Joe Canney added to management team

News has broken this morning of the appointment of Corofin’s Joe Canney to Mayo’s management team for 2024. Noted GAA newshound John Fogarty of the Irish Examiner has this scoop, his report on the appointment is here.

The new appointee was a Corofin player when, under Stephen Rochford, they won the All-Ireland club title in 2015. He was then part of Corofin’s management team in 2019 and 2020, an era during which they claimed the Andy Merrigan Cup for three years in succession.

The report doesn’t provide any details on what role the new man will play in the set-up, aside from the observation that he’s coming in to replace Liam McHale. The Ballina man, a long-time wingman for Kevin McStay, departed some weeks back, with his comments about his thinking being out of synch with others on the sideline arguably providing the first piece of tangible evidence that all wasn’t well in the camp, following the hugely disappointing end to our Championship campaign this summer.

One obvious straw in the wind is that the management team which this year included Kevin McStay’s closest confidante will instead have within its ranks next year someone from within Stephen Rochford’s orbit. Will this make things better or worse for us from a management and coaching perspective? Time will, as it always does, tell the tale there.

The best of luck to the new man on his appointment.

174 thoughts on “Joe Canney added to management team

  1. Bizarre move. No clue how this will work, only says one thing to me however : Stephen Rochford is the manager of the Mayo senior football team, and Kevin McStay is just along for the ride.

  2. Interesting one. Appears to be a rochford appointment.

    At 1.3 million spent last year I was thinking maybe there is enough coaches on the ticket that mchale wouldn’t need replacing

  3. Starting to look like a gravy train. What is Canneys experience as coach. I far prefer to see the likes of Colm Boyle being introduced to the management set up….not excited by this appointment

  4. It does make you wonder how this management team was put together and what exactly is Kevin mcstays role in it .I am led to believe that he has very little input into the general team seems Liam McHale had no real input as his philosophy was very different to the others so is there a need to replace him as there surely seems to be enough people involved already

  5. All these coaches and in 2023 we barely got any marks to Aidan.
    Aidan then plays with the tiny resources of his club Breaffy and they have a playbook worked on to kick catchable ball out in front of Aidan.
    Eamon Coughlan had a phrase of “Take care of the minutes before you worry about the seconds”. His point was about just having your basics really good.

  6. Ah, I think you have to trust the decision and anyone who thinks McStay doesn’t have a final say or at least significant influence on any hiring process must be having a laugh! McStay clearly trusts Rochford. Let’s see what 2024 looks like before casting any verdict.

    Year One didn’t end well. Definitely need to see far better championship form next season and for us to go much deeper. We’ve gone out with a whimper 2 years on the trot and that’s simply unacceptable…transition or no transition. Mayo should always be able to compete at the top now.

  7. Canney would be forwards coach I’d imagine going on his previous time working with Corofin.
    Agree with JR , give the man a chance.
    He could be a welcome addition yet.

  8. Agree, lets see what he can bring, hopefully it will result in an improvement in style of play etc. from last year and not just an extra bill to add to the already extremely large one!

  9. Jesus, talk about accentuating the negative. Give the guy a chance. Looks a very interesting appointment to my mind. He’s an outsider, a Galwayman and should have a detached view of our players and set up – all to the good. Corofin’s record speaks for itself, and if Rochy is happy with him, then so am I.

  10. I wouldn’t say anyone with doubts are being negative. Canney probably won’t tip the scales in our favor in terms of winning an all Ireland, but if he did it would be simply amazing.
    Just don’t feel like it’s a great move from us. Rochford is obviously happy with him and Rochford has a great record with his previous assistants (McEntee managing Sligo now started with Stephen), yet I just don’t agree with it. A galway man who played in two all irelands for corofin, and was the stats man when they won the three in the row, I just don’t understand it for either party.
    Surely a young up and coming Galway coach would be better suited coaching in Galway, and gathering experience in any intercounty grade of Galway instead of going straight into The Mayo SENIOR team. How many talented young coaches in Mayo would love and deserve an opportunity in the Mayo backroom? Well, we’re strengthening Galway in the future when Canney goes back to the Tribesmen in a few years time with this experience.
    Also, let’s not forget who this is replacing. Liam McHale was basically forced out because he disagreed with the Loftus at 6 disaster that never worked. Obviously Mcstay and McHale are extremely close, and have never had any disagreements in philosophy over years and years of collaboration.
    So, Rochford gets his way and McHale is gone, and now he gets to bring in his own man, who will obviously agree with everything he wants / does. I’m not necessarily saying this will be a bad thing, I just think it’s a very risky move. Kevin McStay is not the mayo manager. It’s just that simple. We’ve put Rochford firmly in charge of the senior team, and while some people will accept and love that, it just doesn’t feel right. McStay has waited his entire life for his dream job, and is basically third in command now. I just wonder if McStay will have any input at all now in the team. Rochford obviously got us closer than any man to winning an all Ireland, but he’s had four years now and two of them were not any good. It seems we’re going back chasing the 2016/2017 era, when we should be moving forward.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  11. Now I am really beginning to believe what others have suggested here this past few months, who is really in charge in the Mayo set up.

    Probably too many strong personalities in the Mayo set up, to many Cooks etc

    Could turn out to be a very good choice) addition to the management team.

  12. McGuiness was able to do all the jobs on his own in his first year with Donegal, why the need for so many paid Managers and Coaches in an Amateur game?

  13. Retrocut, we need to send a few lads up the way every once in a while. John O’Mahoneys Salthill Knocknacarra lost yesterday against Don Connellans Moycullen who’s backroom includes Maurice Sheridan. St James’ who were managed by Pat Fallon up until last year lost another quarter final.

  14. Is Jarlath Jennings former Hollymount player managing Milltown who are in the Galway county semifinal.

  15. County management should be a Yearly or Seasonal Contract with Review after the 1st Season, 3 years is too long to sign up to anything.

  16. Jarlaths Jennings worked the Oracle with Milltown yesterday and are in the semi final for the first time since 2014. Still have an experienced backbone with some exciting young players.
    Norman O Brien also has kilconly in the Galway intermediate semi final. They lost the final narrowly last year to Dunmore.

  17. It’s a step further into the background for McStay and strengthens Rochfords already strong hand in calling the shots. By all means give him a chance but call a spade a spade. Defining year for McStay.

  18. Im in no doubt now who is the manager of the Mayo football team and its not Kevin McStay. The change in style of play from the league which we won to the championship was remarkable and got me thinking did McStay manage for the league and Rochford for the Championship?

  19. Glory days, I think the fact that other counties were only ramping up during league, and getting their systems in place was the issue there, as opposed to who is in charge.
    For example look at the Kerry away game, they were a rabble at the back, no sweeper etc. We had on occasion one or more men of an overlap bearing down on their goal.
    We could kick ball in direct, diagonally or any which way we wanted.
    Come the serious business of championship other teams had set their stalls out in their defined defensive structures and had their fitness levels at their peak.
    With these in place we were found wanting. We hadn’t any plan for the blankets, and reverted to our old style of trying to run from deep, but with different personnel.

