Joe McQuillan is the ref for the final

Cavan official Joe McQuillan was today confirmed as the referee for this year’s All-Ireland final. It’s the fourth time the Kill Shamrocks clubman will officiate in a decider, having first done so for the Dublin/Kerry final in 2011. He was also in charge of two finals involving us, in 2013 and 2017, both against Dublin.

Linesmen for the decider on 11th September are Meath’s David Gough – who’s also the standby referee – and Brendan Cawley of Kildare. Down’s Ciaran Branagan is the fourth official.

Reffing a Gaelic football match is no picnic at the best of times and in the cauldron that is an All-Ireland final at Croke Park it’s certainly not a job for the faint-hearted. We’ve had good days and bad days with different officials but what all of them have in common is that they tried to ref the game the best way they could.

Joe McQuillan will be no different the next day and all we can hope for is that he makes a decent fist of it. The rest is down to us. Best of luck to Joe and his colleagues in their endeavours on Saturday week.

98 thoughts on “Joe McQuillan is the ref for the final

  1. An Ulster Referee when Mayo are playing an Ulster team, a Leinster Referee when Mayo played the Dubs.
    Speaking of referees I’m watching Ireland missing out on two legitimate penalties v Portugal.
    Cavan is very close to Tyrone.
    This has shades of 1996, a Monaghan Referee that played golf in Meath.
    Why no Leinster or Munster Ref ??

  2. Be careful for what you wish for there, Mayo88! Leinster could have seen us with Maurice Deegan while from Munster it could have been Conor Lane …

  3. I think he did a good job in 2017 final and have no worries about him for this final. Jesus Willie Joe don’t mention the D word when it comes to refs!!!

  4. Joe McQuillan is from Tullyvin in Cavan. He lives 137km from Charlestown and 111Km from Strabane. Hardly close to Tyrone.

  5. Help me please. I live in the sunny south east but want to be in Mayo to savour the feelings. It’ll cost me about 200 for 2 nights….stay or go. The heart says go. The head says go. My wife says…what if…. it’s a dilemma. Please Willie Joe, what will I do…
    PS Maigheo abú

  6. Good luck to Joe and I hope he has a good game. Giving out about the referee before the game is pointless and ridiculous.

  7. There is no love lost in many Ulster counties for Tyrone either . Having said that I’d have preferred Gough purely because he is a better ref

  8. At least Dublin will have some representation at Croke Park on the big day.

    Dublin Joe is your man. David Gough must be thinking is there anything to be said for saying a mass.

  9. That’s a tired old trope, Carrot face, and I’m not sure it was ever relevant. In any event, Dublin aren’t in the final so it’s certainly of no relevance this year.

  10. REDCOL’s comparison of distances from Joe McQuillan’s home to Mayo and Tyrone interestingly and possibly disingenuously chooses the very nearest point in Mayo and compares this with the very furthest point in Tyrone. Tullyvin is 59km from Benburb in Tyrone. It is 232km from Belmullet. His assertion that “this is hardly close to Tyrone” hardly stacks up!

  11. Has Joe McQuillan ever had a game when he done us over? The obvious ones I remember are the 2013 final, draw with Dublin in 2015 and the 2017 final. We got a fair shake in all those games.

    I think some people are stressed out with the ticket situation and looking to blame someone…

  12. Time will tell how good or bad joe will be as ref on sat week, but there were more neutral choices like Gough, 1996 ref was from the border of Meath and we know what happened there. The linesmen are as important as the ref and at least I have confidence in them

  13. Happy with joe. It wont matter who refs it. Were much better stronger team than tyrone. We will win and win well.

  14. Wide ball I don’t believe he has intentionally done us over but he did miss a stone wall penalty for keegan late in 2017 final and also gave a free to Dublin at the end of the first half when two Dublin players ran into each other. Those dubious decisions aside I think he’s been fair and don’t doubt he tries to be fair to both sides

  15. He’s the lad that when we were 2 points down to Dublin and got a free, told COD there was 5 minutes left on the clock. So COD went for a point, Mayo were in their stride. Straight after Cluxons kickout he blew the game up. Dublin win by a point. I’ve no respect for him after that!

