James’ two-year extension rubber-stamped

As expected, the agreement reached last week with James Horan to extend his tenure as senior county manager until 2015 was formally approved – unanimously according to @MayoGAA – at this evening’s County Board meeting. Amazingly, it was just under seven days ago that this whole will-he-won’t-he story first saw the light of day: it’s obviously not just in politics that a week may be deemed to be a long time. Thankfully, this particular week has ended in the right way, with the right man still in the hot seat.

There was, I know, a load of other stuff discussed at tonight’s County Board meeting but it’s too late in the evening to start into this now and, in any event, all the issues talked about will, no doubt, be covered in length by the local papers tomorrow. Those of you who don’t want to wait ’till then should check out @ColmGannon who has posted a number of excellent 140-character summaries of the main issues that came up at tonight’s meeting.

13 thoughts on “James’ two-year extension rubber-stamped

  1. Great news on James. Never imagined he’d walk away but to be able to plan for 3 more championships is brilliant

    Cian O’Neal really gave us all two fingers though.

    Must say the nominations for the other jobs is pretty uninspiring. There must be more like James and Noel Connolly that would give these jobs a go.

    Btw anyone know what the story is with the Cairde Maigheo lotto. I bought the ticket last year but never got any texts or emails or letters or the results of the draws. Are they online?

  2. Agree with Upsheflew about the nominations for the U21 job in particular. This is a very important grade and Tony Duffy has been in charge of the minors for a few years and I don’t think he could be accused of over-achieving.
    He would bring continuity but so did Ray Dempsey before him and that didn’t bring much benefit. Nevertheless, if he or whoever is chosen, must be supported and I liked the way that James Horan seemed to be mindful of the demands on the U-21 players this year.
    We have enough talent to have a right cut at U-21 this year if managed correctly.

  3. Andy Hanley who, as I suspected, is a brother of Pearse Hanley’s, is interviewed in this Mayo News by Daniel Carey. Carey asked him “Is there any chance we could see the two Hanleys playing in McHale Park next Sunday?”, to which he replied:

    “Don’t get me wrong. He’d be a great addition, as he probably would have been for the county this year. But will he be around?. That remains to be seen.”

    Interesting answer. Andy himself is relocating to the U.S. to pursue a career as strength and conditioning coach. His goal is to come back to Ireland “when I develop my craft and have developed a good reputation for myself”

  4. Interesting indeed grainne,
    It’s hard to see Pearse Hanley staying in mayo but a year out now from afl would probably do him no harm and he would be a big addition to mayo, the strength and conditioning know how he would have would in itself be a big thing.
    Any news on Barry solan?
    Just listening to a radio show where there is an expert on psychology, dr Ian Robertson of trinity college is saying that winning is something that changes the composition of the brain, Kilkenny and Kerry must both well brain changed at this point. He says the same goes with losing and it requires a massive effort to overcome the losing state of mind.
    Winning apparently breeds more winning in the mind.
    Makes me think if a team like Mayo could break the losing sequence they would open the door for mayo teams down the road. We fully expect to beat
    Sligo,London,Leitrim,Roscommon and a few more, it’s expected in our own minds, the trick is thinking the same about opponents in finals. Losing so many finals is not bad luck, it’s a mental issue in Mayo.

  5. Definitely great news on James; it shows great commitment, belief and support on the part of the county board in what James is trying to achieve and what he has achieved to date. All he needs to do now is find 2 or 3 forwards, a pacey midfielder and a fitness coach, then roll on 2013!

  6. All he needs to do now is find 2 or 3 forwards, a pacey midfielder and a fitness coach, then roll on 2013!

    Easier said than done. Apart from Kilcoyne i can’t think of many scoring forwards around the minors,U21s weren’t great in the forward division this year or last. Mayo should stay local on the fitness coach why pay traveling expense when in debt?

    Midfield is fine AOS,Moran are good as any in Ireland and the options on the bench are also good,

  7. Great news to hear that James is staying, and the inclusion of an extension for good measure. I think it would of been a setback had he opted to go, such a huge amount of hard work has been done and progress made. The JH mould is nearly complete now so it would of been a shame if a new manager had to start from scratch!

    Cian O Neill will also be loss but I can’t remember him kicking a ball or being named on a starting fitteen this year, These back-room team guys and coaches come and go all the time with every club & county, so no need to sweat. I’m not devaluing the role but the’re bigger priorities ahead.

    A Kilcoyne seems to be the most frequent name that’s popping up to date in terms of new faces to strengthen the squad, not too sure on what his migration status is but yes he is the man in form at club level where we need reinforcing in the same area at a county grade. Watched him in action on three occasions so far and he has performed very well.

  8. Cian O Neill is gone. That’s a pity because I felt he gave us added value. Its not a coincidence that Kerry snapped him up not just as a coach but also as a selector. In the grand scheme of things he is a loss and as Mayo Mad said he didnt kick any ball but perhaps he helped getting our boys to kick it that bit better.

    He was a coup when we got him, pretending he didn’t add something is nonsense. However it does open up an opportunity for another bright young man with good ideas and we as a county are well placed to offer a home to that man who ever he be. The day of the single manager with all the answers is gone. Today it requires an integrated approach.

    McGuinness has Gallagher with him , no secret and Jimmy seems happy to let him have a few sweets. It was no coincidence that when Micky Whelan left the Dublin set up a lot of their cuteness went to. I am certain that James Horan will source a a trainer of the top order and we should take it as a compliment that Kerry had to come to Mayo for a trainer. First game of the league we should be telling them (on the pitch) that perhaps they need more than just the trainer.

  9. Regarding Pearse Hanley, I can tell ye now that as a massive mayo fan living in Australia for the last couple of years that he would be a serious addition to the mayo team. He has just come off a fantastic season with Brisbane lions where he finished 3rd in their best and fairest awards.

    He is the only Irish player in the AFL right now that could be regarded as a key player for his team. Zach tuohy of Laois/Carlton, Niall mckeever of Antrim/Brisbane, and Marty Clarke of Down/Collinwood are the only other Irish players who play somewhat regularly for their clubs first teams in the AFL and none of them are anywhere near as influential for their teams as Hanley is for Brisbane. Unfortunately for mayo, he is well oncourse to be probably the biggest Irish success story in Aussie rules since tadhg Kennelly and Jim stynes. He is on record as saying he would like to return and play for mayo again some day, but that day is a few years away. There is not a snowballs chance in hell that he will be playing for mayo next season. He may line out for ballagh next Sunday, but will be back in Brisbane for pre season training within the next couple of months.

    It’s far more likely that the likes of tommy Walsh could return to Kerry in the next couple of years as he has struggled to break into first team AFL football since he came to Australia.
    Disappointed to hear andy Hanley is moving to USA for work reasons, by all accounts he had a good year at club level and could have been a real addition to mayo next season.

  10. Is it true that Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes are in for the Roscommon team managers job.Would’nt they be the ideal management team for the Mayo, u. 21, job.We should keep our best talent at home, for the benefit of our own .
    What would be wrong with the County Board speaking with them,with u.21. Job, in mind.

  11. Connelly,Holmes have done their time with U21s it’s only right they are looking for a senior job now.

  12. Indeed they are the only managers that have actually brought home trophies, Holmes the national League in 2001 and the pair of them an U21 title in 2006.

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