It’s Sligo on the double this weekend

Inter-county activity continues for the county this weekend, with both the Minors and the hurlers in Championship action.

The Minors are going really well in this year’s Connacht Championship, having recorded big wins over Leitrim and Roscommon in their first two round robin matches. Indeed, at this early stage they’re the only undefeated county in this year’s Connacht MFC and they look well set to advance in the competition.

Tomorrow evening at Markievicz Park they face Sligo, who were beaten narrowly by Galway at Tuam Stadium last Friday. That was Sligo’s opening game, having had a bye in Round 1. Tomorrow evening’s match throws in at 7pm at the Sligo venue.

Over in Hyde Park, meanwhile, Roscommon will be looking to get back on track in the Connacht MFC after their heavy defeat to our lads at James Stephens Park last Friday. The young Rossies are up against Leitrim in that one, which also throws in at 7pm.

The county’s hurlers take the field on Saturday. It’s a crunch match for them in the Nicky Rackard Cup, in which they face group leaders Sligo at the Sligo GAA Centre of Excellence in Scardan. That game gets going at 3pm on Saturday.

After their shock defeat to Tyrone in the opening round, there’s no margin for error for the hurlers on Saturday. A win is a must and, providing they manage that, they should advance to the semi-finals. Tyrone will, in all likelihood, beat Louth in the other group match and, if so, placings will be decided by points difference. We’ve a significant advantage there over Tyrone.

Sligo are, though, no push-overs and have made great advances in hurling over the last few years. There’s a good article on the GAA website (here) about the positive impact Galway native Colum O’Meara has had on the Sligo hurlers since joining them on the coaching side at the start of this year.

Best of luck to both Mayo teams in action this weekend. I’m not around myself tomorrow night so won’t have anything to say about the Minor game then but I will do a round-up piece on both matches at some stage on Saturday evening.

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  1. If the U20’s can beat Tyrone in Omagh in such an early in the day game 3 hrs away that means they really are one of the strongest teams in the country.
    If the minors beat Sligo then I believe we can’t be caught on scoring difference, mathematically yes, but not realistically. It would assure us of a place in the Connaught minor final.

  2. JP Am I correct in saying that the U20 competition is a development squad league thing. While there are a handful of good players on that side they are far from the side that we are led to believe they are. We have no idea if these counties they are playing have the full squad available or where they are in their training schedule. I am just saying they have their weaknesses and we don’t know the extent that they are being tested yet.

  3. @PJMcManus
    Who are the handful of good players?
    In my view from following the form/ability of the players involved this is a strong team with good players being the norm and there being some very good players.
    Yes it is a Development league. Training schedules are mandated from Croke park and also most these players were all in with Sigerson, University freshers or Schools teams prior to those competitions finishing. So a very similar training schedule for all the elite teams.
    You can be sure teams are not playing their full team in the development league, but you can also be assured they are playing consistently around 11-12 of what will be their championship team. No team is going to hit championship and suddenly change course to introduce 5 new players who didn’t feature in the development league. U20 is knockout so each team has to hit their stride from the first game.

  4. Always difficult to know with minors – one week they can look unstoppable the next they’re coming undone against average opposition. Resilience of both U17 and U20 teams to be well tested away from home this weekend. Best of luck to all.

  5. We need to start seeing a few years of sustained success at underage. We had complete dominance in connacht at u21 in the noughties….this formed the platform of the senior team we have had the past decade. Have no doubt about it, without success at underage, it is near impossible to retain a strong senior team. Success breeds success.

    Kerry got the act in order about 7/8 years ago at schools level winning the Hogan Cup 4 years in a row 2014-17 inclusive (with two different schools) which built the backbone of their minor success which will make them the top team in a matter of years at senior level along with Dublin who with their massive population advantage (something theyve only tapped into this past decade) will consistently churn out top teams.

    Mayo absolutely must place massive emphasis on schools development programmes and I would include 4-6th class primary too in this category where kids learn basic skills.

    This is why I’m so interested in how our underage teams do. It’s a very solid indicator to future success. I agree it was not always accurate in the past but the game and it’s structures are far more professional now than they were 15/20 years ago.

    It was interesting listening on a recent podcast to Liam Moffatt and Austin O’Malley – these lads roles are critical. I hope they are going about it the best way possible. It’s critical that top former players are brought into the system to develop youth teams and every club too has a responsibility to up their game.

    Mayo must start winning more national titles underage and our schools must aim to do so too at A level. That’s it in a nutshell.