  16. For those of you complaining about Joe, just remember Cormac R who refereed the replayed semi final in 2014 in Limerick. Now that was a day when we were really screwed by a ref .Would have no major gripes about other games(though its always possible to find fault) Would have preferred Gough, but Joe it is and I am sure he will do his best.

  17. Yes Rock scored that free in 2017. Just about the last kick of the first half. You could see that Mayo were fuming while running off the pitch at half time. That was an awful decision for sure. Take that score away and the match ends level, not a 1 point loss.

  18. Just to take the edge off things in here for a moment. Matt Mulloys reopened on Monday.
    See ye all there on the 12th. No tickets or referee required.

  19. @Our time has come, that free wasn’t given for the 2 Dublin players running into each other. It was just after when Donie Vaughan tackled a Dublin player. It was a soft free, but definitely not something to hold against McQuillan 4 years later.

  20. I think what’s important for the Ref in an All Ireland final is that he remembers that it’s the same rules for both sides and regardless of who’s playing it’s the same rules.. For Dublin games, especially the last time we played Dublin, you wouldn’t get away with what 3 Dublin players did in any sport, except Gaelic Football if Dublin are the perpetrators.. Having watched that game several times, there were no less than 4 blatent Red Card offences missed by Lane… John Small twice. First his horrendous assualt on Eoghan McLoughlin, no card issued of any description, the second as Conner O”Shea pressurises the 45 to level the game, again John Small punches Ryan O Donohue into the stomach, again no card of any description.. seconds later, for the Dublin restart, James McCarty draws across Diarmuid O’Conner throat again no Red Card, .. (because Lane has lost all control of the game, this restart is never taken, and the fudging of the rules by Lane allows him not to blow the whistle for full time, but to point to the dressing rooms to signal to the players that the full time is over) in extra time, Paddy Small draws across James Carr throat, forcing James Carr to be replaced, again no Red Card.. The good news for Joe McQuillian is that there is no very recent history of championship games between both teams, which usually makes it easier.. And having watched the Kerry/Tyrone semifinal again, while Tyrone tackled like demons, on the edge, the game despite it’s closeness and high drama was devoid of any dangerous malice, unlike the way some Dublin player’s conducted themselves v Mayo… So I guess we will all have to wish Joe a good game, its an All Ireland final, it won’t be easy either.

  21. I’m not one for complaining about refs but the 2 Dubs running into each other was one of the daftest frees given in a high pressure game.
    I think most refs do their best and are human. Definitely wouldn’t want Lane again and Deegan was poor also as linesman in the semi, not one of his better days officiating but no issue with him generally. The 2 times were screwed by really poor reffing were against Kerry in 14 and Meath in I think 09 QF not that we’d have won the AI that year. Most others we might feel aggrieved at some specific decisions but probably evens up if not in same game over the season. In 2013 Dubs played havoc near the end with cynical fouling before the black card came in. The best the a ref could do back then was probably extra few mins discretionary.
    The best advice always is play the ref. He’s the one calling the shots, decisions are never changed.
    I’ve noticed intercounty GAA players have way more ref discipline these days, rarely see a free brought up 13m for dissent in recent few years.

  22. REDCOL,
    Strabane is about as far from Tullyvin as anywhere in Tyrone whereas Charlestown is almost the nearest place in Mayo to Tullyvin. Not that it matters a whole pile but just pointing out the irrelevance of your posting. Would it matter if a Mayo ref was doing a Galway or Roscommon final? I doubt it.

  23. The Mantelpiece.

    There’s no room atop that beam of wood
    Above the fireside,
    For cups or Sam Maguire’s,
    That old beam is stacked with pride.
    Of the memories and the visions,
    A full five decades now and more.
    Of the men that wore our jersey,
    Every tackle. Every score.

    Sure the cup is only moulded,
    Shaped, and rounded out of tin.
    But the heroes on the Mantelpiece
    Are all moulded from within.
    Look at Dublin, just won six of them,
    Those six have come and gone.
    But those visions on that Mantelpiece,
    For them the game goes on.

    And every year that passes,
    No matter win, or if we fall.
    That Mantelpiece gets fuller
    Of those heroes with the ball.
    And win or lose this final,
    Already know they’ll do their best.
    I’ll put those memories and those heroes
    On the mantle with the rest.