  20. A bit surprised with that now, didn’t think we needed any replacing given that it is a fairly stacked backroom team already. And like what a few others were saying, I would be nervous about bringing in a Galway man when you know well he will be in the Galway squad some day. But he will have a wealth of knowledge in Forward play, that area of North Galway is a breeding ground for good football since bygone days. Ciaran Murphy mentioned that in the last podcast I think. I’m not sure we will be genuine contenders next year, but I expect to see an improved side with learnings taken from 2023. Will be interesting to see what Mickey Harte does up in Derry, I really think if they had more depth in the squad they could win an All-Ireland. McGuinness in Donegal will also be one to watch, I think he will bring something different this time around, not just the boring defensive muck he had them playing 10 years ago. I think he was a bit overrated when he won that All-Ireland with Donegal. They had serious quality up front that time and when they met Kerry in 2014 he was outfoxed at his own game by Fitzmaurice. Dublin believed their own hype going into that year’s semi and Jimmy caught them, Kerry stooped down to his level and got the return.

  21. Whatever about the blanket Gizmo, we beat Kerry in Killarney beat Galway three times and drew the fourth, both teams influenced by the ultra-defensive Paddy Tunny..

    A further plus I think is that Canny is a new voice and will prevent staleness setting in. I would like to hear a bit more about him of course. Thoughts, Big Mike, Tuam Star?

  22. That’s true Catcol, but as nice and all as Kerry and national league win was, the way the Roscommon, Cork, Louth and Dublin games played out at business end of the season the shine was fairly wiped off of it and put a few dinges in to boot.
    Hopeful like us all he will be a positive addition, and given some member of management have been involved for nearly a decade a new voice could be good, but given last year looks like county teams cost us up on €1,300,000 and this year we will have trip to New York to contend with and possibly London as well an additional external coach when we already have such an experienced management team could put even more financial pressure on the CB, who usually put this pain on the clubs who are still heavily levied for a Pitch they rarely get to use….

  23. I can’t believe people are saying mcstay is not in charge, if ye knew the man ye would not be saying that

  24. McHale role was coach/selector with responsibility for liaison with u20. Presumably Canney knows nothing about underage football in mayo and management roles will/should be re jiged. We await further developments. The whole thing rings of another yes man for Rochford when what we really need is diverse robust debate and opinions.
    McStay performance leaves an awful lot to be desired after year 1. Galway weren’t exactly rushing to add Canney to their management team. Sad to think our greatest midfielder ever is the fall guy in all of this. Other heads should have rolled for pathetic decisions and performances v Louth and Cork

  25. @Gizmobobs
    Totally agree with you!
    Not forgetting CB’s inability to organise double headers for club semi finals or at least stagger the times properly

  26. Well if Stephen rochford is the manager then his title shouldn’t be the called the assistant manager.a term that I don’t think has been used before in Gaelic games .I wonder has Kevin mcstay been asked for his thoughts on Liam McHales comment on their very sudden difference of opinion on football philosophy

  27. I doubt if it was any sudden decision. It has the hallmarks of a shutting out of McHale because he offered diverse opinion. Neither Rochford or McStay covered themselves in any glory. And now we have a closing of the ranks by this latest appointment. Why hasn’t McStay come out thanked McHale for his contribution to the cause.
    McStay imo has one more year to prove himself.
    His management style leaves an awful lot to be desired

  28. The guy must have or been exposed to a winning mentality. Is that not exactly what we need? 3 senior AL club championships in a row…

  29. Wow. I hope this thread isn’t a microcosm of the sentiment around the county. Talk about the knives being sharpened!

    I’ll be the first to say that the championship performance of 2023 was not even close to being good enough and the league carries little weight for me and will do next spring also. Judge management by championship ONLY. Maybe it’s just a spill over of negativity and natural pessimism after the ‘21 final (which is definitely still lingering, understandably), but certainly team McStay/Roch deserves a bit more support for year two. I too wasn’t overwhelmed by Loftus at 6; at all, nor did I think we used AOS properly up front and mgnt failed to convince Keegan and Mullin to hang around, so a lot didn’t go right in the first 12 months. If 2024 doesn’t see a marked improvement in both result and strategy then serious doubts will arise but maybe it’s time to ‘support’ them now and back them instead of jumping to conclusions on who is in charge etc. As someone above said, “if you know the man (McStay) you’d not be saying that”. I’ve never met him, but I know enough intelligent football people I trust who know him well and played under him, to know he wouldn’t be playing 2nd fiddle and deserves a shot. One year isn’t enough and while I highlighted the negatives, there were glimpses of class and fight. 2024 is a year Mayo need to be right in the hunt for Sam.

  30. Yea, he must be a useful player in his day, and he’s a Rochford yes man. Doesn’t make him a great coach, didn’t catch the eye of the Galway management team. It’s a joke, this appointment. Gather friends around you and you can do what you like.

  31. Catcol, I haven’t heard much about Canney but I hear very good things about a few others. David Morris is known as a very shrewd operator and would be close to Rochford. Gary Delaney has done fantastically well with Dunmore. I’m also baffled that Kevin Johnson hasn’t been involved in a county set up. Knows Galway and Mayo inside out.

  32. It might not make a difference who they bring in as Dublin or Kerry might have a better bunch of footballers than we do !!!!

  33. We have to be patient, but we have a lot of good young lads through out the county. The mess made with Loftus is beyond belief and then the management washing their hands of all responsibility. They will have their year two……

  34. Our latest bumper club review pod is up now on Patreon, in which Mike is joined by Colm Boyle and Paddy Finnegan, who has just stepped down as Aghamore manager. As well as all the club chat, the lads also provide some first thoughts on Joe Canney’s appointment to the Mayo management team.

  35. My God, I can’t get over the negative reaction on here to this appointment along with the ever growing conspiracy theories. I don’t know anything about Joe Canney, but the management team felt that McHale should be replaced and presumably Rochford recommended Canny as a good fit, given his previous involvement with him and felt that he had the required attributes and I am certain that McStay would have approved the appointment. And as for him being from Galway, coaches cross county borders all the time and if he proves successful at Mayo and eventually ends up back with his own county, we’ll good luck to him. For God’s sake give the man a chance. All these conspiracy theories about who is really in charge, yes men etc.,the buck stops with Mcstay.

  36. Is it any wonder that we repeatedly fail to win the big one when we cut people down before they’ve even started?

    Judge the man on his results a year or two down the road.

  37. More off-field drama incoming with McHales 11th hour withdrawal from the ladies management process. We sure do love our off field dramas in mayo

  38. Hi Quay School – I’ve just mailed you there now. Just want to check if this is something that can be sorted without having to contact Patreon.

  39. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

    The Canney appointment hasn’t even been officially announced yet. We have absolutely no idea what role he’ll fill yet, and more importantly we have had no details on the recruitment process.

    We have no idea if Joe was head hunted by management or if there was a formal recruitment process, and Joe proved the most impressive candidate. There has been enough time for this imo since Liam left.

  40. FrostT do not think anything formal, but recruited by management based on utterings from last CB meeting.

    Heard that last night alright Supermac, meeting tonight will be good craic I say. Best of luck to the next manager has decent squad to work with.

  41. @Gizmobobs

    Hopefully we will get the full picture.

    Wrt his role I’ve seen Stats and Forwards mentioned.

    If Forwards coach, I’d hope a full process was done.

    Stats is a different story. Needs certain qualifications and experience, and I would expect there’s a very limited number of people locally who would match the criteria, so I am more forgiving in this scenario

  42. Liam Mchale

    Last week was selected by the “interview committee” as the best candidate for the ladies senior job. The ladies county board rejected the recommendation and so McHale pulls out.

