Johnno hits the ditch but emerges unscathed

Johnno-Vote-no-1The Mayo News reports that Johnno, who was out and about on TD duties at the time, was involved in a car crash near Swinford on Saturday evening but, thankfully, Johnno was able to confirm to Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News that no damage was done.

On the football front, Johnno confirmed that Mark Ronaldson’s appeal has yet to be heard and that, as a result, there’s a chance that he might still be eligible to play against the Dubs on Sunday.  The downside, of course, is that the clock would then be wound forward and he’d be missing for four weeks from the date of the FBD final which would mean he’d miss the Kerry game instead.  I dunno about the rest of you but I’d sooner have him on the field against the Kerrymen than have him available to face the Jacks but I’m afraid we’re in the hands of the Hanging Judges of the CCCCCCCCCCCCCC on this one.

Johnno also talked a bit about the Dublin game and, as is his wont, he did his usual thing in talking up the opposition.  “They were very impressive against Kerry” he says and they “ground out a win against Derry” so “we know we’ll have to up it a notch again next Sunday”.  True too, Boss, too true – sure, it’s probably not worth our while turning up at all at all.  But wait, what’s this?

But we’re at home and if we can play with the same attitude and commitment we showed last month, we’ll have a chance.

That almost sounds like optimism, doesn’t it? Are you sure the oul’ nut didn’t get a bit of a knock on Saturday evening there, Johnno?  Might be an idea to get it checked out, just in case, like.

Elsewhere in the Mayo News, Alan Dillon talks about the great time himself and Mort had in the sun these last few months while the rest of us were getting our nuts frozen off us.  He says he enjoyed the time away (which I sincerely hope he did) but has come back “more driven than ever” about playing for the county.  That’s the right attitude to have – though it might be prudent to ensure that it’s not Johnno that’s doing the driving.

5 thoughts on “Johnno hits the ditch but emerges unscathed

  1. i must be working too hard WJ – thought today was thursday – an extra days wait now till the weekend and the Dubs on Sunday !!!!

  2. I see from Saturdays IrishTimes that De Deputy was recently embarrassed by his mobile going off in a FG parliamentary party meeting. So far, so what, you may say -…but guess what his ringtone was…
    Johnno will love it if his ‘plan comes together’ on Sunday.

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