It’s official: Limerick is half-way between Mayo and Kerry

Forget everything they taught you in Geography at school – Limerick is now, according to the GAA’s match scheduling department, officially half-way between Mayo and Kerry. Just like Sligo and Roscommon and Galway are and I suppose Tipperary is too (that’s why our U21 semi-final with the Kingdom took their earlier this year). And that, presumably, is why Saturday’s minor semi-final has been switched from Ennis (a short hop across the ferry and a skip up the road from Kerry) to Limerick (no hop on the ferry required and an even shorter skip from Kerry).

According to those nice people at the AA, here are a few relevant stats on the distances involved for the two sets of supporters next Saturday:

  • Killarney to Limerick: 110.89 Km
  • Castlebar to Limerick: 176.39 Km
  • Tralee to Limerick: 102.04 Km
  • Ballina to Limerick: 208.26 Km
  • Cahirciveen to Limerick: 158.21 Km
  • Belmullet to Limerick: 270.54 Km

So, Limerick it is. Limerick that’s on the way to Dublin and, hence, a handy stopping-off point for all those Kerry supporters heading back up to Croker for the senior rematch with Cork the following day. Limerick that’s hours and hours away from Mayo and so will be a right pain in the hole to get to for our supporters. Limerick that I could drive to with my eyes closed, given that I’ve been up and down the N7 from Dublin so often these last few years and so, seeing as it is Limerick and it looks like support for our lads could be in short supply, a trip I think I’ll be doing again this Saturday. Limerick which isn’t our happy hunting ground (that’s Ennis, by the way). Limerick. With a 3.30pm throw-in. On Saturday.

Oh, by the way, the ref is a certain Eddie Kinsella from Laois. Now, if this gent turns out to be as big as bollocks as our friend from the Erne County last Sunday, I’m going to be really pissed off. And I mean REALLY pissed off …

12 thoughts on “It’s official: Limerick is half-way between Mayo and Kerry

  1. Kerry wont change their strip when they play us , so why should they meet us half way for a fixture either. Our county board needs to stand up for themselves when it comes to things like this. A disgraceful decision i have to say. Limerick grounds is a far superior venue to cusack which is hasnt changed in 25 years, but at least in ennis if you have a few thousand you have an atmosphere. THey will do well to get 5000 in a ground that can hold close to 50000. Muppetts!!!!!

  2. very poor organising by the GAA but then again, we’re well used to that…..

    as someone on said, they may as well check the sea area forecast for saturday as it’d be nearly shorter to sail down!

  3. It probably would. The other option is to go by train … via Dublin, of course. The county board have a lot to answer for on this one, because this is the second time that we’ve conceded distance to Kerry for an All-Ireland semi-final. Do they not want our teams to be supported or what?

  4. Oops! I just got it off the internet last night. I guess I won’t have won any new Oak Leaf friends with it.

  5. Oak leaf friends-wat about your poor wexford friends-obliterated from the map altogether-what was the website you got it off?!

  6. I think I’m going to have to withdraw this exhibit from the book of evidence! Maybe this 31-county structure is part of Micko’s master plan for when he takes over the Dubs – he’ll start off by merging Dublin with the Goat Suckers and then keep expanding till he gets an All-Ireland winning team.

  7. I love the one about Mickos master plan WJ. Sean Feeney and co should have gone the whole hog and offered to play it in Tralee or even Killarney. Sure our Erris boys dont mind travelling at all.

  8. They may as well have – what’s the likelihood of our next such meeting with Kerry being fixed for Hyde Park?

  9. Mayo stood up to Kerry in Croke Park and nearly won-then they undoo all the good work and let Kerry trample all over them allowing the match to move to Limerick.

    The result will be know on Saturday evening but I am afraid the damage is already done and Kerry already are up by 3-4 points.

  10. I think it will be tough the next day – if we assume that all we’ve got to do is finish the job we started on Saturday, then we could be very much mistaken. The bookies are quoting Kerry at 4/7 for the replay, a little more generous odds than on Sunday but they’re still expecting them to do it.

  11. you would never bet against kerry until we start beating them consistently. Im more worried about the game now than I was a few days ago but I dont beleive for one second that we caught them on the hop the last day and will pay on saturday. We are strong in key positions and this is encouraging. I expect walsh to at least score the next day( if he draws another blank keane will be promoted to legendry status) which would count as an improvement. as a result we will also have to improve….this will mean on conversion rate will have to increase. If it does we will win. if it doesnt it will be another lonely journey. either way i dont expect there to be more than 2 or 3 in it at then end, either way 🙁

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