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  1. Definitely the one I didn’t want. All Ireland champions and league champions in back to back weeks. Still, if we win and avoid more injuries no-one will fancy us in the quarters.

  2. Cork would’ve been tougher I think. Derry won’t be rubbing their hands with glee, that’s a cert.

  3. That’s why a draw wasn’t good enough yesterday. This is exactly the draw Derry would want to get themselves back on the horse.

  4. The win yesterday would have avoided this, I have been saying this for a while but I think there is a big kick left in Derry.
    Imagine if Derry were to play the Dubs next week, then it would be interesting.

  5. Do we have to play it in castlebar ? Could we for example ask to use the hyde as our home ground ?

  6. Worst draw we could have got. Realistically it’s going to be very difficult to progress far into the championship. Get past Derry and then could be drawing Dublin or Kerry in the quarters. That point by costello yesterday could prove very costly indeed.

  7. We know we would have avoided this game if we had won yesterday – there’s no use in labouring the point now. We have to play Derry and that’s it.
    Galway get the easiest draw of course, but thats not our concern.
    We need to go at Derry early I think – their confidence and cohesion is low, don’t give them the opportunity to work their way back into form.

  8. Worst possible draw we could have got, any bit of positivity i had from yesterday will now start to fade. It’s ridiculous that they can lose 3 games and draw 1 and still be able to knock us out of the championship next weekend.

  9. Derry are a really dangerous team to get. They gave us a bit of a lesson in Castlebar in the league. I’m sure the team will appreciate the challenge ahead. Can we beat them? Of course! We can beat anyone, BUT it’s the worst draw. They are a far better side than Cork or Monaghan and if we do get over the like next weekend…guessing Sunday 4pm…then we go back to point many we’re making last week, we face a fresh in-form table topper with a lot more fuel in the tank than us.

    Great draw for Galway. They’ll be nearly able to rest players.

  10. Its the hard road for Mayo again, if we get through this I bet we’ll get Kerry in the quarters

  11. Agree , was hoping for Monaghan.
    This will test the strength of our panel.
    Let’s all get behind the lads and fill Mchale park .

  12. Also Derry have an extra 24 hours on us in recovery after playing Westmeath. With all due respect to them but it’s not like playing Dublin.

    I think McStay and Co have a really big challenge this week to get heads right and bodies right.

  13. Holy cow, eaten bread is fast forgotten! We’ve just come within a hair’s breadth of beating Dublin, Derry seem to be playing with no confidence and on fumes from an empty tank, and yet we’re back to negativity again.
    We can surely beat them next week, just turn up as we did yesterday.

  14. A home game against a team in poor form to make or break the season and this management team. Senior Championship starts now, let’s have at it.
    Time to pack the park with green and red supporters and time for this team to show their worth.

  15. Knew we would get derry…

    Feck it we should not fear them derry are a busted flush now. They are flat out and I heard there’s trouble in the camp is well.

    We are well able for this game and if we do win this game which I’ve no doubt we will puts in as serious contenders keep the faith everyone..

  16. Disagree with it being a tough draw, prefer to get them than Cork. Watched them against Westmeath and they were very poor yet again, their legs are gone from going full throttle all year!Also, we are definitely better when we are up against the perceived better teams!We are well capable of beating them!

  17. Derry strengths lie in midfield and fullforward line .
    Think we proved ourselves yesterday in those departments so bring it on , another challenge but that’s what intense championship football should be about .
    Be an ideal game for introduction of cillian and Diarmuid all good

    suppose it’s too soon for any word on eoghan Mac , he was struggling with injury in lead up to match so hopefully no precautionary

  18. Derry are not a shadow of what they were in League, but there could be a kick in them.
    Problem is even if we win, to have to go play a Dublin or Kerry a week later is tough ask, see what happened last year.
    We’ve done alot right this year but I think we could be heading for a similar outcome to last year

  19. @Conor W 100% Cork are coming up and have confidence going for them.. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they beat Galway

  20. This is a great draw for Mayo. Found our mojo yesterday and need to keep the challenges coming thick and fast. No point getting soft options. Confidence will be high in the camp. Players chomping at the bit to get on the team. What is not to like? A Mayo win in front of a full house. We have arrived for 2024 and will not be pushed aside next weekend.

  21. I can’t believe that the negativity seems to be creeping in less then 24 hours after giving us our biggest fright in 2 years. Why would Mayo fear Derry. It’s them that should be worrying about having to play Mayo. On current form I’d much lol prefer to play Derry. I know you can agonize over Costello’s point. But you now have to forget about it and go the road you now have to go. We definitely want to see you again in the latter stages, for another cracking contest. That game yesterday saved the footballing season, surely we all want it again.

  22. I just think Derry have a sting in the tail. They’ve not been in a do-or-die situation so I think we need to expect a very different team to what we’ve seen in recent week and in sport, any kind of a win can get a team back on track. They got that Westmeath, who Galway only managed to sneak past and Armagh only beat WM by 5 points, so I’m expecting a resurgence from Derry and Mayo need to be really tuned in.

    @Young Fella, it’s not ‘negative’. Derry are national league champs, they’ve multiple Ulster titles, they beat us comfortably when we last played and have been written off by most in the media. 8 weeks ago Derry were being talked up as real All Ireland contenders and I heard a comment on newstalk (I think) that this Derry team would definitely win an All
    Ireland, it was just a matter of when. So, yes, they’ve not done well in championship and it’s hard to maintain the momentum they had, but they have loads of top ballers and a serious midfield if they click and that win two days ago v Westmeath could do wonders for their mentality. I’d say Harte is relishing this, and he’ll park the bus and play counter attacking football. It’ll be very similar to how he set up in Castlebar with Louth last year only this time with way better players. On top of this, it’ll take days for our lads to mentally and physically recover from yesterday. It’ll have consumed far more energy than Derry would have v WM and they’ve had an additional 24hrs so all of this = a very tough challenge.

  23. That’s a tough draw for Mayo as I said yesterday’s game will take a lot out of them..
    Recovery is key all week..
    The players were out on the pitch yesterday for possibly 30 mins after a tough game..
    Derry must have a kick in them….

  24. It’s a tough draw, there’s no doubt about that, but if we approach the game like we did against Dublin yesterday then I’d back us for the win. Man mark Shane McGuigan and put McHugh on Glass, they’re the two biggest threats. Also, McFaul needs to be watched. They are not in good form at the minute, but I believe they’ll have a sting in the tail at the weekend, we’ll need to be 100% ready for them. Hopefully it’ll be on Sunday at 4pm, (I reckon the minors will be playing Armagh on Saturday), it’ll give us maximum recovery time available.

