Jason’s injury confirmed as a cruciate one

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The news every Mayo fan feared following Jason Doherty’s departure from the field of play last Saturday night on a motorised stretcher has now been confirmed. Mayo GAA issued a statement a short while ago (here) stating that Jason’s injury is an anterior cruciate ligament one.

The recovery time for an ACL injury is measured in months. It could take up to a year but, with a fair wind, it could be a good deal shorter than this. Championship next year would seem to be a reasonable target to aim at.

Needless to say, the news comes as a huge blow to the team and, in particular, to Jason himself. John Casey mentioned on the Mayo News football podcast a while back how highly James Horan rates the Burrishoole man and it’s no coincidence that he’s one of a very select group of players to have started every League and Championship match for us this year.

We’ll miss Doc’s under-rated but hugely influential contribution to the cause at Croke Park on Saturday. It’s a ground where he always tends to perform well and his absence from the team for this clash with Dublin weakens us, for sure it does.

As ever, though, it’s a setback we simply have to deal with and move on. We’ve a big squad and this unfortunate development opens the door for someone else. That’s the way it is in team sports.

I know Mayo fans everywhere will join me in wishing Jason all the best. Here’s hoping his rehab and recovery go according to schedule and that Doc will be back flying fit once again in 2020.

50 thoughts on “Jason’s injury confirmed as a cruciate one

  1. So sad for Jason and wish him well and a quick recovery. God it’s hard to accept another major injury and Jason has been playing beautiful football this year…such reliable ball winning, a few scores thrown in and boundless energy. In the words of many Mayo people…fekkit. Get well JD and thank you for your commitment to Mayo football. I hope you will be smiling with pride and delight after Saturdays encounter with the Dubs. Maigheo abú.

  2. Disaster really. Would be one of the first I’d have on the team sheet every time. The work he does goes unnoticed most of the time but we are a poorer team without him.

  3. Its terrible news for him. I feel for him on a personal level because I’m sure he’s want nothing more than to be lining out on Saturday with his team mates, going to battle to win it for Mayo. Chin up and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  4. Sad news indeed to hear the news of Jason Doherty, the Newport man is one of our finest forwards and I wish him a speedy recovery. Up Mayo

  5. One of the most under rated players in the country.

    Willie Joe, I hope I am not breaking any rules here so please delete my comment if I am but I spoke to Diarmuid O’Connor today, he said his cast has been off 10 days but he hasn’t been cleared by the medical team to play yet. I hope to God we have him to come on.

  6. Absolutely gutted for Jason. He has been immense this year. It’s no doubt a huge blow to him and to all of us Mayo fans. Sport can be so cruel. However in true Mayo style I have no doubt who ever is brought in to replace him will give their all for the green and red and for what is going to be our biggest match of the year so far. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Maigheo Abu

  7. Just heard of Jason’s news. It looked bad…and is a big blow. My poor old father would have his type on top of the list for his courage and dash. We will look forward to seeing him back in shining armor sometime in the New Year.
    As regards next Saturday I don’t care who’s in goal as long as the ball is booted up the field as far as possible where I would expect our fellas to have enough in them to sway the issue in our favor. That’s our kick and let them do what ever they want with theirs. We have a fair idea what that will be. And I think we know by now what a super effort will have to be forthcoming from all angles to achieve success. C’mon Mayo!

  8. That’s dreadful news for the poor lad, he’s a fine player that plays the game as it’s meant to be played. I hate to hear of any player getting a serious injury regardless of my personal feeling towards them and the way they play the game. They give so much of their lives to represent their club and county, I pray he has the best possible recovery.

  9. Best wishes to Jason for full and fast recovery.. I was hoping that it wasn’t as bad as it looked…It has been a summer of Injurys for us unfortunately…. Thankfully other’s are coming back, the same thing happened in 2012 when Andy done his cruciate in a quarter final win over Down… Our next Match that year was against the All Ireland Champions Dublin, and we prevailed in a rip roaring contest…’We go again’ as Andy might say!

  10. So sad for Jason to get this injury at this stage of championship.
    Wishing you a great recovery and back early 2020.

  11. A really big loss but time for others in that section to step up and hit form – waiting for McLoughlin. He has shown the odd glimpse here and there but has not yet gone close to the influence he can bring. he has it in the locker. Mayo needs you Saturday, Kev!

    And if Boland or Loftus get some game time (as they have done on the 40 this season) we really need them to bring their A game.

