Jason’s injury a cruel blow

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The news that Jason Doherty has suffered what appears to be another serious knee injury is cruel luck for a player who spent several months last year and early this year recuperating from a cruciate injury picked up in the Super 8s clash against Donegal last summer.

This latest injury was, according to this report in The 42, picked up in training in recent days. The extent of the injury hasn’t been determined as yet, with the player set to undergo a scan at some point this week.

What does seem clear is that the injury looks certain to keep Jason sidelined for the coming resumed inter-county season. That’s scheduled to start with two League matches later this month, followed by the Connacht Championship in November.

The resurgence in Covid infection numbers could, of course, mean there’ll be no inter-county matches at all this winter. For now, though, the GAA – having mothballed all remaining club fixtures – appears set to keep in place its plans for resuming inter-county action.

Regardless of how all that pans out, it appears that James Horan has lost the services of a player who, having missed out on the League matches played this spring before Covid hit, appeared to be ready and raring to go.

Hopefully, he will once again next year, after he overcomes this latest cruel twist of fate. Get well soon, Doc, and the best of luck with your recovery.

10 thoughts on “Jason’s injury a cruel blow

  1. Heartfelt wishes to Jason for a speedy recovery. What a loss he has been since his other knee injury.

  2. As if we needed another reason to say 2020 a heartless witch, now this. Wishing Jason nothing but best wishes for a speedy recovery. A true warrior. Have no doubt he’ll be back, more determined than ever.

  3. Am I correct in stating that there have been a good few knee injuries on the McHale Park pitch.
    I was on it after the Donegal Super 8’s game last year, there seemed to be ridges on it and very heavy grass coverage to hide the imperfections.

  4. Very best of luck to Jason on his recovery – unbelievably cruel luck. With Fermanagh being the first county to suspend their senior panel the real tests of the fixture schedule are about to begin.

  5. Have GAA announced what will happen if a county cannot play a league game due to virus.

  6. JD is well able to look after his knee and there is no need to worry about that. Supporting the Mayo GAA Lotto is a practical and sympathetic way to support all our fabulous inter county players. Play the Lotto if you are able to afford a couple of euro

  7. Ye heard it hear first, there isn’t a hope in hell of ANY more football matches being played in 2020.
    This is my proposal, if there is an All Championship to be played in 2021, then it could be played for 2 titles, 2020 and 2021.
    Imagine Mayo to swoop 2 titles in one year.

  8. Sorry to hear about your Knee injury Jason . With God’s help you will recover quickly .

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