Jason Gibbons our MOTM from yesterday

Jason Gibbons

Photo: Mayo Mick

The votes are in for our final MOTM poll from this year’s League campaign and once again, for the third time in eight League matches to be precise, it’s Jason Gibbons who wins the accolade. It wasn’t in any sense a marginal call either, as the Ballintubber man claimed 56% of the vote for his performance against Derry yesterday, placing him well clear of Colm Boyle (16%) and Mikie Sweeney (11%).

Congrats to Jason, not just on this latest award but also for his impressive showings right throughout this League campaign. Pitched in against Kildare in Round 1 following Tom Parsons’ injury early on in that game, Jason grasped this long overdue opportunity with both hands, to the extent that he’s now (or at least should be) our first-choice midfielder heading into the championship. In an area of the field where we’re not exactly struggling for options at the minute, that’s a fairly notable achievement. Here’s hoping Jason can now go on to even better things as we head into the summer’s action.

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  1. Towering performance from Jason. Cannot fathom why he is subbed so often near the end of games. God be with the days the corner forward was the first whipped off!!

  2. Well done to Jason Gibbons, at least we have one success story from our league campaign anyway! It’s great to have a scoring option in the middle of the field and some much needed mobility as well.

  3. Agree completely , he must wonder are there some blue eyed boys around.
    He took two huge hits early in yesterday’s game, yet went on to be Motm and subbed. Makes you think.

  4. A few posters have already mentioned this, i think Gibbons should be tried at 11 for the new york game, with extra shooting practice over the next few months he could develop even more, id like to see him wandering into the full foward line as he is an exceptional fielder of the ball, and he would take no shite of o’carroll (who in my mind is over rated). A much better option than Andy imo. For what its worth this would be my team for the summer.

    8. Aos
    9. Sos
    10. K mac
    11. Gibbons
    12. Higgins
    13. Coc
    14. Freeman
    15. Sweeney

  5. There is a lot of positive stuff coming from various quarters regarding Mayo and there prospects for the championship. It’s like if people in general are happy the League is out of the way and we can now focus on our next challenge – the Connaught Championship. A successful defence of this title with a few good performances thrown in, will insure any negative residue from the League will be long forgotten. However lets not fool ourselves into thinking that winning Connaught is a given, 2013 is now history and the road ahead has to many bends for us to ignore the past. James and his team have a lot of work to do, the good thing is they have still time to do it, so lets hope they use the time wisely

  6. Agree Mayo McHale but I think if the fitness programme progresses as it supposed to, we should be a couple of notches further along by the time we play the Rossies in the Hyde.
    The problem is respecting possession and we don’t, which means we will not win anything! And an unreal loyalty by management to those that no longer have it to give, is our Achilles heal.

  7. Congratulations to Jason Gibbons. I cannot see why he has to be taken off at every game to make places for blue eyed boys as a previous blogger has said. Again yesterday when we required men to stand Tall, Jason Gibbons did just that, and now some bloggers wants him to adapt a forward roll to make places for the ” ELITE”, I hope JH and Co wont go down that road. Jason Gibbons reminds me of Dermot Early RIP. He has a football brain and also a way of not giving away a ball when he passes same. He has to be the find of the League for 2014 for Mayo. Even though I hate Ballintubber Club,I have to say well done to all the Ballintubber Players that wore the Green and Red for Mayo,they always stood out. Paddy Prendergast, Ray Prendergast, RIP, Ger Feeney RIP,James Horan, Alan Dillon, Cillian O Connor, & now Jason Gibbons.

  8. Well done to Jason gibbons. Another very impressive performance. I agree with Juan though, we should try him in at CHF for the NY match, and sit Andy……we still have time to experiment before it needs to settle. Gibbons deserves his 70 mins. And put Barry in MF with Aido. Swap them in and out if necessary….keep opposition guessing as we are too predictable.

  9. Agreed 100%,I just hope come championship time Horan shows the same loyalty to Jason Gibbons,for me he has been by far our best player throughout the league,yet for some reason known only to James Horan he has been subbed while other players on the field who should be subbed are left on.Congrats Jason on a great league campaign,hope too see plenty more of it during the summer

  10. Thought the same at the time but he did take a lot of knocks /digs the last day maybe James was minding him?

  11. He’s had a fine campaign and certainly proved me wrong as I was unconvinced as to his potential to dislodge any one of the current incumbents.

  12. “AN unreal loyalty by Management to those that no longer have it to give” That Cloud9 says it all – and that’s no disrespect to those who have served us so well in the past, but the past is the past and now it’s time for some tough decisions to be made….

  13. Agreed. Our running game is being sussed by the top teams. A bit of variety is vital.

  14. Hate is a strong word. May I ask why you hate Ballintubber? They are your fellow county men, a rural club and like others dependable on all their players to stay injury free to enjoy success. Your comment makes me sad.

  15. I think Gibbons at 9 and A Moran in the forwards and you will have the team that James Horan is likely to go with this summer (barring injuries and Barrett’s fitness).

