Jersey options aplenty this year

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This day week the first shots will be fired in our 2019 Championship campaign. Often, it’s ahead of the start of summer action each year that supporters’ thoughts start to turn to the match-day gear they’d like to wear into battle. For those contemplating such sartorial choices this year is a bumper one on the jersey front.


It’s easy to forget at this stage but the standard issue green and red number the team will, barring colour clashes, be wearing in our Championship matches this summer is one that was introduced just at the start of this year. It got its first outing in our opening second FBD League fixture, against Leitrim in Carrick-on-Shannon Galway in Tuam in early January, and it’s seen a fair bit of action since then. Details on this jersey are here.

This design incorporates a new goalie’s jersey as well – details on that one here.


Our blue away jersey – also a new model this year – has only been used twice to date, both times against Kerry. By virtue of the fact that the team wore it when winning the League final a month back, however, it has already assumed a kind of iconic status for us. While blue will never be our colour, I’d say plenty of Mayo fans will still be wearing it to our matches in this year’s Championship. Details here.


The jersey the team will be wearing in Gaelic Park next Sunday won’t, though, be either of those. For the occasion and to give a boost to Mayo Day – or, if you prefer, #MayoDay – the team will instead take the field against New York in a striking one-off retro design. This limited edition jersey definitely looks set to be a collector’s item. Full details on it here.


But that’s not all. If retro’s your thing, you’ll be interested to hear that a company called Órga Retrowear recently started to sell a range of retro-style GAA jerseys. One of their designs is a jersey that pays homage to our one from the 1980s, which is not dissimilar to the retro-style one I wear myself to matches. Details on that jersey are here.

So, there’s plenty of choice out there for all tastes. It’s testimony, I guess, to the huge following the team now has that so many jersey options are on offer for supporters who, as so many do, want to wear the team’s colours when they got to shout for them.

As well as a jackpot prize of €13,200 there’s a limited edition Mayo Day jersey up for grabs in tomorrow night’s Mayo GAA Lotto draw. Full details on the draw here.

35 thoughts on “Jersey options aplenty this year

  1. Wearing the retro one to the game — hope I get in. Wearing the new edition around town Saturday during the day and prob the Magic Blue one to Rosie’s. Loaning last year’s model to the daughter’s boyfriend for game day. He will be instructed that he better not spill anything on it if he hopes to stay around for a while!

  2. I checked tg4 schedule for live sports they are showing the ladies league finals Sunday but there is no mention of the game in New York.

  3. Great to see on the retro Jersey the red strip going around the back as well as the front. As it should be.

  4. Hogan stand tweeted it last night but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Hopefully it’s true.

  5. There was a hogan stand tweet stating that TG4 were expected to show live coverage, however the article appears to have been deleted from their website.
    The tweet is still there though.
    I’ve a feeling it’s fake news.

  6. It was a Hogan Stand article but it has been taken down since. Rang Tg4 headquarters there in Galway and they said there sending a crew over for the match for highlights that will be shown on the Monday evening and a programme about the game that will be aired in a couple of weeks on Tg4.
    So no live coverage unless New York or Mayo gaa decide to stream it online, best bet is to listen to either Michael D McAndrew on Mid west or Matty Morrissey on Rte Radio 1.

  7. Yeah James, going to Battery Park. About 10/15 of us! Anyone know can you sneak drink into Gaelic Park now the bar is gone?.. asking for a mate!

  8. Great article on Irish Mirror (if someone could link it) Jason talks about the supporters, the connection with this team and how the fans encouragement helps them from the stands. A great read for a Monday morning!

  9. Can anyone tell me is GAA Headquarters In Croke Park going to discontinue the Connacht Teams going to New York to play New York in a couple of years time ? I hope not

  10. Sorry to be pedantic Willie Joe, but the jersey used in Carrick was the black and red alternative strip (was going to commit an unpardonable error and call it the away strip). That one may be an additional collector’s item, now that it seems to be redundant.

