donegal
    If it’s Limerick Cork then that side of the draw is looking easier and easier
    Quarter final draw will be so important if we get over Kildare

  24. Will it be Portarlington or nowhere this time? Or will the train be heading to Houston for a Croker double header.

    Revenge is more valuable than ever now. Liverpool left their chance at one behind in the final against that other lillywhite team, (also to avenge a 2018 match) Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again

  25. I see boyle sports have us as 4/11 favourites.also interesting they have the game on Sat st 5pm

  26. At least we didn’t get limrick,Kildare defence very open we will get in it will be good shooting practice for our forwards and if our forwards can’t take on the scores (ryan being back would be a big plus) we will have to hope that our backs and aiden will give just as good a peformence that they gave on Saturday

  27. Huge celebrations in Roscommon this morning no doubt, after dodging ourselves and Armagh.

    I can see the all Ulster match up conspiracy raising its head again. The downside for us is that it makes facing Derry in the QF less likely now that one of the Ulstermen will be gone (no repeat pairings) .

    Though I suppose the all Munster conspiracy isn’t as fashionable not quite as both Cork and Limerick will be licking their lips.

  28. Gaelic Grounds in Limerick wouldn’t be a bad shout. Motorway access for both sets of supporters. Hopefully our minors win tonight and we could have a Mayo Kildare double header!

  29. Lads,there’s no doubt where the game will be,it’ll be a double header at Croker,it could be on Sunday but most likely Sat..Now part of me would love a packed provincial ground somewhere but the logical part of me says we’re a Croke Park team and we need to play as many games there as possible.Anyway,that’s where the game will be played.

  30. Revenge for 2018, lets be honest should be beating Kildare by a bit to spare they are awful in defence as proved v Mayo in Carrick this year already. I’d say a double header with Donegal v Armagh in Croke Park this Sunday

  31. Second best draw we could have hoped for. Will take it. Kildare are on a similiar level to Monaghan but with a better overall balance to their front six. A tough and very physical examination of our team awaits so the risk of fresh injuries with limited recovery time will be a concern if we can get over them. Majority of our players will sorely remember Newbridge in 2018 so motivation should not be an issue.

  32. I understand people talking about easier side of the draw but we are not even close to the strength we were 4 or 5 years ago. We’ll do well to get over the next hurdle and if we do, then every game after that is 50/50.

  33. Hopefully in Dr Hyde Park. Excellent venue, needs big games. Thanks for being on the ball wj as always

  34. The Hyde would be good alright but does it have the capacity ?
    I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s an excellent be eu though with it’s inexplicable lack of proper toilet and catering facilities !
    Great pitch now though

  35. Km79 are you sure Mayo can not meet Galway in the quarter finals, i thought it was just no provincial finals repeated?

  36. The Gaa website states that repeat pairings are also to be avoided in quarter final draw

  37. There are very good grounds in Tullamore, Rosscommon and Portlaoise. I think a packed smaller venue is much better and all of the aboce have easy roads home, no matter what direction you are travelling.

  38. Good draw for us in Kildare. Glad we avoided Armagh. We should beat Mayo. Not the force you used to be in the past.

  39. There’s a simple way of beating Kildare , you run at them , create an overlap and score , they are pathetically set up defensively. If we start fannyin about in this one it’s just pure stupid . Anyone that was in carrick and watched them v Dublin can see their weakness .

  40. With health & Safety etc, there can only be a small few venues where the game can be hosted, but with nothing else on in Crocker, I bet it will be there along with another game.

  41. Spotted Glen Ryan at Mac Hale park, makes you wonder about authenticity of draw.

  42. Kildare could start a “anywhere but the Hyde” due to the fact we used it as a home venue in the league

  43. Kildare will be out for revenge too. Don’t forget we relegated them in the league.
    Isn’t it a pity they couldn’t do the draw with these new computer things, or get a little ball machine like the lottery.

  44. Kildare are beatable, but we need to start playing ball players in half forward line, play Boland
    who is a very creative player sees openings , can go deep and make things happen like McLoughlin and both either could do a job sweeping aswell, and I also think Jordan Flynn should be stationed on the edge of the square, reminds me of a Ronan Clarke I think he could do a job there.Big unit and focal point and can score. Hennelly, Keegan, Mullin ,Hession, Durcan, coen,McLaughlin o Shea,Ruane,Boland,McLoughlin D O Connor, Carr,Flynn,C o Connor

  45. Think this game is coming too soon for Mayo. Kildare have plenty scoring forwards and strong management team. Defense is not the best and they don’t have Mayo physicality. However with Ryan still out, think we could struggle here. Shades of 2018 all over again!

  46. 1/4 final Draw is Subject to Provincial Final Winners avoiding defeated finalists from their own Province in this Round and to the avoidance of repeat pairings where possible

  47. Do we know Ryan is still out?

    If our minors pulled off a win tonight , is it Kildare after that ?

  48. Need digits for the permutations for quarter final draw. Plenty of possible repeat draws which aren’t permitted. Wonder what are the % chances of getting each provincial winner assuming 4 round 2 games to form and we can’t get Galway.

    Sorry I totally forgot there’s a round 2 match to win against Kildare. We’ll leave that for another day

  49. @Justoutsideballagh – thanks for that, i was feeling a big too positive about the game until i read your comment.

  50. Km79 – does that mean we can’t draw Dublin in the quarter finals since Kildare can’t get them? Or does that only come into play if Kildare win?

  51. Well Seanie CH hope you are right but huge improvement required on performance Saturday to beat Kildare. Our forwards were really poor!

  52. Sean Burke, Horan did not even mention him when asked that direct question in post match interview. He talked about Jordan Flynn but did not answer re ROD, so my read of that was that he is out.

  53. Justoutsideballagh, Mayo physically was no where to be seen in the 2021 final, any game from here on will be a battle particularly if game is played in a smaller venue.
    Kildare will be dangerous on a smaller type pitch.
    If what some posters state as being true, Glen Ryan at Saturday’s game then it looks suspicious, Cork v Limerick a convenient draw, Donegal v Armagh another convenient draw, Ros v Clare a fairly convenient draw, Mayo v Kildare a set draw to relive the spice of 2018.

  54. Wide Ball. We could get Dublin if we were to win. Repeat pairings to be avoided where possible so less likely for Kildare to get Dublin if they were to beat us.

  55. @Keeping the faith 2022! – Where is the motorway to Limerick from Eachléim to Ballindine (2 hours on a giod day) and another hour and a half to Limerick from there 😉

    This was the draw I voted for.

  56. I had a feeling about Kildare and just wanted to avoid them for now. I felt they were a hard team for Mayo to beat despite League showing.
    They have very good mobile forwards and a fire-spark in Daniel Flynn, who can make a goal out of nothing.
    Their management team won’t lie down either. I think it’s a tough assignment and hope we are up for it.
    The one thing I’ll say is – I was in Newbridge in 2018 and our team must remember that too. I hope that’ll be motivation to beat them now. We are a fresher outfit this time round and with motivation can surely do the job. Nervous but if we’re focussed we can do it.

  57. Rumour it’s going to be breffini , what is the capacity of Cavans county ground ?

  58. A bananaskin.Kildare can score..big midfield and if they shore up defence we could be in bother.Need different forwards though..I would go with McHale and Boland instead of Walsh and Carr.

  59. Apologies for going off topic but the full Monaghan game is on Sky Sports On Demand on Now TV. It’s not free but it’s there.

  60. Kildare will want this played anywhere but Croker, they play their best football on tight pitches. Hope we hold strong and really push for Croke Park.

  61. Glen Rryan at the match is in no way suspicious. He has to pick 1/3 games and he’ll have had other backroom staff at the Cork v Louth and Clare v Meath games.

  62. For the league game O Donoghue was class and Hyland only came on at the end.Kildare lost because we got two goals one from Jordan Flynn and Doherty played well.Diarmuid went off.A lot has changed so this is why it is a banana skin.

  63. Don’t think it’s a question of pushing for venue. We’ll be told later today when GAA has considered it, done what they need to do in terms of discussing with Sky and RTE. Then we’ll be told.

  64. If its in Croker i’d expect a comfortable win for Mayo. could be tighter game played elsewhere, Hyde Park on a good pitch seems fine to me, no need of the expense of travelling to Croke Park.

  65. Don’t forget Ireland play Scotland at 5 in the Aviva on Saturday evening it’s a sell out plus huge numbers of Scots over means few hotel rooms !

  66. Delighted with the draw. Both teams will fancy their chances and that’s the way it should be at this stage of the championship.
    It’s impossible to call it right now and it probably will be the same at half time.
    As usual in these tight games, the team who take their chances will win…simple as that!

  67. Conspiracy theorists in their element again i see. So Glen Ryan was in Castlebar? So what? Id imagine they had people at all the other games as well. On the dates, Ireland playing Scotland on Saturday evening 5pm, i wonder would gardai be ok with two big events taking place at same time?

  68. Could be breffni park, that holds a decent crowd.

    Reasonably happy with the draw as I still think donegal would have been the worst draw at this stage (themselves and armagh will both be sickened).