    There’s a Lifetime of those players,
    They dance across that beam of wood.
    A spell of time spent watching them,
    Turns a bad day in to good.
    Those memories are the trophies,
    Of a happy minds release.
    Fifty something years of football
    Live atop that Mantelpiece.

  24. No point in carping about the referee even before the game starts lads! Although I tell a lie, it semi-worked out for Kerry in the 2019 drawn final…

    Tyrone are not exactly beloved of the refereeing fraternity either, having picked up a couple of black cards in their last game. I get that it’s kind of odd that an Ulster referee would do this final, but there’s an under-representation of Connacht referees in the selection panel and this will take years to address. As Willie Joe points out, the alternatives from the other provinces aren’t wonderful anyway.

    Leave McQuillan to do his job, if we do ours properly it won’t matter anyway.

    At least this will be one final in which we won’t have the Dublin media collective working against us trying to influence the ref before the ball is thrown in, Tyrone get even worse press than we do.

  25. I think most refs go out there to go a good job. We’ve had good and bad days with Joe. He did give the free in injury time in the 2017 final for a pull back on Cillian, who was very unlucky to hit the post with. The trouble is with Gaa today is that there is too much to do for one man to decide. Is it a red, yellow or black card, steps, did the ball go far enough for a forward mark, did the player put his hand up quick enough to call the mark afterwards. Even to call a foul for a normal tackle is tricky business. It’s all up to the interepation of the ref on the day. Virtually impossible to get every call right, or that fans will be happy with. And I’d say for the amount of money they make,.it’s probably not worth the potential abuse if they make the wrong call. Anyway hopefully this year we will win decisively and it won’t come to any call by the ref to swing the game either way.

  26. Shuffly deck you might want to check who was the ref in that 09 QF against Meath!!!he held the title of Meath joe for a year or two before becoming Dublin joe

  27. Just for people that may not know this, Tyrone are not like any other Ulster team, there is a dirty bad element there.
    Spitting, pinching, squeezing the players you know what, poking their fingers into a players eye, the worst type of sledging to their opponents, seem to be able to collect personal data on their opponents. They are very clever foulers, no big swinging punches that would get them sent off.
    I’m sure Mayo management are now preparing their players for the psychological battle.

    Alot of this stuff is deemed OK as per the Gaa rulebook.

  28. Wayne Scales – my understanding is that the game will go to extra time but in the event of a draw after extra time, it will go to a replay. Penalties will not be used to decide the outcome

  29. @mayo88 Don’t think that kind o talk reflects well on us.
    This Tyrone team play the game fair from what I see.

  30. @Cod: Would agree with that, penalties are no way to settle any gaelic football game IMO and particularly not an All-Ireland Senior Football Final.

  31. @cod – sorry i got the impression that it was suggested that no extra time was scheduled for the final.
    @mayo88 thats a very poor generalisation in my opion. We are no angels ourselves and to tar a team with a general sweeping statement like that is bad form. They play on the edge – absolutley, but if we didn’t play on the edge there is no way we would have had the sucess we have had over the last number of years.

  32. Disappointed not to get a ticket in draw and getting nervous now. Not expecting a late miracle.

    Gas to see the demand when the County Board couldnt sell 3000 tickets for the Leitrim game….

  33. Well written Willie Joe and good luck to Joe McQ and the other 3 officials too.
    May the best team win.

  34. Well came on to see how the build up was going.. And yeap lad’s moaning away about the Dubs,. Jesus you did us, we’re gone you’re in the final not us.. Go win the bloody thing.. And lad’s please ITs on you tube its on the gaa archive.. The Ref gave the free for the Mayo Tackle AFTER the two lads ran into each other. Its there to see, or maybe you’d rather keep the chip on the shoulder, anyway it’s a strange one looking forward to the final without being stressed to bits, and worrying about tickets, especially with the reduced capacity, Really hope yous get there ticket wise and Sam wise.. Mayo for Sam 2021

  35. well done Revellino, you are back in great form. And you penned a very witty piece post the semi too….there must be a decent collection to release soon

  36. Revellino, good feeling in that piece.
    I’d guess that mantelpiece is in the old house, which some outsiders call the house of pain but not to us. Full of golden memories.
    James the builder, a first cousin of Bob, has a new house nearly built beside. He had it fired up in just over a year, remarkable as everyone said it was a 3 year job and apparently a shortage of building supplies.
    I had a look in Crean’s Ceramic City there and they have some sturdy new marble fireplaces on sale, well capable of supporting large silverware. Ordered it for delivery on Sep 12th.

