James on goals, more on Andy and other stuff

The pre-Salthill press night was on in Breaffy yesterday evening and at it James had, according to this report in today’s Irish Times, something to say on the subject of goals. The report states that when the topic of  our two goals scored over the course of the league campaign was brought up, James was quick to respond with a stat of his own, saying he was far more interested in the 24 goal chances he said we’d created. He said, rightly, that our “execution has been poor” but said that this is an aspect of our game that we’ve been working on in recent weeks.

James then went on to compare our goal drought to the plight often faced by Premiership strikers who have to endure weeks on end of raking in two hundred grand a week with no silly goal celebrations to enjoy. Building on this analogy, James reckoned that our goal-shy spell could soon be a thing of the past for us. Here’s hoping … that he wasn’t thinking of Fernando Torres.

The fact that our goals-for tally has shrivelled away to the extent that it has ever since Andy Moran got injured last August makes it all the more interesting that last year’s captain (is he this year’s captain too, by the way? If not, then who is and isn’t it time there was an announcement about this?) could be back in action soon and could even play a part in proceedings at Pearse Stadium. James did nothing to dampen speculation on this issue last night, saying that Andy “will be in the mix” when he picks the team for Salthill next week, though he did caution that he “will not be taking any gamble on his fitness”. That sounds to me like Andy will definitely feature amongst the subs for Sunday week.

According to Andy himself – in an interview with the Irish Examiner – other players who are in the frame for Salthill include Evan Regan, Conor O’Shea and Darren Coen. With Michael Conroy out, one of these three could well start in Salthill, with Regan the most likely option. I know he picked up a knock of some sort recently (in training, I think) but if he’s fit then there’s every chance we’ll see the Ballina youngster make his senior championship debut on Sunday week.

That piece, by the way, also provides welcome confirmation that both Barry Moran and Alan Dillon should be fit and ready for Salthill. If that’s the case, then it’s difficult to see why either of them shouldn’t line out from the start. There’s no word on Keith Higgins but I don’t think he was ever in danger of missing this one. It could well be, then, that Mickey C will be our highest-profile absentee the next day.

In other news, the County Board is hosting an open evening for supporters at McHale Park tomorrow (Friday) evening, where throw-in is set for 7pm. This popular event, which is being mirrored by similar ones hosted by other counties the same evening, will give supporters the chance to get all starry-eyed in close proximity to members of the senior county panel and there’ll be a load of fun activities, free giveaways and the like. Full details are here.

Finally, unless you’re a smug Cáirde Mhaigheo member and already have your ticket in your arse pocket (mine arrived in the post two days ago), the County Board have released details on where to get tickets for the Galway game, how much they cost etc. etc. All the info you need in this respect is here.

37 thoughts on “James on goals, more on Andy and other stuff

  1. Lads I think Higgins lined out in midfield for the hurlers last weekend against the Lilywhites in the Christy Ring first round. I wasn’t at the match but I do know he was picked although whether he actually played I’m not sure.

  2. Sean Og – your repeated (and repeatedly incorrect) claims about Mort are becoming more than a little tiresome. Please take them somewhere else – this is the final one of this kind that you’ll be allowed post here.

  3. Well spotted, Crete Boom – Keith played the full match in midfield for the hurlers against Kildare last weekend, scoring two points from play in the process. Match report here.

  4. Yeah I know a couple of the lads involved in the hurling this year and it was them who told me he was picked but I hadn’t actually heard if he started and they weren’t sure he would either. Good to see he still involed with the Mayo hurlers as he some talent at the small ball. Would love to have be able to go to see him and Sean Regan on the same team together as alas it probably won’t happen for the next few years due to football committments for both.

    Sean Og if you want to wind people up and stir a bit of shite why not go over to Hogan stand as there will be plenty of people who will rise to the bait over there? It would be more fun for you and you wouldn’t annoy anyone on here!!

  5. Would conor mort even get a start with o Connor well able for the frees?
    Not that it matters now but I was just wondering.
    I hope we have a forward that jumps up and starts banging in goals out of the blue, how nice if a Murphy or regan type suddenly hit a streak for the summer
    Who knows, one of them might

  6. Any word on Colm Boyle’s injury?, Fingers crossed he’ll be fit for Sunday week.

  7. This was posted yesterday on gaa.ie

    “Mayo manager James Horan has also confirmed that Alan Dillon is in contention to play against Galway having recovered from a groin problem recently, although he added that it will be a “management call” as to whether or not he forces his way back into the team.

  8. It a bit tiresome now listening rubbish bout mort. he had his day and really showed what he was always about, which was a” me feiner”. personally i dont think he should ever have played for the county again after throwing his jersey into or towards the dug out all those years ago…Any of us that has or has not kicked a ball that love our county would have given our arm or a leg so to speak for a day to walk out on mchae park in a battle against any of our ole foes in connach wearing the green above the red and i suppect that deep down he,s regretting that now and will for the rest of his days……..

