James backs new management team

James Horan hasn’t let the grass grow under his feet since stepping down as manager, penning a few pieces for the Irish Independent before and after yesterday’s All-Ireland final. In his column in today’s Indo, once he’d done with discussing yesterday’s vomitfest he had a few words to say about his successors in the Mayo hot seat.  What he had to say was positive and supportive.

He described Noel and Pat as “two good men” and expressed his hope that the new team are able to get us over the line. He also noted that the squad he’s handed over to them are “a group of exciting, motivated, driven young players who want to keep improving” and said that “a really exciting time” lies ahead for us. He even managed a kind word for the County Board, saying that the “swift appointment” gives the new team the opportunity to start their planning right away.

Top of the new team’s to-do list, after the formal ratification of their appointment (which is expected to happen this Thursday, by the way), will be to sort out details of their backroom team. This week’s Western People (paper and digital versions) states that Donie Buckley is believed to have confirmed his availability to stay on and so it’s important that this and other key appointments are confirmed as soon as possible.

That piece in the Western also sheds some light on the joint-manager, who’s-really-in-charge issue. It does appear that the ticket is, indeed, a joint one but the Western states that Croke Park are likely to insist on one of the duo being named as manager for the purposes of fronting the operation for interviews and so forth. If this is the case, the Western reckon that Noel Connelly is likely to be the public face of the new management team.

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  1. i never praise the county board but i do believe that getting a new management team in place is very important .If Buckley remains i can put up with holmes but i dont understand why they need a co manager too many chefs and all that. Still i think Conneely could be a good manager.Roll in 2015!!

  2. I hope every mayo supporter gets behind them the same way.It’s sickening to read a lot of what has been said on here over the weekend and an insult to Willie Joe and the great service he provides us with.Come February how many of these so called supporters will be in Kerry, cork or Derry,very few I’d say yet they will view their expert opinion here after each game.The management team has been picked,back them or walk away,it’s supporters we need not critics,there’s enough of them in the media.

  3. Hard to listen to Pat Spillane waffle on top of the rubbish football. No mention of Kerry going so long without scoring from play and their cynical fouling.
    One thing of note yesterday was the ongoing conversation on the sideline between Fitz and o’neill. O’neill never got that in mayo.
    Anyhow, an awful end to another year of should haves but didn’t for Mayo.
    Good luck to the new management, will be interesting to see who from the current panel they deem not up to it..

  4. If Donie is on the ticket it’s huge, we are the best tackling team in Ireland due to him. Continuity is vital, yesterday showed how close we are.
    Roll on 2015. We’ll never stop.

  5. Given my age I am well used to long famines in Mayo football interspersed with occasional glimmers of hope every 10/15 years. And maybe it’s that thinking that makes me assume we must be heading for a famine once again- just like in the past.
    It only occurred to me for the first time this morning that we in Mayo might actually be in a new era – an era when we are able to compete with the best EVERY year. Now wouldn’t that be something! I often wondered what it was like to be from Kerry where you expect to be in the final every year and win it more often than not. Maybe that’s what we have to achieve first – have a team that can be there or thereabouts all the time and be in a position to grab the chance when it comes. Could this bunch of players be the first of a new and exciting era? Now wouldn’t that be a warming thought as the winter starts to close in.

  6. Best of luck to Noel and Pat.. Interesting to see who else is on the ticket. I wonder what swayed it for them ahead of McStay? Was it the McHale factor? If so why?

    There is no reason why we wont be in the mix again next year. The age profile of the panel is young. We need another leader up front. Cillian stood up this year and Im sure will be in the shake up for the captaincy. He was ploughing a lone furrow for the majority of the championship though. Doc chipped in. Someone like Freeman needs to add to our scoring threat inside. Maybe Adam Gallagher will emerge next year after looking very promising early on in Spring.

    Onwards to 2015 and trying out some new blood in the FBD and NFL

    Up Mayo

  7. I cannot see what is bothering so many about the dual manager issue. They are working together by choice having done so successfully in the past. It;s not as if the County Board picked two out of the blue and told them “you two work together”. Whether they are joint managers, manager and assistant manager, manager and selector or whatever does not seem remotely important so long as they are on the same wavelength and bring us the success we all crave.
    It is good that the decision was made quickly allowing them to get on with organising a backroom team before the best talent is snapped up. Hopefully those players hoping to get their chance in the coming year will be getting into shape for the New Year. I would not blame any of our regulars for taking a good break so there should be ample opportunity for all comers in springtime.