  37. If its true there is no extra-time then i will be lumping a good sum of money on backing the draw in the bookies,

    I can think of 4 million good reasons why the gaa might want this to happen

    At this rate cillian will be back in contention before competition finishes

  38. If we kick the ball over the bar enough times we will win.

    That’s being our problem in finals not doing that enough times in finals is the reason we lost, not refs.

    So don’t worry about McQuillan.

    Besides I’d be more worried about McNamee, Hampsey and Meyler doing a job on TC, ROD and PD.

    That’s where our worry should be focused, no where else.

  39. Spot on Kickhams man. Missed scores during the match cost us.People tend to forget the first half of a game and just remember the final stages. Hopefully this time round we’ll win fair and square and have no one to blame.

  40. We can be sure the Mayo management are not worried about the ref – control the controllables is Horan’s motto.
    He will of course look at what the refs style of reffing is etc – but other than that he will focus on our own team and Tyrone

  41. Thanks for the good wishes for the final, Outta the blue. Great to know you’ll be supporting us for this one. Here’s hoping we’ll be revved up and ready to go!

  42. Best of luck to the ref in the final hope he and his team have a good game. I am sure they will set out with that goal in mind. Definitely not the worst choice but I am a David Gough fan all day long. Great piece Revellino capturing the Mayo spirit there.

  43. Outta the Blue Thanks for your warm sentiments regarding the AI. Feels a bit strange to me we are not hyping up about Cluxton’s kickouts or something else at this time. Regarding the free kick in the 2017 AI final. I believe most Mayo supporters know why the free was given. A few vocal posters here have not or not understood the game.

  44. I agree Southmayo Exile. The management will focus on what they control. It is no harm tho’ to ask for fairness in advance of the game especially in the interest of player safety given what happened in the semi final. I think referees should be put on notice to use the full extent of the officials as should have been done when Diarmuid O’Connor was poleaxed in the semi final. I think I am right in saying the umpire was anxious to have a word with the ref but was never consulted. I find it very distressing to even mention Eoghan Mclaughlin. I think it would be no harm for James Horan to make a statement on player welfare rather than focus on soft frees in advance of the final.

  45. Nice post Outa the blue. We need people, opticians really, to correct our green and red view of the world every now and again.

  46. Supermac 9/1 on the exchange been matched at 10/1 , 15/2 / 8/1 on the high street.

    Backed the draw in 2016 at 14/1 , Made enough to fly back from the uk for the replay and a weekend in Dublin .

    Did the same against Kerry the following year in the semi final draw , was staying in Dublin till the Tuesday but made enough to travel to Mayo for three days back up to Dublin on the Friday stayed two night went to the game and it was still cheaper than two return flight from the uk if we had gone back home on the Tuesday

  47. The pre emptive whinging about referees on here can be really tedious at times. Smacks of getting the excuses in in case of defeat. By my count now David Gough is the only referee left who mayo fans approve of.

    Anyone who thinks a cavan man would favour Tyrone over mayo doesn’t know much about ulster football rivalry

    Thankfully James Horan won’t be entertaining such hysteria

  48. I watched the Kerry vTyrone match with a group from
    Armagh & all were hoping for a Kerry win & Mayo to
    win Sam ,Apart from Tyrone fans every body I speak
    to are hoping for a Mayo victory,,Hope the ref has a
    good game ,

  49. @Sean68 …that’s because of the dirt , sledging, and general bile they have brought to the game over the years !!
    Big job on for James and backroom team ..
    Actually think Aiden at 14 might not be a bad thing .. Might keep defenders deeper and may create space for our scoring forwards.

  50. Horans decision is where or whether to play aiden. At 14 he’ll be surrounded and suffocated by the Tyrone system. A bit like the kerry game, both teams tried to counter attack at speed as it was the only time there was decent space in the forward line. Tyrone just did it fractionally better.