  9. mort was only ever looking for the credit and limelight for him self at the time there were better players in the county than him he was over hiped and 90% of the gaa fans in the county knew it at the time from looking at him in club games ,

    the simple fact is that when you go to a club game you should be able to know who is the county player from the club player if that isn’t evadent the player shouldn’t be on the county panel

  10. Jeez Mort casts a long shadow over all things Mayo still. Never got carried away with the lad but he must have had something to wind up as Mayo’s top scorer ever. Frustrated and elated me in equal measure. Always felt we never moved him around to get the best out of him. Would have been useful as a ten or twelve running at guys, drawing frees etc but stuck in the corner since a kid.Not all his fault.

    By the way , the Herald has him down for five points for Parnells in the championship the other night, four from play. The man served us well and should be accorded the respect that all past Mayo players are accorded. I was there when he “tossed” the jersey in 2002 v Limerick. The lad was around twenty/twenty one at the time, he was disappointed and it was a gesture of frustration more than any thing else.

    If that’s the biggest insult the Mayo jersey ever gets well its doing ok. By the way…on a curious note. I never knew the significance of the red band. I kinda gather that the green has to be worn above it. Is it a symbol of English rule or something? Because if it is then why wear any red on the jersey if it has to take a certain place on the deference scale.Get rid of it. I know the players seem to love the red jersey, any chance they get they are in it. Indeed we had a scenario a few years back where we played Galway in a FBD and they wore maroon and we wore red.

  11. If you entered a team in Connaught and called it:

    Mayo Rejects, Don’t Wannabees, Tried & Found Wantings, Sulkers, Exiles, Not Availables, it might go something like this:

    Hennelly, Mortimer (T), Hanley, Kilcullen x2, Parsons, Kilcoyne, Mortimer, McDonald, Campbell, Ronaldson, O’Malley (A), Costello.

    Add in one or two more and you could have a useful squad. Any odds?

  12. Really looking forward to this game, and thankful not to be able to be stuck in the nightmare traffic fiasco in salthill. It’s a disgrace that people have to spend hours stuck in traffic in a town. Move the game to Tuam!!!!!!
    That aside, I think Mayo will win this game by a few points. I would really like to see a lad that was on the fringes of the team burst out and do the damage to Galway.
    What’s conor o Shea like? Is he as big as the brothers?

  13. Yes David , Conor is a big lad and appears more mobile than the brothers from the few times I’ve seen him

  14. Saw c o shea in the U21 v Galway and by jasus,mobile was not a word I’d use for him.In my humble opinion he’s not up to senior level at the moment

  15. ….as I say its only my own opinion and mabye the senior training was taking its toll on young Conor…hopefully.

  16. I flow one has no interest in any ex players good, bad or indifferent. I am more interested in whether and when the likes of Andy, Alan and Barry can force their way back onto the team.
    Can’t wait for Salthill

  17. Mort. did,t show much respect to his fellow mayo team mates a couple of years ago when he walked out before a conn. final and upset the apple cart for the team prepaing for the final with all the media coverage and shenanigans that came with it, midwest radio, ect. and we were fortunate to get over the line in that game . Could care less what he scores for parnells, good riddance…….

  18. John Mort would not be physically able for 10 or 12. Could you see him playing a Dillon/Galvin role? In addition his ability to track back and his tackling were probably his weakest part of his game so don’t know how you could suggest playing him at 10 or 12. Thats a physical position which Conor would not hack.

    Conor O’Shea I think is lacking that step up to senior at the moment but maybe more experience will help him.

    Listen we will just have to line out with who is available vs Galway. That’s why you have a panel and let’s hope we can get through it and have the injuries healed and ready to join us for next game.

  19. Will be very surprised if Conor O’Shea or Evan Regan get a starting place next weekend. Neither are up to senior level IMO – there was a lot of raiméis about these guys being future stars a few months ago – yet neither made any impact whatsoever in that disgraceful U21 performance against Galway back in March. The future stars of Connacht are across the border unfortunately..

  20. Lol , so.you just write evan reagan off , for a below par performance in an u-21 game?

    Jezes , that’s a bit strong is it not.

    Regan is a quality footballer and will feature in this years championship I reckon.

    Our forward line have great ability, it hasn’t clicked just yet but it will.I like Horans comparrison to a soccer striker who has had a bad run, it makes sense .Our forwards could surprise us, the vibe seems to be that they have been working hard on forward play and that is supposed to be Buckleys speciality.Maybe just maybe they were a work in progress in the league campaign and didn’t show there hand in this area.

    In the league games, I didn’t see any definate tactical forward play at work, I just get a feeling they might have a trick or two to show. I could be in wishful thinking mode also.