    Without a doubt mayo is the worst run county in the country. It’s actually embarrassing at this stage. These interview processes need to be done away with. No other serious county goes on with this rubbish, just mayo.

  43. Liam Mchale story is scandalous, I don’t understand how in a county with no hurling, a huge population, a huge amount of resources, spirit, culture, pride, and tradition we still shoot ourselves in the foot over and over and over and over again……..
    It really should not be this complicated.

  44. We are box office entertainment in fairness retrocut.

    It’s a shame it’s gone sideways again. The incoming management team may very very be the best for the job but this won’t help the start of their tenure.

  45. Dissapointing to here on Ah Ref podcast Aidan Orme is pulling out of Mayo squad for next season.Got very little game time from management this season.Best left footed forward we have at present and most in form forward with Stephen O’Malley and Brian Reape in club scene.

  46. Maybe time to follow suit of Irish Rugby in appointing “Outside” management teams.

    Too many connections in the Gaa at local level.

  47. Think Ethan Gibbons done similar last year Achill75. Knockmores gain though, he’s flying at the moment.
    Seemed to get very few chances compared to others. Did he play much or at all after he was left 1 on 1 v Matthew Tierney on our own 6 yard box? How he was one who ended up back there and with no one sweeping in front is again one of the great mysteries.
    The pod like WJs is worth a listen:

  48. I believe that Joe Canney will be a great addition a prominent member for Corafin,as for Kevin McStay not been in charge,give your head a good wobble,in fact give it two,a captain in the army not being able to stand up for himself,he is in charge,with able assistance from his back room team,Mayo will win Sam next year

  49. Bate the blanket,Jim McGuinness had at least ten people in his back room team,don’t try and rewrite history

  50. I hope so to Corick, year ones been rocky with such a poor championship, players opting out of set up, selector abandoning ship disillusioned with system, and expense of running county teams rising.
    Hopefully can turn a corner year 2.

  51. I tend to agree with the above comments on Orme. Really talented lad and is proving his worth at club level not just this year but for the last 3 years. These young players need a constant run of 4/5 league games to get up to speed and feel comfortable. Interesting how some like Carr and Loftus constantly get games whilst others don’t get the same look in.

    I suppose he would always be up against it when a Knockmore man is relying on a ballina man and 2 Crossmolina men to pick him haha.

  52. @Corick Bridge, I like you optimism, I suppose if Ireland can get to and win the Rugby World Cup then anything is possible ( very possible the way things are going ) Professional set up etc.

    Sorry but I don’t see Mayo winning Sam next year, but we live in hope and will wait for 2024.

  53. Ah no bit surprised now by this to be honest…I was all for mcstay getting the job from the beginning and still think he is the guy for the job but he should just go it alone to be honest …

    this is clear as day a Rochford influence and the whole mchale thing dropping out of the management to was red flags .. I didn’t think we needed any more guys coming into management.

    I still think that we will improve next year and no doubt we will still have have the faith as always haha
    we have the players to win sam no doubt about it but management needs to be right sure why in mayo we always do things the hard way haha

    @Bate the blanket great comment agree with you!

  54. @FrostThammer, on the stats front modern technology has made this process a hell of a lot simpler and less time consuming/complex (thank the lord).
    Some of the free apps available today can even give you a serious spread of key data points, before you even go into the paid ones.
    The VEO cameras allow managers to send individual clip by clip analysis to a player as well as team related clips to the team or a group of players at the tap of a button.

    I see some intermediate teams even have GPS trackers on!!

    I’m a big fan of stats and video analysis, but it needs to be specific, and not over done.

  55. I don’t know anything about joe canny and had never heard of him so I have no idea if he will be a good addition to the mayo backroom team .Mayo could well win the all Ireland next year if the entire management team are all on the same page tactically and if it doesn’t take them 12 games to discover that the centre back/ plus one experiment wasn’t working and if we can find a midfielder that can field the ball under pressure and a centre forward who can create something up front.I had and still cling to a hope that Kevin mcstay can be the man that can get us over the line but on the evidence of the first season then there has to be a few doubts creeping in .I didn’t think mcstay ever made captain but his authority was surely questioned when an apparently injured player appeared to refuse to come off right under his nose .I can’t really get my head around the fact that two lads that managed a club team to an Ireland title and Roscommon to a Connacht title suddenly have a totally different outlook on the way they want to play

  56. Just looking at the scores against Ross , Louth , Cork , Galway and Dublin in championship were bullshit this year nowhere near good enough, way of the 20 point average needed to challenge for Sam, same players doing the scoring from play , Only 2 goals in the championship coming from David McBrien and Tommy Conroy.
    Only 3 scorers from play against Cork and Dublin.Too many working type players in the half forward line contributing nothing to the scoreboard.A disastrous year looking back on it.Massive pressure on Rochy and McStay this coming season and I do not want to hear any crap about the League.

    Total 10 points. 6 points from play
    Paddy Durcan 0-1
    Donnacha McHugh 0-1
    Matthew Ruane 0-1
    Tommy Conroy 0-1
    Aidan O’Shea 0-1
    Cillian O’Connor 0-1

    Total 14 points. 6 from play
    Ryan O’Donoghue 0-1
    Paddy Durcan 0-1
    Matthew Ruane 0-1
    Jack Carney 0-1
    Jordan Flynn 0-1
    Fionn McDonagh 0-1

    Total 1 goal 11 points. 1-5 from play
    Ryan O’Donoghue 0-1
    Tommy Conroy 1-1
    Jordan Flynn 0-4

    Total 1 goal 10 points 1-9 from play
    David McBrien 1-0
    Tommy Conroy 0-2
    Paddy Durcan 0-2
    Ryan O’Donoghue 0-1
    Kevin McLoughlin 0-1
    Stephen Coen 0-1
    Cillian O’Connor 0-1
    James Carr 0-1

    Total 11 points. 7 from play
    Ryan O’Donoghue 0-3
    Tommy Conroy 0-2
    Paddy Durcan 0-1
    Jordan Flynn 0-1

    Mayo forwards total points from play
    Tommy Conroy 1-6 from play
    Jordan Flynn 6 pts
    Ryan O’Donoghue 6pts
    Cillian O’Connor 2pts
    James Carr 1 pt
    Aidan O’Shea 1 pt
    Fionn McDonagh 1 pt
    Jack Carney 1pt
    Matty Ruane 1 pt

  57. Who are forwards sub options now James Carr, Conor McStay , Fionn McDonagh and Paul Towey, Conor Loftus? Is there anyone else.
    Really need to see the likes of Brian Reape, Conor Diskin, Frank Irwin ,Stephen O’Malley, Darren Quinn and Cian McHale get a chance in the FBD and early National League games.Not like last year where it was the strongest starting 15 all year.

  58. Achill75, you are conveniently omitting the win against Kerry – 1-19 in their own backyard. We also created another three goal chances that day. Didn’t take them, but creating them is important.

    I think the Louth game unsettled us a bit. Kerry and Dublin hammered Louth, and we should have done much better. It wasn’t so much the lack of scoring against a park-the-bus tactic, but the ability of Louth to score at will and keep us hanging on at the very end, that was worrying. And it came home to roost subsequently.

  59. Catcol, that Kerry game was the league, and a great win at the time. But, if championship proved anything it’s how different teams approach the league, and how it’s different gravy to championship.