  51. Did any here get or hear of anyone with season tickets that 2 or more from the one account got pulled in the draw?
    So far all I have heard of is account holder names being drawn then if so the draw was between a lot less than 3000 yet still a lot of people didnt get one. Are we really to believe there was 500 for raffling at all?

  52. Players with winning attitudes like Leroy, Horan, Ruane, ROD and others will tell you “If we play to our strengths we will win, regardless of the ref”! As someone with relatives in Derry & Donegal I can conform there’s no love lost in Ulster counties for Tyrone, but so glad David Gough Gough is on sideline at least – we know he is a better ref but Joe McQuillan will do his best PG. Up Mayo!.

  53. I don’t really mind who refs the game but I also think people are entitled to their opinion on a referee. In every game there are 3 sectors who can influence the outcome of a game and one of these is the referee. It seems like sore losers if a referee is critised after a game when they should be held to account if their performance is bad. We need look no further for an example than the ireland v Portugal game where 90 seconds was played after the allotted time and the game was lost and also the ref apologising to Ronaldo for the yellow card. If the evidence is there then I can’t see a problem in talking about it.

  54. Moaning about GAA referees has to be a contender for Ireland’s national pastime. I don’t believe for a second that any ref does out to screw one team over another (2014 Limerick maybe). I myself hope the game is let flow a little, I fully expect the tackling to be ferocious, and near the edge for both sides. Calling every little tackle niggle will really stunt the game’s flow. That isn’t in either teams interest.

    I’m really looking forward to it, should be a cracker. As for who’s gonna win, there are no certainties – but I suspect I’ll be offering my congrats on here come the evening of the 11th.

  55. You are the boss Willie Joe and I know there is an element of these in every support base but the whining is really getting me down and should be dampened down. We have moaned in the past about Dublin being bad winners but we are now doing the same thing after the semi final. Look forward.

  56. Just thinking of Tyrone’s kickouts . If they feel we have the upper hand around the middle third given the length Morgan can kick them is there any merit in him kicking over the middle third and aim for their half forwards? Or would they see that as a more risky proposition with our attacking half backs ? Just thinking outside of the box but I’d say he would definitely have the length.

  57. Aidan has to play 14 for me. Occupies the sweeper and his man, and opens up space out the field. Properly supporting him is the issue. If we can fight tooth and nail for the ball that breaks off Aidan, then we will win turnovers in the Tyrone third and will get scores from this.
    I’d nearly fire Boyler in beside Aidan for the first half and make that area a complete warzone. Hammer the hammer

    Tyrone will just keep the ball away from Aidan at midfield. Might need to move him out if Tyrone get on top of our kickout

    I honestly think that if we can get this right we press Tyrone into their own half and suffocate them for long periods of the game

  58. Outta the Blue, I think it’s no harm the odd time to have our bias thrown back at us. Thank you for the good wishes!

  59. A full forward line of aido and boyler? hahaha I’ve heard it all now. Mental stuff altogether lol

    Stand down rod and Tommy :-0

  60. It’s definitely a national obsession @catcol. Watching back the Dublin game, everytime we crossed the halfway line with the ball the commentator started talking about Aidan on the edge of the square, will they kick it into him etc. You don’t see that with any other player.

    If Aidan is on the edge of the square against Tyrone being double marked, that’s a positive even if he doesn’t touch the ball as there should be space elsewhere for runners from deep. I feel that was a big reason for us overrunning Galway in the second half.

  61. Thanks to all for all the lovely comments.

    I’d wish the Ref the best of luck. I hope he has a great day with the whistle.
    If he is consistent with the calls and fair that’s all either side wants.

  62. Frostthammer were all looking at ways to down tyrone but aiden and Boyle in full forward line is something new for sure. Aiden is not a ff. Too stationary and predictable. Defensive type midfielder is where he does his best work and always did. Good tackler and distributor. He does not have engine fir another roll. If he is not employed in this roll the I feel the bench is spot for him and unleash speed in the first half. He could play a roll in second half but not at ff. Too long now were watching him and defensive roll is his place

  63. Would love to see Boyler make a cameo appearance – his best chance probably if we have a 7 point lead with 3-4 min to go – we wish!