  6. Apologies as I’m sure it’s been asked a load of times already for different matches, but are the u20 and minor matches likely to be televised?

  7. Tyrone u20s would be fairly strong. Gave Donegal a 8 point beating. Have young Darragh Canavan and have Sean Og McAleer who is meant to be a serious talent. They’ll be favourites to win Ulster along with Derry. Be a good test for the Mayo lads going up to Omagh.

  8. I reckon Oisin Mullins is the best option to mark Darragh Canavan. It’s hard to get open away from Oisin with his pace. He’s stronger than Canavan also.

  9. Great call 45. Spot on with your observation about underage level. The Galway game could be a season changer now

  10. Let’s hope Mayo can finally beat Galway at some level soon. The u17s would be an ideal start for the future at least.

  11. Listening to the report of the minor game v Roscommon last weekend on midwest radio – you would think they had all-Ireland won already the way Austin Garvin was talking the team up. Do we ever learn. There are people also blowing up this year’s u20 team in a similar fashion. Tomas o Se in radio this morning talking about Kerry injuries ahead of their game V Clare. He still hoped they had enough to “fall over the line”. No word of our similar injuries before the Ros game and we were going to win by 11-15 points according to our ex players. Too much talk blowing up players and teams in Mayo with no justification for it.

  12. Can anybody put up the Mayo U17 team on the site here? Be interesting to compare it with the teams v Leitrim and Roscommon.

  13. Jennings
    Cos rove
    Call inane

  14. Irwin didn’t play tonight, got concussed against Roscommon. Big loss tonight.

  15. Thanks, Albanyend and Just a thought. Irwin”s absense explains a lot. He is a key man, if not THE key man in that team.

  16. He is the key man in that team and wise they didn’t play him taking medical precautions.

  17. Key men don’t always play . Seems to becoming a habit in Mayo relying on key men as is with cillian also . Tbh it’s no great team that has to rely on one or two men . No all Ireland winning team will have such dependence on one man . Dublin is yard stick of modern football , they have all Ireland heroes who aren’t even in the squad .

  18. Another example of the fragility of Mayo teams. Great at showboating but when its really put up to them, more often than not they capitulate. Most winning teams have a few men/women of steel who are never intimidated, even when the opposition gets on a roll – its called leadership & self-belief.

  19. If I understand this correctly, the top team qualifies for the Connacht Final, while 2’nd and third play off to join them in the Final.

    Another result last night was Roscommon 5-15, Leitrim 0-8.
    So it must be getting very tight at the top. Mayo would have 4 points , having beaten Leitrim and Roscommon, but lost to Sligo.

    Roscommon have 4 points too having beaten Galway and Leitrim, but lost to Mayo..
    I know Galway beat Sligo, and lost to Roscommon, but don’t know if they’ve played Leitrim yet.

    Sligo aren’t out of it yet either.
    In the last round of games, Mayo play Galway and Roscommon play Sligo.

  20. Mayo Exile and Seán – It is just a guess but would I be right in thinking that you did not go to support this under 17 team in any of their 3 games this year? They were not reliant on any one player but missing Irwin was a loss but that is not the reason they lost. Sligo are a strong team, they lost to Galway by 2 points last week in a game they should have won. They played in Ulster minor league earlier this year . Mayo knew the challenge they were facing last night.
    They have a one week break now for the JUNIOR CERT. They play Galway in Ballina in 2 weeks time, a win should see them in a Connacht final, they could still make Connacht semi final if they lose and Sligo beat Roscommon.

  21. Observer – we beat Leitrim by 17 points and Roscommon by 21, lost by 4 to Sligo.
    Galway beaten by 2 by Roscommon and beat Sligo by 2.
    Roscommon beat Leitrim by 22 but lost to Mayo by 21, they beat Galway by 2.
    Sligo lost by 2 to Galway, beat Mayo by 4.

  22. Roscommon P 3. W 2. D 0. L 1. Pts 4
    Mayo. P 3 W 2 D 0. L 1 Pts 4
    Galway. P 2. W 1 D 0. L 1. Pts 2.
    Sligo. P 2. W 1 D 0. L 1. Pts 2
    Leitrim. P2 W 0 D 0 L2. Pts 0
    Galway still have to play Leitrim and Mayo.
    Top team qualified for final, 2nd and third semi final.

  23. Just left Dublin airport on a coach to Omagh and heres a lad slating me for missing an under 17 game when I don’t live at home . Tut tut.

