Joe McQuillan the ref for Sunday

Joe McQuillan

Cavan’s Joe McQuillan has been appointed as ref for next Sunday’s All-Ireland quarter-final against Donegal. We last had him for the league semi-final against Dublin back in April and, of course, he also reffed our All-Ireland semi-final against the same opposition last year. He also took charge of that poisonous Ulster preliminary round tie between Donegal and Tyrone earlier this summer, a match which could easily have ended up with four or five players left on either side.

It’s hard to know if it’s a good appointment or not from our point of view. I’m no fan of McQuillan – we’ve had plenty of bad days with him as well as a few not-so-bad days – but he’s the man who has been handed the job so, a bit like the draw itself, we have to accept that we’re stuck with him at this stage and get on with it.

It’s also been announced, by the way, that Tyrone’s Sean Hurson will take charge of the minors’ All-Ireland quarter-final against Westmeath on Bank Holiday Monday. I never heard of him before at all at all.

7 thoughts on “Joe McQuillan the ref for Sunday

  1. I had said to people last night that McQuillan, Deegan or Sister Duffy would probably get the job. McQuillan is probably the best of a bad lot but I am not at all comfortable with an Ulster referee for this game. particularly following McGuinness’s whinging on Saturday

  2. McQuillan (or my preferred choice, Coldrick) is the best of a bad lot. I just hope Brolly’s comments after last year’s match against Dublin don’t influence him, which is a serious concern. After all, the man is only human and that has to register with him somewhere. Hopefully it won’t and Mayo can concentrate on playing football. Because if it comes down to a football match, Mayo are better footballers, in my opinion. It’s anyone’s game if it comes down to a war of attrition, could hinge on a mistake (either by player or ref).

  3. sure the ref can have a huge influence on the game…but our cuteness and experience will play a much bigger part. It always frustrates me that Mayo are never prepared to take the quick free, while the opoosition is arguing the call….particularily when close to goal. Furthermore, we are frequently guilty of being caught out by other teams taking quick frees while we argue to call….just an observation. These are samll details, but we should be aware of this particularily with Donegal as they executed this to perfection last year against us. Of course, Kerry are the masters of it.

  4. To be fair, Mayo were quick to take quick free kicks last year. Look at the matches in Croker again.

  5. Have to disagree with you Mister Mayor, this year they have been much quicker off the mark taking the frees, with the player on the ground throwing it off straight away to someone to take it.

  6. Digits I agree, thats why I specifically pointed to last year….we seem to have improved on it this year and this comes from coaching, and the experinece of playing at a high tempo in Division 1 for the past few months.
    Having said that, any free inside the 50 should be handed to Cillian. Just think back to last years second half!

  7. Just hope on Sunday that the Mayo players keep their mouths shut to the ref and not concede frees closer to the goal. The game is littered now with players arguing with the refs decision and the ball being moved on , often into scoring positions

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