James Carr our MOTM from yesterday’s game

Photo: Irish Examiner (Sportsfile/Eóin Noonan)

Right, it’s time to call time on the Man of the Match poll from yesterday evening’s Round 4 qualifier match against Galway at the Gaelic Grounds.

It was another close result this week, with James Carr eventually edging out Darren Coen – who was named as MOTM by Billy Joe Padden on Sky Sports – for the prize. James ended up with 23% of the vote, while Darren attracted 20% support.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and put forward the argument that this piece of magic from the young Ardagh club player may have swayed a few voters.

Without a doubt it was those two early goals from James that set us on the high road to victory last night. Starting in just his second ever Championship game for us – and his first on Irish soil – it was a huge contribution from him. Congrats to James on his display and well done to him on his award.

Here’s the leaderboard from the poll on this game.

31 thoughts on “James Carr our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Great to see we had so many in the running genuine candidates for man of the match. Everyone is upping their game.

    Congratulations to young James Carr. They’ll be raising a few glasses in his honour in Mikey o’boyles tonight.

  2. Surprised Paddy only got 6% Did some job on Shane Walsh. Forwards get more notice and the entire full forward line were excellent yesterday but our backs were hugely improved and Paddy sacrificed his own attacking game to stop Shane who is an excellent footballer. Having said that Carr was sensational, his second goal equalling or bettering Brogan’s goal v Dublin in 1985. I love his confidence and if he can keep his feet on the ground he can be a serious player for us going forward.

  3. One of the best goals we have ever seen.
    Still talking about it here in Cosgrove pub in Mullingar

  4. To win just once from the stands I thought Paddy was having a quiet game by his standards; it was only when I watched it back I realised how well he did on Shane Walsh. I’ve always thought of Paddy more as an attacking defender than a defending defender (I realise how ridiculous that sounds, but it’s late!) but last night’s defensive performance was outstanding.

  5. Well done James Carr.. great all round performance from the young lad and what can you say about that goal that hasn’t already been said. Could that be right? 1.85 million views of that clip. Although on saying that I’ve probably watched it 800,000 times already myself

  6. Fantastic performance’s from Young James Carr. My God, his second Goal, A Goal for? the Ages!…. Seriously this will be spoken about for decades to come…. Maybe the best Goal in the history of Gaelic football. .. Certainly the best since Eoin Mulligan of Tyrone versus Dublin in the middle Naughties… Well it was in Limerick….A multiple of the actual amount of people who were actually there watching it in the LIT Gaelic Grounds will claim to have been there!…. Something similar happened just a hundred meters away, in Thomond Park when Munster beat the All Mighty All Blacks, way back when!… The numbers are still growing as those who claim to have been in Thomond Park that particular evening, 90% are exaggerating their presence, in other words telling lies!… But I was definitely there in the LIT Gaelic Grounds, to see a masterpiece, if ever there was one in reality…. Well Done James, and apart from that, keep your feet on the ground!… I actually taught that the Guy that actually gave the pass for the Goal had an amazing game, Paddy Durcan.. but that Goal was so so damn brilliant, can Paddy claim the assist?… Magnificent!

  7. Meant to say when last I looked and I looked a few times, James Carr had over 2.1 million views! Phew!

  8. Correct Leantimes. A goal for the ages. I was lucky enough to be there and see it with my own eyes. Not only was I there, but I don’t think I could have handpicked a better seat to watch it from. I was half way between the 45 and 65 opposite the stand, so in a direct line from where he skinned the first lad and headed for goal. I jumped up out of the seat when the goal was scored with me flag in one hand and me hat in the other. The hat went flying down along the row past about 20 spectators. Fair play to them they passed it back to me, Galway and Mayo people.

    I had wondered and asked some time back in a comment “why isn’t James Carr playing” ? I had said he had looked electric when he had played at the end of the league. I was told that I had to understand that there was a big difference between the league and the championship and that maybe he wasn’t ready to play championship football. No. The man showed flashes of something special in the league and maybe proved Saturday that it was a little more than a flash.

    We will make some defenses play very honestly from here on out.

    James Carr will have to be watched.
    Darren Coen will have to be watched.
    Cillian O’Connor will have to be watched.
    Mcgloughlin will have to be tracked all over the pitch.
    Jason Doc will be fighting and winning hard won ball and because he can swing the boot and score he will have to be watched.
    Bring in Andy for half an hour and he will have to be closely watched.

    You know, they cannot all be watched. Ah yes indeed. We are going to make some teams very very honest defensively before this Summer ends.

  9. That’s right, defenders will have to be careful with James from now on alright.
    I wasn’t there to see the goal in person (but that’ll change, I’m sure!!) but I have watched it since and it’s a contender for goal of the season if not an outright winner.
    I was in Croke Park to witness The Bomber bury his one in ’85 but only really remember the chaos of the celebration.
    Well done James.
    Onwards to Killarney now and it’s great to have another long summer of football.