  25. Derry went all out early doors to win everything, as Mickey does, it backfired, and they’ve to recalibrate for a mammoth battle against the team who took Dublin to the wire. This is not as bad as some are making out. It’s them who’ll be dreading the game, especially Mickey – he’ll know it’s lights out for him if they implode again.
    Okay, there’s easier teams on paper, but this game is very much favouring Mayo from recent evidence. Derry have flatlined…the road back is very hard for them.

  26. Tough draw, but I agree with others who say we often up our performance against perceived better teams. I feel it’s the 3 weekends in a row (assuming we can deny Derry) that’s of concern plus the potential for more injuries. Just have to get on with now I guess. Expecting a full house in Castlebar next weekend.

  27. 5 Days to game possibly and still The GAA President couldn’t say when the games would be Played.

  28. We shouldn’t fear Derry,Derry should fear us.They barely made it past Westmeath.Why do I somehow feel like we will be underdogs for this game again?Go out and perform like we did yesterday and I think Derry won’t be able to handle us,and then yes we of course will probably draw Kerry in the quarter final.But if we get past Derry I think we would have a great shot against Kerry,who realistically haven’t had a proper match all year,they got the easiest group,whilst we have played good championship matches against Galway,Dublin,Derry,even the Roscommon game was a more intense match then any of Kerry’s.
    I genuinely have so much belief in our team and I think they will do the job against Derry.I don’t think Derry are as feared as they were at the start of the year.I know it’s the worst draw we could of got but it was completely out of our control,our championship is on the line against Derry,we have to throw the kitchen sink at it or yesterday will be for nothing.A team with three championship loses already will not beat Mayo.

  29. As tubberman said no sense in pondering over the what ifs . Derry camp is not in a good place , there has been a fair rift going on .

    Best way to approach this game is to make sure we start well . If we could get a few points up in the first quarter i honestly think we could get the job done with a bit to spare . If a side is going through a bad spell , they will have doubts about themselves , you have to try and exploit that in the early exchanges if at all possible . Westmeath just didnt have the scoring power but they certainly put doubts in the derry psyche . We did well on match ups yesterdsy , management will need to earn their crust here . Donegal exploited the derry gameplan and showed rhe way

  30. TsuDhoNim, I completely agree with your post.
    Mayo people, let’s stop the agonising and the negativity. It’s wearing.
    We always knew we could have a pQF. It’s not news. Personally I’m delighted we didn’t get Cork. They’d be flat to the mat for 70 mins plus and they’d be fighting for their lives. Plus I think they still have Pádraic Walsh involved.
    TsuDho is right – hit Derry early and hard. Catch them before they settle and dominate their strengths.
    As another poster said, they have been going flat out since pre-season and surely have racked up fatigue.
    They WILL have a sting in the tail. That’s sure. It’s for us to figure how to manage that. We have enough brains on the sideline – time for them now to deliver on their worth.
    It is a game for tactics.
    We have an extended panel – let’s use them.
    And it’s in Castlebar.
    We are where we are.
    And I believe we can figure our way out of this, win it, and be right for the week after.

  31. I wanted to avoid Cork, I think they’d be more of a worry than Derry.

    Won’t be easy but we should be beating Derry considering how their performances of late have gone.

  32. Worst draw for sure but if we give 80% how we played yesterday we’ll beat them. Derry have lost 3 games and fell over the line against Westmeath.

    For good sake will the Mayo fans come out in their droves and support the team. Last home game of the year. Either you are a fan or not.

  33. Derry written off…trouble in the the camp…Harte under pressure… lads, this is teed up for an ambush. You see the smirk on Harte saying everyone wrote us off and we’re back in Croke Park blah blah.

    I really hope our boys at ready. And people need to get off their arses now and go to the match. The numbers in the Hyde were poor, outnumbered. A large partisan support will be a really big advantage for Mayo next week. It’s worth 2 or 3 points. Remember the back door knockout game v Donegal a few years ago. That was the best atmosphere we’ve had a home game in years. That is needed again.

  34. You have to beat the best to be the best.We have momentum Derry don’t.Hopefully yesterday installed some belief in our team that they can go toe to toe with the best in the country.We all have to go to Castlebar next weekend and roar these boys over the line because they deserve it,they don’t deserve to be going home before the quarter finals.

  35. I had a dream last night that we won the All-Ireland, beating Dublin in the final.

    Derry will be a challenge but it’s one I think we will rise to. A lot of our lads seem to be reborn after yesterday. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Mayo forward line that dangerous. We’ve navigated the qualifiers before with a similar schedule. We’re well fit for it.

    Hopefully we’re playing Sunday.

  36. When Mayo beat Derry, can the get Dublin again the following week. I watched Derry and Westmeath match Derry weren’t great.

  37. Going back to the first one in 2002 Mayo have won every All Ireland series match in MacHale Park. Bring yesterday form/performance into this game and that record will remain.

  38. Derry are a strong team but they had a weakness at half forward vs Dubs and no obvious replacements and got away with that due to the great spirit on the day. Showed great resilience last year. A few great attacking defenders, the best midfield pairing in the land and a marquee forward. If management plan well for this we should win but Mickey is one of the cutest around. They’ve stopped the rot for now. With home advantage and likely a full house in McHale mostly Mayo, we deserve to be favourites but not by much.
    No chance now of resting lads, just hope everyone getting game time gives their all. Any niggles, we’ll have to pull them off and take our chances with the next lad raring to get in. In fairness management seems to be doing that.