    I stand by my point , we establish a go to man in a county team and have little back up plan if he’s out .

  24. Nobody’s slating you. Was just obvious from your post you were not at any of the 3 games or you would have known we were not reliant on any one player. Saying we were was unfair on team when you don’t know.

  25. I wouldn’t say that Albanyend. 2nd and 3rd place will play off for a spot in the final. Unless Roscommon and Sligo draw it would be impossible for 3 teams to finish on higher points than us and our score difference is very strong at the moment. I’m assuming Galway and Sligo will beat Leitrim of course.

  26. Now that I think of it, Galway and Roscommon could potentially finish on 6 points with Sligo and ourselves on 4. Presumably we would then lose out on head to head.

    So a result against Galway would be very welcome.

  27. Assuming everybody beats Leitrim, would not the final paring be decided by the Roscommon v Sligo and Mayo v Galway head to head games .

  28. If we beat Galway we should make Connacht final on 6 points due to our scoring difference.

    If we lose to Galway then we would have a chance of making Connacht semi final depending on result of Roscommon and Sligo. If they finish in a draw they would both finish above us so we would miss out.

    If Roscommon beat Sligo ourselves and Sligo would finish on 4 so we would lose our on head to head.

    If Sligo beat Roscommon , us and Roscommon would both be on 4 points but we would make semis on head to head.

  29. OK I’ll rephrase it .

    If we had Irwin last night we would of won.

    If we had cillian v Ros , we would of won .

    What I’m saying is obviously you’re not going to be as strong without your top scorer but do we plan accordingly, maximising all voids to the very best we can . We didn’t do so in the senior game that’s for sure , we were a mess on frees without any definite plan at all.

  30. If 3 or more teams finish on same points it’s score difference, not head to head.

  31. In any of scenarios above wideball there would not be 3 teams finishing on same points.

    Seán – Irwin was injured very early in Roscommon game and we still won well.

  32. The winner of Sligo v Roscommon and the winner of Galway v Mayo will both have 6 pts unless Leitrim beat either Sligo or Galway which is highly unlikely, so there is no way anyone qualify for the final with only 4 pts. It’s possible if we draw with Galway we could go through on scoring difference.

  33. Albanyend only one team qualifies for final. Second and third play off for a place in final.

  34. I saw Sligo last year winning the Manning cup.
    They were very impressive and hadn’t lost a match for a long time. The coaches were adamant there were building for a Connaught title. Not supprised they are in the mix.
    They had about 10 of a background team.

  35. @just a thought…I didn’t know that. If that’s the case we could sneak in on scoring differences even if we lose to Galway.

  36. Mayo struggling due to tactical naivety in the u20. Running the ball up to the Tyrone 45 and then kicking into our crowded out full forward line.
    Tyrone by contrast quick counter attacks to our 1 v 1 defending.
    Darragh Canavan given the run of the pitch and the main player responsible for the big gap between the sides.
    Would remind a lot of the setup against Kildare and Jimmy Hyland last year.
    The pattern of the match was Tyrone scoring freely in space in their full forward line and Mayo being turned over in our crowded out full forward line.
    Lesson now learned on that front one would hope.

  37. Looks like u20s are heading for a heavy defeat, not a good week for Mayo football.

  38. The players actually played quite well some of them but the tactics were rabbits in a headlights stuff. What are the golden rules?
    1. Don’t kick into the crowded out full forward line
    2. Leave cover at the back
    3. When you get posession counter attack quickly with kick passes and direct runnin
    Running wingbacks and patient build up play against a blanket defence is on mgmt in my view.
    Not playing Kuba Callaghan also until late in the game given the likely physical defending.
    No designated man marker like Oisin Mullins for Darragh Canavan.
    But, a match in Healy park at 1pm is difficult .
    Still getting Joe Dawson back, think we need to go more with the pace and power of Kuba Callaghan and Cathal Slattery. I really don’t know how Aidan Orme is not featuring, he was a sub last week. Mark Moran missing too, he’s a player who makes things happen.

  39. Based on senior club football, read that senior division one and championship, I can’t see how Slattery, Callaghan and Orme are not in our best six forwards. There’s been a few matches this year where Kuba has been the man of the match in Ballaghadereen games.
    Nathan Moran and Evan OBrien are more midfield types without that forward cuteness.
    No sense trying a midfielder upfront against a blanket.
    Evan OBrien wouldn’t be a kind of playmaker centre forward.
    With better tactics and better selection we could be a lot better.
    The non selection of Donovan Cosgrave comes back to mind. We continuously seem to not get to our best 15 at u21/20.