  11. Thanks Willie Joe!! Think I’ll read it yet again! A great Burrishoole and Mayo player.

  12. Mayo GAA TV could make a nice little earner with the spoils being shared between both NY and Mayo CB if they were to get a crew set up over there for Sunday. A lot of people would be willing to pay to view livestream.

  13. Never apologise for pedantry, Catcol! Shame on me too, I was there in Carrick myself that day. Nothing for it but to reach for my usual excuse about colour-blindness … I always liked that red and black strip, by the way, it gave us one of our really great days, in the 2017 semi-final replay win over Kerry.

  14. Always see articles up about Tyrone minors and donegal minors and everything to do underage but I never see mayo post anything about the minor teams therefore leaving me and others clueless about how their getting on and where will they go this year whens championship starting etc
    Any information would be appreciated thanks

  15. Yes, red and black Willie Joe; it is/was a good one. Think the blue is terrible, but it’s amazing what the League win has done for my attitude towards it!

  16. That “Mayo Day” jersey must be popular, it’s already sold out in all sizes on the Elevery’s site.
    It’s available through the O’Neill’s site though.
    Although I see this jersey also has that annoying caveat for us exiles, whereby we can only order the “international” version of it, not the original one on sale in Ireland.
    You can’t even order it and have it sent to an Irish address, it picks up on your IP address and doesn’t allow you.

  17. Four of us going and only 1 ticket between us all. I thought plan B would be to watch it in a local watering hole near Gaelic Park but now that seems off the table…..very disappointing. My guess is that there will be at least a couple of thousand in the same predicament looking for a home. Unfortunately standing in line outside Gaelic Park at 7:00 am is a non starter due to health issues.

  18. Aidan Orme from Knockmore has to be the most in form forward in the County outside the County Senior panel.He scored 1-6 again the weekend against County Champions Ballintubber, 1-3 of that was from play.Looking forward to seeing him feature for the Mayo Under 20s this Summer.

  19. – Is there any ‘bloggers’ get together planned in NY ?.
    – Although it is only really a exhibition game I am heading over as you would imagine the championship will be re- structured before our turn comes round again.
    – No ticket either so guess it will be the nearest pub to watch it….as i cannot see the point in queuing on the Sunday morning as there is no hint of the number of tickets that will actually be on sale, may only be a very small amount.
    – Anyhow safe traveling to the huge numbers that appear to be traveling.

  20. Very short sighted that this game is not being streamed…with many outside the ground not likely to get in, it would have been great if they could get to watch it in a nearby bar.

    Also what facilities are their currently in Gaelic Park? Will their be a bar, marquee, music etc?…or is it all leveled and there will be just seating?

    Prenty can harp on about going for da Craic but it’s not good enough that hard earned money been spent to travel over and fans don’t really know where they stand….

  21. Just for info, Mayo GAA TV tweeted tonight that they won’t be streaming the match on Sunday, citing their inability to secure the rights to do so, see: The bottom line is that the rights to all championship matches are held by RTE and Sky, whose agreement would be needed for any streaming to be put in place for any specific games. I’m aware efforts were made to see if such agreement might be forthcoming in order to enable the match on Sunday to be streamed but sadly it wasn’t.

  22. Just a head’s up to those going to the game. The Yankees are playing at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and the Fiveboro Bike Tour is Sunday morning. It starts at 7:30 am in Manhattan and will eventually make its way to the Bronx. Just heard a commercial for it this morning => another complication to use vs. the uninformed. PS, you’re welcome 😉

  23. Done Deal – I just presumed it would be streamed locally in NY. !!!! Looks like that is not going to happen.

    John Prenty’s comment that 90% of fans will get tickets is going to come back to haunt him.

  24. Thanks for that mayomessi. I’m actually based in the UK, so it defaults to that store due to my IP address, even if you try to access the Irish or US ones.
    A VPN could sort that out though, so there are ways around it.

    As for Sunday, I think the tickets on sale at the gate are going to be quite limited.
    Unless you’re there very early I think it’s unlikely you’ll get them. I’ve resigned myself to that fact now.
    I think the best hope now is to just find a bar that will put on the Midwest commentary for you. If there’s enough Mayo supporters in the one place, I’m sure they would.

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