    Kildare have some quality forwards so will hurt us but their defence is as bad as their attack is good

  69. Ya Sky have 2 games Saturday and RTE 2 on Sunday, i cnat imagine Sky being happy if they clash with the Ireland game

  70. On another topic , Leitrim were robbed of that game yesterday . Square ball given and it clearly want a square ball . If live till I’m 200 I’ll never understand how an official can see something that didn’t happen . Total incompetent fools . Needs to be addressed , drilled in to them , if you did not see it goal stands sin e , you cannot just pass judgement on the reaction of players / crowd whatever . Some are more gifted as actors than others

  71. Padraig O Neill – Hyland played the full league game but Keegan cleaned him.

  72. Ó Hora back in defence, Flynn to midfield half forward line I would like to see Eoghan Mcloughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor. And hopefully EOD back to full forward line.

  73. Looking from the other side, not one county did not want Mayo…let’s use that we are the still a top 4 team and steam roll over these lot..Hon Mayo

  74. Yes, it was Daniel Flynn that only came on near the end in that Kildare league match.

  75. If Mayo don’t want Croker, it won’t be Croker, unless there is some overriding consideration that makes it necessary.

    But, why would Mayo not want Croker?

  76. Hyland played the full game against Mayo,I watched him after the game walking off,he looked seriously shook after Leeroy gave him a taste of big boy football.That will stand to him though,he is a serious footballer and will be a threat the next day,Flynn too,both of those lads would walk onto the Mayo team and most teams in the country.

  77. Double header in Croke Park in Tailteann Cup semifinals That has been agreed . Not sure whether it’s Saturday or Sunday . Breffni Park would be a strange choice .Hyde , Tullamore or Portlaoise would make more sense The latter two are preferable to Kildare The Hyde better for us

  78. Would see it as another close game given Mayo’s problems in the forwards but will go for a narrow Mayo win. Roscommon, Cork and Armagh to make up the last 4 in the qualifiers. From a Galway perspective it’s Armagh or Cork in the QF which are winnable games if we bring our A game.

  79. Thanks @greenandred forgot about now on demand! Canavan is shrewd analyst, we did have 2 goal chances in the making v Galway…we have to get more goals

  80. Mayo, Clare, Cork and Armagh into the next round. Should make some decent quarter final games.

  81. I presume this “no repeat pairings where possible” is out the window now?. They can’t go changing it now as its completely unfair on Armagh and Donegal. If this is the case, and we scrape by Kildare, it would be unreal to draw Galway in Croker!!!!!!!

    Long way to go I suppose. Don’t see any odds yet on Paddy Power, guess their waiting for the venues to be announced. Our lads certainly won’t be lacking motivation in this one!!.

  82. Mayo88, we were far to physical for Kildare in the league game in Carrick. They are great team for kicking scores but could not handle our power. However if ROD out, I think at best it is a 50/50 game. We need Jordan Flynn and Doc back on form, both played well in Carrick. Also would bring in Boland and McLoughlin to replace Walsh and Orme.

  83. I don’t think the GAA will go for a Croke Park double header. Asking supporters from Mayo or Donegal to do a 500km round trip with the associated costs of diesel/accommodation would be tone deaf just now. The Hyde seems a much more sensible option for our game

  84. Kildare are beatable but only if its a full 75 minute performance. The league game is no barometer it was played a challenge match pace. I think Mayo’s greater physicality will see them through.
    Can someone clarify the QF draw criteria. Does no repeat pairings mean that Galway can not play Mayo or Roscommon? Or is it just no repeat of the provincial final. There is going to be 2 fairly sof QF opponent’s for provincial winners at any rate.
    Kerry and Dublin could be meeting in AL semi having had no test.

  85. @Sean Burke watched that game live, poor decision on the square ball however a game Sligo should have wrapped up long before extra time. 17 wides and another 5 into the keepers hands and only for that wastefulness and the Keith Berine dragging them through to extra time Leitrim would have been well beaten,

  86. Lineball I think that repeat pairing issues relates to provincial champions not meeting a team they beat earlier in the championship and the issue originated from the Ros Galway 2001 situation. I don’t think it precludes repeat pairings for both teams going through the qualifier route hence why Donegal Armagh was as possible as any other draw. I recall a few situations in the last 20 yrs where sides met each other again after an earlier championship meeting.

  87. “ He explained: “The extra week will help. With a groin injury, however, you just don’t know.”(James Horan on Ryan )

    Seems unknown so I wouldn’t be writing off Ryan yet .

  88. To all the conspiracy theorists. Glen Ryan was in castlebar because he only has the basic sky package.
    Kildare in the league were very much like monaghan the last day. Kildare played as if their league status wasn’t on the line, monaghan played like they’re their season wasn’t on the line. Neither game resembled a real championship encounter.

  89. Jeez Lineball, I wouldn’t be too fond of playing Galway anytime soon, think too many here underestimate them….IF…if we beat Kildare, i’d prefer a crack at taking down the old oak.


  90. @catcol, Mayo, Donegal or Armagh should not be asked to travel to Croke Park for a qualifier game, simple as, and especially considering the costs involved, not everyone has free travel or lives in East Mayo, you’re nearly a midlander then with the size of Mayo.

    Hyde is the logical choice for Mayo v Kildare.

  91. Tailteann Cup semi finals are in 2 weeks so that possibly increases the chances of us being in Croke Park . Still think provincial grounds are better for these games .Clones for the all Ulster game, Galway for the Ross v Clare match, Thurles for Limerick v Cork and the Hyde for ourselves and Kildare would be sensible venues

  92. Plenty of people here are glass half empty this morning. Kildare have decent forwards but a poor defence, their management team have a great footballing tradition but yet to prove themselves in their current role, they were relegated, struggled to put Westmeath away and set up the team very poorly for the Leinster final. At this point in time, I would be surprised if we do not win by at least 4 or 5 points.

  93. Limerick would be a great venue for the Mayo v Kildare game Motorway all the way

  94. @catcol if you buying a €10 day pass might be interetsed in this, NOWWBXNCMOXS bonus code should get you 3 months of sky sports for €30

  95. A journalist by the name of Higgins, has speculated on Twitter, that it will be a Croke Park double header of Roscommon v Clare, followed by Mayo v Kildare.

  96. @KC, ah okay I see what you mean. So basically Galway could potentially be playing either the winner of Don/Arm or Cork/Limerick, IF us and Roscommon get through?.

    @Mayonaze, id love a crack at Derry aswell, especially in Croker!!! Knowing our luck, it will probably be Kerry so they can get a test before Dublin! All this providing we beat Kildare which will be hard. Venue will be key. I get the whole Diesel/Accomodatiion issue with Dublin, but in all fairmess that shouldn’t matter. Its in the best interest of our lads to be playing Kildare in Croker, if that means a small mayo contigent in the stands, then so be it.

  97. Why would we want Croker?
    Last time there we were hammered by kerry and if my memory serves me right lost the AI there last year.
    Stay away from the place would be my advice!!

  98. Of course we would want croke park. Our winning record up there over last 10 years is up there with with the top teams. I’d say only Dubs have won more games than us over that time. Croke park all the way

  99. I wouldnt pay any heed to the bookies, probably just placeholders, they want get their prices up asap. Sky Sports dont have it on their schedules yet

  100. Bookies have odds on dub v Kerry semi final since dub beat Kildare , July 9th all Ireland semi final .

  101. Because John + McHale, we consistently play our best football there. I would safely say that bar Dublin, we have the best win ratio there of amy County over the last 7 years.

  102. @John+machale

    We’re a Croke Park team.
    We’ve won there more than any other team in the last decade bar the home team,Mullen,McLaughlin,Ruane,Hession,Leeroy,Durcan are all built for it.
    If we ever are to lift Sam it’ll be in Croke Park,a blanket isn’t as effective against us there,we need to get back in the winning habit there……
    I could go on

  103. Highland radio have tweeted that Donegal Armagh is in Clones next Sunday at 4

  104. Looking at the other back door games Clare and Cork are way of our pace and Ros should beat Clare with a bit to spare, Cork got a handy draw but will get tanked in QF.
    I think we’ll need Darren McHale for added scoring threat to beat Kildare. We should be favourites especially seeing how poor Meath were but Kildare good from long range. At least we’ll get a proper game of football instead of the cac Monaghan served up playing rope a dope when 3 or 4 behind on the scoreboard. Some of our backs are flying and some or our forwards aren’t. 6 week layoff pointed out by McGinley on Sunday game could be we shook off some rust but need to improve. Slightly prefer Kildare to Donegal because more good football should be played and will build confidence if we win.

  105. Why would either of Kildare or Mayo want Croke Park..The Leinster Final was a Chastening Experience for Kildare in (pretend Neutral) Croke Park versus a rejuvenate Dublin, and the League Final was a Chastening Experience for Mayo in (actual Neutral) Croke Park versus the Kingdom of Kerry… certainly was no sign of any blankets or mass defenses with either of the loser’s on those occasions where the outcome was known long before halftime!… It can’t be Newbridge, but it should be in Dr Hyde Park, full size pitch, good for parking, in between both Counties, one of the best playing surfaces in Ireland and the Hyde deserves a big game… Castlebar would actually be a very good venue for Clare v Roscommon, and Clare supporter’s would get to Castlebar much quicker and find parking much easier than actually in comparison to Salthill which would be 40 miles shorter but unfortunately for Salthill, traffic congestion and parking make it a terrible venue from a travelling fans point of view..The Rossies will have the bulk of the support in any case!