  40. In fairness I think Mike Solan over achieved last year. He turned a couple of very poor minor teams into all Ireland finalists at u20. I know they might have had a bit if luck along the way with the big guns , Kerry and Galway being ambushed before the ran into them.

  41. A week to forget for Mayo GAA. last Saturday knocked out at home of the Connacht championship by Roscommon, last night the U17s beaten by Sligo and leaving the chances of reaching the final hanging in the balance, U20 well beaten by Tyrone meaning they can’t reach that final now and currently the hurlers getting well beaten by Sligo

  42. Good comeback for the hurlers. 10 points down to draw but Sligo still go through to the semi finals and Mayo out.

  43. @JP think Aiden Orme had 2-6 scored in Michael Walshsenior cup v Davitts last night before being subbed off on 40th minute.

  44. @Gizmobobs, I’d say I’m surprised but I’m not. Aidan Orme is Knockmores best forward this year.

  45. reading comments here and elsewhere over the last few months Mayo were going to win the All Ireland in under 17 and under 20 and surely in Senior, and what happened , we were beaten in all three by very average teams. In contrast I read Kerry observers saying Kerry were very lucky to beat Clare last night and have a lot of work and improvement to do if they are to progress any further. When will we ever learn

  46. @culmore, A lot of confidence there. Go and quote who said specifically Mayo are going to win those titles? Not might win or challenge. Specifically are going to win.

  47. JP Culmore “the handle” is a protagonist probably from another place. A protagonist on a anonymous blog is a person without the liathroidi to stick their head above the parapet. (Trying to be kind to all protagonist out there.)
    My advice is don’t hold your breath for the answer to the question you asked this particular handle.

  48. Interesting comments by Joe Brolly, I know many will not agree but there is an element of truth in what he says.

    I do not know if examples referenced in the article are factual but the principle that the team is more important than any individual is completely correct. There are many examples in sport to support this argument.

    Loyalty is a positive but the the true needs of the team are more important. There is evidence that some of our best players standards have dropped, JH needs to act on this, and we, as supporters, need to back this approach, otherwise we will not make those improvements required to give us a chance to cross the finish line in first place.

  49. Culmore posts here regularly, it just annoys me when people exagerate what was actually stated. Several people commented we were competitive this year at all three grades. I can’t recall many if anyone stating we would win.
    Might have been just one u17 post saying we would win.

  50. Its amazing that after one loss by a point the whole world has changed in relation to Mayo football. We listen to and quote brolly and brehony etc as if the really have a clue what’s happening within the camp. They don’t Brolly coaches an u 14 team in the north and happens to be a Sunday Game analyst based more on his desire for notoriety than level headed analysis. Brehony has been trotting the same old stuff in the indo for as long as as I can remember. Our manager said little after the game. Andy did an interview but no major drama. Obviously our team which is a good team in case some of you have forgotten will knuckle down and prepare for the long road. They may be lucky with the draw, gain some momentum and progress. They make be unlucky and get eliminated. But we know at least they will be committed and give 100% as always. They surely deserve a little more respect and support that some seem to be willing to offer them after a one point defeat despite what they have been doing since 2011

  51. JP – My sense of what was said in the comments in that regard would be the same as what you’ve said. There’s always that element to online commentary, with views swinging back and forth and others saying how extreme the back and forth views are, when in actual fact they’re not that extreme at all.

  52. If what Brolly says is correct we are in a bad place.There is no “i” in TEAM. Nobody has a divine right to a place on our team. i think Horan is smarter than that.

  53. The last man that Monaghan coach in USA football who lectured us all on behaviour and the team.
    Didn’t actually have the life standards himself in the end to backup his own talk he was lecturing our players on.

  54. I never ceased to be astonished that people continue to give any credence to that clown and what he might have to say on anything. The noises made by the cat next door are far more profound than anything he has to say and I really wish people would stop referencing him here.

  55. The reality is that while we have been very close down the year’s, we still have fallen short. In rugby, Joe Schmidt’s afte match video sessions are feared, Jim Gavin is willing to bring in new players practically every year, with onle a small number un droppable…

    While our players are very committed, have our management team been ruthless enough, SR appears to have been closest in this regard. Continuing to do the same thing every year and expecting a different outcome is not the best approach. One article during the week argued that the best players for Mayo were those looking to claim a regular place on the team.