  21. Can’t see how the forward play can be turned around in the 5 short weeks since the league Sean, although it would be nice if it happened. Most of these lads have been there for a good few years now and have only done it on the rare occasion. Not sure what Buckley can bring in reality – the top talent has to be there to start with – we have some good players but nothing of the likes of a Canavan, a Cooper, a Brogan, a Joyce or a McFadden – so while our lads will give it everything this summer, I’m not convined there is a whole new level that can be reached here…U21 players included…

  22. McFadden looked ordinary enough until he got really fit. I think Mayo will scrape through Connaught and in Croker on the big field the fitness and tactics will show, like last year only this year they should be tactically better

  23. And even without any of the star quality type we have enough of the really good quality to give any team something to think about.
    I think mayo will be a quarter finalist , after that its 2 more game to be champions, and against teams this Mayo team are able for.

  24. Jesus lads, all that talk of mort nearly choked me. Put it away.

    Sean og, you are on the right track. The tactics at full forward were there to be seen but it needed Moran to pull it together!

  25. I agree a draw would be great for us. And Mayo-Galway games are so often so close. A point or two difference. An extra championship game would improve us no end.
    Andy Moran should not be risked yet. If we can’t cope without him (and others) now, what chance have we later against the real pretenders?
    I still hope to see Parsons and Mulligan on board, sometime. Maybe its too late this year, but maybe not. The sooner the better I think. Up Mayo.

  26. Anyone heard Eamonn O’Hara’s comments about Mayo v Galway. He thinks Galway could catch Mayo. I feel a lot of mayo supporters are not taking Galway serious enough. The All Ireland winning U21 team before this last one played some breathtaking football as did the new one. Surely Galway are just waiting to get stuck into Mayo. Mayo have never handled the mantle of favourites well and remember Michael Meehan is back; one of the best forwards in the country who, over the years, has done a lot of damage to Mayo.
    All I am saying before the ‘Positive’ brigade start losing their heads is that Galway should be treated with great respect A lot of you are dismissing them and playing for the next game. Let’s get really stuck into Galway first.

  27. We all know Eamon o hara is anti Mayo and believed Down would beat us no problem last year. NO body should ever undermine Galway regards Meehan I don’t recall him having a brilliant game against Mayo from what I recall he was always had a sub standard game cormac bane always played well and did damage. James Horan will
    Have his players aware of what Galway will be up for this and players will be mindful that Galway will be tactical out to be efficient in front of the posts they will try to push for early scores and build up a decent lead in the form of goals. We know they will try to bypass midfield like the dubs and use long ball. In and direct to forwards. I hope Mayo will be ready for that tactic and push up McLaughlin, dillion to counteract this. Mulholland is shrew and will use this tactic our boys need to react and have a plan in place. It will be interesting to see how the forwards will
    Shape out as Conroy out we were very predictable during the league . will Mayo twig their game for championship in direct ball rather than going into tackles and Turing over?the tribes will have a plan to use that to their advantage on scoreboard.

  28. Eamon O’Hara did a little too much talking last year on the pitch and big Barry softened his cough for him. He obviously feels a little safer in the secure surrounds of the rte studio with his mouthy chums. He was unable to use his mouth after Barry finished with him. I have long ago given up reading/listening to any RTE based coverage of Mayo football because we know what we will get. It just maddens me that my tv license goes to fund those idiots. Bar Tony Davies the rest are shite, including McStay.
    As for Mortimor! Please please please can the shite talk stop now. Enough is enough. i think, Willie Joe, you need to put a filter on the site that will identify the words “Mort”, “Mortimor” or any other abbreviation of his name. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there is free speech but the time for that discussion is long past.

    Now, more importantly, Sunday. Really looking forward to it, it will be tight and close (and that’s only the traffic!!). We should expect nothing else, indeed anything less than a hard, fast paced tight game will be useless – to both sides – as the remainder of the Connaught championship should be easier and less of a challenge, no disrespect to those counties.

  29. Tony Davis!! Tony fcking Davis!!?? He’s the greatest bluffer of them all – from what I read, O’Hara is actually replacing him, and we won’t see Davis this year.
    Small mercy, but O’Hara has a huge dislike for Mayo and is full of hot air, so he’s not going to be any better I’m afraid.
    I liked Horan’s quote that I read this morning in the Irish Examiner when it was put to him that there’s only ever a kick of the ball between Mayo and Galway:

    So you can be sure this game will be tight despite Galway’s recent record against Mayo’s?

    Not so, says Mayo manager James Horan, they are favourites for a reason: “I’m not quite as convinced that form goes out the window and it’s always a kick of a ball. It’s what you make on the day. We’ll be preparing well and looking to do our stuff on May 19.”

    No bullshit and hoping for the best etc, it’s up to the players and management themselves. If they’re well prepared and tuned in, they should win.

  30. Mayo to win Sunday and at a canter. Could be one of the biggest margins in Galway v Mayo history. We will kill them all day at midfield.Galway do not have the power to cope with Mayo.

  31. mayo-lad….saying that mortimer didnt stand out as a club player in mayo ?? are you joking his scoring record at club level is something that will never be matched by any player in mayo club football. always scoring 8,9 or 10 points for shrule at senior level. His scoring was a one the main reasons they went from junior all the way to senior ..like alot of mayo stuff always looking to put critism and blame elsewhere…. look in the mirror.

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