  64. @Supermac – I’d still start Tommy and ROD. Tommy at HF for me for this. His tracking back and following his man will be invaluable in this. ROD to play his usual role. He likes to move deep towards the ball from a full forward position into space between the D and 45. This will be important and with Aidan inside will probably make Tyrone play two sweepers. I’d drop Darren McHale

    What I want is someone be solely committed to fighting for any ball that breaks off Aidan. Even if whoever this is doesn’t win it they’ll put pressure on Tyrone. Pressure on the first receiver leads to bad passes, it becomes more difficult to get passes out. It slows them, gives the rest of the forwards a chance to press their men.

    It’s not that I don’t think tommy, ROD or even Kevin MC, could do this job. It’s just for me, they are all guys I want tracking runners. Although I might start Flynn and keep Kevin in reserve. Alternatively, I think Flynn is an excellent guy to bring and really turn the screw on a tiring opponent. I’m undecided here

    James Carr might also be able do with I’m taking about but especially with it being a final, I’d start Boyler and tell Carr he’s coming on at or before half time, and to watch Boyler and if he can come close to matching Boyler’s aggression he’ll get a goal

  65. The reason why Aidan O’Shea is a national obsession is because he’s a damn good footballer and has been in both the Mayo and Breaffy jersey for years. He has sacrificed everything for the team and will owe the county nothing when he finally calls it a day. He has played without complaint in a wide variety of positions to suit team tactics – often to the detriment of personal accolade. He has selflessly promoted (and perhaps glamourised) Gaelic football for young aspiring players not only in Mayo but all over Ireland. Kids want to take up football because of AOS (forget Ronaldo!) I sincerely hope he’s holding Sam aloft come September 11th – it would be a fitting reward for a player who has done a great deal to raise the profile of Mayo football and make us one of the most followed sports teams in Ireland (and further afield) over the last ten years.

  66. Liamontherun Agree completely with you on AOS. One of our most important players for sure. When I speak to a person from another county about football, his name is always an item of conversation. A great player with a great attitude. Never mind the begrudgers I hope he is the one holding the cup on the 11th of Sept.

  67. @Liamontherunsince51 .. Couldnt agree more. I wonder if the clown that was infront of me at the semifinal roaring insults about AOS ( A “mayo fan” by the way ) will be there on sat week when AOS is lifting Sam. I was fuming at half time from being well behind in the game and facing the prospect of listening to the same tosser mouthing on again. Even the Dubs beside me were laughing at him and egging him on which he seemed to thrive on. I suppose when AOS is walking the steps thathe will get his cumuppance then cause there is no way that man could hold his head up and clap Aidan a month after he was suggesting Stevie Wonder would make a better footballer. If your reading this mate then hope you do us all a favor and not go taking a ticket ahead of some real fan.

  68. @Spectre – I think there’s an argument that he’s better for team in full forward.

    I agree that his best position is defense mid but in my opinion Stephen Coen does a very similar job and better too. Particularly in this kind of game, that’s going to be all about tracking runners. Tyrone would drag Aidan all over the place. Galway already did that to him in the Connacht Final.

    Tyrone can’t leave Aidan in one on one, they have to double up, now that might just be the sweeper but every Tyrone player that is around that area, is a guy less in their blanket. So why not try and drag more men in there.

    Boyler is basically everything Kerry didn’t do last weekend. They allowed Tyrone to dictate the physical exchanges in that area of the pitch. Aidan and Boyler would 100% not allow Tyrone to do that to us.

  69. Ronan McNamee would mark aiden 1 to 1. Conroy and o donoghue will rip into tyrone. They will hassle and harry tyrone all day. James carr fir me should be 14. Start him. He is a big game player and I dont think aiden is. Too often anonymous in big games as he is played out of position.