  39. In my opinion, that’s the second worst draw of the three we could have gotten. I really wouldn’t have liked to play Cork, I think we’d have struggled to handle their pace on the counter attack.
    I don’t fully buy into the narrative that we will be tired and struggle to recover from yesterdays battle. We have one of the best S&C and medical teams in the country and in Conor Finn (our fitness coach) he is vastly experienced and respected in the game. Now is the time for the physios, masseurs, nutritionists and video lads/lassies to earn their keep. This week will be all about rest, recovery, diet and running the legs out on Wednesday evening at training. At this stage of the season there is no hard running, leg burning work being done anyway. Hopefully we got through yesterday without any new injuries (McLaughlin and Ruane) because if we have we will be in a strong position next week with Diarmuid and Boland coming back into the mix.
    I also believe that once the disappointment of yesterdays last minute equalizer passes, we should bounce into this weekends game full of confidance and belief that we are still in the mix to get to a quarter final. The video analysis and an honest talk-through of the game will highlight where we need to improve but will also show the great performance we produced (in my opinion our best under McStay). The fact is that we matched up excellently v the All Ireland champions in a great game of football.
    Confidance and form are crucial at this stage of the season. As Johnny Giles says “you can’t turn it on and off like a tap”, and we should have the upper hand on Derry in this regard. We can look back on our work todate this season and see we lost a Connaught final to a last minute free which was a terrible decision by the ref, (btw, are Galway the poxiest team in the country?) and drew with the All Ireland champions to an injury time point (that’s twice they have failed to beat us this year!). We handled two tricky trips to the Hyde v the Rossies and dealt professionally with Cavan. We haven’t lit the place alight but now is not the time of the year to do that, especially in a group phase scenario. We have lads in good form eg Ruane, Callinan, McHugh, AOS, ROD, Reape, and we have lads returning to the squad in DOC and Boland.
    Another point of optimisim is that I always feel we go to the level of our opponent, so if we’re playing a Div 2 team or a team we are expected to hammer then we go down to their level and sometimes struggle against them. But likewise, when we face a Kerry or a Dublin we always rise to their level too and compete. We will need to do the same again this weekend but I am confident we will.
    Finally, I think yesterday was the first time in a while that the Mayo support got fully behind the lads and maybe yesterday was the day both team and fans reconnected.

  40. Not that Mayo can’t beat Derry, but if there off a bit Derry can beat Mayo. And this match is going to be attritional. And going into a match in CP, 6 to 7 days later a real hard task, if you were to meet a Kerry, is nearly a impossible task. But all Mayo team and management can do is dust ourselves off and try and beat Derry next week, and see how cards fall after that

  41. @Bliond 64 We can’t play Dublin until the final. Repeat pairings are to be avoided in the quarter and semi finals.

  42. Tougher end of the draw but they’re coming to our place. I hope our lads bounce into training this week. We finally seen what we’re capable of so now we need to kick on.

  43. This is a bad draw,but I don’t think it’s the worse.I feared Cork over Derry.

  44. Reapes accuracy will mean we can kick over Glass and Rodgers .
    The beauty of Mchugh midfield on one of those boys namely Rodgers for his running means jack carney will fancy the battle with Glass and so we can play Matty free again .
    Reape can kick over Glass and with Flynn Loftus and maybe diarmuid in halfforwards they more than capable of winning their own ball .
    Patience but proficiency will best derry and not to get hauled into their roughness .
    No doubt Jordan and matty will be targeted to loose the heads but other than that we’re the better team

  45. Think most of us were expecting to be playing the likes of Derry.The last day we played them we were plagued with injuries and lads just getting back.Now the shoe is on the other foot.just hope we put this game to bed early and get lads rested,and more game time for fringe players.
    Don’t think it’s a bad draw.

  46. Form wise Derry were the best team to get. They were terrible in recent games. If westmeath had a decent forward they would have beaten them, they had all the ball. Definitely not to be feared, respected yes but not feared. I like a few wanted to avoid Cork for some reason. I’ve said it here before Derry have a good first 15 but they’ve a few injuries (3/4 of their back 6 ?). Play like we did yesterday and we will be fine. McHugh on Glass…

  47. Mayo4sam020 – can you please stick to one (and only one) handle when posting comments here? From what I can see, you use a different one every time you post, which isn’t acceptable and causes all kinds of confusion. I’ve altered your handle for this comment to be the same as the comment you posted half an hour ago so, if you haven’t got a better idea on what name to post under, please stick with this one. That would make my life a whole load easier.

  48. Didn’t get the opportunity to comment yesterday so first of all well done to players and management. I thought they were absolutely superb Some great performances up front , goalie excellent, backs and midfield solid. Well done to the Mayo supporters who were there. I thought we were loud and really supported our team. Genuinely didn’t expect us to play so well and delighted to be proved wrong on that. What I did expect was a really honest performance because in fairness we always get that and I have the height of respect for those players. Glad for Kevin as well. Lots of unwarranted criticism in my opinion especially when we lost to Galway with the nonsense that PJ outsmarted him on the line etc. PJ s team were caught themselves yesterday but that wasn’t his fault as management can’t legislate for what players sometimes do such as the Galway keeper yesterday.. All managers can do is pick team, set out strategies and hope the players deliver. I feel our players delivered yesterday . On to Derry. I would have preferred Monaghan but glad we avoided Cork. I watched Derry Saturday evening. They looked low on confidence but will be boosted by that win. Good players don’t become bad overnight and Derry have lots of good players boosted by the return of McKinless . Mayo while disappointed not to win should take a huge amount of positives from yesterday’s game. Should be an interesting game hopefully on Sunday

  49. Think we are looking at

    Galway v Monaghan
    Tyrone v Ros

    Cork v Louth
    Mayo v Derry

  50. Mayo will beat Derry. The problem is the three hard games in a two week period. What sadist in headquarters does this. It is a health and safety issue as players are more prone to injury such as hamstring tendon and ligament problems thru induced stress. Even if we manage to get thru this we will have injuries.Is there any representation for players health and wellbeing. It is not right.

  51. Hill 16 comment above is so right…. our game together saved the football championship yesterday.
    True Gaa man on man game, levelling from side to side throughout and ending on a draw too. (not in our favour) But we all must take the positives from yesterday and fill Hastings Park and be No 16 for our lads against Derry.

  52. Personally I’d rather Derry over Cork too but I did have high hopes for Derry start of the championship. Happy to knock them out of their misery now though.
    I know it’s basically a different team but the qualifiers suited us in the past even if we just got over the line at times. For one of our all Irelands I think the final was game 11 in nearly as many weeks. I remember counting up the matches. (Yes we lost but by a point. We didn’t look tired.)One or two were extra time. We can do this. Some lads still there that experienced this.

  53. Don’t think Boland will be available Pebbles, he got two games suspension. I don’t think we were that badly outnumbered yesterday. From watching on TV it definitely appears so, but the stand was nearly all Mayo. The Dubs decided to form a mini Hill. I was there at 1-45 and the queue for the stand was fairly long and nearly all Green and Red. Tough draw no doubt, but except for Monaghan, nothing easy from here on in. After yesterday we should fear no one.