    Ensuring that no player is guaranteed a starting role is likely to ensure that we reached required intensity levels on a more regular basis, the Rossies had only 3 starters from last year’s Connacht final, and the subs came on made a difference. Did this impact their performance?

    We need to reflect on our performances across a number of years, and what we should do differently to improve, sometimes those on the outside can see things more clearly than those within a bubble.

  56. Mikey – If you look at the teams Stephen Rochford named against Galway and Kildare last year in championship, I wouldn’t describe them as ruthless. It was by in large players that were playing for the previous 5+ years.

    JH benched Boyle and Andy this year and established Ruane as a 1st choice midfielder. He also brought in Darren Coen after 4 years in the cold. That’s a fair bit of change in year 1.

  57. Another thing I’ve read numerous times in the past week is people lamenting the loss of Donie Buckley and Tony McEntee. People seem to forget that those two were involved for 3 championship defeats to Galway, the defeat to Kildare and 3 mediocre (at best) league campaigns. Our current management team have done pretty well so far all things considered.

  58. We can look at all our faults and failures over the last few years- the mistakes we made, the opportunities we spurned, the hard luck, the bad reffing etc but the biggest reason we have not won an all Ireland or two is very simple – Dublin! And I doubt if that’s going to change anytime soon.

  59. Ger – I think it’s best not to publish that comment of yours. The link references possible legal action so it’s safest to say nothing more about it.

  60. Jesus could we not just learn from before and stay out of the fucking headlines for more than a week just for once? We.seem to be intent on remaining in the limelight while other teams play it cute and refuse to get dragged into this nonsense.
    Not a peep from Dublin since the league nor much since their major statement of intent last week.
    Same for Kerry even after last night’s display.
    We’ll never learn. Stop looking for people to blame and play football.

  61. There seems to be a feeling that Rochford hadn’t injected new players in to the set up in his time. Yet I can recall Connor Loftus, Cian Hanley, James Durkan, Evan Regan and Eoin O’Donoghue all playing last year.

    James Carr was unavailable through injury.
    A couple of this year’s introductions, example Fionn McDonagh would not have been ready a year ago.

    Drake and Stephen Coen were also used in Rochfords time.

    So I think this inaccuracy that’s trotted out from time to time, that Rochford didn’t try new blood is simply not the case.

  62. @ Just a thought as WJ says the article by Brolly. We need to focus on the job at hand and stay other of he limelight.

  63. @Exiled in Kildare,
    Shall we pay Brolly a big retainer for him to print Mayo articles on our agreed schedule?

  64. Exiled in Kildare – your posts are confusing. Did Mayo GAA pay Joe Brolly to write an article?

  65. Between Brehony & Brolly, we’ll be in the headlines for a while yet. They keep rehashing the same drivel over and over again.

  66. No JP. Paper won’t refuse ink. What my point is is that we don’t need to be in the papers or always seem to be the centre of attention for a change.

  67. ah here, ye should know by know we’re Brolly and Brehany’s favourite topic. Other than winning an all Ireland there’s little we can do to prevent either of them continuing with their sly digs that only appeal to the lowest common denominator and the twitter trolls.

  68. Mayo are box office and a handy one for brolly to write about. As others have mentioned it’s not worth getting wound up.I would wager that neither brehony or brolly know as much about Mayo football as the majority of posters on here yet whenever they spout some rubbish some people on here have a coniption.They are no different to any other trolls and should be treated as such.
    I do think the things said by Maughan and particularly Brady before the match didn’t help. They may have been their honest opinions but we have to play a bit cuter than that. The Kerry boys are all signing from the same hyme sheet with there faint praise of the opposition and general yerraing.

  69. @Exiled in Kildare.
    So how would you solve that?
    March up to Sindo HQ and put in place a schedule with the Sindo editor?
    Joe Brolly wrote an article with no interview or research, you seem to be linking this to our team/mgmt/ex players being too commonly in the media.

  70. There’s an element of that. I wouldn’t march up to anyone demanding a schedule be put in place.

  71. I can see where exiled in Kildare is coming from . But we are box office unfortunately , there is a massive obsession about the Mayo county team . I do think some of it is down to ourselves though ,steps need to be made to change that culture .”mayo4sam” (been guilty of this in the past myself) it really needs to fookoff now . The giddy predictions (again guilty) need to stop . Players giving too many interviews . Stop praising ourselves . Deal with the cold reality , the dream is over for now . This is now officially a rebuilding job ,could take years to get back challenging .