  70. Aidan has given a massive amount to Mayo football. Management knows best where to play him. He can also be used to impact the game without a substitution if a sector isn’t going well. FF is a challenging position. The zone of greatest opportunity but also of greatest defensive effort. I’d think he’ll line up at 14 but support is important, he can ride a few tackles but still needs a man to offload to.
    Regarding the ref, appears I highlighted a certain bad day for the final’s ref in 2009, most have an off day, if they go out to do their best that’s the main thing.
    Regarding Tyrone and dark arts, I didn’t see much of it in their semi vs Kerry, seemed like a fair game. I think people are a bit over paranoid about that. Our game vs Dublin was a serious preparation for any dirty stuff that might come at us. We simply kept playing to the final whistle and the match officials will not be happy with their performance. Dublin were far dirtier than either Kerry or Tyrone in their game. There’s cameras all over the place. Some of our luck later on may be down to officials knowing they were not doing a great job on Dublin. Saw Philly seem to be trying to rise James Carr who seemed to crack a joke back and they both laughed, Philly probably thought then waste of time trying to rise this lad, he just doesn’t care. I’d say JH and the backroom team will say play the whistle and ignore any BS sledging if it comes your way, beat them with football. In 93 Niall Cahalane was hammering at Enda Gormley and Gormley’s answer was to turn around and score wagging the finger at him & got about 4 on the trot. Cahalane knew then he was only making Gormley more determined. That’s the way to deal with dark arts, let it raise your game.

  71. Well said Liamontherun.
    @TH watched that Padraig O Hora interview a few weeks ago. Gives some insight into how he ticks. Worth a look.

  72. Good to hear from Jaden and Outta the blue, im sure ye bucks enjoyed Tyrones victory over Kerry.

    With regards the final, im crippled with nerves. Its different to other years because im expecting more than hoping i think? totally consumed by the game 24/7. Nothing wrong with Joe McQuillan, hope he goes well. I’d a got sick in my cornflakes if I saw the smiling assassin Deegan get the top job.

    Im expecting Aido to have a massive impact on this game. An amateur player who gets such abuse around the Country and within the County, its insane. What better motivation can he have, than possibly being the first Mayo man in 70 years to hoist Samuel Maguire………..that it’d be a nice two fingers to all his haters. Hope to God he gets the chance.

  73. Tough job for Joe but we have to do ours so his reffing is irrelevant.

    Further to what someone above said, Tyrone are indeed fine at the sledging. I’ll still never understand how Aidan didn’t retaliate in 2016 with the abuse he was getting (sledging and physical) from his Tyrone marker (can’t remember).

    Bundle of nerves and will be until it is all over. No ticket but you never know what might pop up.

  74. Interesting viewing the comments about Joe and refs in general. Wonder how many of these folk have actually had a whistle in their mouth and reffed a game. The mentality of some players and fans never seen to amaze me.. you can call a ref by the f, b and c words , sometimes all three colourfully interwoven into a sentence, then five minutes later, a 50:50 call is to be made by the ref and you expect this human being to give you benefit of the doubt…. 99% of the time the ref goes out to do a good job, the difference between the really good refs and the rest is that the top refs get less of the calls wrong!

  75. Jesus MayoDunphy you’ve described exactly how I’m feeling.
    I’ve never been this nervous going in to a final, never. I think it’s because we all know this is a major opportunity to finally win the fucking thing. But at the same time, we know Tyrone will be one hell of a team to crack, and well, it’s a final, so we’re always going to be apprehensive.
    I’ve thought of shag all since the final whistle of the Kerry Tyrone game. It’s wrecking my head!
    I’ve changed my mind over who’s winning this at least 7 times in the past 6 days. And there’s another week left.
    It’d be handy if we could all just slip into a deep sleep for the next week.
    Anyway, the 8th change of mind currently has Mayo winning by 3. So all’s good in the world again. Until tomorrow.

  76. And I’d love to know the hits/comments on this site for this week, it seems like it’s been off the scales.
    Some of the best comments ever lately as well, especially on this thread.
    I think we need a ‘pebblesmeller’ special before the final to really get the blood pumping.

  77. Great move by Horan to have our press night early in the week after the Semi. All the press talk is about Tyrone.

  78. Comments have been high enough this week, alright, Dan, but the hit count is nothing exceptional as yet. It’s still a good bit down on the few days after we beat Dublin and is well down on the all-time highs seen in 2019. Overall this year looks set to beat last year but it’ll be far lower than 2019, due to the compacted inter-county year and fewer games in general. It’s the games that drives the traffic!

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