  106. Wouldn’t like Cavan as a venue…awful road up to it. Croke Park on a sat evening would turn a lot of fans away especially those with small kids. Hyde Park would ideal…a few mentioned Limerick which is interesting.

    The GAA might wait to see if our minors win this evening therefore setting up a minor and senior double header v Kildare ?

  107. It’s seems it at 5 on Saturday. Donegal v Armagh is on Sunday, so not a double header!

  108. Croke Park will be busy this weekend.

    On Saturday Headquarters will host the AIl-Ireland SFC Round 2 Qualifiers between Mayo and Kildare and Clare and Roscommon.


  109. Saturday at 6pm in croke park. Tough on supporters, but probably best for the team.

  110. Roscommon v Clare 3:45pm throw in croke park followed by Mayo v Kildare 6pm throw in croke park. I’m happy the team gets a chance to play in Croker before a potential quarter final but 6pm is not considerate to those travelling.

  111. As I said earlier a complete fix of a draw to satisfy TV..Sky had rights for 2 games…and for corporate box ticket holders.

    Tough on people who must travel long distances and don’t forget…virtually a home game for Kildare or at least for their supporters in terms of travel

  112. Tullamore would be a sensible for either the Mayo/Kildare or the Ross/Clare games. GAA should look at the economic boost that such towns get from a game like these. Omagh, Clones or Cavan would benefit from hosting Donegal and Armagh. Possibly Tralee for Limerick/Cork. And with the cost of fuel and all the concern about the negative impact of excessive travel on climate change, the GAA has to start thinking of other things rather than keeping Sky happy.

  113. Can see how it’s not fantastic for the travelling support, but getting the team out on Croke Park as much as possible (if we do get past Kildare, which we should be able to if we play to our potential) is for the best.

  114. So it’s a Ros/Clare and Mayo/Kildare double header in Croker on Saturday. Would I be right in saying it’s another Sky Sports exclusive?

  115. @Lineball 2.0, We also might have won because we had a bloody good team as well and it goes without saying that our win ratio is higher because if you get to as many finals as we did then naturally you are going to play more games in Croke Park along the way and you don’t get to the final if you’ve lost the semi or the QF !

    The Hyde is probably as big if not bigger than the Croke Park pitch so that scuppers the “beat the blanket” argument and anyone that has seen Kildare play should know they don’t play with a sheet, never mind a blanket.

    So as far as our chances of winning the game are concerned playing it in Croke Park wont make a bit of difference, in fact it could reduce our chances because less fans will travel.

    Crackers wishing this game to be played in Croker.

    Hyde it should be.

    It’s funny if we are a “Croke Park team” how we seem to lose there every time in the most important game of all.

  116. Good for the team but GAA won’t make much money from this double header,Ireland vs Scotland sold out on at same time traffic will be mental public transport will be mental,Croke Park atmosphere will be dead can’t see much Mayo people travelling to which will now probably be an even easier game cause Kildare can’t play on big pitches bad decision by the GAA good for the players.

  117. Where are ye all seeing its in Croker. The Gaa website does say Saturday at 6pm, but it doesnt say where ,yet??

  118. Sometimes you wonder, do we fans of Mayo, Roscommon, Clare and Kildare exist just to fill the coffers of Croke Park.. Croke Park seems to be in football terms used exclusively for the benefit of the GAAs Royalty ie Dublin. s
    Since the turn of the new millennium.. Taking money away from provincial towns, … Two farm’s have been bought now the the GAA for the continued resurfacing of Croke Park. Unless Provincial Venue’s, like McHale Park, Castlebar, Dr Hyde Park, Roscommon,O Connor Park Tullamore or Pearce Stadium, Salthill get big match’s when there is big match’s, less money is available for the maintenance and the development of such ground’s, that money instead going to Croke Park and Dublin, where Dublin are given the virtual National Stadium for their exclusive advantage and of course while it’s the Gaels the length and breath of Ireland, who put it there, Dublin GAA don’t even pay for the cutting of the grass. Of course Dublin and Croke Park is the only possible venue for allot of big match’s throughout the year, because of its ability to host 82,000 fans… But in the winter of 2020, when no fans were allowed to attend, and we had been told several times, how much it costs just to open up the gates of Croke Park.. Dublin still had home advantage for the Leinster Final,All Ireland semifinal v Cavan, and All Ireland final v Mayo. Dublin are have been a great team for well over a decade now, but questions need to be asked of the GAA as to why they still advance the cause of one county at the expense of other’s for so long!

  119. Minor semi final involving Connacht winners and runners up is down for tullamore sun 19th July

  120. Louis, Clones is benefitting; it’s hosting Donegal v Armagh on Sunday.

    And, Tullamore has a minor double header on Sunday, including Mayo, win or lose today.

    Only ones stretched will be Mayo fans if they want to take in both games. Have to say, looking at the broad picture, it’s perfect for me – a cycle over from the South side, but tough for Aicleam, Louisburg and so on.

  121. There is an international soccer game on in the aviva at 5pm which is expected to be close to sell out and is driving hotel prices across the city.

  122. Team will benefit from croke park v Kildare who would be better suited to a tighter pitch . Supporters based at home are the ones been fooked over here , sky dictating times is plain wrong . Couldn’t they of had the games on at 1:30 and 4 pm , give people half a chance . No train to the west at that hour either , hotels ! Well fook me you’d want to be a millionaire to be at that craic

  123. So, let’s say we win, Roscommon, Donegal and either Cork or Limerick.

    Does that force an open draw seeing that it would mean potential pairings. If that combination of teams win would it not just be easier to do a draw rather than wedging teams to suit this one and that one.

    Cork can’t play Kerry, ourselves and ros can’t play Galway.

    Does anyone know if such a stipulation exists for an open draw.

  124. Suppose stupid question.
    But will we get a update on injuries, and who might be fit for weekend. Or vacuum again

  125. I appreciate Mayo folk living in Dublin will be delighted with the match being played in Croker but looking at the bigger picture, provincial grounds are getting neglected big time. Imagine the amazing atmosphere in a place like Tullamore, Portlaoise or Longford next week compared to the muted sounds of a qualifier match in Croker. Both teams already have lots of experience playing in Croker so giving them the chance of a match in Croke Park can’t be used an excuse here. Cost of accomodation up here is a scandal as well with little public transport options at that time of night.

  126. Croke Park again No fan of the journey up there on a Saturday evening. Dragging 3 counties from west of the Shannon on a Saturday evening with the price of fuel and accommodation costs is poor form but not unexpected .So much for the GAA boosting provincial venues

  127. Only 2 weeks ago, Kerry GAA decided to charter a flight for their hurlers to play a game in Croke Park, fly there and back on the same day, such is the level of price gouging and inflation,.€14,000 was the cheapest quote for a hotel for their hurling panel and back room team for the night, the most knowledgeable GAA board I the country was able to get. .Those in the CCCC making the decisions seems to be insulted from the financial costs of their decisions and I think the very least they should do is to come on the national Media and justify their decisions!

  128. That’s a tone deaf decision by the GAA to put these games in Croke park. Concerts in St Anne’s park, and international soccer in the Aviva, and the price of fuel and hotels what they are. Why this could not have been put in a provincial ground is mystifying. Tullamore or the Hyde would have been ideal and brought some trade to both towns.
    Croke park suits me because of where I live but I still think this is way off, unless the counties themselves were given a say in the matter. I know the players would prefer to play in Croke park so I would at least hope that is the reason and that the county boards had a say in it.

  129. @leantimes. The decision for croke park is simple. The premium and corporate boxes are paid for. In order to get the money back and value through ticket sales, buying food and drink so that’s why croker is used as often as possible. Neutral venue is a by word for croke park. We were always getting Kildare or Donegal and always going to play it in Dublin. A money decision plain and simple.

  130. True enough with petrol at 205 a litre on Thursday in Dublin it’s madness asking lads to travel from Belmullet,Feakle or Boyle for these matches. The GAA suits are just as bad as the FAI suits but know the mug punters will travel anyway. If masses of Roscommon, Clare and Mayo fans just stayed away it would teach them a lesson. As long as they see the fans as suckers these lads and their pals in Sky are laughing.

  131. Given the fuel situation alone currently.
    There’s no way these matches should be going to CP

  132. Actually I don’t buy the “we’re a Croke Park team” line any more. Look at our last two finals there. We looked well outside of our comfort zone.
    Personally, Croker suits me as I live within a 15 min drive of it, but the GAA markets itself as an organisation that is the lifeblood of ordinary people and the constant fawning over the demands of Sky, ahead of the potential to put money-spending crowds into provincial towns, sort of sticks in the craw a bit.

  133. @Catcol. I’m not sure but it should be. I’m on monthly Sky Sports subscriptiin. Can’t see why you couldn’t access it for 24 hours but maybe some else can confirm.