  8. The first league game next year will tell a tale. Personaly i believe we need to go down there and kick the liven shit out of them right in their own patch. Even if it costs us the win .Go on a mission to collect as many black yellow and red cards as possible(statement of intent with a win or a point being a bonus). this will give them and everyone else we play afterwards plenty to think about. We need to make people not wanna fuck with us!!

  9. Yesterday’s final was a rubbish end to the footballing season. On a different note did anyone notice the incredible incompetence of one of the umpires at the hill 16 end in the first half? Darach O Connors goal attempt hit the Kerry keepers legs, ran across the face of the goal and was toe poked out of play by a Kerry defender. About a yard away from the umpire! What does he do? Waves it wide! Unbelievable. To have that level of incompetence on display from officials in an all Ireland final is disgraceful. As far as I’m aware referees are still allowed to bring their own umpires and there is no requirement to be a qualified ref of anything, maybe someone can confirm this?? Every single week we see officials getting simple calls wrong. A point from a 45 could have meant a lot to Donegal at that stage given how hard to come by scores were in that opening half. Either way it’s just poor officiating and another example of the rub of the green Kerry at various stages got to help them along this year.

  10. Diehard, that is the key, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be consistently competitive every year. Their tends to be wailing and gnashing of teeth every year when we lose because we haven’t won’t it in so long but even when Kerry lose they expect the next year to be able to win it again.. It’s important to keep the mentality of the last four years going as we are only one of a few counties that sustain it due or playing population and huge fan base ..

  11. Mac’s left boot,
    Agreed re the umpires,unbelievable how he could miss it,furthermore I don’t believe there should be any need for Hawkeye in Gaelic football. If an umpire cannot tell if a size 5 football went inside or outside the post he shouldn’t be standing at it

  12. Pacar I don’t think they are in trouble really unless the the ball sails over the top of the posts – if you are an umpire and don’t have your footwork in order then it can be a tricky call – especially if you’ve been in Diceys in Neasden the night before ! (Hangs head in shame )

  13. There is a lot right in the GAA but having the umpires we have brings the whole game into disrepute. A lot of what we blame referees for could be sorted with a word from these instead of standing mute with a mithered look on their faces.

    I think most just come for the sandwiches after. I agree with Macs left bot about the ball that two Kerry players touched before it went out. Also the amount of pulling and dragging that goes on in front of them without a word out of them only re-enforces the notion that anything goes. A radical overhaul could start with reducing the umpires to one at each end and having two extra linesmen who would play an active part in refereeing the game. Hawk eye does their job anyway!

    There can not be many games where there are seven officials on the field of play and still the outcome of important games is left to chance.

  14. Rock – I was one of those footsoldiers underwhelmed by the appointment. For the record, here is a recall of my reactions to the appointment of managers down the years:

    Liam O’Neill 1985: What in God’s name is a Galwayman doing managing Mayo?
    We came within a whisker of beating Dublin in the semi, and modern Mayo was born.

    John O’Mahony late 1980s: Think we’re on the right track here.
    We eventually get to a final and run Cork close.

    Brian MacDonald early 90s: Ridiculous
    So it proves; man management skills poor.

    Jack O’Shea early 90s – this will end in tears (my Kildare friends warn me).
    It did.

    John Maughan mid 90s: this looks good
    Came within a whisker in 96.

    Pat Holmes 2000 or so: Not impressed – at all.
    We win first league title in 31 years

    Maughan Second Coming: Not impressed.
    We get to a final. Scutched

    Moran & Morrison 2006: How ridiculous is this?
    We get to a final. Win game of century in semi. Final: scutched. Joint managers note

    O’Mahony 2007 Second Coming: Ah now we’re talking. Sam is coming home.
    Dismal league final defeats to Donegal & Cork. Longford!

    Horan 2010: Outraged. A Nobody! What about Tommy Lyons & his proven track record?
    No cigar, but damn close. Mayo develop into a consistent top 2 or 3 team.

  15. And 2014: Connelly/Holmes? Pleased. Positive about it. Think Noel C is very good. Think they are the best bet. But, if McStay was appointed, I would be just as accepting.

  16. I think there was merit in both teams put forward. I definitely wanted a native at the helm. All we can do now is pour in behind the lads. I don’t think we should underestimate the wealth of experience the likes of the O’Sheas, COC etc. have accumulated over the last four years. Wholly unfair to say there’s no leaders there in my opinion.