  10. I was right on the line where Carr picked up the ball and started that run. You could see immediately that he had no interest in going anywhere except directly at goal. It was bloody electrifying watching it.

    Have watched it relentlessly since. Is it possible to have a video clip as your ringtone? Asking for a friend!

  11. Goodman Joet1480. I was lucky enough to see the bombers goal as well. In fact I was lucky enough to see all the bombers games that he played with st jarlaths. He was a phenomenal colleges player.

    The skill Carr showed to turn his marker inside out before he set off on his run was mesmerising. The speed at which he ran through the 2 galway defenders, they hadn’t time to nail him, and the finish was top class.

    If our forwards can keep at it, this means that opposing backs have to wait at home and try and deal with them. This in turn takes big pressure off our backs as they won’t have to deal with opposing backs bombing forward. It also opens up the game for our attacking backs if they are needed to chip in on the scoreboard.

    Yes I think if our forwards can continue to play like we saw on Saturday it will change the whole style of play of this Mayo team. A nightmare for any opposition.

    I have to say, and I’m trying to look at this from a neutrals perspective, but are Mayo not the most exciting team in football to watch ?

    Definately in my honest opinion.

    Maybe Donegal the next most exciting.

  12. Was it me or was young Mcdonagh quiet enough? Feet nearly on the ground now .Just going to enjoy the banter with the Galway lads and head will be focused on Killarney .

  13. Great goal and a great prospect but keep feet on the ground.

    Just on the negative side I feel I have to point out, the Mayo support was fantaisic sat night but the co start booing of Galway freetakers is a theme I’ve witnessed lately that I don’t like to see. By all means support our team but we shouldn’t resorting to this crap…likely coming from the bandwagon element who didn’t go to games prior to 2012.

  14. I agree yew tree
    I said it at the time
    We also start the ref booing very quickly !
    It doesn’t help us

  15. Agree too – the booing of opposition free takers by Mayo supporters is disgusting and is happening too often. Very few supporters – outside of Dublin – engage in this activity.

  16. Rightly pointed out Yew Tree and KM. Not sure about the booing of free takers – I didn’t hear that much of that where I was in the Mackey stand – there were people cheering Mayo but not so much booing. It is creeping in though, which is not nice to see.

  17. Didn’t hear any booing where I was.

    Strangely enough I heard the Mayo Mayo chant getting going when Cillian was lining up a free. I thought it was a strange time to be roaring when the marksman was lining up the target.

  18. Theres a few players on the Galway panel I wudnt be a big fan off.But Shane Walsh is defo not in that category plays the game in a really stylish and fair way, does not deserve to be booed when taking his frees for Galway.Thought Paddy Durcan did such a great man marking job on him after struggling with Stefan Campbell of Armagh last week.

  19. I’m afraid that our injuries to Diarmuid and especially Matty will hurt us badly . We bet a pretty ordinary Galway team but Kerry will be another 2 steps up . Only thing is their midfield isn’t great . It will be a titanic battle.

  20. Anyone see the picture of Donie in the Indo ? He looks a lot like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s beaming from ear to ear just after scoring from a fly kick and he’s running away in victory with his fist pumped as if to say “ I’ll be back “.

  21. It’s great to hear that Diarmuid isn’t too far away from being ready to play again I wonder is Tom Parsons on the way back? It’s going to be very tough against Kerry it’s hard to call it really but I wouldn’t be surprised if we pulled it off tho I expect Kerry will try and hit us with a few early goals

  22. The more I look at that James Carr goal it reminds me of a Seamus O Dowd goal v Galway in Pearse Stadium in 1969?, that day too put an end to Galway’s winning run, onwards to Killarney!

  23. My Season Ticket attendance for Limerick not updated yet!… Anyone else?

  24. There was definitely a lot off booing for Shane Walsh’s last missed free where I was, right behind him in the stand.


  25. Carr is hugely exciting, but voted for Darren, who is really blossoming under Horan Mk 2. When I saw him in the league against Galway, didn’t rate him at all, and thought he was someone who had a great future behind him. Well, so much for my expert analysis.

    Pondering it further though, I think Cillian may have been most influential of all. Linked very well with Darren, nailed down the frees, including one long range one, and got a great point. Most of all though, his work rate, his tracking, his pushing up, his tackling, were all massive plusses for the forwards. And, this was his first full game in nearly a year.

    Did feel Aido wasn’t in top gear; hope it’s just a blip.

    One of the great nights in Limerick. A home from home for us now.

  26. Great goal, and really impressive performance (particularly in the first half until cb taken off) but let’s not put too much pressure / hype on James.
    Agree on the booing, and jeering when players were carded.

  27. Well done to James Carr. A close call but I think he deserved MOTM. Maybe those who cast aspersions, earlier in the qualifiers, about his scoring ability and fitness will get a grip.

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