  60. * apologies league stage of the championship. Where 75% of the teams go through. Nearly more pointless games than the rugby world cup group stages!

  61. I’d agree Achill75, FBD and early league rounds should be used to blood midfielders and forwards to see who could cut the mustard.
    The December game v club team of year is a good opportunity for lads hoping to make the break through, and to stake a claim to a squad place ahead of some of last year’s extended panel members.

    Several players already been called up so fingers crossed a few gems be found.

  62. Can ye stop talking about the league as if it is a worthwhile competition to win. Focus less on the league and more on the championship.

    Better to ban the league altogether.

  63. When I first heard of the Joe Canney appointment I thought it will surely trigger half of our Mayo fan base as just about every appointment, management decision or County board announcement always does. In truth, no matter who gets a gig in this county he or she will be condemned by half of us before their first day in the job. Could we not for once just give the guy a chance to succeed or fail before making a call on his input.

  64. We certainly have been spoiled,we have won four league titles in my lifetime,a d people don’t value them, what a take down for the players and management teams that put in the effort to win and the supporters who followed them,I believe that when we win Sam people will insist that it is not good enough

  65. Corick, I am sure all fans enjoy the league wins, but for what they are. As they should as it is certainly nice to get. But the reality is for fans, management and the Players especially is they would trade all league, titles from here to eternity for a Sam. The top prize in every sport is the aim for all.
    In coming years the league will likely be gone anyways as it will probably merge into championship, a process already well under way with the daft round robins.

    In other news, Mayo football will get further media coverage courtesy of this:

  66. As the new thread says the perennial ambition of all footballers is to win the all Ireland.No young lad ever had dreams of winning the national league.counties approach the league with various different ambitions for instance kerry made it very clear they had no interest in winning the league this year and .Yes it was great to beat Galway in the final but it’s a means to an end .constantly banging on about winning the league while totally ignoring the calamitous championship campaign that followed is just ignoring the facts.Obviously if we were to win the all Ireland then everyone would be very happy especially the players because everyone’s ambition would then be realised

  67. @corick the reality is that we should have won Sam at least once or twice twice in the last decade we had what 11 chances to do so and all failed its no wonder a lot of us are looking to sam and disregard the league that should be for trying out new players etc don’t get me wrong I was delighted for winning the league but win the league and then back it up by winning sam!!

    we are one of the few counties who always have a good chance at winning sam and that’s what we should be aiming for… while it’s certainly nice to win the league I think other counties laughed at us for celebrating the league then flopping come championship as that’s where they know real game starts …

  68. I know the J.Canney appointment seems a bit left field and has ruffled a few feathers because he’s coming from Galway , but we should give it a chance. Canney is low profile and maybe better suited to working in a group of high-profile coaches. Maybe McRochford have identified a certain weakness in the team’s efficiency and capabilities in the modern game EG- Not being able to score from distance to counter the blanket defence – and Canney is the man with the required coaching philosophy and technical coaching skills to improve that part of Mayo’s game. It’s interesting to watch Corofin’s warm-ups (I know Canney isn’t involved with them this year) but a lot of time is spent on a shooting drill on the right flank of the field. After a quick interchange of hand passes a shot is taken on the players left foot from about 30-35 metres out. Interestingly, the drill isn’t done on the left side- they must believe all players are accurate enough on their right foot. Maybe Canney wasn’t McRochford’s first choice, I’m sure after McHale’s departing comments some coaches might think twice about getting involved in the Mayo set up. As ever, it will be interesting watching developments.

  69. Gizmo, the group stages of the championship were quite cleverly designed. Win and you’re in, in the QF that is. Finish second or third and you are in a play off for the QF, with three games in a row. This unhorsed ourselves, Galway and Roscommon, who had all been flying in June. So every game counted, and if teams couldn’t finish on top they paid a price. McStay knew that from a long way out.

  70. @Wille Joe apologies didn’t mean to add my 2nd name there in my last post wasn’t trying to change my usual name I use on this ha!

    And Rochford really does have a huge say I think mchale didn’t like Rochford style of play as it’s strange as him and mcstay had won all Ireland together so why all of a sudden he didn’t want to work mcstay??..

  71. The appointment of ladies manager is now a minefield. Flaws in procedural manual? How and when are they going to be corrected. And poor Liam McHale has to stay tuned to mid west to learn what happens next. He will be contacted in ‘due course’. As they say in other parts of the country, ‘that beats Banagher’

  72. If McHale goes back in you would have to ask your self why
    Love of the game or love of something else??

  73. As far I can see from last years campaign I didn’t see a huge influence from Rochford, mainly going by what he had done previously in his 2015 – 2017 Spell by setting up to counter the particular opposition.
    The league was excellent in terms of exciting play and scoring prowess but
    It seemed to be predominantly Mc Stay or someone else calling the shots this year.
    Anyway Joe deserves his shot and I wont judge until at least the end of the year is done.

  74. I have seen the Irish Independent take on the new appointment in the Mayo backroom team, and am also a bit baffled by the decision.

    I suppose time will tell if this has been a good move, and good luck to him.

  75. I’m not sure what games you attended Bonni but it was very obvious from sideline activity, the influence of Rochford.
    The addition of Canney to the management team, is the replacement of a coach who offered a different viewpoint, with a more agreeable coach, if very limited experience in forwards coaching
    But its a completed action at this stage.

  76. @ontheditch totally agree with you it had Rochfords style of play all over it during the year it didn’t exactly work out for us did it Rochford brought us as far as he could the time he was in charge and didn’t cross the line so can’t see how his style will this time around and players going over to Rochford for advice during games and not mcstay to yeah players are bound to go to Rochford for advice at some stage but no doubt about it Rochford has a massive influence .

    But this appointment is a mad one to me nothing against Joe canney he might do a decent job we will see next year but the point is that there was obviously trouble between the 3 of them people say there were to many big names maybe so but then don’t go bringing in another replacement for mchale we didn’t need to do it ..

    One thing for sure is there will be massive pressure on this management team next year I’ve no doubt at all we have the players to win Sam but do we have the right management? Mcstay yes is a good manager but I just question the other sorry if its harsh but this is strange all around ..

  77. Clare,I have been watching Mayo a long time,I have criticised players and management down the years,but gave that up about twenty years ago because I realised that I did not have a clue about what was happening at training or other wise ,but the brutal reality is we have never been quite good enough to get over the line,if we were we would have won, we have not so that argument does not stand,the reality is if we had managed to win one everything would have to click on the day for us,whereas for other teams manage even with some mistakes

  78. I agree in full with you Clare and your observations. I’m sorry it’s not Colm Boyle himself that’s the add on to the management. He his passionate about Mayo, hugely respected, is a great game analyser, a born leader, a great understanding and working relationship with young people.
    We somehow have to keep the faith in the management setup that’s there.
    The only logical conclusion is the powers that be want a management team that sing of the one hymn sheet. Not healthy imo, and if Rochford was the defensive coach last year, ther are tears in my eyes….

  79. Sweeper Keeper who is McRochford? We started off with McStay and McHale and Mchale left im not mc lovin it. We are in McDanger of becoming a laughing stock. Oh wait………

  80. @Corick Bridge I have also followed mayo football for a long time we are entitled to point out and question managements style of play and their decision making if we don’t point out the wrong we will never land sam…

    That’s not true so when we lost to the Dubs in 2017 by a single point we werent good enough ? And we definetly have been good enough to win it management plays a huge role in the set up.

