Johnno speaks . . .

Of course he does. He’s a (wannabee) politician, isn’t he?

But, away from the hustings, he’s also been speaking about the win over Kerry and Sunday’s upcoming clash with Donegal in Ballybofey. He’s not happy about the refereeing on Sunday, hardly surprising, though if he were Pat O’Shea, having lost Donaghy so early in the second half, he’d be entitled to be even more ratty.

Interestingly, he reveals why Austie was hauled off so early, despite showing some good touches early on. It says all you need to know about the state of refereeing when it comes to a manager being forced to substitute a player, who has done nothing out of order, for fear he is about to get his marching orders. It was the clever thing to do, without doubt, and it gave Michael Conroy some good air time but we did lose Austie at a time when it looked like he was about to do the business.

Elsewhere, Johnno also reveals that he knew we’d knock seven shades of sh*t out of Kerry but that Donegal will be a much harder game. (Well, sort of). Move over Alex Ferguson, give some room to our Mind Games man. He also says that he hopes The Natural will be back before the League action is over.

The Man has spoken . . . that’s it for now.

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