  54. Oh my God. What’s the point in doing anything if there is so much negativity. It’s the business end now and Mayo put in a fine performance yesterday and didn’t get beaten. Derry is next. Had we been beaten and played badly yesterday I would probably say we would be up against it next week.
    A lot of positives out of yesterday and I think Mayo have a great chance to beat Derry if they can play with the same championship intensity.

    Mayo fans relax and enjoy.

  55. Was delighted with yesterday’s performance – have to hand it to those lads yesterday, mighty stuff. BUT.

    I know it’s been said all over the blog but why oh why oh why was not one Dublin player fouled, ‘taken out of it’, pulled down for that last kick out. It was my first thought before the kick out was even taken if we don’t win the kick out take man and ball & any other Dublin player that’s within your reach out of it before they even come down from the air. Jesus how could that have been my first thought and not the first thought of every Mayo player out on that field. I would love to hear the conversation around this one minute when they are watching the video back.

    With regard to Derry we can defo win this game BUT a 14 man Derry lost to Galway and they were without McKinless for last game – will take another big performance from Mayo to win this one but as I said can be done.

    Yesterday’s performance without doubt brought back the light for a lot of Mayo supporters and we should all get behind them for the rest of their championship campaign.

    Congratulation too go to Aidan, what a servant he is to our County.

    Up Mayo.

  56. Mayo are favourites and rightly so going on current form. However it’s not Derry that I fear, it’s their style of play. We struggle with it, we almost always have. That’s where the challenge for the management lies. Have we the ability on and off the field to go from sexy football yesterday to a physical sexless dogfight next week.

  57. Yes Clare. Was thinking the same after his piece yesterday. It’s his Mayo girlfriend I feel sorry for. Anyways,.. reasons to be cheerful ?

  58. Yes @Nephin, from looking across at the stand from the terrace opposite the stand was more Mayo and good noise from it. Anytime ye started Mayo chant we took the q to get it going where we were. Also whenever dubs started singing in our area we started chant. They weren’t happy. I thought Mayo support did well. It’s hard keep mayo mayo chant going. I’d love if we could always do it for a minute an go. Also in fairness it’s the first time in a long time it was really exciting and you couldn’t but shout. They felt like our team that we recognise. It feels good to know where they are at.

  59. @ahnow……”physical sexless dogfight next week”…….love it!

  60. One thing to add from yesterday, the Hyde is a lovely venue to attend a game ( haven’t been there for a good while ), parking also good and friendly Stewards that give a bit of leeway also.

  61. Derry’s last 3 knockout championship wins
    Cork 2023
    Clare 2022
    Waterford 2017

    We all know knockout football is a different animal and this Derry team despite all their hype have yet to register a big championship win in do or die mode.

    On the other hand we’ve loads of experience being in this position, even with our young team. I hope it sticks to us if the game is in the balance with 10 mins to go (it should)

  62. All about recovery now to the bodies. The lads will be sore and stiff after that mammoth game now so the medical /S&C staff will earn their money over the coming weeks if we manage to beat Derry. Huge task for the likes of Aidan etc to be fully rested for 6 days time.
    They were excellent yesterday and played for each other and their manager. Have to admire mcstay as well. Every time he speaks its raw emotion and passion – he will have them ready for next week. Westmeath could have beaten Derry on Saturday, only for they leaked a couple of goals.

    It is however over to us now for as many as possible to show up to Mchale Park. Yes, of course this match will be televised but we need to be behind them..because I’m sure Derry will travel.

  63. Eoghan’s injury reported as a tightening of his hamstring and was subbed as a precaution so hopefully he is o.k..

  64. That was some game but as said on the Sunday Game we have to be winning it having kept Con and Fenton so quiet for the majority of the game. Anyway…..

    Bring Derry on. Our lads will know we can mix it with the best after yesterday. We always hoped that we had a bit more to offer and that was proved emphatically.

    A word on the Dubs fans who were great but why oh why do they have to persist on booing the free taker. I don’t see it going on anywhere else? Perhaps a 2 game ban from the Hill might quieten them!! Some good Dubs posters on here. What do ye think of it all?

  65. Overall terrific performance yesterday.. hopefully bring out the Mayo faithful on Saturday or Sunday next . Depending on the result of the game..we would probably be better playing on Saturday..I know 6 day turn around against 7 for Derry..We know that Mayo will have the lions share of support either day.. but if we are to prevail the extra day preparing for the Quarter final might be crucial. Trying not to get ahead of myself or anything because Derry certainly will have something to say about which one of us will extend our championship ambitions for 2024, Some silver lining might be, I stress might be depending again on the result Fergal Boland being available for the potential Quarter final. While Mayo done so much right yesterday quite superb really, we also know that Mayo can be less superb as well.. Remember Louth last year, poor performance by Mayo even if we fell over the line by a single point, after a brilliant performance v Kerry. Louth managed by Mickey Harte were incredibly defensive, they had blankets, duvet’s quilts and even the Galway Shawl, no doubt they would have brought a hot water bottle if they thought it would have stopped a point, Louth gave up every restart. I wonder what the same Mickey will do in Castlebar? And I wonder will Obhran Lynch risk his risky adventures upfield? Who knows?.. Allot of people rightly commenting in the media and rightly so, 90 championship appearances by Aiden O Shea and possibly his best outing v Dublin since 2017 , making the big Breaffy man the most capped outfield player in the championship in the history of the Gaelic Football taking over from Sean Cavanagh. Surprised that this little nugget of information has made much less comment. Every good thing must come to an end but thankfully this excellent record didn’t come to an end yesterday..2001 is still the time Mayo have been beaten in Dr Hyde Park.. League or Championship .. a whole host of team’s have failed to beat Mayo at the venue since that time.. Dublin being the latest. In addition to Roscommon too many times to recall.. Armagh, Sligo, Limerick added to the list.

  66. Ye got a tough draw and will need to take the Dublin form into the match and go straight at Derry to lower their confidence. The longer Derry are still in the game the more dangerous it becomes for Mayo. Derry form is way lower than in the league but they battled yesterday to get over a good defensive team in Westmeath who also ran Galway and Armagh to a similar scoreline. I would feel ye have the legs on Derry and will need to exploit it.

  67. @yew tree
    Not to that extent they don’t. There are a few booing and it is barely audible. That was a mini Hill behind the goal yesterday.

