Johnno says he’s hopeful Mort will be okay for Sunday week

Amidst the desert of non-news about the team that we’re currently in, The Mayo News provides an oasis of sorts in the form of a quote from Johnno that’s worth repeating. That’s worth repeating. That’s worth repeating … Sorry, almost fell off my camel there. I’m not sure I like the use of the word “hopeful” here and when The Deputy goes on to say “we’d like to see him play a bit of ball before Sunday week as there’s a difference between being fit and being match fit” he kinda gives the game away. It looks like Mort will line out but he won’t be anywhere near 100% ready for the game. And after all this waiting too.

The same Mayo News piece says that James Nallen is delighted to have received his pension book Alan Dillon and Kieran Conroy both picked up knocks in club matches at the weekend. Johnno doesn’t say he’s hopeful about either of them so I think we can take this as a good sign.

And that’s it. Sorry, faithful camel, that was no oasis, just another mirage.

2 thoughts on “Johnno says he’s hopeful Mort will be okay for Sunday week

  1. Hi Wj, Just wondering if there were any recent additions to the mayo squad at all over the last few weeks …. he originally named a 29 man squad …. left out barrett due to injury …. is he / has filled any voids that you are aware of ?
    Regards as always ….

  2. Hi Perseus – I haven’t seen any reports yet, official or otherwise, about additions to or withdrawals from the original 29-man squad. The lack of any news does seem a bit strange and, with many other counties having panels of up to 35, you’d wonder why we’ve only picked as many as we have.

    I think we may have to wait till we get the match programme at the Sligo game to find out the up-to-date position on the panel!

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