    I still have full faith in the players and we can only improve next year and I will still be shouting all the way!

    @on the ditch thanks.. your right there I think colm Boyle would be great manager hopefully he will take a role with mayo in the future! Yeah that’s it just need to keep the faith guess we will see next year but as colm Boyle says it doesn’t sit right me either ..but sure as always I’ll be cheering them on haha!

  81. Boyler’s reasoning is ludicrous; we already have an outside the county man – Buckley, had two of them in Boyler’s playing days (McEntee and Buckley). He just doesn’t like a Galwayman getting involved. As Big Mike has pointed out, Galway is awash with Mayo managerial/selectorial/coaching talent stretching all the way from Ford and O’Mahony down to Maurice Sheridan.

    Sweeper/Keeper’s post is interesting and may point to different approaches in the new season. We seem to be hooked on having big names (I have been guilty of this myself, dismissing Horan originally). My argument at the time was something like this: who the hell is Horan? Getting Ballintubber to a county final – big deal; look at the record of Tommy Lyons and how can he be overlooked? The point is that someone in the set up was aware of Horan’s potential and backed that judgement. The fact that we know little about Canney, just shows how little we know.

  82. Reason we didn’t get over the line v the Dubs in the past was that they had a rub of the green at times and had a far stronger subs bench than we had .
    Boyler is involved with the Mayo underage set up for the last few year. Personally I think that’s the ideal age for him to part with his knowledge if we are thinking long term development .
    Boyler wasn’t impressed with McHales comments after leaving, not sure his comments are helpful either but both entitled to voice their opinions to the media .

  83. @My Ball we didn’t get over the line in 2013 because we left Higgins marking a lame man in the last few vital minutes, should have put oShea to FF
    I won’t the Vaughan incident.
    We took Boyler off several times when he was only getting going, due to some stats madness.
    What a boost him going off gave to the opposition

  84. Oh Christ that fookin blasted tracker time rule on boyler that year drove me round the bend . Quick get him off if he runs ten more metres he’ll die .

  85. We’ve played 13 AIFs without winning 1, I’ve no problem going outside the Tribe to get some help.

  86. Apart from the 2004 and 2006 finals we probably were good enough in the other finals but bad decisions on the field and some disastrous management mistakes have been costly going back to starting an injured TJ kilgannon in the 89 final to the decision to leave pat fallon out of the match day panel in the 96 final on to starting an injured dermot Flanagan in the 97 final on to taking Alan freeman off in the 13 final and of course leaving Keith Higgins marking o gara who couldn’t walk .Then the disastrous change of goalkeeper in the 16 final which resulted in lee keegan being black carded and a game defining penalty being conceded.Of course you can’t legislate for donie Vaughans moment of madness in 2017 .In a strange way corrick has a point because it’s the sum of the parts and the management have a massive influence in what happens on the field and we have found numerous different ways to shoot ourselves in the foot

  87. As much as I admired Colm Boyle as a footballer in the past and as a pundit now, I must say I was surprised by his comments on the appointment of the new member of the Mayo management team. He said himself that its maybe because he, (Boyle), is from near the Galway border. And maybe he’s right. Canny isn’t the first GAA person to take on a post outside his county, and he won’t be the last. Galway themselves weren’t shy in taking on people from Mayo in the past to their management teams. The names O’Mahony and Ford come to mind.
    I also see that Stephen Rochford is taking some criticism on this blog. It was pointed out that he took the team as far as he could without winning Sam when he was Mayo manager. My answer to that is that’s as far as anybody, and further than most have done in the last 72 years.
    This is year two of the McStay management team, (with one change), coming up. Let’s see how they get on.

  88. This compounds everything I have been saying on this blog. Rochford has way too much clout. He seems to be controlling everything. Puke style of possession football etc. I hear men saying oh the players aren’t good enough. Well they are the same players we expected to win an all Ireland in 21. The management is becoming a joke. Who knows maybe this latest genius would have known the premonitions of the last kick of the game against cork. For sure nobody else did. A circus.

  89. @craggy boglands game against cork was the worst in a long time and so disheartening had it in our hands and then flop and no back up plan…

    I’m not surprised at all by colm Boyle comments he’s spot on … I mean for mchale to drop out as he didn’t agree with style of play fair enough from him don’t blame him at all for that one but then for mcstay to replace him and they won an all Ireland together and are close but then suddenly mchale doesn’t agree? Strange .. its baffling really I feel sorry for mchale in a way to..

    I guess we just need to keep the faith in management ha but we are right to question this to. Ive no doubt we have the players to win Sam and we should have had at Least 2 or 3 all irelands in the last decade even my mad dub gaa mates said we were totally good enough to win Sam on multiple occasions but it was bad management decisions that let us down and its true management plays a huge part in how a team goes.

  90. We’re complaining we’re getting a coach who was part of a team that won 3 senior club all Irelands in a row in Croke park

  91. Ah Clare, we can’t blame management for every single loss. They’ve outside the white line once the whistle blows, the players have to take some of the responsibility for bad decisions, poor shot selection, losing focus in games plus a lot of fitness, diet, lifestyle habits are left to the players themselves. The management can’t live with the squad. And I’m no apologist for managers. It’s a combo players management and even supporters and fans. Anyway, enough said, we don’t have as talented a squad as we had in the 2012 -2017 years so i’m not harbouring big hopes for 2024 no matter who McStay brings in.

  92. Everyone remember where we were in 2010 and how we responded to it.
    We are not that far away.
    We are in the top 5 or 6 without any outstanding team above us.

  93. This it it JR, we have a pretty big pick, are football obsessed and do not have to compete with hurling.
    We also horse money into it, which most counties can only dream of…..and rising.

  94. @maumtrasna view ah now when did they I say I blamed management for every single loss?? I said management have a massive impact on how a team performs and it does and of course players can have off days to… I also said I have backed mcstay since day 1 but to many voices in his background team and mchale departing red flag…

    And I disagree we do we have a talented squad maybe not as much as 2017 era etc but did not same team
    Knock out the Dubs in 21 first to do it in 6 years? Also we are a very young team to…

    we also found a top class goalie I’m colm reape yes needs to work on kick outs but he made some magic saves this year… yes I have some questions over the management new appointment and mchale departing we are entitled to question it..

    …but I have full faith we will do better next year and we are always there at the end or there abouts and that’s cause we have guys who are talented enough to do so

    If people dont like calling out management for strange decisions fair enough … but if you don’t call out bad style of play & strange decisions we will never bring it home even though we have the talent to do it ..also with Tommy conroy back at full 100 % fitness next year he be hard stopping!

  95. Stan. Winning a club all Ireland is light years away from inter County football. How many did armagh win after Crossmaglen being so dominant. This ..on my ticket Bobby Robson/ Steve Staunton type set up is already crumbling after one year.

  96. Craggy,take them logs off your shoulders about Stephen Rochford,whatever he done to you he is an outstanding coach part of an outstanding management team who will win Sam,enjoy yourself man ,have some enjoyment,you will feel far better

  97. Corick, hopefully they will prove to be an outstanding management team for us, they have not done so yet based on last years disastrous championship. The 4/5 that remain after 1 left disillusioned have another 1-3 years to earn that moniker of outstanding so fingers crossed.

