It’s time to vote

Okay, the fateful day is at last upon us but as well as doing your needful in #GE11, don’t forget to cast your ballot in relation to my Two-Point Plan as well.

First, the Setanta part competition of the plan, which this week involves predicting the result of tomorrow night’s titanic Dublin-Kerry clash (calm down, Tom, it’s only the league) at Croke Park.  Having been at HQ to see the Jacks against Cork last weekend and bearing in mind Kerry’s performance against us, I’ve an idea about how this one might go.  I’m sure you have too so let’s be having you.  And while you’re at it, try predicting the result of the tie-break game, which this weekend is the local derby between Down and Armagh.

I confidently predict that this part of the plan will create 100,000 jobs.  The weekly winner will also get a copy of the excellent Over The Bar by Breandán Ó hEithir as well as entry into the grand final draw for a year’s sub (via satellite, only for punters residing within the 26 counties) to Setanta Sports.

The second part of my plan involves you doing the usual raft of predictions for all of the weekend’s Division One and Two games in the mini-league on  This will result in the bondholders getting the holes roasted off them, the abolition of the Seanad and provide a mandate for stability and … yeah, yeah, whatever.

Polls close at 5 pm tomorrow for the Setanta competition and midday tomorrow for the mini-league.

No sign of a team yet for Sunday, by the way, but if I come into possession of same, I’ll post the details here.

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