    The idea of Gibbons at 11 is growing on me, but if that were to happen I’d rather see B Moran in centre field rather than SOS. SOS and his brother are just too similar for me, not mobile enough.

    The only issue I have with moving Gibbons to 11 is that we will yet again be moving a player out of a position he is excelling in.
    We did it before with Keegan tried in the half forward line, AOS at 11 and now Keith Higgins in the half forwards.
    If a player is the best we have in that position, there’s a lot to be said for keeping him there.
    The only consolation with moving Gibbons is that we are blessed with 3 other quality midfielders at the minute.

  16. Is it just a question of picking your best fielders though? You need mobility in that area also – remember michael murphy’s goal where our lack of mobility around the middle cost us. For that reason, I think that if SOS is fit and playing well, he should be selected here. Either that or draft keegan into midfield and put higgins back in his place…
    Gibbons has played well, but for me it is either/or with AOS, as they are filling a similar role. I am starting to think AOS might be better served in the FF line this year

  17. I totally agree with the positioning of Jason at.CHF as he will add speed strength and scoring ability to this area which we are lacking
    We have plenty of cover for CF and I totally agree also that he has been taken off when he has been the dominant player in his position.

  18. cant believe anybody woulld want to disrupt the backline further bymoving keegan to midfield ,as for aos hes being tried in the full foward line before .he aint no fullfoward,if horan doesnt know his best starting fifteen by now then theres something radically wrong

  19. Yes, although in our better moments against Derry we mixed it up a bit. Good movement from the two men inside and fast ball kicked in from the 40. That’s another thing Sweeney gives you, he finds the space.

    I always thought he was very good but Gibbons has dominated this year’s League at centrefield. Horan built his midfield around the two O’Sheas. Rightly so. If he accomodates Gibbons by moving Seamus wide that leaves us with the interesting prospect of Doherty featuring on the opposite wing. That’s a much bigger midfield than we’ve started in the past (no Dillon, McLoughlin or even Higgins). Would that give us an edge? Or as stated above, have we become too dependent on a running game, do we miss the smaller playmaking half-forward?

  20. I disagree with almost everything you’ve said there Maestro!
    1. Gibbons is more mobile than SOS in my opinion, and is also a better fielder.
    2. SOS had a great year last year, but has performed poorly in every game he was brought on this year.
    3. I can’t see how playing Lee Keegan in midfield would be of benefit – he is one of the top half-backs in the country. He doesn’t have the size for midfield, and you’d be robbing the half-back line of it’s best player.
    4. I think AOS and Gibbons have complemented each other very well in the league, with Aidan for the most part staying back and Gibbons going forward when the opportunity arises.
    5. AOS has been tried in FF line before with limited success. His best position is MF, why hurt our midfield prospects for a tactic which is far from certain to reap any rewards.

  21. and for a small lad he not half bad at fielding ball. Id agree with him being good at finding pace. He is so light on his feet.

  22. don’t see the sense in moving Gibbons out of position he is excelling in.
    Sad thing is today is the 15th of April and here wea re talking about trying this lad here and there , Horan has let the team and there best positions become a debate.
    By the 15th of April you should know what positions lads will be playing in, there maybe one or two battling for a jersey but it should not be a position not the difference between playing forwards or back.

    I m loosing faith in Horan to be honest, lack of game plans and ability to change tactics in game is worrying me.

    First off Defence is priority, keep it solid, most teams nowadays will score 11 points. MAughan used say keep it to 9 points and we will win but in fairness 11-13 points will be scored by most county teams.

    Play to our strenghts, Caff is a great Full back quick and mobile but donmt let him get pulled away from the square, thats where we need him.
    Barrett and Higgins either side of Caff are two man markers and two fast lads with ability to play ball forward. Ability to play ball forward not solo the lenght of the field time and time again.

    Halfback line we have the best in country.
    For me pick a solid no nonsence, strong no.6 and that is Tom Cunniffe . Rock solid can win breaks from kickouts and has positional awareness not to allow Caff be exposed.
    Either side of him Keegan and Boyler, but dont over do the attacking lads.

    Centrefield again alot of option but option all of the one type as such, big strong fielders who dont cover ground so well.

    My pick on current form is AOS and Gibbons. Great options in SOS and B Moran as required.
    Leave them midfield though dont get them pulled all over pitch, win primary possesion and offload . Somebody may need to give AOS the wikipedia definition of offload.

    Half forwards KMc should revert to his roaming, Feeney at 11 like Cunniffe rock solid will cover for AOS and Gibbons, 12 Doc or Andy if he finds fitness and know his limitations post injury, no doubting he is a good player but injury has taken toll, needs to move ball quicker and look for one-twos into space, he no longer can solo pass lads at pace so use the head wisely, still accuarte and means alot to the squad. Workrate defensively should improve with fitness.
    Key is to win break offer runs for AOS and Giubbons(be their legs as such) ands play good quality diagnal balls into freeman and COC .

