8 thoughts on “It’s Tyrone next weekend

  1. If we’re good enough to play in Croke Park we’ll beat them. If not no point in going up against the likes of the Dubs. As you said Willie Joe – bring it on!

  2. Exactly – I’m not trying to be cocky, but we’re good enough for the Tyone team I feel, especially if the game is played in Croker.

    BRING IT ON!!!!

  3. This is in my opinion the second best possible draw but I would have peferred Monaghan to really test us, if we are going places we need to build confidence by facing the strongest challenge. We also need to face the reality that we are a work in progress this year.

  4. beating Tyrone and getting to the QF stage – that would be a satisfactory next step in a ‘work in progress’ – surely !

  5. Thanks for that. It’s a world exclusive, obviously, as nobody else has it yet!

  6. thank god me and the missus have no plans next bank hol weekend for once!

    Bring it on is rite!

    Strange thing happened yesterday..
    auld lad was chattin to John O M early yesterday bout football and the weather i suppose..auld lad asked him how was team goin an who would we like to get in the draw..John waffled on a bit, like all politicians and then said that he wouldn’t fancy meetin the Kerrymen…
    auld lad said ha? what ya on about? John O said o yea thats rite sure we can’t meet..now what kind of a prick is johnno tryin to be?
    he knew fuckin well who were in the hat with us yesterday before the draw..is he tryin to see how much the people know about whats goin on or was he just tryin to catch my old lad out, and see if he would agree with him or not..
    i dont know lads what he thinks he is playin at..but he better have his homework done by next saturday and pick the rite fuckin team a be done with it..and never mind tryin to question the intelligence of the most loyal supporters in the land.

  7. The earliest we can meet the Kerrymen is the semi-finals so maybe he’s thinking ahead to then! Nothing like a bit of forward planning (though, as we know, it’s the backs that need working on) …

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