  17. Diehard, you hit the nail on the head there in a way albeit you didn’t commit to it.
    There is no reason we can’t be always a top team, the footballers have always been in Mayo.

    Going on the Kerry model, as pointed out by weeshie fogarty on up for the match, Kerry started winning all Irelands in the early 1900s and kept that tradition going. It doesnt just happen imo, everything stems from history. When i look back on our own history , i’ve read quotes in different GAA books from people such as Jimmy Murray from Roscommon about the great Galway and Mayo teams of the 30s, of how they came near and far to watch Mayo (and Galway) because of the great style and skill of players on display. Mayo won Sam in 36 and became known as the league specialists from winning six back to back (i think) . My point is we were at the top table till we got knocked out in 52 by roscommon after winning our back to back sams. Then we just seem to lose our way for decades . Now here we are in 2014 after 3/4 years of earning respect as a top team and coming agonisingly close , we cant let this fucking go, this is who we are , it is our right . Lets do this together and push on to put Mayo where it belongs, winning all Irelands.

  18. Can we be consistently competitive every year? I read an interesting article in the build-up to the All-Ireland final with Cian O’Neil the current Kerry coach who was also with us for one year. One point that he made was that the Kerry players were the most technically proficient players in the country. They probably had fallen a bit behind the last few years in terms of their physicality which they added to their game this year. The main point he was making was that due to the coaching the Kerry players receive as young players they are very proficient with their weaker foot and hand. James Horan has always talked about this the last few years about improving our skill sets. Which he has done a lot of great work on. A lot of underage work will need to be done to improve our young players skill sets too. Also you notice when the Kerry players get a flowing move going they never take an extra solo or bounce the ball when they should pass it. They move the ball as quickly as possible. When we do this, we are as good as anyone at doing it. Like we played against Dublin in 2012 and against Galway and Donegal last year. This year we seemed to carry the ball into trouble a lot more than we did last year. This year was a very frustrating year for us. You could not fault the commitment, hard work, never say die attitude etc. But the second half of the drawn game against Kerry was the only time we really got into our full stride. Yet we could have easily won the All-Ireland title. We now have a great chance to be the best team in 2015. Which we should really try to aim to be. Maybe last year we became too fixated on Donegal, this year it was all about Dublin and had we a plan to beat them. We can’t become fixated on trying to get revenge against Kerry in 2015. We really have to get our own house in order first. More natural scorers up front, more solid at the back and some more mobility in the middle of the field. Being more adaptable will be key as well.

  19. fair play to james horan,he has done good work with the team. i can see how frustration crept in too , when he was forced to bring his troops down to limerick to play an all ireland semi final, which he probably did under protest without the backing of the county board. He had no other option,had they got involved it might have made no difference, but that is all hearsay now, it would probably would have fallen on deaf ears in hq, given the fact that “american football” was in croke park the same weekend.ok before i blow a gasket i will get to my point.
    All ireland semi finals , including replays should be played nowhere else but croke park. The GAA when planning its fixtures should at semi final stages have provisional dates for replays on the calender also.This would ensure the fiasco that occured in limerick never happens again. perhaps the county board should propose this motion to HQ to be voted on at congress.

  20. A league like the last couple will do me fine, rest those who need it, try new blood, positions, remember this year wad the first time we had AOS at 11. Staying up is all we need, and if not, no bother. Prioritising Kerry in the league makes no sense – first game, another team, away game, no big deal.
    Back door or front door let us get to play in August. The blood will be up then. Time to perform.
    Championship 2014 is over.
    Two elements in backroom would be usefully, a ref analyst and a spin doctor.

    One niggle. Do we want an All Ireland if it means playing the SH1.T we saw yesterday

  21. The likely teams for championship 2015 are Roscommon, Galway A.N Other, Dublin Kerry. We need to address now what potential players (and schedule their training accordingly) to address the big,small,fast,skillful forwards of all the above mentioned teams. Not worry about these match-ups 2 weeks before the game. That said we also develop our own style and and impose it on the opposition. I believe that JH ignored the opposition completely, there is not other explanation for the performance of team selection and changes on the day.