    Just imagine if we became dull and boring for a while and if by default we find ourselves back challenging sooner than was expected , great . Wouldn’t it be something different ,kerryesque, cute hoorism , whatever ya want to call it but it’s time we tried it . Rather than a load of hyenas going around the globe shouting mayo4sam like a gang of ejits who don’t even know the size of a ball .
    I hear people say , it doesn’t make a difference to what goes on out on the pitch . Rubbish , try it sure ,nothing to lose ,have we.

  72. Sean Burke, couldn’t agree with you more. The Mayo4sam bull shite that goes on year on year is one of the main reasons Mayo is always in the spotlight. You can’t go anywhere in the world without someone in a Mayo shirt shouting Mayo4sam! it’s beyond embarrassing at this stage. Mayo people can’t have it every way. We can continue to build up the team and expect the media not to notice, we can’t be so vocal on social media and not expect click bait headlines which we duly click on in our hundreds to complain. We either cut the crap out or learn to take the inevitable criticism on the chin.

  73. Agree lads. Cut out the crap and learn a thing from Dublin and Kerry. Talk other teams up and use the criticism as motivation. We’re far too sensitive and always give the knee jerk reaction.

  74. What is embarrassing is how we go from mayoforsam to Mayohelpus overnight and probably back to mayoforsam by the end of the month by the same people.

  75. Kerry have no problem talking about winning the all Ireland. After peter keane got the job last year, the chairman was very clear that was the aim and sooner rather than later. There is nothing wrong with being confident in your ability.

    Unfortunately the likes of David Brady isn’t being paid to give cutting-edge analysis. He’s there to provide a light hearted view on the game and give a few outlandish predictions.

    The media will keep talking about us regardless as we are simply a bigger market than every other football county, bar Dublin.

  76. David Brady and John Maughan says were world beaters. ..Joe Brolly and Pat Spillane says were clueless. and in the opinion of us Mayo supporters all of them are wrong. We’re hard to please.

  77. The Brolly article has some scurrilous accusations in it to be honest, and I’m sure the only back up he has for it is ‘well such and such a person who’s supposedly close to the squad told me’. There’s no factual basis for anything he says (on anything) and frankly, them above in the GAA section of the Irish Independent are utterly obsessed with this topic and just want to be seen as being right about the “egos”.
    Don’t discount the role of Holmes and Connelly in all of this as well. Those two are not interested in the betterment of Mayo football and their liasing with Martin Brehany to undermine the squad and subsequent management is evidence of that, and just proves that the squad were right to get rid of them, to my mind. I don’t care how sore they are about being ejected, stop running to the press about every grievance.

  78. Just a thought !, I’m not sure you’re nibbling away at me but it seems that way a little last couple of posts . I personally haven’t used that mayo4sam thing in years . I try to say it as I see it game by game as best I can, i did think we would beat Roscommon but was not overly confident at all. We showed nothing fantastic in the league , Tyrone game was a great performance but Tyrone were really poor , we were terrible against Dublin and failed to beat Galway again . Signs weren’t great .

    Our aim now is game by game surely , we have failed in our bid to win back the Connacht championship , the ultimate goal for now is to navigate our way through the qualifiers and do our best to make the super 8 . That’s the crux of my point , talk of all Ireland glory or challenging Dublin etc should be banned . Roll up the sleeves ,play it all down , relax and enjoy the game.

  79. Poor auld Brolly is getting an awful flaking from yea.

    Sure let him off. Didn’t we win the National league. It would more in his line if he concentrated on Derry and explain why they are in the football quandry they find themselves in and pick Derry apart week in and week out.

    Supporter hype should have zilch bearing on a teams performance.

    Supporter hype doesn’t effect the Dubs. Everyone says they couldn’t possibly loose and they go out and win.

    Managment and players have to control what their involvement is, and that is on the pitch.

    Mayo4Sam has been around for decades and if anyone thinks that a bit of hype is distracting the team then there is no chance they could ever handle the pressure of an All Ireland final day.

    When we get it right on the pitch and the game is reffed fair and square, then and not until then, will we win our all Ireland.


  80. That’s your opinion and I disagree revilllino. If I had my way “mayo4sam” offenders would get a jail sentence.

  81. ????? Sean.
    Don’t think you’ll have to worry about hype until (hopefully) we are going well in the super 8’s. We’ve had our wake up call.

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