It’s Sligo first for us in Connacht

Photo: RTÉ

The draw for this year’s Connacht SFC Championship was made on RTÉ a bit earlier on this evening. In it, we’ve been handed a quarter-final meeting with Sligo, which will take place at Markievicz Park. The winners then face Leitrim in the semi-final, with Galway up against Roscommon in the other semi.

We can’t have any complaints about this draw which, on the face of it, is an ideal one for us. It’s the first time we’ve been drawn in the opposite side from Galway and Roscommon since 2012 and the fact that we have, on paper at least, two matches before the provincial decider is even better.

The provincial action is set to get underway in late June but of course we have the League to look forward to first. Isn’t it great to be thinking ahead to real matches again?

32 thoughts on “It’s Sligo first for us in Connacht

  1. Couldn’t ask for any better really. No disrespect meant to Sligo or Leitrim. 2 games to get new faces on the panel match time and hopefully get to final .. We were certainly due a good draw to avoid Galway and the sheep stealers until Final

  2. That looks good for now, at least. But there’s no point counting chickens before they’re hatched. Good luck to the Rossies against Galway – I always enjoy a win against the Rossies more than against anybody else.

  3. Great draw. Perfect opertunity for JH to continue to introduce new players in the league and 2 championship matches. Lets face it, if we can’t get past Sligo and Leitrim then we are fecked.

  4. Certainly looks the perfect draw. If we’re to win Connacht championship we’ll have played three. So, with the league, James has a good opportunity to see lots of his players in action. Can’t wait for the action to start.

  5. Great stuff.

    So is the loser of the Ross / Gal game out, or will they get another crack ?

    We should be in the Connacht final at a minimum all going well and who knows how far we might go if everything falls in to place for us.

  6. Tony McEntee will love to knock us out in the first round so Sligo will be up for the fight anyway!! Still a good draw for us on the face of it at this point in the season.

  7. No back door so no 2nd chance for Ros/Gal. Connaught v Leinster so Dubs in the semi!

  8. Excellent draw
    An extra championship game under the belt too
    Can’t wait . A bit of normality

  9. Great draw. Should win the first two. Great game time for the young guys. The dubs in the semis (if we make it!) is probably favorable to the dubs in the final. Also outside of connaught will be interesting to see how kerry come back this year.

  10. Delighted with that draw. Can’t wait to see who is on the panel. Would love to see Oisín moved to centrefield if Harrison is back fit. I’m also itching to know who will be our number 1 goalkeeper now that Clarkie has departed. Best of luck to all concerned. Exciting times ahead!!

  11. Unreal draw, bout time we had a bit of luck. Rochford was cursed when it came to the Connacht draw.

  12. An excellent draw for sure.

    First time since 2012 that we had a bit of luck in that department.

    Let Galway and Roscommon battle it out in the other half of the draw for once.

  13. i remember going to a mayo /sligo match in Sligo about 20 years ago . A sign outside Tubbercurry read Mayo Exit 25 miles, and we did. No Connaught Final talk yet please

  14. Great draw and looking forward to it. Am I missing but I can’t find the fixtures for he league anywhere. Have they been released?

  15. Hope the draw wasnt fixed , surely the recording doing the rounds has been edited to make it look dodgy?

  16. Good draw for us. Roscommon have Dublin, Kerry and Galway in the league and then Galway again in the championship so they have a tough run but will also should not be undercooked in any way. Galway the same.

    I dont want to jinx things but does anyone know what provinces match up in the semis? Last year, it was Connaught Munster. Thanks

  17. Personally I’d prefer the tougher draw, beating Roscommon and Galway would give me two reasons to celebrate.Pity we’re in Division 2 missing out on more competitive games leading up to the championship but I stilI think we’ll sail through and have another rattle at the Dubs.

  18. Any word on league fixtures? Good to see an “easier” route to a Connacht final. I will be very keen to see where Horan picks up from last year, we saw some great talent come through and hopefully that continues. One thing is for sure we are second to only Dublin for athleticism and its a great platform to build from. I am sure Horan knows what’s needed and time will tell whether the newcomers and returnees can fill those spots. Great to have it back.

  19. @Sean Burke wasn’t edited. Watched it live that’s how it played out and it looks very dodgy. Wouldn’t be surprised if the draw is done again.

  20. I think your man panicked when doing the draw, it seems to me he was unable to open that cannister at first, an he just panicked put it back, done a quick swirl an grabbed another one. The conspiracy theorists will say “well he was able to open it 30 seconds later”, and that is true, but at that original point in time he just couldnt for what ever reason. Their not to know who is in each cannister, cant see why a Sligo man would deliberately draw his county against the reigning connacht champions and All Ireland runners up?.

  21. Agree it’s an ideal draw. My only concern and it’s been touched on already is the quality of opposition we’ll be playing up to the connacht final (yes I was there when we lost to sligo too but things have changed radically since). Blitz the teams in our league group and we’ll be well set, lose a game or two to that quality of opposition and things won’t look so rosy.
    But that’s for another day as WJ says isn’t it great to be thinking ahead to real matches again.
    Have to say though too, big thanks to Tg4 for their coverage of the ladies Aussie rules. Still not so clear on the rules, but certainly enjoyed it.

  22. and we’re off.
    looking forward to seeing the fixture dates now. and looking forward to hearing the dulcet tones of Michael Gallagher on the podcast.

  23. Quayman, the fixtures have been sent from Gaa HQ to the county boards for rubber stamping. They should be announced at some stage this week.

  24. @.MayoDunphy Mayo v Sligo was already drawn out. The draw he was doing was for whom Sligo or Mayo would face in the semi final, The cannister he had in his hand and about to open was Galway.

  25. Pullhard. According to the Irish News. Mayo play Down in Castlebar on the weekend 15th/16th of May.

  26. Fair play dooniver swifts was wondering what the story was. I’d be in agreement with others on the quality we will be facing, without being disrespectful, we won’t know where we are until if and when we get to a Connacht final.

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