  22. I really hope we will use the FBD league and National League to experiment with the team and blood new players like Irwin and O’ Donoghue. I would love to see Seamus O’ Shea play centre back in the Kieran McGeeney role holding the middle and setting up the play. That would let Colm Boyle and Lee Keegan bomb on and give our full back line some protection. Donal Vaughan should be tried at centre foward, he’s a hard man to stop a full flight and can take a score. And finally we need a specialist free taker. Cillian is great from his hands but we have been crying out for someone to pot 45’s etc for years and our inability to convert these chances has cost us big time. As we saw especially in this years championship teams will do anything to win. We need to get this mentality into us and not take being bullied around anymore.

  23. @MayomaninGalway….you obviously weren’t at the 1997 Final, def the worst Kerry team, if not the worst team to ever win an all ireland, and we couldnt beat them either 🙁 Bar Maurice Fitz, only one other of their forwards scored, Laide with 1 point. Out poor new joint manager was v exposed that day!!

    Another thing, people are v sore about what happened this year, but we didnt make the final and there is no guarantee we would have beat Donegal if we did, in fairness its hypothetical. We dont exactly have a great record in closing out finals.

    As someone above said, forget about Kerry, we need to get out own house in order.

    Lastly, I’m very happy with the new appointment. Think people are sucked into McStays TV persona….sure I could give a good analysis after an event. Yeah he is good at presenting his stuff, but thats all it is. Not saying he wouldnt offer something, we dont know, but I think right now C&H are more grass roots, in the Mayo (not Ross) club scene, know the underage lads….thats what we need right now. Just think McStay and McHale are too prominent in the media and thats what we dont need right now. Any manager is a shot in the dark really, even if they have won senior all irelands elsewhere. Sure Mick O’D still has the best record above anyone, but he still couldnt win an all ireland elsewhere. I know C&H might not be the mose fashionable, high profile pair, but to be fair to them, between them they have actually won more national titles than anyone in Mayo. And they won them for Mayo. You cant argue with that

  24. Yeah looks like the Mayo News will shed some light on what went on…doesn’t sound good anyway. They’re naming three of the backroom team tomorrow too in the paper

  25. Catcol I find it hard to believe that you thought James Horan was a nobody when he got the mayo job. He had just won a county senior championship with Ballintubber, the first in the clubs history and he had also played at the highest level for mayo winning two all stars in the process. Hardly a nobody.

  26. I’d have to disagree with [Liam] in relation to the free taking of COC. He’s not top scorer in the championship again by accident. He missed a few 50s this year but overall he’s absolutely rock solid.

    I’ll never forget the three 50s he kicked into the hill against Dublin in 2012 under real pressure. It was that day that he really announced his arrival on the senior scene for me. He’s a class act and it’s the likes of him that gives me belief we’ll keep going.

  27. I read those tweets too about what is in the Mayo News. It doesn’t sound good, and it appears that Kevin McStay has been treated very very poorly. He at least deserved an interview rather than having a cute statement released and buried amongst all the All Ireland build-up.

    What a pity that Mayo GAA does it’s business in this way.

    I said earlier that I do not like the idea of joint managers and I’m not buzzed by this management team.

    People with that point of view are being criticised here.

    So I said I’d dig into the archives and have a look at Pat Holmes’ first time in charge. My personal memory is that it was pretty much a disaster, and I think the stats back that up.

    1999/2000 (the league was played over two calender years then)

    Before Christmas we lost to Derry, but beat Fermanagh and Kildare. After Christmas we lost to Clare, Sligo and Meath, but beat Down in our last game. 3W 4L

    In the championship we lost our Connacht championship to Sligo with this team:

    P Burke; K Mortimor, K Cahill, G Morley; F Costello, A Roche, N Connelly; P Fallon (0-2), R Hannick; M Moyles, C McDonald (1-1), C McManamon (0-2); K O’Neill (0-1), J Horan, T Mortimor (0-3).

    Signs a manager wasn’t getting the best out of his players?


    We beat Fermangh, Laois and Derry in a great start before Christmas. Good form continued in the New Year with wins against Clare and Meath, and draws with Cavan and Sligo. Tyrone were expelled from the league and Roscommon took their place in the semi-finals. We beat Roscommon and Galway to win the league. 7W 2D

    We all remember the Gerry Lohan goal in the Connacht Final. Ros beat us, and Westmeath beat us after that. We scraped by Sligo by one point in the semi final to get to play Ros.


    6 wins on the trot to start the league – Down, Clare, Sligo, Cavan, Kildare and Derry all defeated. Last group game was lost to Fermanagh and then Tyrone destroyed us in the semi-final. W6 L2.