  98. Boyler getting a fair bit of stick for wearing his heart on his sleeve . Is it any wonder interviews are so bland in the main . Look at the reaction here to a few of us simply voicing an opinion that we wouldn’t be in favour of this appointment. Narrow minded , insular etc has been thrown at me . I hope he adds something of course but all I was saying was it was a little bizzare to even replace Mchale , surely there’s enough there anyway , more expense for a county that is not really primed for the forseeable to lift Sam

  99. Too many cooks.

    There is only one captain on every ship – just a little unsure at this stage exactly the captain is?

  100. Would we be better off putting more of our overall budget into u20.
    Just a few short years ago we had an u20 team that looked like they’d not had one weights session. Players should be leaving u20 with the senior build starting to show. Especially in development of leg strength to be explosive and able to leap high.

  101. It probably doesn’t matter all that much who comes into the Mayo setup.

    The real deal is the old conundrum with Mayo teams.
    Can they outscore the opposition?
    Are there new forwards putting their hands up in the County championship so far ?
    If so, will they be brought in to the panel?

    11 or 14 points will win Mayo teams nothing in Croke Park in the race for Sam, as the best teams are well able to breach any type of blanket defence setups.

    We are talking about 2025 or 2026 before we are really competitive again.

    No mention of any Dublin retirement so far

  102. Bate the blanket … your right….If we had Jim Gavin in as manager , there would be no guarantee of winning Sam …
    Not a whole lot yet have put their hands up in the club championship re scoring forwards.

  103. Even the presence of someone like Boyle on our sidelines would be inspirational. But instead we get a friend of Rochfords. It’s unbelievable. Has McStay commented yet? Has Canney got a coaching cv? Heads should have rolled after the persevering with a disasterous defensive system that saw us scrape past Louth and tri themselves up v Cork. Canney will be expensive and with limited knowledge of mayo clubs. But let’s see what McStay has to say.

  104. Boyler may not have time to commit to the senior set up.He has a job , his club , family.
    Perhaps the u17s is his preferred role .
    We don’t know .
    He was always very complimentary about Donie Buckley and the work he did with Mayo .
    No issues with learning from a Kerry man .
    Hopefully Canney will add something similar.
    Some of the comments about him are a bit over the top and I’m pretty sure WJ wouldn’t tolerate them if said about a player .
    Let’s see how the new season pans out before criticising his addition.

  105. So we don’t know if J Canney has CV,but we or least some of us know that he will be expensive

  106. Everything is expensive Corick when you are already up to your eyeballs in debt.

    Cost of teams rose about €100,000 last year and while inflation a factor not that much, especially when consider there was no New York/London trips or hurling finals in Dublin to add to it. And if you were right and I was wrong about last season being so short for management it makes the rise in expenses feven more dramatic!!

  107. Mayo are at a rebuilding a panel of players that can take us back to the top level. Management play a vital role in the rebuilding process. All we know is that Canney has been co-opted to the team. What skills does he bring to the table???
    Supporters deserve a statement at least as to what we can expect from this guy/ what his role will be/ why we need him.

  108. Corrick could you tell us what you know about joe canny and his suitability for the mayo backroom team .I have to say I never heard of him before this week.I haven’t seen anyone on here criticising him but as this a mayo football forum and the thread is about his appointment I would imagine people would comment on what on the face of it seems a very unusual appointment.Basically Liam McHale left the mayo set up because he was surplus to requirements so is there really any need to replace him .In one of Kevin mcstays early interviews he detailed how Damien mulligan donie Buckley Liam McHale and Stephen rochford were all coaches and he himself would also be involved in the coaching.It is at this stage well documented how poorly set up defensively we were this year eventually resulting in our worst championship defeat in 17 years so what exactly were all these coaches coaching.As gizmo points out all of theese coaches cost money and on the basis of mayo’s last two championships we are now very clearly on a downward spiral and certainly at this moment in time cannot be considered contenders and the sponsorship will begin to dry up if the results continue as they are .over last two seasons beaten by Galway at home .Beaten by 9 points by Kerry.Beaten at home by Roscommon.beaten by cork and hammered by Dublin.I know you continue to repeat that mayo will win Sam next year but this is not the trajectory of a team progressing and are just facts unfortunately

  109. Published team costs do not stand up to scrutiny, where are the details of payment to Doctors,physics,
    Dieticians etc,etc before we get to the management team.
    Worse than RTE
    Some day it will dawn on players that they are the only ones not getting paid, but maybe I am wrong there with so much player sponsorship

  110. JR are Doctors and physios not included in the €1,3 million? I have to admit as they were draft figures i did not look in to the details as thought would wait for final ones, but presumed they would have been included as they are justifiable costs.
    The eerrrr other payments some unscrupulous counties pay to their coaches and managers would not be included in the €1.3 alright but I am sure we would not do such a thing…. 🙂

  111. Surely there’s merit in having a much smaller panel in order that the resources per player are higher?

  112. I suppose they need around the 35 to 40 mark for training games, will always be several lads of that number on sideline nursing an injury.

  113. Any talk of an All Ireland is fantasy stuff.
    There will be very few tipping Mayo to make a semi final, never mind win the thing out.

  114. I know from visiting Beclare that he was very highly thought of in the Corafin setup ,in case it has slipped your mind they won three all Irelands

  115. Anyone who thinks Mayo have the players to win SAM haven’t seen a lot of games in the senior club championship. The standard has been very poor – especially forward play.
    Have we the players with the right mentality that will stand up and be counted when the heat comes on in big championship games. Looking at the performance of a number of players against Tyrone in 21, Kerry in 22 and Roscommon, Cork and Dublin this year it looks like we are mentally very weak and players go into their shell when the heat comes on. This is not an easy thing to change.

  116. Next year will be ten years since we beat either Galway or Roscommon at home in championship

  117. Fair enough corrick .I have never heard his name mentioned before but Liam McHale was also major part of an Ireland Winning management team.maybe we should bring in the entire corifin backroom team .the question is would they know anything about the mayo club scene .I doubt anyone has anything against joe canny but is there really any need to have yet another coach involved

  118. No one said anything bad against Joe canney on the blog I don’t know the guy at all or what he would be like maybe he will do good maybe not …

    The criticism was not aimed at all at Joe canney .. was aimed at the fact that mchale stepped away and then got replaced when he didn’t need to be replaced as many felt there was to many voices in the background team and I’m sure mchale will feel a slap in the face to especially as they won all Ireland together and all of a sudden didn’t like the style of play from certain people in set up …

    I just think it’s an overall mad strange decision to bring someone in else in when there was no need and as I said colm Boyle was right to point that out to I just think it makes us look ridiculous to after mchale departs we go and do this I don’t know time will tell if it’ll be good or not who knows…

    I still think we will bounce back next year and we certainly have the players to win Sam no doubt about it and I have been watching the club scene to wasn’t great but the guys who are on county where miles ahead of the the rest espcially for the likes of sam calinan in particular what an exciting young player…!

  119. Biggest concern with this is that Canny is green at this level. Usually you go outside your county to get someone who has a track record. Will be interested to see what his actual role will be.

  120. @ On the ditch , it was more of a general comment on Rochford’s influence this season compared to his previous managerial run. No doubt he had visibiliuty on the side-line. Previously he always had a surprise for the opposition, O Shea marking Donaghy in the SF’s for example. This years championship play was dire at times in terms of lateral hand passing and attempting the same strategy over and over. Hard to watch at times and looked like V Dublin we had run out of legs and ideas. Roll on New York!