  68. Mayo also boo. If you have a large portion of supporters close together naturally it will be louder. Do we want to turn into rugby? Besides when a point is scored into a booing mob it’s sweet as.

  69. I figured we would get the most “mayo” result possible yesterday, an unexpected win… silly me for overlooking us making Dublin look mortal and an undeserved draw result. So next time.. get hardest draw on paper… check… reckon we will beat derry by point .. coc worldie in injury time.. whiff of 2017 off this campaign 🙂 hope Philly keeps saying nice things about us every week… hon mayo
    Stewards in da Hyde were top class yesterday.. they handled a medical emergency beside me with great professionalism yesterday

  70. Lads,

    Embrace the challenge,

    Derry stumbled over a decent Westmeath on Sat.

    They look completely out of gas and form.

    Every man women and children from Mayo should be in McHale Park on Sat.

    This is the all ireland final as there’s no return after Sunday.

    Lose and you’ve no county game for 7 months so get out and support that team.

  71. Really looking forward to seeing lads in action again .
    I think this game is good to get minutes in cillian and diarmuid but also like of Michael Plunkett.
    He was a great option at the roving corner back role prior to his knee injury and played some serious ball under horan.
    If he could get a run I’d expect him to push coyne hard.
    He’s a good man to win a ball and super intelligent distribution.
    If we could get him on against Derry whom be more defensive I think we could see another great squad option .

    James carr likewise but one man who always goes under radar but was class yesterday and whom was only missed when he went off and he had nothing left to give when he did go off was Stephen Coen .
    He’s a silent leader as such in that he does it all so right and you could bet bottom dollar kilkenny wouldn’t have got a clean jump on coen .
    But not negative just a nod to a silent mainstay in the team

  72. Yesterday feels like a turning point for this Mayo team of getting the Mayo fans back on their side. It was the first time in a while i can remember the “mayo” chant going throughout the stadium and you could see how much of a lift it gave the players coming down the home stretch.

    Hopefully there is a big turn out in Castlebar the weekend, it’s the biggest home game since Donegal 2019 and one on current form there is no reason we shouldn’t be winning. It will be interesting to see will the Derry team go out and put in a performance for Micky Heart or has he actually lost the dressing room.

  73. Derry look like a side that want to be put out if their misery, the donegal game fried their brains completely.

    However we need to be wary as they did hammer us in the league not long ago.
    If they suddenly remember how to play football in the next 6 days then we could be in for a stiff test.

    Brolly will be insufferable one way or the other, theres actually a real chance he will be supporting Mayo in the week ahead such is his vendetta against Mickey Harte

    I think we need to target chrissy mckaigue big time, he was a brilliant player at his best but its glaringly obvious in recent games that his legs have gone completely, he was the weak link against us in the league and he seems to be getting torched in every game now if we can target mismatched on him

  74. Out on pitch lark after a tough match with a match next weekend is ridiculous. I saw a Mayo Dad trying to drag ROD over to his kids after the final whistle. He was hanging on to him a trying to drag him with him. Thankfully our physio intervened and got ROD away but lots of other players left surrounded by supporters. We need to learn from Donegal, run off and into the Ice Baths or whatever recovery is required.

  75. Mayo need to become a good bit more physical in their games. Very loose marking in defence yesterday, backs have to get closed to their men, Dublin got a good few free shots on goal yesterday, what happened to a professional foul yesterday on Kilkenny for last play, Dublin have and would do it to us. Nice to see O Shea using his strenght yesterday, no stopping him when he decides to use his physical strength.

  76. The element of competition has diminished greatly in football. Dublin are Leinster football champions again, for the 14th consecutive year. Donegal’s win over Dublin in the 2014 All-Ireland game was the only Championship loss suffered by Jim Gavin as Dublin senior manager, a role he held for much of the decade until he resigned in the late 2019. If Dublin continue to win over 90% of All Ireland finals then the general public will stay away, as is happening already.

  77. Dublin should be broken up into 2 teams as they have a huge and unfair advantage in terms of numbers and resources – their bench has baled them out yet again yesterday. Ultimately this is destroying the game as a competition

  78. Just a question for people that know more about these things than me. Does it make much difference the amount of travel involved for these three games.
    Last year Limerick, Salthill and Croke Park v The Hyde, Castlebar and Croke Park this year.

  79. A poster asked the question about the Booing. Something I can’t stand. Its a soccer trait that seems to have come in among predominantly younger generation ( not all ) I know yous guys focus on us doing it ( rightfully so ) but all counties fans are at it, including yourselves. It’s just a not so nice side of our beautiful game.

  80. Typical! Mayo put on a superb performance, the best in years and the fecking negativity soars off the scale. Can some of ye not enjoy anything? Ye’re negative when we play badly and lose (which is totally understandable) but just as miserable when the team excels. Think Willie Joe should mark gloomy posts with an “N” so we can skip over the negative ones.

  81. Couldn’t agree more Justoutsideballagh. Unfair on the players being surrounded after a gruelling game like that. Let them get off the pitch without any interference. There’s a time and place for it. I’d say most of the parents and kids have multiple autographs and pictures at this stage

  82. Hession should have been brought on to track McCaffrey yesterday. Also need to make sure we have height around the middle coming to the end of these games as well. We had no one to challenge for aerial ball at the end there yesterday

  83. Hession should have been brought on to track Caffrey yesterday. Also need to make sure we have height around the middle coming to the end of these games as well. We had no one to challenge for aerial ball at the end there yesterday

  84. Other years after either losing or drawing with Dublin, we would say Mayo couldn’t do anymore but after yesterday its good to get a result, should have won it really, but still have room for improvement. Mayo’s attack was far better, the threat of Conroy running at them and O Shea inside winning probably every ball that went into him, both gave different headaches for Dublin’s defence. Mayo left alot of scores after them, goal chances are hard to come by so they need to take them , Stephen Coen needs to be passing either side of him for his one and O Donoghue needed to kicking quicker for his took too long to set himself up. O Donoghue missed 2 frees, the second one was very poor, O Shea fisted one wide again poor. The defence did better than I thought they would but still too loose and Costelloe was given too much freedom. Dublins forwards are very good at taking scores off either foot, when the opportunity is there they are comfortable to kick off either side and its something Mayo lack, alot of times they would turn in and the shot would be on but cause it be on the weaker side they would have to handpass it off..