  134. Even though I live in Dublin this is a crazy decision. The times for the matches are even crazier. Even if you got thirty thousand the atmosphere will be dreadful. Just look at how dead it was for the Hurling last Saturday. Most of the supporters from Clare and Roscommon will travel home straight after their match so further reducing the atmosphere. Add to that the cost of bringing three teams and their supporters across the country in these inflationary times.
    There are plenty of provincial grounds that would suit both matches and give a boost to the local economy. Why is the GAA so Dublin centred.

  135. We just have to accept the game is on at 6pm. in croker and get on with it. I am wondering did anybody else see Aidan o Shea come over to the stand waving his hands to gee up the supporters and get the supporters cheering with about 15 minutes to go in the game. The noise level in the stand rose and i think it helped the team get the win.
    But if Aidan has to do that it does not look great for the supporters. IMO There are were an awful lot of non-vocal supporters in the stand on saturday . It was very hot there with the sun shining in on us so maybe that affected the supporters chanting and cheering but we supporters have to make a bigger effort cheering on the mayo team and not to have AIDAN waving his hands to gee the supporters up. GOOD LUCK to the minor team this evening .hopefully we will have good support there . I think it is a 50/50 game.

  136. Sean, Minor match v Kildare or Dublin is this Sunday in Tullamore. Penny for the thoughts of Kildare senior supporters? first they got the short straw draw in Mayo and now its played in Croke Park

  137. The CT has a bit of an update on injuries, looks like ROD is touch and go.

    Kildare is a nice draw. I was mostly positive after the Monaghan game thought we played well in first half and tried different things and mix things up a bit. 2nd half was funny in that we could potentially have opened them up if we got that goal and the point miss just after it but we didnt and the game became a bit disjointed for a while. All in all the form of some players was back to a level they were not at for the last few games at least. The outlook is good but again like Galway and Monaghan Kildare have 3 players to be minded Flynn, Hyland McCormack, take care of those and Kildare are there for the taking. Horan made adjustments on Saturday when Monaghan’s big 3 influenced McClaron change being the big one. Durcan for Flynn, Lee for Hyland key match ups for me..looking forward to this one as there are few indicators that we could be about to move up the gears in our form….(Apologies for being positive as the mood on here lately has been like at least half of ye have been slapped with a wet fish ?)

  138. Mayomagic , I shouldn’t of typed July obviously a mistake but im near certain it’s down for 19th of June which is Sunday week in tullamore .

  139. The moaning is chronic. Most people never happy, always wanting a pop at the GAA. If we were to play in Tullamore and someone got injured on the turf, same people would be up in arms crying why wasn’t the game fixed for Croke Park etc. If anyone knows a player you know they will tell you thats their favourite place to play. No child in this County ever grew up wanting to play football in Longford or Breffini park!!!. Its not the GAA’s remit to be sorting out failing towns around the Country with a few quid. If people don’t want to travel to Dublin then don’t travel, simple as.

    We’re around long enough to know that if we go far in the chamopionship, we’ll be playing at least 3 games in Croker every year. With our current form, we’ll be luck to play 3 championship games up there this year.

    Those that are using final losses as an example that we’re not a Croke Park team isn’t accurate imo. If the finals were played in Clones we still would have lost every final. Last years loss just proved its the mental baggage from so many disappointments that is costing us. The pressure on final day is too big for some of our lads to handle. If supporters can genuinely keep a straight face when saying Mayo are not a croke park team, then I hope I never have to play ye in poker.

  140. No consideration for supporters , who from Clare , Mayo or Roscommon will travel with the price of diesel and accommodation in Dublin to these games ?? Especially with the Q finals on the way ?? Crazy decision if you ask me, why not the Hyde for Mayo Kildare with 15/20k and McHale Park for Roscommon Clare and say 10/15k at it? Also good boost for provincial towns etc and much easier for supporters. Also final insult is fixing minor Q finals for Galway/ Mayo in Tullamore on Sunday next , vs Dublin/Kildare again so much for half way or any consideration for supporters west of the Shannon…

  141. It’s all about tone, Jeff. If you want to spew outrage and insults, go somewhere else. What you’re attempting to post adds less than zero to the debate. Maybe try engaging your brain before posting again?

  142. Last year everyone was shouting that they wanted the Connacht final between ourselves and Galway played in Croke Park because Croke Park suited our lads.

    Clinking glasses at the time, when the decision was made to move our Connacht final out of Connacht with sheer delight.

    Alot of Mayo fans, through their exuberance and willingness to trek to Croke Park, every second game, have really no one but themselves to blame for been sent back to Croke Park again for this one.

    If a few of our recent fixtures in Croke Park had been poorly attended, I believe we would have had a much more suitable fixture this time around.

    All I can say is I feel sorry for the thousands of Mayo fans that will undoubtedly cross our Nation again next Saturday to support the team, but rember, the Gaa will continue to throw the frisbee as long as the dog chases it.

  143. Just reviewing the comments now and I have to agree with Lineball 2.0 – the moaning is just chronic. It seems we have to be complaining about something all the time nowadays. It’s all a bit embarrassing.

  144. I suppose the qualifier route always means more games but also more travel and more expense. Good luck to everyone travelling but for many the cost will just be too prohibitive.

  145. Kildare might be a good place to stay after the match. Could be some craic is the pubs to be had.
    One point of interest is we’re now 3rd favourites for AI ahead of Derry and Galway who have 1 less game to play.
    If we get through Saturday will probably have ROD available for QF so back close to full strength.
    From a confidence building side Kildare is the best draw as both sides play with a more attacking mindset than many of the remaining teams. Definitely watch those 3 on Kildare team, if we stop 2 it’s a very good day and stop1 still have a fair chance if we play well up the other end.

  146. Revellino, are you really saying it’s our fault for supporting our team that they fixed the game for Croke Park? These last few months I have actually realised why Mayo supporters are disliked by many around the country. We are serial whingers!

  147. @On the road.
    I’m saying, because our people will travel to any corner and have done for years in support of our team, yes, now we are paying the price.

    An easy touch if you like.

  148. @Lineball, it’s not the GAAs job to facilitate the drain of every possible penny available from the country as a whole.. and send it Dublinwards. But it’s the reality of what they are at for decades. If a player got injured in O’Connor Park, why are you more likely to get injured in O’Connor Park in comparison to any other venue?. I walked across McHale Park perfect surface on Saturday Evening,..It cost allot of money to have it that good.. Getting the odd big non Mayo match is a good way of getting a bit of revenue for the maintenance of such a pristine surface. And the same can be said for several other provincial Venue’s. I also have walked across Dr Hyde Park outstanding playing surface on a full size pitch, .. Pearce Stadium is always in pristine condition, and Ennis virtually perfect,..I haven’t actually walked O’Connor Park but it always looks great on Telly. Croke Park is always in fantastic condition but despite the two farm’s, to continue it’s ever ongoing resurfacing..Due to concert’s and an enormous amount of both hurling and football games, I actually don’t believe the Croke Park surface is NOW as good as McHale Park Castlebar, Hyde Park, Roscommon, Cusack Park, Ennis, O’Moore Park Portlaois, Semple Stadium Thurles, Pearce Stadium Salthill, Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, Pairc Ui Caomih Cork, Pairc Ui Rinn Cork, and St Tiernachs Park Clones and in recent times I have walked across them all..

  149. I’m afraid this is one time too many we’ve been shafted. My neighbours go to every game with their three kids. They can’t afford to stay up Saturday night as they’ve booked a holiday in August (their first in 7 years) and are saving money for it. Prices for hotels for them for two rooms were mostly over a grand. They also don’t fancy travelling through the night coming home.

    I’ll personally end up going but it’ll be begrudgingly. Feel this kind of decision is pushing people away from attending games.

  150. Fully agree about the moaning on the blog. I find it a little exasperating now to be honest. We’ve a great chance of getting to another AI final in my own humble opinion. Regarding the venue – I just checked booking. com – yikes!! Prepare to empty your pockets if ye want to overnight at a hotel. Very expensive. Some good old price gouging taking place above in the big smoke. The government might note this the best time our ‘hospitality’ industry seeks a dig out (PUP , vat reductions etc). Looking forward to the game and 2 wins – Mayo (nailed on for me) and Clare (a big ask but in with more than a shout ). Enjoy the build up folks.

  151. @mayomagic one posted earlier saying they are happy out drawing us and not Armagh. I think 3 of the teams in the draw were probably thinking the same given our recent performances.
    Hopefully we will prove them wrong

  152. Willie Joe , you hit the nail on the head there…Too many whingers and moaners are posting on this blog. Everyone who is really a true Mayo follower will be in Croke Park on Saturday even though it might be inconvenient, expensive and a bit unthoughtful of the GAA. The venue doesn’t exactly suit our friends from Roscommon or Clare either but we don’t hear them complaining.Let posters now concentrate on the match itself and get on with it!

  153. @Michaelincork.

    Be a little more prudent about what you say re ” everyone who is a true follower will be there “.

    There are people who literally cannot afford to attend these matches, so just keep that in mind.

  154. Thats a great find right there Green and red.Not happy with CP myself and it will mean 1 travelling rather than 3.I think this decision will cost the Gaa as its going to be very comitted supporters and our Dublin fanbase only there next saturday.Cant imagine not going myself but i would understand others not attending.