    Mattie looked as good as you could have hoped for last weekend bearing in mind his absence and Diarmuid will hopefully be on the bench. 20/25 mins from both could be crucial.

    When you think about, yes, Mayo have played week after week but because of so many injuries and niggles, there has been a lot of rotation – so lads like Durcan, Keegan, S Coen, EOD, Seamie, Kev, Boland, Loftus, Carr and Cillian should have plenty of gas for the weekend.

  12. I must say that is so tough on Jason and his family, gutted for him. He is one favourite Mayo players on the pitch and off it he greets everyone with a wide smile….these wonderful people put their bodies on the line week in, week out for our entertainment and pride of the jersey. Speedy recovery to Jason and a big thanks for all the efforts to date… we look forward to seeing you back in the Mayo jersey!!

  13. What a shame He has been a super player for Mayo since this team emerged almost a decade ago. 100% effort and commitment to the green and red every time he played. Last Saturday was his best performance this year and for the fifty minutes or so he was on the field he was super. Best wishes Jason for a speedy recovery.

  14. Wish Jason a speedy recovery. Terrible news for him. Let’s use it as extra motivation. I was wondering if anybody has a spare adult ticket. Having extreme difficulty getting up the North. Can meet anywhere that suits in Dublin Saturday. Thanks . Hope that is ok.

  15. All our best wishes to you, Jason. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done for the team every time you have played.
    We’ll miss you in the thick of the action on the field but you’ll be part of the effort, the journey and the story every bit of the way this year yet. Let’s hope it has us all smiling.
    I wish you a very good recovery and to see you back fit soon.

  16. Really disappointed for Jason. Such a class player. The way he spun back leaving DL defender for dead and kicked that point from outside 45 was just beatiful to watch. Get well soon!

  17. Jez it so upsetting. Poor Jason, his family, his Mayo team mates and his club. What a servant to the cause. He always gives it all. I am bloody devasted for him. It a total blow a few days out from biggest game of year.

  18. Feel very sorry for jason d hopefully Mayo will go out and win it for him I don’t care who is in goals as long as Mayo win

  19. This fella now and after all he’s given. The mind boggles.
    A 110% man every game, every year.
    Best of health and take care.

  20. Sorry for Jason. I hope his recovery goes well and we’ll keep him in our thoughts throughout his recovery. I know all his team mates will too.

  21. Gutted for Jason Doherty – undoubtedly one of my two favourite Mayo players (Kevin McLoughlin is the other) for his consistent gutsy effervescent performances which must be a nightmare for opponents. His style of play is a symbol of the whole mayo team – when the going gets tough he stands up every time. Because Jason is such a tough nut I’m sure he’ll be back in the green and red again. I wish him all the best in his recovery.

  22. That’s terrible news.. Our worst fears confirmed. Huge loss to the team .. Just as well he didn’t get hurt in training or the knives would be out for JH .. Wishing Jason a speedy recovery .

  23. A speedy recovery to Jason Doherty in the coming months. We’ll see him again soon in the green and red no doubt!

  24. Was hoping for a better diagnosis, worst possible. Jason was on fire on Saturday night and what a loss next weekend. Best of luck with your recovery lad and we will all welcome you back. Met his Mam and aunt at the airport on the way to New York, best of people.

  25. Joe Ruane, I have another spare Nally Terrace. Yours if you want it?
    I’m going in myself along with family but have another spare.

  26. Best of luck Doc on your recovery which I know has started already. A superb player and nice fella to boot. Always plays with a smile on his face which is common with all top sports stars of which you are definitely one of those. I have no doubt your powers of recovery will be as strong as your colleagues on this great mayo team. See you back for the retention of the National League.

  27. Best wishes Jason, for a full and speedy recovery, massive loss to the team, played exceptionally well Saturday, man of the match, when disaster struck, like everyone else, I feel gutted for him. God our luck has got to change soon, let’s hope it starts on Saturday. The team will give it their best shot, and that’s all we can ask for, whoever is selected. Best of luck to management and the team, minors also, and the ladies as well, a clean sweep might be asking a bit much, but with a bit of luck, it’s not impossible.

  28. Cruel.blow for Doc.. Had been having his best championship performance this year when this unfortunate injury befell him..The Burrishshoole clubman has been a loyal servant and always puts team first… Hard working , honest and totally committed, always felt he would make a wondeful attacking wing back @ Intercounty level..( an are we have a plethora of strenght ) Hope Jason makes full and speedy recovery

  29. Sorry to hear of the serious injury. I’ve no doubt it will galvanise the panel to push on, and deliver a season defining performance on Sat.