    Derry will be a dangerous game, they are being written off which they will love and Mickey Harte will get a siege mentality going. If Mayo can stop Derry from getting a goal then that will be a huge step to beating them, Derry want and live off getting goals, usually its there defenders making deep runs that get them and its hard to stop. If Mayo can get the recovery right, no injuries and keep the attacking play from yesterday with another small improvement then i think they will beat Derry

  85. Well done Aiden. Hope all his very unfair detractors over many years will finally shut up.Some clever management needed next week – we dont want to run ourselves ragged and face into a QF very tired. Maybe Carr and Towey and Loftus are worth a look to start. We have options. I firmly believe the players will deliver – this is where management show if they really have the goods.

  86. @john Martin, John the Dublin county board proposed it be split yrs ago. I believe John Bailey was the man in control then, but the brains in HQ refused it for various reasons. I know when Kilkenny won 8 from 10 Liam’s back in the day -lots of hurling counties were having the same conversation – but it petered out. Funny how Dublin’s population never entered the argument in regard to hurling. I’m not defending the Dubs but it’s not of their own doing..

  87. I’d love to hear someone explain the logic behind 3 games in 2 weeks. It wasn’t picked out of a hat (or maybe it was) so someone had to make the decision and I’d love to hear their reasons and not be hiding behind the gaa cover. @hill16 is dead right it’s derry who should be worried about us. Imagine if we had 3 losses out of 4 and the win coming against westmeath and we were facing derry who were after drawing with Dublin I’d say there’d be smoke coming from the blog with all the negativity.

  88. Great game yesterday. My first time in the Hyde.

    I sat beside one of the great Henrys from Tooreen and we both agreed that it was a mighty Mayo performance that should fill us with confidence for the summer.

    Bring on anyone I say including Derry. Their extra day’s rest is offset by having to travel.

  89. I was behind the goals on the graveyard end yesterday. When the final whistle went, Cluxton was swamped by kids, he just gathered all his keeper stuff from his goalmouth and walked straight toward the dressing room as if he was alone going for a walk in a quiet park, even the hardcore Dub beside commented on it. I can understand players wanting to get off the pitch but it just didn’t look right. There were two young Dublin kids, chasing after him with their father in tow and they didn’t even get a glance.

    Back to next weekend – if our boys get over the line and trust me it’ll be a very tough game to win, then I really sincerely hope there are no supporters allowed onto the field and it’s parents responsibilities to manage that. The Mayo Co Board need to protect the players given there would be a really tight turnaround for a QF. The Mayo players give huge time to children after games, win lose or draw. If they can get over Derry next week they will literally need to be be managed by the medical/physio team as soon as the final whistle goes. If the authorities do allow a pitch invasion and if the result is in our favour then I hope all the players do a Cluxton on it.

  90. Only Mayo fans could complain about a draw that pits them against an out of form Derry side after yesterday not only holding the current All Ireland champions to a draw but outplaying them in the process

  91. Mayonaze theres 2 sides to the argument of allowing kids onto the pitch.maybe one way they could do it is let the players into dressing room for 20/30 mins and when there coming out any kids that want pictures can get them

  92. 5 hours since the draw was done and still no day or time.heard rumours but nothing concrete.surely thee cccc should have been ready to set times as soon as draw was made

  93. All these people on here complaining. Simple lads from here on out you have to beat everyone it’s knockout. Derry are a good side and worthy league champions. My line of thinking, we just played Dublin and now must face the League champions what better preparation for what’s to come. We played them in the league and had a purple spell where we almost clawed back that game. Derry were just miles ahead of us in terms of fitness and preparation earlier in the year. Just like we were at that stage in 2023. Derry are a good side and could be dangerous. But I feel like even if we are at 75% of the performance of how we played against Dublin, this is a game we should win at home in Castlebar. I feel like their starting 15 is good but they just look shattered physically and mentally since their Ulster campaign. They’re a good side but don’t have as much quality on the bench to come in to replace whats on their starting 15. I feel like it will be close but we should have enough in the tank. Mayo by 2-3 points and naturally a drop in performance levels from our lads. It’s ridiculous these schedules what difference is one extra week for all teams. It should be 2 weeks off, and 3 weeks off for the group winners. Plain stupidity so much for player welfare.

  94. Form isn’t a switch & every county has comfortably beaten Derry over the last couple of months with the exception of Westmeath. I much prefer playing the likes of Derry than a seriously competitive Cork team. As long as our head is in the game, this will be a win.

  95. That’s 3 games so far this year against Dublin and Kerry and we’ve won one by a point, lost one by a point and drew the other. Of course we could have won all 3, lost all 3 and drew all 3 but those are the fine margins.
    The house was minded in all those games which is great considering it is a relatively young back line.

    I’d be drumming into that group of players that we are more than good enough. As someone mentioned earlier it is a fairly young team so hopefully we will recover well.
    Peter Canavan aside not many gave us much of a chance yesterday. I thought we had a punchers chance and nothing more. I think it will give us a bit of momentum next week.
    A quick word on Donnacha. Great to see a young player stand up and be counted like that. Fenton barely had a kick and that takes some doing.

  96. I really thought the Mayo supporters upped their game yesterday with the cheering chanting and roaring the team on. It was a great help to the team and helped to nearly pull off the win. We need to bring the same attitude and commitment to mchale park next weekend. We need to out shout the Derry supporters.

  97. Hardest draw we could have gotten, as many others have already commented. At least our fans get a home tie for once, hopefully they turn out in droves, give us the 16th man.

    Derry will be hard beaten, but I do feel that they have a weakness in goal, their keeper is not a great shot-stopper and was ruthlessly exposed by Jimmy’s men, we probably need to take a leaf out of their book and go after him.

    A word on Dublin: great side, but they will be in trouble in a few years when the likes of Cluxton, McCarthy, Fenton, Mannion, MacCaffrey, Kilkenny et al. head off into the sunset. They are still their main men and the supporting cast are not of the same quality, as we saw in 2021/22.

  98. Jimbo think the backing was in reaction to what we were seeing. Better football. More attacking. Roll on Sunday

  99. RTE website have the game listed for Saturday with no time on it ?

    On another note I remember a number of posters over the yrs saying Mayo needed an 8/9 out of 10 all round player performance to beat the Dubs. We went pretty close to that yesterday but wasn’t it great that we got there to that level, we have the players and the attitude to rinse and repeat I believe. They should get a great bounce from that performance and could actually get better. Still wallowing in the performances of McHugh and McBrien – when did you ever see Fenton and COC contained like that, these lads growing in stature by the day

  100. To be the best we have to beat the best,we will beat Derry,hopefully the critics go on holiday,we must be the most negative fans in the country

  101. Mark Dempsey – thanks. As the general public is already staying away, esp in Leinster, the GAA HQ will have to consider this change – money talks, if nothing else!?