    Galway knocked us out of the Connacht champo, and we beat the naked pool players, Limerick and Tipp, but were comfortably seen off by Cork.

    So while we had a very good league run under Pat, our championship performances were fairly shocking with one Connacht championship win only. This after taking over a team that won three Connacht championships and were in two finals. History has a bit of repeating itself.

    Of course the success at under 21 must be mentioned. Beating very good Roscommon and Galway teams and winning an All Ireland in the first year. However there were some big missed opportunities particularly against Laois in the 07 semi final and Down in 09.

    Can we believe that he will now bring us over the finish line with Noel.

  28. Hi Patriot, that was my immediate reaction to the JH appointment. As far as I remember Ballintubber were only finalists at the time he was appointed. I still would not have been impressed – I felt he was a nobody in county managerial prospects.

    That’s the point: what do I/did I know? My reactions were ‘right’ for some appointments and ‘off the wall’ for others, especially JH. County Board members do know a thing or two, but they get it wrong: O’Mahony part II, ditching Moran/Morrison, Messiah Jacko and so on.

    Maybe they are wrong this time, but let’s hope not.

  29. KL Agréé new management is à shot in the dark anytime. But Also agree that Noel us the best we have at present. McStay for me and for many comes in with a poor managerial record except for the St Bridgets stuff. He needs to tale on a job within the country first. Prove where he id at on the Mayo football scene. Liam brings a lot to the table and is well found in Mayo and Roscommon. His ability is beyond question.

  30. I had hoped McStay would get the gig but i’m willing to row in behind the guys.
    In terms of Holmes record, while modest, you must remember that was almost a decade and a half ago and Pat would have been a young manager at the time.
    I’m sure he has got wiser as time has passed and had Richie Feeney not been so unlucky or naieve then he may have an AI club win under his belt too.
    One thing about gaelic football is that there is no manager who can guarantee success. O’Mahony or Kiernan couldn’t replicate their magic elsewhere and as been mentioned before, only 3 outside managers have managed success with an adopted county.

    Can anyone paste a link to the mayonews or some of the content if possible, even a brief summary to get the overview.

  31. I am dying to get the lowdown on what’s in the Mayo News – will be tomorrow at the earliest before I can get my paws on it up here. Expecting some explosive revelations 😉

    At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t really matter – the appointment is made, we have two good guys in there (in James Horan’s words) and I don’t have a problem with the joint management approach – as long as decisions are made quickly and decisively. And it appears to me that a joint approach allows for quick conferring on the sidelines and they do say that two heads are better than one. (Let’s not forget that our last joint management venture got us to an All-Ireland final, and that duo could have been treated far better than they were afterwards – I think they did a fine job over the course of a measly year.)

    Looking forward to January already.

  32. Some fairly explosive stuff in mayo news by the sounds of things.

    Anyone know what time it is released online? I’m Dublin based so won’t get to buy it at home.

  33. Anyone listening to MidWest…has a member or members of the CB executive stepped down over this debacle. How do we keep embarrassing ourselves?

  34. I would say the position of mayo CB chairman is under severe pressure. Meeting again on Thursday night. No one has issue with new team it’s the way there was a total lack of process being adhered to. Some pieces from mayo news below .

    Executive meeting told on Friday night of interview panel and interviews were to take place today and tomorrow Wednesday. However phone call was made to Kevin on Saturday informing him of decision.

    Senior manager appointment process branded a sham – breaffy clubman resigns from mayo gaa executive.

    Rest of executive are really annoyed .

    Connelly/Holmes / Buckley / Micheal Collins selector, Barry Solan Strenght and conditioning coach .


  35. They do love to make a holy show out of a straight forward two candidates for one position process. Lucky there were not 10 candidates looking for the job or was there more candidates than we’ve been told . Anyway at least Noel and pat know what they are dealing with now. JH did well to stick 4 years of the CB.

  36. Thanks for that D. Looks like you extracted the meat out of all of it. Solan interesting for S&C. Seems to be well regarded from what I’ve read. Buckley on board is great. Lot of backs in the selectors.

  37. Although I’m happier with the Connelly/Holmes ticket than McStay/McHale, it sounds like this whole process was beyond farcical.

    If I was McStay I’d think long and hard about whether I’d bother looking for the Mayo job again down the line. Something like this might push him into going for the Roscommon job just to stick it to the Mayo county board.

