18 thoughts on “It’s Longford

  1. This will tell us bugger all to be perfectly honest however we just have to beat what’s put in front of us, something we couldn’t achieve last week.

  2. Does anybody know how it works for venue? Were Mayo out of the hat first? If so does that mean home advantage?

  3. Just heard Dillon is out for the year as he fractured his tibia against crossmolina today

  4. Declan i think its fair to say given the state of this Mayo team that we shouldnt take anyone for granted. Its looking like it will be held in pearse park. A tight pitch we should win it but saying that we are Mayo. Anyways i think it is a nice introduction back into the championship.

  5. ok just checked gaa website. No news on backdoor draw. Does anyone have full draw? i know its not important its just half of the c/ship????????????????????

  6. What makes you think it’s pearse park? I’m not saying you’re wrong as i don’t know but i would love to know how the venue is worked out as nobody seems to know. If drawn out first as in the case of Carlow v Derry it seems straight forward home venue to Carlow, why is it different for Mayo.

  7. Longford played Leitrim away in Round 1 last year, so by that reckoning, Mayo will be playing them in Pearse Park. I think it’s absolute madness, but what can we do? Mayo were drawn first, by rights it should be in McHale Park.

  8. Totally unrelated question. Cork and Kerry drew lat week and went to a replay without extra time. today The dubs and wexford drew and it went to extra time. whats the story?

  9. Longford? Ye are steeped in it! Not that they’ll roll over to have their tummy rubbed, but that should be a gimme to get the confidence back up. I was at Kerry Longford last year and they were dogging the heels of Kerry for ages- they showed great spirit that day, but don’t know if Glen Ryan has kept the wheels on the bandwagon as well as he might have.

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