  102. I’ve been saying all year that the negativity around our team was way over the top. As if we’re miles off the top level. Where did it all come from? I genuinely think we’re in a similar spot to most of the 2010s – not the top team in the country but in the chasing pack just behind.

    Don’t know how many times I’ve read in the last few months how Mayo no longer have the calibre of Higgins, Barrett, Boyle, Keegan etc. As good as those players were, we didn’t win Connacht every year with them and generally lost to Dublin every time we played.

    We’re always able to compete with and beat the best in the country on our day. 2024 is no different.

  103. One key difference between 2016/17 and the last few years is the luck we’ve had in draws. In the last 2 quarter final draws we got Kerry and Dublin – the strongest team in the country both years. Coming through the qualifiers in rochfords first term we could easily have drawn Dublin and our season would surely have been over before it got going at all.

    Derry are the hardest draw we could have got today as well.

  104. It surely has to be Sunday to give Mayo a full 7 days turn around ?
    And the 1/4 final following should be the same for teams that play next Sunday

  105. It’s been a long time since I was crestfallen walking out of Hyde Park (2001 to be exact). We were seconds away from blowing the championship wide open and getting that badly needed jumpstart. Felt like a bad loss but upon reflection I think we can still have a big say in this year’s championship. I would have backed us to beat any of the third placed teams and think we will defeat Derry at home. Have to get the recovery just right and hopefully we can progress and get a favourable draw in the quarters.

    It seems for a long time that most teams who go up against Dublin are beaten before they even emerge out of the tunnel. Was so proud to see the team put it up to Dublin from the get-go and defend the goal like dogs. Tommy Conroy is finally delivering on his potential. He showed no fear in running at the Dublin defence and made them look geriatric at times. Still times he was running into traffic but if he can tweak his game just a little bit then there are big moments ahead for him and I don’t mean in the far-future. Mattie, Aidan and Ryan were immense and just maybe we are peaking at the right time. Eoghan McLaughlin was a big loss. I was behind the Mayo dugout and saw Conor Loftus ready to come on but Eoghan indicated he wanted to stay on. Lasted for another few minutes but did not seem to be in pain afterwards. Hopefully nothing more than a niggle.

    Unfortunately I thought we were definitely outnumbered and outroared by the Dublin support yesterday. In fairness to them they do travel and they bring colour and atmosphere to any game they attend. This should be the call to arms for Mayo fans. Get out and support the team as best you can, it’s the least they deserve for their efforts so far and to come

  106. Despite the result not being what we needed yesterday there is enormous positives to come of that performance.from my own point of view based on all of our earlier championship performances I couldn’t see us beating Dublin but alot of the issues of previous games were addressed and with a different approach we nearly pulled it off .the constant whinging about critics is getting very tiresome.people will comment on what they see in a game not on what they imagine they see .it’s very difficult to tie down 6 forwards of Dublins quality and one is almost always going to cause problems as Costello did .mcstay was clearly furious at the end with that last play but it’s a difficult one as to whether you press the kickout or drop off .hopefully this format is changed next year as it’s grossly unfair to ask amateur players to play three weekends running.where is the GPA in all this.Anyway I am absolutely delighted to have been wrong yesterday alot of our lads came of age yesterday and huge congratulations to Aidan o Shea on his record breaking appearance.it will be a very sad day when he hangs up his boots.an absolutely fantastic servant

  107. The fixtures are a joke. Basically giving the underdog s a disadvantage. It’s now where we need squad players and judging by yesterday and I know some didn’t get much time on the field but nobody made an impact. Not like mannion and mccaffrey did. I go back to the stupity of boland. Does he miss this match too. I think he got a 2 match ban. Crazy on his behalf

  108. Mchugh did some job on Fenton .
    Look it’s done now but I’m sure the physios are working overtime as the lads put in some effort.
    Really hope Mattie is OK for next weekend. He seemed to go over on his ankle before he went off.
    While my initial reaction was disappointment at the final whistle, I’m hugely proud and grateful to the panel for the shift they put in yesterday.
    Nothing simple from here on in but onwards we go , together.

  109. We have to take the positive s from it and move on. The big positive for me was a dramatic shift from the negative possession based game to a more mayo like attacking football. We played with abandonment and it worked. Get past Derry and hope for armagh. We cannot meet Dublin. Was callinan marking costello. I thought he was. Only seen it on tv

  110. I think yesterday showed the advantage of taking Dublin out of Croke Park..
    PQF at home is huge, as is the fact that we are not playing Galway like last year.
    Too much at stake in local Derby’s

  111. I think yesterday was the first clear signs of what McStay is trying to do with Mayo from a tactical point of view. It looks like he is trying to remove that chaotic, “Horan-ball”, hare ’em scare ’em, frenetic style that made us such animals on the field, such a competitive and fearless unit, that only us could push Dublin all the way. The thing is, Dublin always pulled away in either the 3rd or 4 th quarter depsite us giving them hell up to that point. They always had the stronger bench to bring to finish the game off, as we were completely gassed at that stage. We had mad-nut-job warriors like Barrett, Higgins, Keegan, Boyle and Vaughan that suited that style of play and so using the style of play was the right thing to do. But, we don’t have that type of player anymore so expecting this squad to play “Horan-ball” is only going to bring defeats.
    McStay is trying to play a more controlled game where we have more possession of the ball and as long as we have it then our opponents don’t. You could see it at various points of yesterdays game where we purposely took the steam out of the game for a minute or so and just kept possession of the ball, working it at ease. This allowed to get a breath and I believe kept us in the game righ to the end. Another example of this was the way we calmed everything down when we turned over Dublin in our defense in the 71st minute. We didn’t go bald-headed up the field like a scalded cat, we calmly worked the ball, took 60secs off the clock and worked the shooting opportunity. we knew not to go too early and then give Dublin loads of time to come back down the field. Unfortunately, we didn’t defend the kickout cynically enough and got punished. But, the way we created the chance, calmly, working the clock, was showing game smarts and a calmness in the heat of battle.
    In addition I think our decision making was greatly improved yesterday also. When to give the pass, to who and where, meant we were nearly always able to cut Dublin open even when we played the ball laterally. An example is the Ruane point where we moved the ball around and then as soon as Mattie made his run in behind the ball went to him and over the bar it went. I’d love to see our successful pass completion % because it feels like we rarely gave the ball away and this also kept us in the game.
    I think the plan was to conserve energy as much as we could and stay in touch at the 60 minute mark and then go for it. It so nearly worked. There’s no point being 5 points up v Dublin on the 40 minute mark because they have too much time to claw the lead back. The aim was to be in front nearer the end and bar those last 30 secs it nearly worked.
    Despite our disappointment, I believe that Dessie will have more questions to ask than McStay will. I think our lads answered alot of them yesterday.