    Fullforward line
    Mikey Sweeney a little deeper the link player, wins breaks and one twos of Freeman and COC, offfers pace for the low ball if required. Goal threat and all round clever player.
    Freeman and COC – Keep both near goal on 13-21 not outside the parallelogram . bothly deadly accurate neither fastest in world but again play to their strengths. play diagonal balls over markers head they will take it down and head for goal, both have tricks and turns to get goalside, then defender must foul – blackcard or free on the 13.

    That would be what I consider strongest Mayo team, I would love to unleash Keegan in the Michael Dara Role and give him freedom to attack. Cunniffe and Feeney are key as they are thinking players .

    Big worry for me also is Hennelly, any word on Clarkes return

  23. Well done Jason – probably man of the league if a poll was run on that.

    For info: Just did a bit of analysis on how Donegal fared in the league in terms of scores against them. Here are the stats i.e. the scores teams put up against them:

    Laois: 1-9
    Galway: 0-12
    Monaghan: 0-10
    Meath: 1-12
    Down: 1-9
    Louth: 3-7
    Armagh: 1-8

    Pretty impressive I think, apart from the rogue score by Louth.

    Shows that some teams can defend, black card or no black card. And whatever about the quality of Division 2, some teams ran up big scores, but not against Donegal!

    Recalling our league performances, my impression (!) is that Aidan O’Shea was our best defender. Attackers rarely got past him and he won many many turnovers, and he defended quite a bit.

    Think we need that kind of technique and O’Shea defending more than attacking in the championship.

  24. I thought Hennelly’s command of the square improved drastically at the weekend. This is the one area he was getting criticism about…

  25. Agreed – there were several high balls aimed in his direction, Derry obviously aware that this had been a weakness. He cleared every one of them, taking ball and man. Much more commanding, something he’s obviously worked on.

  26. I may have written hate, I am sorry if you took it as an offence. Why I said hate is they have beaten us in every game from under age up this past 5 years, and it looks they will do it for the next 5 years. That is why I am happy for the likes of Jason Gibbons. No offence is meant for the people of Ballintubber. Don’t be sad ould stock, but if your club were getting a hammering from the best club in Mayo every time you played them,you may see where I’m coming from.
    Again I say congratulations to Jason Gibbons.

  27. Colm – this is, from what I can see, your first time seeking to post a comment. Have a read of the house rules on doing so (here) – I’ve had to delete that one due to several different infractions.

  28. Yeah fair play to Robbie he batted most of the high balls out and in an intelligent rather than nervous way so they could have been ( though most of them were not) won by our defenders. These little adjustments and improvemnets by individual players are the 1 or 2 % we need to push us towards the big prize and it’s nice to see a player who could have gone into his shell address these!!

  29. I was disappointed horan didn’t bring on either Adam Gallagher or Darren Cohen in the second half, if we are going to challenge this year we have to give these guys some more gametime! I have nothing against payers that came on but if the last 2 years have taught us anything is that we need a bit of composure in front of goal when games are in the balance!
    It’s time these new guys are given a chance in big games

  30. Are the people who are complaining about “unreal loyalty” also calling for the inclusion of Clarke Barrett, Ritchie etc. I don’t have a major problem with loyalty in fact I think its a positive quality.The insinuation about this unreal loyalty is that James is leaving better players on the bench so that he can play his favourites. Now I don’t think Horan would have stayed on for a fourth year to reward his favourites I presume he stayed on in the hope that he could go one step better than 2012 and 2013. Therefore he s going to play what he thinks is the team best capable of doing that. While we may question some of his decisions and I do at times I think its a bit insulting to suggest he plays guys who are not good enough and leaves off guys who are better out of “unreal loyalty”

  31. First of all Clarke and Barrett aren’t fit enough to be selected so it’s not an issue. Now, if last minute cameo appearances is what Feeney is worth, while others are playing well below par – it does not make sense to me!

    Secondly, I am not being disrespectful and I too believe that loyalty in admirable in most cases, but as with love, loyalty can be blind.

    Last year, it was obvious that a great servant like Alan Dillon wasn’t anywhere near match fit and he had responsibility loaded on him as if he was. And Kevin Mc had a very poor year after being our best player in 2012. Do you think that someone else would be wearing those jerseys in the semi-final and a Final last year if Gavin was picking the team. Loyalty for top teams has to mean that you’re as good as your last game or two. I’m not advocating banishment, just using your form players and let other good players recover their form and places when deserved.

    Since 1951, we’ve had too much sentiment and loyalty on occasions and the current management needs to do what it hasn’t always done – put out the best side, and that includes possibly making a hard decision about our captain not starting if his form isn’t good. And as in the case of Alan D, Kevin Mc, I’m a big Andy fan too!

    But the bottom line has to be that the Mayo managements has a obligation to all of us, including the players, to put out the best team available in the big knock-out games, to give us the best possible opportunity of winning every time!

  32. Totally agree with you Cloud9,I think it was a complete insult to Richie Feeney to put him on with 69 minutes on the clock,for the effort these lads put in surely they are worth more that that.
    If putting our best side out,meaning the players showing the best form and dropping or subbing a senior player or players was the winning of an all Ireland for us I’m pretty sure that player or players wouldn’t give a fuck at the end of the day going home an all Ireland champion

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