  155. Michaelincorick I doubt Clare or Ross fans would be on this blog whining .Fair point about Mayo fans moaning but in all honesty these games should be played in provincial venues not Croker I expect a smallish crowd. Kildare is beside the capital but got stuffed in last game there .Clare don’t have a big following and their GAA fans had a big day out yesterday .Ross are good supporters but it’s not the most appealing draw for them. We have a big following but there has been quite a bit of discontent in evidence lately .Our last 2 games in Croker were shockers as well as a six o clock Saturday evening slot does not appeal. Good for our people living in Dublin though That should swell the attendance a bit

  156. Michaelincork…bit different traveling from Roscommon town to Dublin than Westport or Belmullet. West Clare is a long way out too but they have a choice of motorway either way from Ennis. 2nd round of Mayo club league games fixed for Sunday at 12…you know the lifeblood of the GAA. Apparently the minor 1/4 will be on Sunday in Tullamore…another trek. This will backfire and I predict the smallest Mayo attendance since that famous win over Cork in 2011.

    Can’t attend myself due to work commitments. Sunday would have been a better day if the game has to be Croker.

  157. Ignoring all the venue moaning…

    Watched back the Monaghan game this morning. Fully deserved win. 1-9 we were excellent, pretty much everyone won their battle. Didn’t realise Hession played so well on the day. He was one of the few that kept driving forward in the 2nd half. Lots of good kick passing in the first half, along with Mullin and McLaughlin punching holes with their pace.

    2nd half was poor. Monaghan’s negativity didn’t help things but we missed a relatively easy 1-2. If we got those couple of extra scores it would probably have forced Monaghan out of their shell and we’d have kicked for home.

    Loftus and McHale did well off the bench, Kevin Mc less so. I’d start McHale instead of Orme next week. If Flynn is fit I’d have him in for Walsh. Presume Ryan will only make the bench at best.

  158. Jesus@ Leantimes..I didn’t walk any of those pitches and you’ve me killed out.

  159. Discussing how bad the venue choice is for a qualifier (not even a quarter final), is not moaning. GAA games are in real danger of being beyond the reach of many now. People can’t justify a ticket when they’re struggling to pay their electricity bills or put fuel in the car.

    I know this is more of a social issue than a Mayo gaa blog one but social issues are GAA issues, like when economic driven emigration crippled GAA clubs across the west of Ireland in the 80s.

    To dismiss complaints of this nature as “moaning” is very poor form.
    Like yew tree, I believe this could backfire badly and we’ll see a relatively small Mayo crowd at this qualifier.

  160. If Ryan is not 100% but say a middlin 70% you’d imagine they will leave him on the bench at best and see how we are going ?

  161. Don’t you live in Dublin Willie Joe?

    A bit harsh on those complaining about the venue, a 6pm throw in at Croke Park hardly conducive for those with young families who want to attend the game.

  162. I get what Willie Joe and others are saying about the negativity on the blog but the reality is life isnt all sunshine and lollipops at the moment. It costs big money to fill your car with petrol or diesel and head for Dublin nowadays and eat out and buy match tickets and not all of us have sky and can watch it at home.

  163. @WJ thank you for addressing the elephant in the room.

    Some of the comments the last few weeks have been exactly as you described…….embarrassing.

    No doubt the same cohort will be crowing about what great supporters they are if we got to a final and were looking for tickets.

    It was during Covid that I noticed a lot of the nonsense I was reading online didn’t tally with what I was experiencing in real life.Wether or not people are quicker to display extreme views not really based in fact online more so that in real life I don’t know.
    I think it’s more a vocal minority spouting extreme views online attracts more attention than it should (that eejit on twitter for example)
    It’s not like the team or management are exempt from criticism (I think Horans media strategy hasn’t worked for example,I’d also agree with the commentary on some players in the hf line have question marks over them)
    After reading this blog coming up to the Monaghan game you’d be expecting the Mayo team to be booed coming out of the tunnel and Horan dragged from the field and lynched.

    What I saw was a big crowd cheering on the team and wanting them to win,who’d have thought it.

  164. Great Venue only place to be this time of year and il have 400 km round trip happy to be heading up.

  165. Just a heads up in addition to the Ireland Soccer Game in the aviva on Saturday at 5pm, there is also a Dermot Kennedy concert in St Annes Park (think 15k capacity) starting at 5pm, for people travelling up and down it might be worth giving yourself a bit of extra time.

  166. Dear all, people don’t have to go to the matches. We all don’t have a right to go to every match. I myself get to see only a very small number live and thoroughly enjoy when I do.
    I agree with Lineball above that if we go well in any given year we have a few chances to cheer on our team.
    There is TV (not an option for many as it’s on Sky), good old Mid West (where would we be without it?), attend in person, or lastly, don’t watch or listen but cross fingers and toes we’re in the mix for the next game when it might not be a doubleheader and people can travel in more comfort.
    I’d say MayoGAA are delighted it’s in Croker, if not in MacHale Park. This is a fixture to get through.
    Most important thing is that our team play well and get through into the next round, that we get no new injuries, and all supporters are safe and well.

  167. As regards Croke Park. I don’t know how many times I have posted about the power’s that be in the GAA..Mayo, Connacht and Ireland, about the men in suits who would eventually ‘Kill the Golden Geese, who laid all the Golden Eggs’. .. Great attendance in Castlebar in Saturday, over 16K, maybe 2-3K were Monaghan,.. great attendance in Armagh full house in the Athletic Ground’s, but in general the GAA has facilitate the death of at least One Golden Goose..used to be called the Leinster Championship..Back in the previous Millennium Dublin on occasions would travel, now and again play another Leinster Team in their opposition’s home pitch… Often Dublin would win, and sometimes Dublin would lose.. Now the meaninglessness of the Competition is there for all to see, and the revenue earned by the Leinster Council ISN’T there to be seen at all..17 out the last 18 year’s the Cup has stayed in the Capital…to make matter’s even worse, the Dublin Fan’s aren’t even turning up in numbers to witness more lambs to the slaughter.. Possibly even worse than that is 2010, when a Try was allowed at the Canal End and the Cup ended up in Meath, when despite the bleating of Colm O Rourke, everyone knows that the real winner’s were Louth. Now the Leinster Council that allowed this situation to evolve have allot to answer for, but it seems to me more of the same is what is planned for the rest of us outside of the Pale.(revenue from fans of other Leinster Counties had dried up year’s ago).. Those in Croke Park like to trot out myths to the gullible, like how much it costs just to open the Gates of Croke Park when it suits their propose… Sometimes professional people in Croke Park who are paid to administer this Amateur Association go so far in their utterances like saying something like “There could be blood in the Streets of Newbridge”..if Newbridge or Nowhere were to go ahead and Kildare and Mayo fan’s were presumably have a street battle. That’s what I call moaning and whinging to, when Croke Park didn’t get it’s way or the money.. But some Golden Geese, even if some of us, like myself are whinging and moaning Golden Geese we are not fully plucked yet… When at a time that sports in general have been booming and spectator sport’s in Particular, those men in the suits who have managed to kill at least one Golden Goose, (the Leinster Championship) and if they continue as they have been allowed to do for the last 20 year’s will continue the decline in Interest in Inter County Gaelic Football for so many counties, as opposed to promote football completion. .. And they have promoted only one, and they have done that to such an extent that it has also become meaningless for so many Dublin fan’s as well…

  168. I’m sorry but whatever about bringing us to Croker a 6pm throw in is just ridiculous. I’ve a feeling for the first time a good amount of people will vote with their feet

  169. Actually on reflection we should thank the GAA for such a disrespectful decision, one that will undoubtedly backfire as far as attendances go, it’s a qualifier game folks, not a QF or SF.

    Because what many will do now is go to their local saloon or eatery, bring their family along and enjoy an evening out while at the same time supporting their team and their local economy instead of spending a fortune going to Dublin.

    Does anyone really believe that going to a qualifier game in a virtually empty Croke Park is more support to the team or that in such a situation that it makes one bit of difference to how the team will perform, it doesn’t, most are as quiet as lambs at games anyway.

    The real supporters who actually are involved with clubs in Mayo will be doing more by staying at home than they would be if they wasted their time and money propping up the Dublin economy.

    It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good as they say.

    As for being an advantage, I wouldn’t agree, not this time of year anyway, remember Kildare will relish the chance to knock the favourite out too.

  170. Wideball..you are correct.Daniel Flynn came on at the end.He is a super footballer and a massive threat..Hyland not as much.Ben McCormack can score too.We need to be at our best and it is hard to be positive about Mayo at the moment.
    On another issue why bring people from places like Belmullet and Achill to Croke Park.Simply outlandish with diesel prices and time of evening.

  171. I wonder will Irish rail put on a Special? Would there be enough demand?

  172. Next week will be the smallest Mayo crowd in Croke Park in 12 years. Clare fans, they might get 3,000? After yesterday and a likeky trip to Croker again, they’ll not fancy it. It’s as good as a home match for kikdare from a geographical perspective and I’d expect the ros to bring a good few given they don’t get many days up there. And they’ll be hot favourites too which will entice mire to go.

