It’s Sunday at 4pm

Our quarter-final against Cork has now been confirmed for 4pm on Sunday next. It’s obviously part of a double-header but details haven’t been released as yet about which match is on at 2pm. Kildare and Donegal are on at 6pm the previous evening and you’d have to think that the Tyrone-Roscommon game would be the undercard for that one (with the logic that the qualifiers should be finished before the All-Ireland series gets underway). If so, it’ll be Kerry-Limerick on before our game but that’s not confirmed as yet.

UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed that Kerry-Limerick is on at 2pm on Sunday with Roscommon-Tyrone on at 4pm on Saturday.

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  1. they will do well to get 15 000 into the place on Sunday. No one from Kerry/Cork will travel. Limerick will have a few and we will prob have the biggest support. Why not bring our game to somewhere like ennis….it baffles me.

  2. The Kerry Limerick match is on before. Why did they put the Mayo match on on Reek Sunday, gonna be a tight squeeze :p

  3. Just got this email below. Does this mean they are going to charge my card directly for the tickets unless I opt out? Also, tickets for QFs cheaper than Connacht …

    A chara,

    Please see the Season Ticket information below.

    Fixture: Kerry v Limerick(2pm)/Cork v Mayo(4pm)

    Venue: Croke Park

    Date: Sunday 31/07/2011

    Price: Adults: €25 Juveniles: €5

    Section: 304/305 Cusack stand

    You will be emailed print-at-home tickets by Thursday 28/7/11.
    (Please note: Tickets may not arrive until the evening.)

    If you have not used your OPT OUT and you wish to OPT OUT of this
    fixture click on the link below;
    (Clicking the link will automatically opt you out.)

    Link was here

    Opt Out deadline: Tuesday 26/07/11 at 5pm

  4. Digits… you will be charged unless you opt out… all you need to do is click the link and you will not be offered a ticket and obviously not charged, As far as i am aware you can only use the opt out once, so if we win, you will be getting an All Ireland semi final ticket if you want it or not…At least they are emailing these ones not like the Connaught final fuck up…

  5. Willie Joe, what in Gods name is happening on your website?

    Just 2 weeks ago we were toasting a new Mayo era with the finest Italian Prosecco and within the space of 2 weeks we are running scared of Cork!!

    I just hope and pray that our Senior Team woke up this morning with a greater sense of belief and positivity than the many posters on your website.

    Who needs Liam Hayes and Joe Brolly?????

    This time last year who would have tipped Dublin, Kildare and Down to beat Tyrone, Meath and Kerry??

    Who would have tipped Fermanagh to beat Armagh in 2004?

    It would be interesting to run a poll in Mayo and establish how many people really believe we an beat Cork this coming Sunday.

    Mayo football has never had a greater test than this coming Sunday. It has never had a greater motivation. Completely written off by the media and it’s own people. On the other hand the Cork players will be thinking about Kerry, no matter what people say they will have dismissed Mayo in their minds.

    Of the 9 counties left we are probably the least respected and I include Roscommon in this. Not even our own people respect or rate us.

    I can take the shit from Brolly, Hayes and Spillane but having to listen to our own county men run in fear of this Cork team makes me sick.

    If any other county remaining in the Championship were drawn against Cork on Sunday they would believe that they would beat them, including Limerick who should have beaten them last year. I couldn’t see people from Kerry, Dublin, Tyrone, Kildare or Donegal running in fear of Cork.

    Willie Joe, I hope you will be drinking the Prosecco again on Sunday night!!

  6. It’s hard to fathom for sure, Press Officer – one minute there I was dining al fresco at breakfast, the glass of bubbly in my hand, the sound of the sea away in the distance and the next minute I’m back here in the freezing cold and we’ve found ourselves drawn against Cork. At least the weather has warmed up a bit since.

    I’m not writing us off at all and I don’t think the majority of those commenting have either. It’ll be a tall order to win it but we’ve pulled off shock wins in Croker before in recent years and while Cork looked impressive the last day, they can be beaten if we have the right tactics and can apply them for the full seventy minutes.

    We do have a poll, by the way – it’s there at top of the right on the site. Currently (with 79 votes cast), 70% are saying we have a chance of doing a number on them, which is good to see.

    If we do win on Sunday, I think I’ll be passing up on the Prosecco. It’ll be porter all the way that night!

  7. I can appreciate why ppl are getting annoyed with the air of.negativity about the weekend but I think it reflects reality. Too often Mayo supporters are accused of jumping on the bandwagon and building up our teamswirh little reason. This time if you are to analyse the fixture critically there can only be one result. Mayos championship form has bern brutal n the past few years. This year we struggled past London, beat one of the worst Galway team I have personally ever seen and beat an average Roscommon team who play in the lower reaches if the NFL and beat a very limited Leitrim. Cork on the other hand have proven themselves a top class team shown again at the weekend.

    My head says us.still significant between the two teams as shown by the bookies odds. It would b a surprise if we got within 6 points.

    That was all the head talking. From the heart I’ll b roaring in Croker on Sunday wearing my colours and hoping we can pull off a shock win. You can never give up hope!