  112. It’s as simple as this …. play as well as we did yesterday and we’ll beat them easily. playing Monaghan would have done us no favours and as for Cork, well I had hoped we have them if only to avenge last year’s Limerick humiliation and to restore some bragging rights to me. One final thought… Aidan shouldn’t bother going in for the throw in!!

  113. A win against Derry could be a big momentum builder on what was a positive day for us yesterday.
    It is worth pointing out that next weeks game will be totally different.
    Yesterday we were playing old style man to man football and we can still do that against the best of them as we showed last year.
    Next week wont be like that.
    Derry will be playing defensive football and that is a different challenge.
    Every team struggles with that system and we will again next week.
    It will be more over and back around the 45 etc etc.
    Hopefully we can get the scores and not get caught on the counter.
    The question of what to do on the last play yesterday is interesting and of course the temptation here is to say we should have conceded the kickout which is hard to argue with given the result.
    That kind of defensive stuff is not really in our DNA though. In that situation Dublin would have done exactly what they did in 2017.
    Yesterday was the last day to make the mistake though and I think if the question is asked again the answer might be different. Either way we have to back the players and management and see where it takes us

  114. For the throw in for the second half Fenton put both his around o Shea and held him .this is easiest foul for a referee to pick as it’s right in front of him and it’s just blatantly ignored

  115. Mattie looked gassed going off, had probably put in a huge shift. Of our subs I think Diarmaid was well involved and Cillian got on the ball a bit too but neither Towey nor Tuohy did in the short time they were on. Loftus played a decent part being on for longer but 2 uncharacteristic wides out of 3 shots, might have gotten all 3 on another day. Jack also took an ambitious one and missed. Dubs had a few wides (not many) but most of their shots were higher percentage.

    Bit too much overconfidence here regarding Derry game, they’ve had some bad results but good all last season and for the league. We’re right to be confident but write them off at our peril and they’re managed by Mickey. Derry won’t be thinking about their bad recent results.

  116. That’s a very good analysis there pebblesmeller.
    A lot of what you say makes so much sense.
    The only thing I would say is that there definitely were a number of shots that weren’t taken by Mayo in the first half. Ones that were as scorable as some of the shots ‘from downtown’ in the second half that went over the black spot. Were they warned not to shoot unless they were in certain zones during the opening 35 mins?
    By the way Derry is a tough outing this weekend. Whoever gets the winner in the draw the following weekend have to be hot favourites because Mayo and Derry will knock lumps out of each other that’s for sure. The safety net has gone and its kill or be killed time

  117. Pebble, i agree with a lot of what you say. And it’s the first time I really saw the merits of this controlled gameplan. They made a believer out of me yesterday & like you, i was really impressed how we created out last score. We took our time, we didn’t rush it. We almost timed it perfectly to completely kill the clock. Allowing Kilkenny to soar unchallenged for the kickout was terrible, but I felt we were right to force them long. If they had gone short, they would have found a score no doubt about it. But we needed to drag/pull down Kilkenny & McCaffrey at all costs – “learnings”.

    How that translates against Derry will be interesting. Derry play quite an attacking game plan & we could exploit them on the break.
    If we can replicate the intensity we brought yesterday, we can beat any team.

    It was good to see us get our kickouts away late on, as that was something i feared would be our undoing. We coped well & can’t ask for much more.

  118. Hope there is a huge mayo crowd.im sure Derry will bring a nice crowd and hopefully good atmosphere like The Hyde

  119. Our reward for not losing a group game is a day’s less rest than the team that lost two games. This system needs a serious tweak.

  120. Seeing as we were the last game yesterday, you would have thought they would leave it until Sunday. But nope. System is a bit of a joke.

  121. We need to speak to the ref before throw in to watch for Aidan being held and our second midfielder not contest so the foul is absolutely obvious. Yes, Aidan was just wrapped up in a clear as day foul.

  122. Mayonaze …..yeah that’s Cluxton down to the ground.
    To be honest alot of those great ”humble hero’s ” in my experience up here coming across them are anything but.
    Still I am sure the ”cleaned the dressingroom after them” …….somehow cleaning up their own mess became a mark of how humble they all were.

  123. Appreciate it’s early, but does anyone know if tickets are set to be website as well as Supervalu?

  124. I am confident that with our style mixed up with the Corofin style will see us through,we can now see that using our older players lesson the league and having them peaking now is good management,up Mayo

  125. Superb performance yesterday, ROD was flawless apart from the couple of misses in the first half. Block by Fenton could have been called as a foot block but not 100% sure of the rule myself. Aido had a huge game, great to see him driving thru the Dubs and settled himself for the point, What a Legend. Don’t think the extra match will do us any harm, if anything it will help to sharpen the system. Great to see Diarmuid back and Loftus was decent. Don’t think any team wants to see us coming in the gate. Roll on Saturday. Maigheo Abu

  126. On us getting the perceived easiest draw that may be the case but due that luck given we are the only preliminary quarter finalist unbeaten in the championship so far. Tbh all mental now and Monaghan like Derry will see this as a free shot. Believe me Derry have regressed since Spring. Whatever about ye we blew it yesterday and should have been out the gate with 10 mins to go. Asking a lot for Damo to save us now as a rested Donegal, Kerry or Dublin will be primed irrespective of whatever happens this coming weekend.

  127. Derry, such a banana skin of a match. Most of pressure on Mayo, playing at home, no advantage, as seem to such energy out of players, and will need a vocal home support, but that seem not to happen either. Glad on Saturday, and would hope, get extra day rest if we get thru. Could do with no new injuries, and a win. finger cross on both, but need to be at it from start, and opening in door, derry with gladly walk thru.

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