  173. @Mayonaze, It won’t be like a home game for Kildare, Croke Park is brilliant when there’s a big crowd there , no doubt about that, but it’s soulless dead zone with a small crowd and that’s what will be there at the weekend so it’s not just the cost, it’s the atmosphere, that’s why it’s such a wrong decision but at least the majority seem to have their fingers on the pulse regarding this.

    There’s also the issue of taking the westies for granted, nothing new there.

  174. Mary, Cork and limerick have a home and away arrangement for championship games and its Cork’s twist

  175. Whats the likely match ups ? Paddy on McCormack, Lee on Hyland and Oisin on Daniel Flynn ?

  176. Mary, long standing agreement with Limerick . Similar agreement with Kerry,….remember Pairc ui Rinn or nowhere? Even with home advantage there won’t be as many Cork fans as the number of Mayo fans in Croke Park

  177. @Paddyjoejohntom & Mary.. Galway and Mayo have and had a similar Home/Away arrangement but for some absolutely bizarre reason, when we drew each other in a qualifier game in 2019.. Mayo fan’s had to drive trough County Galway, County Clare and into Limerick City to play Galway…I have absolutely no doubt that the prospect of revenue for the GAA was the thinking behind it.. The bad news for the CCCC and the GAA was that there were less people there than the capacity of either McHale Park,..Dr Hyde Park or Pearce Stadium, any one of the 3 would have been a more logical and actually earned the Association more money.. Another decision by the men who would kill the Golden Goose!

  178. Flynn is a class footballer, when he wants to be. Might not be enough of a team player for Glen Ryan’s taste. If he’s on his game on Saturday his marker or markers will have a testing game.

  179. Willie Joe says “the moaning is just chronic. It seems we have to be complaining about something all the time nowadays. It’s all a bit embarrassing.”

    In recent days Willie Joe said “I’m amused by Banty’s post-match yodelling, in light of his family connection to real refereeing outrages involving us. Truly, what goes around comes around.”

    This was in reference to a match 26 years ago where we had copious opportunities to win the game after the sending off which we failed to do (and don’t mention us throwing away the lead in the drawn match).

  180. I really believe that Croke Park has, with this decision, poked the Mayo bear once too often. It has ‘milk the Mayo cashcow’ written all over it. There is only one way to ensure this doesn’t happen again and that’s by voting with your feet.

    Best of luck to our minors tonight.

  181. I think we should savor every chance we get to play in Croke Park because if there isn’t an improvement in our playing, tactics, decision making then we wont be there too often in the future. Saturdays game was two mediocre teams at a similar level making hard work to get a win. The excuse writers must be running out of ideas at this stage

  182. As a Roscommon supporter, I agree , it’s typical of the Gaa, more concerned about there paymaster Sky and no regards for Gaa supporters. I thought venues were meant to neutral. How is this fair to Clare supporters compared to Kildare fans who only have half a hour of a treak to make. As usual it’s all about the bottom dollar.

  183. Croker should allow travelling supporters to pitch tent on the field afterwards for the night. Problem solved.

  184. Interesting to see who got first choice on the games, if it was me, I think that Armagh Donegal should have top billing. Part of the issue is trying to have too many slots on TV.

    While not my preference CP it is, and people can make their own decision on whether to travel or not. I agree that the numbers attending will be lower than if they played at more local venues but makes it easier for the broadcaster’s.

    Maybe we can get back to discussing the match itself now.

  185. I think Mayo play much better in Croke Park than at any other venue, esp guys like Lee Keegan, Cillian, and the speedsters Mullin, McLaughlin etc. Even AOS might adjust to the open spaces based on his form last Saturday. Look forward to another exciting game and quit all the moaning for God’s sake and get behind the Red and Green.

  186. The moaning is truly embarrassing, especially regarding the venue being Croker. It’s positive in every possible way for us.

  187. To say Some People’s legitimate concern’s about the huge cost of traveling to the game is Moaning is out of touch with some people’s reality.
    No doubt “The True Mayo Followers ” living in Dublin will be there in the corporate boxes.

  188. More to the point, I’d love to know how many on here are actually from Mayo.

  189. @Liberal role in the tie, Can you explain how you feel it’s positive when the vast majority over multiple platforms can see how negative it is, I’m genuinely interested in hearing what you think is positive about it.

    Like it’s Mayo we are talking about here in a qualifier game, if it was Leitrim fair enough but there’s people talking about Croker as if Mayo weren’t there for years or they get excited by going to Dublin.

    It’s pretty bamboozling actually that there are some who think it’s a great idea.

    What have we come to if we have people moaning that others are complaining about prices when we have the highest inflation in 40 years, come on.

    You would wonder if some are in touch with the common supporter at all or know anything about the cost of living.

  190. It’s certainly not moaning. A lot of Galway people didn’t attend the Leinster Hurling final for the reasons being outlined here. Hotels were not an option added to Diesel, food, tickets etc. 7pm throw in meant as well that it just wasn’t possible with kids. They weren’t moaning just dealing in reality unfortunately.

  191. We’re all feeling the pinch from inflation etc Viper, so I’m not out of touch with the common supporter, of which I am one. People need to prioritise what games to attend then. There are also cost-saving choices we can make on the day, ie car-pooling and bring-your-own food/beer. In other words, organise yerselves. Otherwise, skip this one, for example, and go to the quarters if we get there.

  192. Horse Sweeney, and other questioners, I live in Dublin; this one is handy. I spent six hours on the train last Saturday – got home 11pm. Ditto for match v Galway. Was at all the league games this year, travelling to Sligo, Tralee, Omagh, Clones, by car or train. That includes games starting at 7pm in Tralee, and 5pm in Omagh.

    I’ve been supporting Mayo for nearly sixty years, travelling to venues up and down the country, year in year out. I love it – can’t get enough of it.

  193. @Liberal role in the tie.
    Thank you for your Wonderful suggestions.
    Most of us have only been doing that for decade’s.

  194. It’s a pile of horsecrap constantly listening to people rambling on about the benefits to our team of playing in Croke Park.

    We played oodles more football in Croke Park in recent years than Tyrone. That didn’t exactly pan out the way people predicted in our most recent AI final.

    People saying we win alot more than other teams in Croke Park.
    Maybe that’s because we play alot more games there than at least 29 other teams, so obviously we win more games.

    We probably lose more games in Croke Park to than most other teams.

    The Kerry team that recently trounced us in Croke might also have had less experience in CP than our lads. Made absolutely no difference how many times we played there we weren’t going to win that final.

    We’ve been ranked in the top two or three teams in the country over the past decade and that’s exactly how it has panned out. Beaten in either semi finals or finals.

    Playing every game of the year in Croke Park isn’t going to win any all Ireland for us and I really don’t see why people keep rattling on about this big advantage of playing in Croker. It’s hogwash.

    The day to win the All Ireland is on All Ireland Sunday and not the school outing to Croke Park during the year.

  195. @Liberal role in the tie, Try telling that to a couple with a few kids who would like to bring their children to a game, organize yourselves.

    It’s the families with kids I feel most sorry for and especially the young kids who love being brought to games, they are the future and many of them will be deprived of going to watch their team because the GAA would prefer to keep a broadcaster happy.

    I simply could not support that and the reason I wouldn’t support it is because it’s wrong.

    The posters who have issue with this regarding cost etc. have put their case across very strongly but their hasn’t been any legitimate counter argument, saying that Mayo play better in Croke Park isn’t a counter argument, it’s the mind playing tricks because we wouldn’t have ever reached an All-Ireland had we not won games at other venues along the way as well.

    I don’t think I need to remind anyone that we lost every All-Ireland final at Croke Park as well.

    Look if you live in Dublin or close to it of course you will think it’s a great idea, but there’s a bit of “I’m alright Jack” about that and that shouldn’t happen.

  196. Plenty of Mayo people living near Dublin. If I was in Mayo I would bring my kids to a hotel with Sky to watch the game, pub really not suitable. Hotels should arrange large tvs in large rooms.
    Don’t suppose many gaa club houses have sky.

  197. Viper – you’ve reminded me; I brought my kids to lots of those matches as well, and they loved it all. And, do you know what, there’s a guy runs a blog about Mayo, and I’m pretty certain he lives in Dublin, and pretty certain he travels up and down the country to all of the aforementioned matches. But I could be wrong of course; I don’t want to speak for him.

  198. @catcol, I get that re. six hours on the train and fair play to you but the issue is more about cost than time and if you are supporting Mayo for 60 years would it be reasonable to assume that you have free travel ?

  199. Hi liberal. I have 2 young kids that want to go to the game, any tips for how I can break it to them that a 6pm kickoff in Dublin doesn’t suit?

    I’ve been a season ticket holder since I moved back to mayo in 2014 and win the all Ireland or go out in the next round it’ll be my last year as a season ticket holder. The product has degraded every year while the price has gone up. I’ll still go to games but the ticket is just not conducive to those with young families.

  200. People have different opinions on where this match was being played, most of kildare supporters would probably prefer to play in Castlebar given their recent experiences in CP.

    This decision will not change so everyone needs to make their own call on whether to travel or not. Let’s leave the point scoring to the pitch on Saturday evening.