  8. Im with Press Officer on this one. Cork are a good team and no better than that. We compete with Cork and Kerry year after year in Div 1 of the league, and are well able to hold our own.

    Its as if come the summer months we imagine that these guys have grown by two foot. If we bestow supermen status upon them then supermen they will be.

    We never fear Ulster or Leinster opposition (not to say were never beaten by them) but we quake in our boots at the thought of the Munster superpowers come championship.

    We have to take a leaf from Tyrones book on this one. They won three AIs with a decent squad of players. Man for man (on paper) they could never match Kerry, but they out fought them with a massive will to win and a belief that it was theirs by right.

    If we are to win the big one this year we have to beat Cork, probably Kerry after that, anyones guess who we,ll meet in the final.

    This you can say is a big ask, but to achieve it we need less of the “House of pain” and more of An Spailpins, Dogs of War.

    I have named no players here because it will take between 20 to 25 to become a reality but as Shakespere once said (or was it Ger Loughnane) “Why the fuck not.”

  9. Haha, Samuel Maguire, no negative thoughts. I was just considering it might be wiser to opt out of this one and buy my ticket normally, and then have the old guaranteed ticket for the semi in a decent location.

  10. I agree with you to a certain extent Press Officer and it’s good to hear positive comments like yours. But I think there’s a difference between negativity and realism with some of the comments.
    We’ve often been accused of getting too carried away in the past and believing we’re a lot better than we are.
    I think we know now that we’re a young team that is at the beginning of it’s development. Cork are many years into their development and are the best team in the country.

    Personally I think we can beat them. But that may well be the heart more than the head talking.
    I won’t exactly be rushing out to put the contents of my piggy bank on us winning, but I do think there’s a big performance in this team and from some of the players, especially Doherty.

    But you’re right, some of the comments have been completely over the top, you’d wonder if it’s worth our while showing up. Stuff like how Cork are going to steamroll us and throw us around the place, it just won’t happen.
    I wouldn’t be concerned about the players though, James Horan will have them out there thinking and believing that they will win.

  11. I have now looked at your Poll Willie Joe and I should have done this before I posted last night. In fairness it is encouraging.

    When you posed the question “Have we any hope at all at all against Cork?” was it in the context of us beating them or just playing well and loosing.

    I suppose where I was coming from with my previous post is that in Mayo we suffer from a serious inferiority complex when it comes to playing the likes of Cork and Kerry in particular. As someone who resides outside the county I am sick of the snide jokes directed at Mayo, often times by individuals from Counties who have achieved fuck all and never will.

    It is amazing how this lack of belief can transcend generations. I watched the draw with my 7 year old Son on Sunday evening and when we drew Cork his heart sank. After spending the weekend in Mayo, his cousin’s convinced him that if we drew Cork we would be hammered. I have spent the last 2 days trying to get him to believe that we can beat Cork, but the damage is done. It will now have to happen for him to believe that it is posisble.

    As much as I respect muigheogodeo’s point that when we analyse Sunday’s fixture critically there can only be one result I just cannot agree with it for the simple reason that if we accept this point then we are beaten before we start at all. I do accept that we won a very poor Connacht Championship but in fairness all we can do is beat what was in front of us and in fairness to the lads did just this. As a county we shouldn’t get excited about winning Connacht as it counts for fuck all in a national context, however, our players should take many positives from this win. Success breeds success no matter how it comes.

    As a County we are badly served by our Administrators both at Provincial and County Board level. I would also add our Clubs to this for the manner in which they allow the County Board to bully them. It is no coincidence that Connacht football is in the state that it is in and likewise Mayo’s position. This issue is for another day and win or lose I hope that someone takes on this fight and sorts out the root problem of Mayo Football.

    For Mayo to be successful on a sustainable level we need to do many things but most importantly we need to develop a culture of success and with this comes a belief that we can beat any team at any stage in the Championship. The only County in the modern era which has achieved this is Tyrone and their belief comes from winning at underage and building a solid platform for the senior team.

    Sunday should be the start of a new journey in Mayo football and lets hope that James, his backroom team and the players prepare in the right manner to prevent the failings of previous visits to Croker.

    Remember 2006 when the team went to the Hill, no fear of the Dubs.

    Lets take on the challenge in the belief that we can succeed and lets pray for a bit of luck and who knows what can happen after that.

  12. The question posed in the poll is in the context of beating them though I accept the language isn’t perhaps as tight as it could have been! I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen with the poll for the semi-final against Limerick.

    My understanding of ‘culture’ is a set of beliefs, attitudes, values, understandings and ‘taken for granted’ assumptions and practices. You develop a ‘culture of success’ by actually winning – and winning a lot! People then come to think of winning as the norm – what is expected and assumed – taken for granted almost.
    You actually cannot build a culture of success and THEN set about winning. You start winning FIRST and then the culture develops. It is almost counter-intuitive but the belief comes after not before success.
    Think Kerry – for them being in Croker in late September is normal, expected,taken for granted because they have been there so often before.
    Its a bit of chicken and egg stuff.
    That is why ‘success’ (however we define that) on Sunday is vital.

  14. Good luck to Mayo team and Management on
    Wele beat them someday it could well be Sunday

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