  121. I was personally never convinced about this management setup as I always though it was a throw back to Mayo in the 80’s…….. I kinda prefered Dempsey. He has the Knockmore attitude that I like…….but to be fair we have to give them a clean shot.
    In the end I think it was the appointment most people wanted
    You cant give a guy a job and not let him do it or criticise every failure either.
    Sometimes things change and guys go in different directions like McHale and that’s just the way it is. You never know what is going on in the background.
    If they want to bring in guy they clearly rate then that’s their call.
    Having a guy who has success in the past cant hurt. Limerick hurlers appointed Paul Kinnerk as their hurling coach.
    A football guy who never played hurling beyond U14 I dont think…….there was huge opposition to that in hurling circles but the guys on the inside knew what they were doing.
    18 months ago we all though Rochford / McHale etc knew what they were doing.
    Only time will tell if we were right……..they have the stage.
    If we have a great year next year and show progress then the view of 2023 will change in that context.
    Its certain though that if we have a bad year next year their chance will be gone.

  122. I genuinely hope Rochy, or Joe Canny haven’t been scrolling through this particular set of posts.

  123. @catcol nothing bad was said against Joe canney ? It was more against the decision to bring some one else into the management team after mchale left ..

    None of the comments where bad towards canney .
    People are entitled to question the reasoning behind this decision.

    I’m sure they do read the blog but they also know not everyone is going to agree on their decisions !

  124. Dear lord as far as I know this a forum on mayo football where the main topic is the senior football team so the appointment of a new member to the senior management was put up as a thread so obviously that would prompt discussion on the subject.As far as I can see nothing untoward has been said about joe canny but all theese lads that go into senior management know they are leaving themselves open to criticism as well as praise .After all the members of management are being compensated for their time .only someone detached from reality could claim this year’s championship campaign went well so replacing a former legendary mayo player with a general with a generally unknown lad from corofin is of interest to the mayo public.Kevin mcstay and Stephen rochford are not rookies.they both have extensive experience at inter county level and also know the pitfalls .I don’t know if they read this blog but if they had been reading it last February they would have seen the concerns of playing a lad in a totally unsuitable critical position and mightn’t have taken them 12 games to come to the same conclusion.I genuinely hope that Kevin mcstays dreams of becoming mayo manager don’t turn into a nightmare for him

  125. Very hard to find out anything about Canney’s coaching background. He seems to be into the CARVER Coaching & Performance Books. Maybe he is starting out on coaching career and Rochford agreed to take him under his wing. Learn from the maestro. But a statement from McStay wouldn’t go astray. We wait. Like Clare I question the appointment. And I believe there is young talent coming through, just may take a couple of years…

  126. @ontheditch agree with you to.. we definetly do have the players but they are very young look at Bob touhy he’s a star in the making ..sam calinan etc the future doesn’t look bleak at all to me…

    But I just don’t get this appointment at all if I’m honest and that’s nothing against Joe canney as I said it just seems a bit all over the place now. But sure time will tell next year ..

  127. @ Clare. I can’t see Canney being over influential. I expect he will just row in with Rochford. Unfortunately Canney completes the jig saw puzzle, they have an agreeable management team in place, rather than a collection of diverse thinkers with McStay making executive decisions like any good assertive manager. Like yourself, I had great hopes for a McStay led team, but I don’t know if we will get that.
    Good young players cuing up for sure, it will take time, I’d give them plenty of opportunities in the league, no big deal if we go down, dubs did it from div 2.
    Enjoy the games over weekend, I know you’ve rowed nin with Ballina Stphs, though knockmore are not going to roll over ..

  128. Some fairly embarrassing nonsense on here and especially from Colm Boyle tbh. Quite disappointing. The idea that we, Mayo, the most starved big entity on football at winning All Ireland’s, should turn out nose up at a key figure from Corofin, a place that has all Ireland’s rolling out of their ears, is quite nauseating to be honest. Winners breed winners. Some people, including Colm, need to get on board

  129. You are entitled to your opinion Stephenite. Canney is joining as an inexperienced coach.

  130. @stephenite now wouldn’t call it embaressing we are entitled to question this decision your entitled to your opinion to of course. We don’t need to get on board with every decision management makes.

    How is canney a key figure ?? I’ve not heard much about him at all before he’s inexperienced as coaching goes colm Boyle getting bit of abuse for pointing out the facts to he’s always been fair and honest in his opinions ….

    @on the ditch yes totally agree with you .. and David mcbrien , colm reape are magic players to just will take time to get their full potential !

    Yeah I just have a feeling its a bit of a mad rushed decision but sure we shall see next year !

    Thanks hope you enjoy the games to yes fingers crossed for ballina..knockmore will be tough but I think ballina have the hunger for it this year !!

  131. Maybe if the management would actually come out and say something about joe cannys appointment then it might help.some on here claim he is a highly experienced and valuable member of the corofin management and some say he is very inexperienced.i saw a comment here earlier in the week where it was stated that joe canny deserves his shot with mayo.really!!!!!!!!so by that everyone involved with corofin deserve their chance with mayo .joe canny could well be an excellent addition but perhaps it would help if our manager would come out and shed some light on how this process was conducted and maybe also give his thoughts on liam McHales departure

  132. Do every intercounty management team come out and list their backroom team – who they are, what their role is, what experience they have etc. I don’t think so.
    Did Dessie Farrell or Henry Shefflin or Jack o Connor every come out and give full details of their back room team. There are probably lads been added and dropping out of these backroom teams and no one knows its happening. I wouldn’t hold anything against Joe Canney because he hasn’t intercounty experience. Mabye he is exactly what we need – a new voice with new ideas etc
    After all last year we had plenty of people in the backroom team with plenty of intercounty experience and it didn’t work out too well.

  133. It is great to have a new voice especially a forwards coach being brought into set up .After this years disappointment it cannot do any harm. Also an outside voice is also good. I am flabbergasted with COLM BOYLE saying because he is a Galway man he should not be added to the set up. I would take a full Galway backroom team if they could help us win SAM.

  134. South Mayo Exile if you search the county name and management/backroom teams on Google you get a fair few results with names listed.
    You right also about people coming in and out doing short stints on top of this, like guest trainers. I’ve seen lads doing training with team and not clue who they are.

  135. Well Kevin mcstay listed his backroom team on applying for the job and this appointment was first reported on by the Irish the lad is a forwards coach at least that’s some form of information on what his role will be .best of luck to him

  136. @Jimbo it was more of a strange decision that colm Boyle thought it was and it is and Rochford clearly knows the guy well to clear as day Rochford has influence on this decision and he is unexperienced to as a coach so colm Boyle was 100% right to say it !!

    The Galway part was more heart on sleeve stuff but at least he was honest. You’d take a full Galway background team haha
    I’ve no issue at all with him being from Galway dont know the guy like it’s more how this was gone about that bothers me ..

    @south mayo exile mcstay should come out and make a statement on this as it is technically a replacement for mchale so is it any wonder we are asking questions??

    Best of luck to Joe canney hopefully he can bring something to the team as I said I’ve nothing personal against him or where he’s from haha just the way it was gone about by management .