  201. Thanks Viper for reminding me of that point, about Mayo performances at Croker. I hadn’t even got to that in my previous post.

    You’re being disingenuous trying desperately to convince yourself and everyone else that Mayo are not a Croke Park team when they clearly are, and this is the general consensus among good footballing people.

    Losing every All final has nothing to do with Croke Park ‘the pitch’, and everything to do with nerves of final day itself. The 2020 ghost stadium on final day confirmed that.

    I return to my point yesterday about our killer half backs and how important they are to the way we play. Naturally now they can thrive further in the expanse of Croker, if we play well as a collective on the day. This is well known and agreed I think. You’re really clutching at straws with that one, come on.

    Obviously any team can play poorly on a given day, including Mayo in Croker, but evidence over the last decade allows us to conclude that we do our best work there.

  202. That’s a separate point Niall. The 6pm kick-off time is ridiculous and unfair to traveling supporters. I fully agree with you on that.

  203. @Liberal role in the tie, But it doesn’t matter if they’re a Croke Park team or not because even if everyone agreed that they were that doesn’t make the decision right.

    Should we move all our games to Croke Park just because we’re a Croke Park team, of course not.

    Mayo have won games here there and everywhere which proves they don’t need to be in Croke Park to win.

    Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada ain’t no Croke Park but we managed to beat Kildare there.

  204. Maybe it’s the price we have to pay for being a top team, an ELITE team. The team certainly deserve to be there. They’ve earned that with their commitment over the past 10 years and the standards they set. HQ is made for them.

    And what better prep for a potential quarter at the same venue. Truly I cannot see any negatives.

  205. Ah stop. A Croke Park team.

    I’m just afraid people from other Counties will see people on here claiming we are a Croke Park team.

    71 years trying to win Sam Maguire, with the semi finals and finals played in Croke Park, and no joy in that 71 years, and people still claiming we are a Croke Park team.

    Have a look back at our, is it 11 finals results and you will find we unfortunately haven’t won any of them.

    Bad luck.
    Bad refereeing decisions.
    Bad sideline decisions.
    Bad performance’s.

    Take your pick, but stick our finals record up on the top of the board and then give a talk on us been a Croke Park team, and then maybe give the room 15 minutes to stop laughing.

  206. Mayo will get good support on Saturday evening for the 6pm game, there’s a big young Mayo base in Dublin and many older exiles such as myself.
    Its unfair to the support travelling from Mayo, imagine if there is extra time.

  207. Lots of feeling for and against this. I’m not sure what to think but I’d like if we could respect that for some ppl this is a great idea, for others it’s hugely disrespectful and disappointing. I understand both sides.
    I hope Mayo play well and win. I hope we have no more injuries and the men on the injured list return and get razor sharp for challenges ahead. I hope ppl who can travel,will travel and enjoy it. I wish the game was on rte but it’s not.
    Take care, whatever camp you find yourself in. My heart still beats to the rhythm of Mayo. Maigheo abú.

  208. Can anyone tell me why Robbie Hennelly was trying to get the ball back into play so quickly as Monaghan were whittling our lead down on Saturday evening? After they brought it back to a 3 point game he sprinted around the back of the posts to get the ball back into play as quickly as possible instead of trying to take the sting out of the game by wasting time, remember what Galway were doing as we whittled their lead down, they were dropping like flies trying to waste time and they did the same to Roscommon in the final, after all the time our players have been on the road and so many games we still don’t learn, we’re nowhere near cute enough when it comes to managing games

  209. Croker and a 6pm throw-in were bad enough on their own but the two combined makes it impossible and unaffordable for many of us to attend and I sincerely hope the GAA loses it shirt on this fixture. Mayo supporters are absolutely not the only ones complaining, and a quick search online will show very quickly that people from all over the country are condemning what is a tone-deaf decision. Even Kildare supporters, hailing from a county 40 mins away but who had the balls to stand up to HQ in 2018.

    The neck of anyone here to suggest that anyone not attending (or anyone not involved with a club) is somehow less of a supporter? A phrase springs to mind, but to use it would earn me a lifetime ban from here. Be careful not to fall off that capall ard, it’s a long way down.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Louis. For an organisation that likes to bang its own drum about its community credentials, the GAA does very little to support communities outside the Pale when it comes to setting fixtures. These are qualifier games, for God’s sake. They do not need to be in a half empty, soulless HQ and Croke Park does not need to be dragging three teams from the west of Ireland to Dublin. It is ludicrous and I cannot actually believe there are people defending the decision. It’s mind-boggling. And what has our great record in Croke Park achieved for us in recent years when it really matters? One league title. Mighty.

    Anyway, Mayo to win by three, and towns in Mayo to benefit from those of us non-“real” supporters who might make an evening of it (seeing as it’s PPV, there is little choice) and boost our local businesses at home. And hopefully there’ll be another day out for us to look forward to.

  210. Revellino, I’m afraid the logic you outlined doesn’t stand up for me. I’m actually amazed at it, to be honest.

  211. Viper, I didn’t have free travel to Omagh, Clones, or Sligo in ‘22 or dozens of other venues I’ve driven to over the years, that cost money and time.

  212. Well that’s a fairly ignorant comment Culmore
    I do want to go to game but due to personal commitments the 6pm throw in on the other side of the country makes it impossible !
    Every one of my regular match going companions I have spoken to this this evening will also not be attending for a variety of reasons . It will be a soulless atmosphere up there when it could have been rocking in a provincial ground.
    And what’s even more maddening is our minors play Kildare next weekend too but on a different day at a provincial venue that could have taken the senior game .
    But yeah sure I’ll shut up .
    I’ll be able to make the minor game in Tullamore thankfully .
    If you will allow me to go

  213. @Swallow Swoops, if you think we are a Croke Park team then fair play to you.

    I think over the past decade we have played both very well and at other times not so well in Croke Park.

    We were supposed to play well in it. We were rated in the top two or three teams in the Country.

    I do have a problem with people spewing out that, ” we are a Croke Park team ” almost as if this is some grand justification or good reason for dragging the supporter’s across the country, once again, for a late throw in, when there are plenty of pitches that would have made sense to hold this game.

    I obviously am not a proper Mayo supporter according to many posters, as I can guarantee you, I will not be in Croke Park for this one. I will be spending my few euros locally and giving it to people who need it and appreciate it.

    It doesn’t mean I don’t want the team to win any less. I’ll decide where I’m spending my football money though, and I have better things to be doing than robbing myself driving to Dublin and adding to the climate crisis.

    I wouldn’t try and talk anyone from travelling to support the team, but everytime there is another ticket price hike and everytime we are dragged across the country, I fall a little bit more out of love with the game. I still have as much pride.for the team and respect for the players as I ever had.

  214. Culmore that comment is the height of ignorance! Supporters should be entitled to go a game with out having to be fleced. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gaa bowed to Sky to having a double header at HQ

  215. Anne Marie, I don’t think anyone is defending the decision, but it is what it is now and we just have to get on with it. You can’t compare it to Kildare in 2018, that was a home game for them as they were drawn out of the hat first, there games at the weekend were always down for neutral venues.

  216. If you train a horse and make a claim that he’s elite and a Churchill Downs specialist you’d want to be winning the odd Kentucky Derby or your claim would end up looking pretty foolish, especially if he was beaten by a plough horse.

    You cant use the excuse that he loses his nerve and that’s why he keeps losing the big race, otherwise he’s not a specialist at all.

    If you are a Mayo player right now, where are you searching for the belief that you are ever going to win the All-Ireland, honestly, where are you looking ?

    The body language concerns me and to what end will beating Kildare mean, so debating whether it’s right or wrong doesn’t really change anything in the overall context of the direction the team is heading and whether 10 or 10,000 Mayo fans go to Croke Park at the weekend, it wont bring Mayo any closer to winning an All-Ireland.

    That point has been well proven in the last decade, more fans do not mean more success, just look at Kerry to learn that.

    Some of the best Mayo supporters I know hardly ever go to a game, they’re too busy doing great work locally in Mayo, spectating and supporting are two very different things, some do both which is great but the point is it doesn’t make you any better or worse whether you go to the game at the weekend.

    That’s why comments like “get behind the team” are so disrespectful, as if people rightfully complaining about prices and logistics equates to not getting behind the team.

    Will Mayo lose because Tom, Dick and Harry decided to go to their local saloon in Belmullet to watch the game instead of going to Dublin, no they wont and consequently Mayo wont perform any better whether you go to the game or not but remember the fellas in Belmullet are as good a supporter as you are, in fact they’re leaving their money locally and not on the north side of Dublin, so they’re not alone supporting Mayo, they’re supporting local businesses too.

    While injuries have undoubtedly weakened the team, there are other issues that need to be put on the operating table as well and if they’re not then we will regress quickly and being in the top 3 isn’t really any different than being in the top 6 if you cant reach number 1.

    If injuries were our “only” concern then the year could be written off because of that, but there’s more to it than that.

  217. ‘Neutral venue’ is a GAA euphemism for getting games into CP wherever possible to satisfy TV and corporate and premium ticket holders.

    Remember the neutral venue clash between Dublin and Donegal in the Super 8s?

