Jason Doherty our MOTM from yesterday’s game

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I think it’s safe enough to say that Jason Doherty is one of our unsung idols. Not in our house, mind, as he’s a bit of folk hero to those of us under this roof, but, for sure, he’s a player who rarely gets sufficient plaudits more generally for what he does on the pitch for us.

Yesterday wasn’t another one of those days where Jason’s performance went unnoticed. A bit like last year, the Burrishoole clubman showed yesterday that he’s hitting form just at the time when we really need players to step up.  He did this in spades at Semple Stadium.

His booming three points from play, allied to his powerful running – drawing fouls from which further points were claimed – and strong tackling made his contribution to our win over Tipperary impossible to ignore. He was selected as Man of the Match on Sky Sports last night and in the poll here on the site he’s now followed it up with winning the blog’s MOTM prize too.

As the graphic below shows there was a good spread to the votes for this poll. Jason was the clear winner but James Durcan, Kevin McLoughlin (another star performer who rarely gets showered with accolades for what he does for us), Aidan O’Shea and Diarmuid O’Connor all deservedly got plenty of recognition in the polling booth this time out.

Well done to all of them for the significant parts they all played in helping to get us across the line yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Jason Doherty our MOTM from yesterday’s game

  1. Doc and Kev were immense yesterday. Both are largely unheralded outside the county but we understand how important they are to us.

  2. Brilliant for the Burrishoole man! Excellent yesterday and so tough. Fingers crossed for a ‘good’ draw in morning.

  3. Dear God, if you pull Leitrim out of the bowl, I will go to mass 3 times a day for a month. Thanks God.

  4. Jason looked chuffed when awarded MOM by sky which was nice to see. A great servant, well done to him.

  5. How ref Deegan managed to ignore the attempt to decapitate Jason as he went through on another second half attack has to be a mystery. He has got a repreive from Mayo supporters because of the win which meant that it was not aa crucial error.

  6. Wanted to comment before the draw tomorrow. Didn’t get to make the trip but watched on tv so not ideal for analysing. Anyway a few thoughts as this season progresses:

    Big fan of Rochford and I think he is one of best tacticians out there but he makes some odd decisions like why Paddy and not Chris for Quinlivan? He’s definitely a lucky general though. Durcan’s goal the obvious moment but I thought Boyler was getting roasted and really shown up for pace, so the black card saved a decision he probably didn’t want to make.

    Ill keep this as much within the house rules as possible but I can’t for the life of me figure out the Stephen Coen selection. I know he’s captained all these teams to All Irelands but the basic skills (kicking, shooting, passing) are all so lacking – we need more than just stamina in a player. I’m hoping for Vaughan to return in that half-back position.

    Final comment that’ll annoy the stalwarts! I would definitely have Andy on the bench. Now, I’ve been saying this for 2 years and he has won a Footballer of the Year in that time so what do I know! But between himself and Cillian inside there’s such a huge lack of pace, particularly from Andy who adds little to the defensive effort, also. Unless it’s Shane Enright he’s up against, start him every time against that lad!!

    I’d be in the anti Ger Caff brigade but he played well against Tipp so fair play to him. Still, the best team we can put out next weekend (depending on opposition) is below.


    O’Donoghue Barrett Higgins

    Durcan Keegan Vaughan

    Aidan Kirby Diarmuid

    Kevin Cillian Doherty

    Durcan Regan

    Kirby gives us a option from kickouts other than Aidan and he’s a good kick passer. People will say Andy is way better than Regan but give him 45 minutes and see what he does with the pace in that team, as well as Cillian’s deliveries. You’ve got Boyler, Hanley (who’s gonna be very good by the way when he gets his confidence up), Caff, Andy, Coen, Loftus, and Conor O’Shea to come off the bench then.

  7. To be fair I thought Deegan did a good job yesterday. The problem is when he’s reffing the dubs and becomes a blubbering fanboy, cracking jokes with players and afraid to properly discipline his idols like Jonny cooper. The super 8s are shaping up well now, and the draw will be crucial for us. I wouldn’t be as worried as some about Monaghan. They are a classic league team and I think we would beat them regardless of venue right now. Tyrone the one to avoid for now. Leitrim or Clare would be nice.
    I’m surprised at the layout of the super eights. The provincial winners will play each other in the first round. So Galway will face kerry in croker. Momentum is huge in a four team group as we see in the World Cup. Lose your opener and it’s a long way back. If Galway lose to kerry they will be facing an uphill battle to make the semis, likewise Donegal against Dublin. If we can sneak through the next 2 rounds and land in the kerry Galway group, wouldn’t I love to see Galway coming to play us in the second game with elimination on the line….!

  8. GBXI I respect your opinion but you can’t question Coen then in the same comment say we should start Kirby! Coen has limitations but is still well ahead of Danny Kirby. There is no evidence to say Kirby has what it takes to deliver at this level unfortunately. In fact, James Durcan is only about six weeks on the panel, but he’s already made a bigger impact for Mayo in championship football than any of Kirby, Regan or Conor o Shea have in the last 5 or 6 years. That’s not being disrespectful to those lads who have made big sacrifices and are all good footballers but you’d wonder how many more chances they are going to get? I’ve always said in a county like Mayo, if you are named on the bench you should either be a newish player on the way up (See EOD, Harrison Paddy Durcan in recent years) or an former established leader coming towards the end of your career (Alan Dillon, Donie Vaughan, Barry Moran are examples in recent years). If your status in the squad remains the same at age 26 as it did at 21, then the question arises as to what you are doing there? I’d agree that Vaughan could start ahead of Coen the next day but Stephen appears to be a favourite of this management so he will definitely play I think. Donies physicality will be more important with parsons and SOS gone though.

  9. I have to agree with Larry Duff ‘re Kirby. In fairness to GBX you preface the comment by saying you weren’t in Tipp but his few minutes on Saturday didn’t improve his chances long term.

  10. With SOS and TO gone who do we add to the squad. Can any of the development squad step up.

  11. Tuned in here from Australia to the qualifiers draw on RTÈ radio 1. They’re on about 31 degree weather, forest fires, BBQs, fire bans….Am I tuned into the right country at all?

  12. Any footballer must have three basic skills be able to catch and
    kick the ball, tackle without fouling his man .and be able to pass the ball with
    either fist or foot.
    Stephen Coen lacks any of those qualities yet he is first on the team sheet and never taken off.
    Why were the two Garrymore lads not brought on the last day both players were badly needed in
    positions where we were being over run.
    John Maughan was on Mid West doing commentary appeared to see only players from Castlebar and

  13. For ffs,every one is entitled to an opinion but the criticism S Coen gets is over the top of he had the skill to captain a minor,under 21 and sigerson team to all Ireland success he must have the requisite skills to play football,he was coming on for C Boyle last year and some posters were telling Stephen to put the trackers up his ass i think we can see why now,I don’t know either of the players and have the hight of respect for all the panel but surely we must respect the best manager in Ireland bar none to get things right

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