  30. Best of luck to Jason was man of the match until got injured. He really should have got all star in 2017. A lot discussions about match ups but Fenton is a big concern particular when partnered by Macarthy. They have huge running power and would worry about the oshea brothers. Mattie would be ideal canditate but obvously match fitness would be an issue and Diarmuid the same. I would play Keith in the half backline more suited to that poistion and a great attacking option. Barrett to pick up Rock, Harrison on Mannion, Keegan on Kilkenny, Boyler will play the holding poistion. This leaves O callaghan who is a huge threat and in great form. I believe Durcan should be given this role and let Mcloughin look after mcaffery. I am sure James Horan has been planning for the Dubs since his return and lets hope the correct calls are made. McDonagh and carr provide us with great running power and wont be afraid to go at the Dubs defence. I would start Coen was trying to force the issue against Donegal buts needs to be more patient. He is welll capable of kicking 3 or 4 points and leave Andy in reserve. Cant wait for Saturday at 5pm belive Mayo people…

  31. Jason is a serious athlete and without doubt the under rated player of the year this year and every year. He would have been joint MOTM last Saturday if he continued . I just love everything about his commitment , dedication , humility and lack of complaining about anything . Ever. He is a quintessential humble Mayo man and if they distilled the essence of this team down to its raw components then pure extract of Jason Doherty would be what’s left. Irreplaceable.
    Wishing him a speedy recovery ( Brogan done in 7 months !) and reuniting with the teak tough trio alongside McDonagh and Diarmuid late league.
    Good luck and good health Jason. We miss you already.

  32. One of our standout players this year from the FBD till now a good leader of the forwards all year we wish him a speedy recovery

  33. Terrible news, was hoping it wasn’t this bad. Huge loss. Good luck with the recovery

  34. Terrible news for him, and for Mayo. An experienced big game player and one who has an outstanding temperament for Croke Park and tension filled days. His stamina and ball winning ability around the middle third will be sorely missed and gives Horan a massive tactical and selection headache.
    However, to try and look on the positive side of things, his absence will offer the chance to another player to shine on the big day. And Jason need only look to his team mate Tom Parsons for inspiration in how to get back from a terrible injury.

  35. Sinead that would be great. Can meet you on Saturday where ever is convienent for you in Dublin. Thank you

  36. When we had a passage of play last Saturday of around 30 passes and it was getting to the stage of ‘if we don’t score from this it’s going to be a blow’. Who steps up with the balls to take the shot on, Jason does. A score that will live long in my memory. Thanks Jason and good luck with the recovery and rehab.

  37. Great Joe Ruane. WJ, when you get a chance could you put us in touch via email please?

  38. Yes, Ah Now, even over the radio that score by Jason was something else. Seemingly no opening, from long distance, receives it, “OK, I’ll take it on” and over the bar! Wow!

  39. Hi Sinéad, do you or anyone else on here have any more spare tickets? I’m getting a bit desperate at this stage. I’ll take Nally, Hill Whatever.
    My wife and I are mad for Mayo, and we go to as many games as pos, but we’ve been curtailed a fair bit by the birth of our twins 14 months ago, so it’s a case of getting the very odd game now, or tuning into RTE and that God awful sky (apart from Peter Canavan) the rest of the time.
    HQ has given me the green light for Sat, but I won’t travel without a ticket. Thanks folks.

  40. @RP McMurphy, if you’re on Facebook, go over to the Mayo GAA Banter Page Group, there’s a few Mayo supporters over there looking to get rid of tickets.

  41. You’re anything but, Sinead! What you’re doing is of valuable service, getting tickets to diehard supporters who need them. That’s a million miles away from touting, fair play to you.

  42. Thanks Way out West, and Willie Joe too.
    The more Mayo fans mopping up spare tickets the better!

  43. R P Murphy, waiting to hear from Joe. I have 2 left of my 6 spare and one or both are his but if he doesn’t want them you can have. On other post someone said more up for sale again on tickets.ie. GAA have really made a ball of this.

  44. OK Sinéad. Fair play to ya, you’re a star.
    I won’t step on Joe’s toes, let’s wait ’til he speaks to ya.
    Willie Joe, will you do the honours with emails there, thanks a mil.

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