    ‘Nothing beats being there’….except if you’re from West Mayo and the game is on at 6pm, hotels cost a fortune, it’s not suitable for bringing kids …

    Of course you can always watch it on TV…..if you’ve got Sky

  218. Revellino, I do think we are a Croke Park team (a team whose football style is suited to Croke Park).

    I see your point that you don’t believe this should be a justification for dragging supporters across the country and at a late hour.

    Could the game be held at the Hyde or Tullamore on Saturday?

    The 6pm throw-in for a qualifier is the height of inconvenience – yes.

    There are a lot of questions.

    One more, for anyone who might know – are the quarter finals to be played in provincial grounds? I hope so.

  219. @On the road again.. Dr Hyde Park , would be Neutral . Croke Park has recently boasting about their Green, environment friendly credentials . Maybe they will explain how thousands of fans are expected to get there from the West of Ireland and NOT put unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. Did I inadvertently mention Atmosphere,.. But if the GAA was truly worried about Atmosphere, they would sell out Dr Hyde Park. It would be good for the Atmosphere and good for the Atmosphere.

  220. @Swallow Swoops, As a matter of interest regarding Croke Park could you tell me how Mayo playing at the Hyde against Kildare would significantly diminish their game ?

  221. I have been actively commenting on this blog since the start of the year and I’m yet to see Viper have one positive thing to say about anything, whether it’s the team, the county board or the venue. It’s entertaining if nothing else

  222. It’s neutral in that it’s not a home ground for either team. Neutral doesn’t mean half way between two places

  223. @On the road again, some fella said to me the other day that he only reads the blog because of Viper, true !

    Maybe it was you ?

    I said he’s an intelligent fella that, “yea, he is the bollix” was the reply.

    I NEVER criticize players, as a matter of fact I defend them all, and I have no recollection of ever debating about a venue before or unfairly criticizing the CB, apart from that, you’re spot on.

  224. In reply, Viper, I don’t think Mayo playing at the Hyde would significantly diminish their game.
    The question then becomes which venue most suits both Kildare and Mayo, seeing as Kildare are a party to the game too.

  225. At least skys production costs should be kept down when it’s in one venue and Dubs will have opportunity to have a good look at potential opposition for the quarters without having to go outside the pale!

  226. What’s the capacity of The Hyde when allowances have to be made for reserved seating for season ticket holders from Kildare and Mayo and safety standards havd to be met? The atmosphere there would be way better than a quarter full Croke Park. Better for a television aufience too. Less than 17K for Monaghan match but we’d expect more Kildare supporters to go than Monaghan supporters were in McHale Park. If we’re saying this venue, that venue, suits Mayo’s play better it’s no sign of confidence in the team. They should be happy to meet any team in any venue and take their beating if they’re not good enough on the day.

  227. @Swallow Swoops, From Newbridge to the Hyde is about 131 km, from Belmullet to the Hyde is 162 km, as the crow flies Manchester is closer the Croke Park than places in Erris or Achill for example.

    There’s no evidence that playing at the Hyde this time of year would diminish Mayo’s game one iota and you would agree I think that’s what the pro CP argument (from some of our own) is based on that playing in CP will somehow increase our chances of winning.

    I don’t believe that, if we’re better than Kildare then we’ll beat Kildare at either venue.

    For someone to say “It’s positive in every possible way for us” couldn’t actually be further from the truth unless the “us” means those living in Dublin of course.

    It’s clear the majority posting think it’s a bad idea and sticks the fingers up at Mayo fans, possibly because the majority of people that go to Mayo games actually live in their own county and know what costs are involved.

    It’s a media dictated decision and let the stadium be soulless, good enough for them.

  228. You can’t get a hotel room for less than €600 in Dublin this Saturday. It would be cheaper to go to a game in London, at least we have knock for that. Croke park park was like a morgue for the Leinster final last weekend and I was expect the same this weekend. It’s another 2 fingers to regular fans from the GAA. As viper says, it’s a financial decision on the part of the GAA. Community values me arse.

  229. @NiallMc
    Agreed, Dublin crazy prices for overnight. Rest of Ireland pricy too. Alternative below. Maynooth College, could get overnight fir around €50. Not the height of luxury but not bad, handy location for train and grub in Maynooth. Grub and pints not cheap there either!


  230. Nobody mentioning the possibility (yes I realise it’s of the hypothetical nature) of having to go to croke park 4 times over the next 7 weeks should we somehow progress. Unlikely but not impossible. Some people I’ve spoken to are giving this one a miss because they feel we’ll win this and sure won’t we be back up in a couple of weeks for the quarters. Couple that with the obvious costs associated with the trip this weekend and the unsuitability of the 6pm throw in for young families. There will be a crowd from Mayo, there always is, but nowhere near the usual size. They’ve made a mistake with this one, not the first and won’t be the last.
    Whichever side you sit, there’s no point in us tearing strips out of each other. Pointless really.

  231. Hello Aii,

    On reflection it is a lovely draw. Had chosen Limerick. This and the venue is the ideal preparation for the Quarter Final.

    The Rod injury is an opportunity to have another look at the forward set up. Expecting or hoping to see Jason Doherty at his best! With Cillian back, it is looking good.

    Ciarán 2.

  232. Over 250 comments in twenty four hours shows our minds are not on the football part of Saturday at the minute.I dont know if its even possible but WJ is it possible to have a simple yes or no poll on this and move on to the game.Games in 5 days we need closure in my opinion.

  233. Working on it, Declan! I’ll have a piece on Kildare up in a bit, with the usual poll on the game. I’d agree that it’s the game that needs to be focused on at this stage.

  234. I agree with Declan above. We all know that the scheduling of the game on Saturday is wrong, but it is what it is now and we have to get on with it.

  235. @ Declan.

    Some people are mixing up that the uproar is somehow taking away from what the game means or that it is diminishing somehow how people are feeling about following the team.

    Everybody I would say, without exception still wants us to win at the weekend and go as far in to the championship, and who knows what might happen yet this year.

    People are sick of hearing ” it is what it is and get on with it “.

    For what it’s worth, I think the mayo fan is the most reasonable and the most accomodating fan as regards acceptance of fixtures.

    What aggravates people is the number of times we have been sent around the country to fulfill fixtures, and it does seem like we are expected to travel more than any other county, and not only the width of the country but the throw in times are often unreasonable as well.

    Some people are saying the mayo fans are the whingiest.

    They are the exact opposite, and it’s the main reason why in 2022 we are still been sent all over the country for match throw ins when half the family should be in their beds.

    The county board should be fighting the fans corner and making life a bit easier on us rather than coming out every 5 or 6 months scolding the best fans in the country.

    The team deserves us as fans but the county board does not.

  236. I agree we need to move on, but I also think it’s important that people can air their opinions. I think it’s really unfair to call it moaning.

    The GAA got this wrong and it’s only right & proper that this was acknowledged.

    Onwards we march (or PPV), Kildare was a good draw for us, which we should win by 4-7 points.

  237. Saturday at 6pm in Croke Park is definitely tough on Mayo supporters, but best for the team. Even when defeated in Croke Park, by the most successful GAA team in history let’s not forget, Mayo put in some mighty performances in contrast to the disaster in Newbridge in 2018 and their performance in cramped conditions in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick – or in Castlebar too for that matter over the years. Onwards and upwards!

  238. How does the venues for qualifiers work ?, will the two County Boards get an equal cut of the gate even if held in Croker ?, and will both Mayo and Kildare get a cut from Sky TV ?

  239. Had a look on the Kildare GAA forum there and it seems that they are largely in agreement with most people here, about having it in Tullamore on Sunday to double up the minor and senior fixtures.

    But sure, who cares what the fans want? TV stations call the shots, dontya know.

    Perhaps time to move on, but this sort of decision does nothing to dispel the notion that the GAA is travelling further and further away from being a communitarian, grassroots organisation and closer and closer to a top-down money-making machine, to the detriment of everything else.

  240. NiallMc1983

    Go look at the prices for any Saturday / weekend that games that are scheduled in Croke park ,i usually / used to stay at the Gresham when going over but a Saturday night rate of €431 is just plain crazy / out of my league especially for a qualifier

    Especially now that the hotel takes your on line or phone booking then tells you they will get back to you in several days time to see if you were successful with your booking , before upping the price and selling the room / rooms for several days above what you paid then contacting you to say sorry but your booking was unsuccessful

  241. Such a pity it wasn’t teamed up with the U17s. How often does it happen that both teams are playing the same opposition on the same weekend in senior and minor level and yet GAA could not put them in the one fixture. Hoping for good results for both.

  242. Jeepers, this hotel accommodation cost has given me an idea, B&B for games in Croker.

  243. It’s an awful thing, what happens when you wake up in the middle of the night… thinking about Mayo football.
    I was thinking to myself, this could be heaven or this could be hell…to quote a famous West coast band!!
    You know the way BLM takes the knee before a match. Maybe it’s time for a new version. MLM could be started. In order to maintain dignity though, I suggest that our team forms a huddle and they all take a piss…it would send a right message to GAA…
    Couldn’t help myself… apologies if I offended anyone but I’ve had a good laugh.
    Good night everyone, lights out.

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