It’s Sligo in June

The draws for next year’s provincial championships were made, live on de telly like, this evening and we’ve got a far kinder one than we did in dish ear’s campaign. In 2008 we’re straight into the semis where we’ll play the winners of the Sligo v London preliminary round. This means – unless the Exiles can pull off a shock of the kind that plucky little Luxembourg managed yesterday in Belarus – we’ll be playing Sligo in McHale Park sometime in June. That sure sounds a hell of a lot more enticing than taking on Galway in poxy old Pearse Stadium in May, with the added bonus that – Bertie’s current travails notwithstanding – there’s little danger of there being an election on a few days later either.

The other half of the draw sees the Herrin Chokers opening against the Sheepstealers, with the winner of that one facing Leitrim (or New York if . . . well, nothing).

Details of the the full draw are available here. Roll on 2008!

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