  137. I can’t believe that we would appoint an inexperienced coach,which we have a coach like C Boyle ready to step up,now before people start calling me out about C Boyle,I now to no one in my admiration for him ,he gave us outstanding service ,and may well lead us to fantastic glory in the future,

  138. @corick Bridge exactly ! Your spot on also colm Boyle has been great influence on young players to hopefully we see him come in the future for mayo

  139. @Tubberman colm Boyle just gave an opinion on this appointment that was it . I meant that I would hope to see colm Boyle in some kind of management position with mayo seniors in the future that’s all!

  140. Christ, I misread it as Joe Canning! I know feck all about Canney but if he’s coming into Mayo as a forwards coach you would wonder why Joyce didnt pick him up as we certainly could do with a forwards coach. 2023 a poor season for Galway and Mayo. I hope Joyce trawls the county in the league for trying out players, I dont care about a league win to be honest just avoid relegation. Minimum for Joyce is to get to a semi final next year with Mulkerrins, Silke and Molloy back and hopefully we can get less injuries but i’m losing faith on that count. I dont know what Mayo will produce in 2024 but if we play ye again in a knockout a week before a match against the Dubs or Kerry we/ye can forget it (assuming its our turn for a 1 point win). Galway and Mayo need to get in top 2 in whatever group we are in. Woolly thought ye had too many coaches and managers but Cheddar put him straight in an interesting debate on Smaller Fish.

  141. I would be a lot happier if Colm Boyle was added to the coaching team. I know a poster said he was involved at u17 level. I respect different opinions however and maybe Canney will deliver. Even expense and availability, familiarity with the club scene in the county are all issues imo.
    McStay could have made a statement on his appointment that would have made acceptance easier. But that didn’t happen.

  142. Clare ,you misread my post,people saying that J Canney is not experienced,what experience does C Boyle have as a coach?

  143. Give the lad a chance
    Horan had no inter county pedigree when he took the Mayo job but he transformed us.

  144. How many club all Ireland s did McEntire win. Did he make one bit of difference in mayo. No. Rochford never done anything to me…. its what he doing to mayo football that bothers me. How about getting some players in.. enough ie enough of this so called super management team. Corrick if you think we are winning sam in 2024. . Only one word springs to mind. Dillusion. What in 2023 would make anyone suggest that we are getting close. Was it not the worst championship since 2010. But we did win two second rate competition s that most serious team s use as a practice ground for the real deal.

  145. @corick Bridge never said colm Boyle brought experience did i?? What experience does canney bring???

    @Chesneychet even as a person from Galway never heard of him says it all…exactly why didn’t Galway pick up canney if he’s so good?? It makes us look ridiculous tbh

    @craggy boglands my hope for sam next year is slipping and you know me I’m one to never one loose hope haha! but I fear for this management team now to be honest…..

  146. @Clare. Don’t lose the faith but imo it might not happen next year. If we can give young lads a chance and go as far as we can in championship, it will be a good year. I feel the northern counties are most likely to make the big break next year but we have some great league games to look forward, great for breaking in new players.

  147. @ontheditch ah no haven’t lost the faith just yet 🙂 fully believe we have the players to do it but management needs to be right at the end of the day.

    Yeah I hope the likes of Bob touhy gets more game time ..I wonder is niall hurley still a bit to young to be brought up to seniors ? He’s an exciting player to..

    You could be right with Northern teams I would have tipped Derry to go far but think they’ve gone backwards in bringing in harte as manager..

    Come on ballina today ha!

  148. Murray not starting for Ballina, very surprised to see Ger Cafferkey starting after what happened last round

  149. In my mind seventies now following Mayo for almost sixty years,if I survive I will set off to matches with the exact same enthusiasm as I had from the first game I attended,I always expect to win but when we don’t I will go to pub have a few pints have some banter with other people,I will certainly enjoy myself without criticising either team or management I will return home happy to have had a good day out,I won’t be so judgemental as to call out ma where who have actually won all Ireland’s as player and manger,I w.not believe that an officer in the army would not be able to stand his ground ,I believe that with our excellent management team and talented players are well able to mount a strong challenge for Sam, I don’t that I have the knowledge to call out our players or managers, I don’t know where some of the critics have that experience to be so critical of experts

  150. Corick bridge, your demographic profile nearly matches my own; and your attitude does too!

    I’ve got to the stage where victories along the way are really to be celebrated. I savoured the two big wins against Galway this year – loved the whole Galway atmosphere in late June and the league final was special – especially meeting with John G. and Rob Murphy afterwards. Oh and a couple of pints in The Palace as well! Killarney was great but I was so hassled getting there and back, I didn’t savour it as much as I would have liked. The new structure militates against enjoyment as well, because we are all hurtled into the next game before we have time to blink.

  151. Catcol,sport is to be enjoyed,long may we continue to enjoy it,for sure if I fail to enjoy it I will stop attending,and I have been to some terrible beatings, Tuam,when we lost by about twenty points, Kerry ,a d Cork gave some heavy beatings,but still returned for some fun,I will certainly stop if I get bitter about football

  152. I always enjoy the experience of games, even the loses which can cut deep. I think everyone who goes does, or else what’s the point as you say?
    People who give up there time freely should not be subject to harsh criticism.
    The reality now though is their is serious money involved with the growth in professional (unofficially) coaches/Managers. Look at our own set up this year, despite no foreign trips like we had last year, we still managed to increase the expense on county teams way ahead of inflation. And this impacts us all, especially clubs. Levy for McHale park which is not fit for purpose hangs like a noose around clubs necks and will continue to do so at this rate.
    Match tickets or streaming services increasing in price, the cost impacts the many, but benefits the few.
    So when people’s own money is being impacted it’s natural they will express their views.

  153. I would imagine that over my almost sixty years of following Mayo that at today’s money I have spent at least sixty thousand euros supporting Mayo, in tickets travel,food and liquid,I don’t regret it,but I don’t believe that I am entitled to have a say in management or team selection,I willingly follow my team because I enjoy it,if I did not enjoy it I would stop

  154. Would say I could spend similar. Doesn’t be long adding up. Everyone is entitled to an opinion though. Especially when money they spend is being used.
    In the first 40+ years following the team Corick how many men/women were pulling a wage out of the CB coffers compared to now? It’s not really that amateur anymore.

  155. Don’t be like Colm ORorke,starry eyed about the past,some people always got money ,it is just that it is transparent now, Colm talking about manly football,when I have seen Mayo players with broken jaws from opposition players who got all stars,football is in a good place right now,although I believe that we will see big changes in the future,I can’t see a future for a championship with one competitive team from Leinster,two from Munster,two/three from Connaught,two/three from Ulster,when we can get a far more competitive solution

  156. It’s far from transparent now Corick. How much of Kevin’s, Donie et als money bar the basic mileage is included in the €1,300,000 spend last year?
    Same with all other counties….

  157. I wouldn’t agree football is in that good a place now either, it’s gone so negative it’s getting boring and monotonous. You could count on one hand the amount of good championship games this year, and we had a hell of a lot of games.
    Can see it in the lowering attendances.

  158. There should be no Galway men involved in Mayo Senior team. Whats needed is someone than can get Mayo to score at least a few points in the last fifteen minutes of games. Records show Mayo have scored very little in the last 15 minutes of their all Ireland finals and indeed have gone for long periods in most games without scoring this problem has to be solved and I dont think the present Management team will do this with their games plans.

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