  38. What a mess. Hope you are right on Buckley, Collins, and Solan. Correct management team on board, strong backroom team in place if it is correct.

  39. D says:
    September 23, 2014 at 10:22 am
    I would say the position of mayo CB chairman is under severe pressure. Meeting again on Thursday night. No one has issue with new team it’s the way there was a total lack of process being adhered to. Some pieces from mayo news below

    there will be a new chairman anyway in the new few months so the existing chairman may not be too bothered. Funnilly enough the manager/chairman cycle isn’t in tandem as when james horan was appointed, that was the previous chairmans last action also i believe. Sounds like the whole process was a mess…….something to talk about anyway.
    Any truth that Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin will be doing the stats…….

  40. Pj
    Don’t know if it’s right or wrong but it’s taken from mayo news. Only put it up as I know what it’s like to be out of the county at times myself and wondering what’s going on. I don’t want to be like a bingo lady either running with the news . I’m sure WJ will put up links if available later .

  41. That’s fine, D – I’ll be doing a piece on a bit on it. The digital version of the paper isn’t up yet and I’m well beyond the catchment area for the paper one!

  42. COD, you can download a single digital edition of the Mayo News on their website. €1.50 well spent today, I reckon.

    What is emerging yet again is the utter lack of transparency and accountability we’ve seen down the years, and it’s not good enough. Players, managers and supporters deserve better than this. I’m mortified for the whole lot of them – again. What an embarrassing mess that will no doubt tomorrow be all over the nationals.

    On a positive note, good to see Barry Solan on board. And SP, we could do a lot worse than Aoibhinn 😉

  43. Just read the Mayo News there, it really is shocking stuff. To me it shows a complete lack of professionalism by some members of the county board. If this was a private company then heads would surely roll. I might say that i’m happy with the management set up for this year but for the other ticket to not even be afforded an interview is poor form in my humble opinion and without getting political reminds me of how our country was run recently, all cloak and dagger. As a result the appointment is facing adversity from the start unfortunately when we need to be pulling together.
    This whole issue needs to be trashed out by the club delegates at the next full co board meeting, I hope the clubs ask the questions needed. If I was to ask 2 questions it would have been what was the reason why the second canditate was not afforded an interview? Or was it the case that there was such a difference between the county board and Kevin McStay in terms of available resources for the coming year / or that the county board were not happy with the make up of Kevin McStays assistants/backroom team.
    Looking forward I wish the new management well, i’ll support my county come what may. I hope they use their local knowledge within the club scene to great effect and that some newer guys are given their chance to shine, and maybe they can add something in terms of tactics etc. I hope and pray.

  44. By the way, anyone for Willie Joe for the next co board chairman? He seems to be able to both accomodate and facilitate a lot of differing voices and opinions here and he goes about his business in a very professional manner. So what about it WJ, your county needs you!!!

  45. Let’s not get lost in the drama that is the Mayo County Board political system. It is not today or yesterday that that particular organisation has been proven to be run by power hungry egocentric individuals that are not only incompetant but also farcical. Anyone who was in New York could see that!
    The main thing is that we have appointed a solid successful pairing who have an indepth knowledge of the club scene in Mayo, have worked with the bulk of these players in the past (U21 side of 2006) and are familar with the young up and coming talents in the county (U19 and U20 development squads). We do not need a huge shake-up, we do not need a root-and-branch review like post O’Mahoney or post O’Shea eras. We do need to reinvent the wheel.
    We have an All Ireland winning squad of players, I am certain of that. We just need to add something different to get us over the line. That, and our fair share of luck when it is needed, like Donegal got with the missed Dublin goals and Kerry got against us twice and all day last Sunday.
    We have waited this long another year wont make a whole pile of difference.
    Hon Mayo.

  46. Yeah you’re right, Pebblesmeller. Genuinely starting to feel a bit more optimistic about the future now that the team is in place, at least.

    Peewee, I second that. I’ll bring the popcorn 😉

  47. I hope you’re referring to the real Willie Joe there, Peewee, in which case I’m happy to endorse his candidacy! I’m a very poor imitation, I’m afraid, and having lived outside the county for over thirty years I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse locally either.

  48. Thanks for that great news D. Looks like someone has done a solo run after certain decisions were arrived at. Beyond belief really.

  49. I am happy with noel and pat, and wish them the best of luck, but everything should be above board.just a thought joh might be available next year, just saying

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